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Motivation Letter for Master's Program

Respected Sir or Madam I am writing to apply for the Masters Program in communication engineering digital signal processing. I am Saraswathi Devi, master degree graduate in electronics and communication engineering (VLSI system design). I have software development experience using C language. I have experience of designing FPGAs using VHDL and Verilog HDL. I have PERL, VB and JAVA scripting experience. My skill set include C,C++, Verilog HDL, VHDL, SystemVerilog, MATLAB, PERL, and Linux. My interesting areas are FPGA design, Signal Processing, communication systems,ASIC design. I have own Spartan 6 FPGA development board for learning. I did my master degree project independently and implemented project on my own FPGA board but my main focus of interest is communication engineering digital signal processing. My background includes a Btech degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Mtech degree in Electronics and communication Engineering along with professional and project experience. Ever since I started my master degree program in electronics and communication engineering , I decided to pursue further academic education in masters communication engineering in radio communication . I think that communication Engineering is very interesting subject because of the important role of the communication systems in our life. I have chosen this field as it is dynamically developing technology and promises a fulfillment of professional goals that I set for myself. i want to strengthen understanding in this area. my aim is to become the radio communication engineer.

I decided to apply for the Masters Program in as the culture and lifestyle of this country appeals to me strongly. Not to mention the high education level and demanding programs as well as great job opportunities and professional approach to modern technologies. I think that the chosen program will help me to gain both knowledge and experience to start a professional carrier in communication engineering, as well as promise a fulfillment of my interests. now I am learning internet technology, designing new networks,protocols and systems analyzing existing ones and model phenomena in them . I always used modern technologies in the internet and mobile .

I am goal oriented, loyal and good team player. My hobbies are reading books, painting , dancing, driving, swimming and playing chess. I am interested in learning new technologies and skills. my achievements are Participant in district science center exhibition. Drawing Essay writing district level first prize. Prizes in quiz competitions. School people leader in school. Participant in competition first prize town level. Elocution first prize. Always stood within first three positions of school. I belong to a poor family in India , my father is a retired teacher, from my childwood I watched how my dad communicating with his students. so I always want in communication with systems so I am doing practice of good programming in home . . After I complete my Master program and receive Master degree I would like to start PhD studies, preferably in , the same field to pursue further research. I am very much interested in communication engineering digital signal processing . Please consider my letter to this student position . I am looking forward to here from you .thanking u so much for reading my letter .

yours faithfully rkl sarsawathidevi 00917569907818