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Mrs Cassidy is the mother of teenage twins; her neighbour Mrs Johnson has made several complaints that

her neighbours children have been bullying her son Ben. Mrs Cassidys children played in the communal play area, where Mrs Johnsons son also plays. Mrs Cassidy objects to her children being labelled as bullies around the estate and has exchanged heated words with Mrs Johnson and has also told her children not to play with Ben. Mrs Johnson has a 12 year old son, Ben, who she feels is being bullied by h er neighbours teenage children. Ben does not play out very often as Mrs Johnson and her husband work shifts and only allow Ben to play out when they are home. Mrs Johnson feels Mrs Cassidy is very rude and objects to her reprimanding her son.

Various neighbours have taken sides leading to further arguments between Mrs Cassidy and Mrs Johnson. Stage one Pre-mediation meeting Both parties met individually with two mediators for a private pre-mediation meeting in their home.

Mrs Cassidy conceded that she had spoken to Mrs Johnson rudely, but maintained her children were not bullies. She also felt the problem was with Mrs Johnsons son Ben who swears at her children.

Mrs Johnson wanted an apology from Mrs Cassidy, she felt humiliated as, all her neighbours heard the argument between them. Having discussed the situation with mediators Mrs Johnson acknowledged that Ben could be a bit cheeky, but felt he only behaved this way because he did not have many friends. Stage Two Mediation At the mediation meeting the parents and the children attended as it was felt that they all needed to be part of the solution. They were given an opportunity to explain the situation from their point of view and hear how the other party viewed the situation.

Mrs Johnson and Mrs Cassidy agreed the situation had gotten out of hand. They agreed to speak to each other directly in the future if, there was a problem with either ones children and they would not listen to other neighbours informing on their childrens behaviour. The children agreed to speak to each other with respect and explained what respect meant for each of them.

All parties agreed to communicate to the other neighbours and children that the matter had been settled.