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Movienizer 5.0.

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Organize Your Movie Collection Movienizer is a powerful movie organizer that contains features of an encyclopedia. It was developed by movie lovers specially for movie lovers. With it you will Bring your movie collection under control, organize movies easily.Easily remind yourself what the film was about.Become a movie expert.Know whom you gave your DVDs or where they can be found.In a couple of clicks learn everything about a movie or an actor/actress. Tens of thousands of users have already appreciated the functionality of Movienizer. Join them! Bringing your movie collection under control Most people keep their things in a mess. It may be books, movies, discs with music, socks, files etc. When looking for some particular thing they lose time and temper, especially if their search brings nothing. If you use Movienizer, the movie catalog program, you will always know where on your shelf or on your hard drive a particular movie can be found, what audio tracks, subtitles and other parameters it has. A sensible film synopsis along with the list of actors and with the movie cover will be a bonus. Memories about the movie After adding a movie to Movienizer you will always remember if you have already watched it, what the movie is about and how much you liked it. A glance at the movie description and shots from the film will suffice. Shots can be added automatically from the corresponding file or DVD. Movienizer can store your own movie rating, as well as ratings of online movie databases (like IMDb). You are a movie expert

Are you a devoted movie collector never satisfied with the bits of movie information you have? Thanks to Movienizer you will know everything about the world of movies. Learn what awards were given to the film, its budget, what people were starring in it. Find out at what age the actors played in the movie, when they were born, in what other films they participated. Prepare yourself to be called a "walking encyclopedia". Where are my discs? If you give your discs with movies to your friends, sometimes the friends may forget to return a particular disc. With Movienizer you will know exactly whom you gave the DVD and when it is to be returned. Where did I see this actor?.. In a few seconds you will learn everything about the movie or the actor that you find interesting, just enter the movie title or the name of the person into Movienizer. The film cataloger will automatically perform an Internet search and download necessary information (movie synopsis, movie cover, movie rating, movie awards, gross, shots, filmography). All of this will be saved in the local film database, and you will be able to remember instantly in which movie a favorite actor played, or to review a movie description. 1. . 2. Serial.txt (+) : 15.9 MB Site : http://www.movienizer.com/