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Management Committee: Dr. Arif Dowla Dr. F.H.Ansarey Mr. Syed Alamgir Mr. M. Mohibuz Zaman Mr.

Muallem A. Choudhury Mr. Sabbir Hasan Nasir Mr. Priyatosh Datta Mr. Pradip Kar Chowdhury Ms. Sheema Abed Rahman Mr. Abdus Sadeque Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury Juned Ahmed Choudhury Mr. Imam Ahmed Istiak

Managing Director Executive Director, Agribusinesses Executive Director, Consumer Brands Chief Operating Officer, Pharmaceuticals Executive Director, Finance and Planning Executive Director, Logistics Director, Quality Assurance Financial Controller Director, Corporate Affairs Director, Marketing & Sales Director Director General Manager, Operations

Distribution Network The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen different locations across the country. It has developed an advanced distribution system through its skilled and trained manpower and a large fleet over eighty vehicles. The distribution system is fully equipped for handling continuing volume of diverse range of products from the various businesses. The company's distribution centers are highly streamlined, computerized and automated. We are capable of maintaining a cold chain for some specialized range of products such as vaccines and insulin. The combination of this advanced function and multidimensional capabilities made it possible to handle hundreds of products efficiently.
Consumer Brands:

Introduction ACI Consumer Brands was initiated in 1995 with two major brands of the company ACI Aerosol and Savlon. These are two of most prestigious products which are enjoying the leadership position in the market. The division started to take new businesses through off shore trading as well as local manufacturing. In this process ACI Consumer Brands launched many new products and also bonded with Joint Venture business relationships with Dabur India and Tetley UK and attained international alliances with world renowned companies. The Consumer Brands Division boasts in having an unequivocal presence in consumers' heart with the market leading brands like ACI Aerosol, Savlon, ACI Mosquito Coil & ACI Pure Spices and Flour. With close to 80% market share in own categories, ACI Aerosol and Savlon are the persistent performers in keeping the household clean and free from germs and harmful insects. The ACI mosquito coil has also emerged as a formidable opponent to both the mosquito

and the competition, by providing effective and affordable solution to the conscious people of Bangladesh. A sound mind goes with a sound body-ACI believes in this age old proverb and our young generation needs to grow up with healthy physique and sound mind who will lead the nation in future. With this belief, ACI has entered in to the commodity food business with ACI Pure Brand. The aim is to provide purest of the food products to Bangladeshi consumers at affordable price for which ACI has invested in very large scale in state of the art manufacturing facilities for daily kitchen essentials like vacuum evaporated edible Salt, Spices and Flour. The products are delighting the consumers by providing 100% dirt free, pure and natural food ingredients which can compete against any international products. ACI Consumer Brands is successfully serving the consumer demand for foreign products in household and personal care category with the world renowned product range of Colgate, Nivea & Dabur. With the proper distribution and marketing by ACI consumer brands, the world's No. 1 tea brand "Tetley" is now available to the consumers of Bangladesh. As a successful business, The ACI Consumer Brands is focused on achieving the consistent growth required to continue the success and to make ACI an even stronger company. The Consumer Brands believe this is the best way to benefit the consumers, people and the shareholders of ACI. ACI Consumer Brands Strategic Business Unit is headed by the Executive Director, Mr. Syed Alamgir. Mr Alamgir is regarded as an authoritarian personality in the area of Sales and Marketing in Bangladesh market. His track record has many successful brands which reached leadership position in different categories in FMCG market. He is supported by competent group of professionals working in the Marketing and Sales operations. Household Insecticides

ACI Aerosol and ACI Cockroach Spray

One of the most common problems people face in Bangladesh is the irritation of insects like mosquito, cockroach and others. Many diseases like Malaria, Dengue and others are transmitted to human by insects. ACI came up with an effective solution to this problem and offered a range of insect killing products like ACI Aerosol, Mosquito Coil and Cockroach Killer Spray. Since its inception in 1967, ACI Aerosol has been the number one choice of consumers in Bangladesh. The effort to ensure the highest quality has helped ACI to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE MOSQUITO KILLER. To meet the requirement of consumers of different socio economic group, ACI Aerosol is available all around the country in four different pack sizes. They are: 800 ml, 475 ml, 350 ml and 250 ml. ACI launched its ACI Cockroach Spray in June 2008, the first ever locally manufactured Cockroach killing Spray with an objective of giving people relief from the menace of

Cockroaches and also making the whole process of killing Cockroaches a safer and convenient one as using powder and chalk is harmful for health. Efficacy of the product is very high and it allows consumers to get rid of cockroaches quickly.

ACI Mosquito Coil

ACI Mosquito Coil is another important product of the Home Care category of ACI Consumer Brands. ACI Mosquito Coil has different Brands based on different shape, color and fragrance and price.

ACI Mosquito coil has the following brands:

ACI Hi Power. ACI Super. ACI High Booster and ACI Black Fighter.

Because consumers health and well being is always a priority to ACI we have top quality active ingredients like Metofluthrin and D-Allethrin from Sumitomo Corporation of Japan. None of our Coils have any harmful ingredients like DDT or Endrin in it. Among all its brands ACI Black Fighter has already captured the position of market leader in black coil category.

Antiseptic & Personal Care

Savlon one of the world leading brands in personal hygiene has been a part of ACIs portfolio since the inception of this company. Savlon is as well recognized elsewhere in the world as it is in Bangladesh and ACI is proud to bring such a household name from around the world to your homes. This brand since the start has worked relentlessly in order to keep the people of Bangladesh germ free. Following its motto Savlon has brought many innovative product ranges to achieve its ultimate goal and it is still doing so to ensure you are germ free. As a Brand Savlon has two major Product Rages that it uses to provide personal hygiene to the people of Bangladesh. Antiseptic Range ACIs Flagship brands Savlon has two categories in its antiseptic range the Antiseptic creams and the Liquid Antiseptics. In both categories its the undisputed market leader, holding 72% and 75% market shares in respective segments. As the competition lags furlongs in its wake the antiseptic range is still not about to give any headway to anyone, as it strides to make the people of Bangladesh germ free. Antiseptic Cream Savlon Antiseptic Cream combines germ-killing power and long-lasting protection in a soothing cream. Formulated to treat cuts, scratches, blisters, grazes, insect bites, windburn, sunburn, nappy rash or even cracked and itchy skin. Soothes skin and helps protect against infections. It has 2 specific SKUs in this segment the 30g and 60g tubes. Both of which are hugely popular among its customers.

Liquid Antiseptics Even if its just a scrape on the knee or an insect bite, cleaning a wound properly is vital to avoid the risk of infection. With a bottle of Savlon Antiseptic Liquid in the house, it couldnt be easier. Because of its antiseptic action, it helps protect your family by gently cleansing and helping to prevent infection. Use Savlon Antiseptic Liquid on cuts and grazes, insect bites and stings, minor burns and scalds - even for personal care in the bath or for midwifery. It has a total of 6 SKUs 56ml, 112ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr, HC 5Ltr. Savlon provides so many SKUs in the Liquid range to make sure that everyone has a size for every need.

Another part of the ever growing and glowing family of Savlon is its First Aid Kit & Box. As we look to fulfill your needs for personal safety and Hygiene. First Aid Kit The first aid Kit consists of a 56 ml or 112 ml Liquid Antiseptic along with a 30g or 60g antiseptic cream supported by Gauges, Adhesive Bandages, Thermometers, Cottons etc. So in case of an unwanted accident you have the proper tool to cope with the immediate threat and save further problems. Our aim with this product is to.

Cleanse Personal Care



Savlon range takes care of almost all the aspects of hygiene of a family. Today Savlon has

become a symbol of quality and safety in personal hygiene product category. Savlon offers Antiseptic Soap, Antiseptic Hand Wash and Shower Gel in its Personal Care Range. Savlon Antiseptic Soap:

For bath time pleasure and protection from bacteria and also a stress less shower, ACI Consumer Brands has Savlon Antiseptic Soap in three variants- Active, Mild and Fresh Antiseptic soap. Savlon Antiseptic Soap delights its consumers through ensuring complete family protection with these three different variants. Pack size is available in 75 gm and 100 gm of each variant. TVC

Savlon Active Antiseptic Soap is designed for those who leads active life style and always prefer strong protection against germs.

Savlon Mild Antiseptic Soap is designed for those who are conscious about both germ protection and moisture level of skin. Its charming fragrance allows it to stand out as a refreshing break in

hygiene practice. Savlon Mild Antiseptic soap does not allow its consumers to compromise proper care of their skin besides germ protection.

Savlon Fresh Soap has been developed focusing on the key consumer need of Freshness during bath. This product combines Savlon's trusted protection with a pleasant fresh fragrance. By using this soap, one not only stays protected from germs but also feels fresh for long. Thus this soap can be treated as a complete package of germ protection, freshness and moisturization of skin. Savlon Antiseptic Hand Wash: Hand Washing with soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases. Savlon Hand wash brings more excitement and pleasure in regular hand washing practice of consumers by its three different variants- Active, Aloe Vera and Ocean Blue Hand Wash. Savlon Hand Wash leaves consumers skin feeling smooth, soft and refreshed thus ensuring a complete family protection against germ in a charming way. Pack size is available in 200 ml Standy Pouch, 250 ml & 500 ml Dispensing Pump and 1 L Re-fill of each variant.

Savlon Hand Wash has successfully created lot of enthusiasm among consumers through the attractive fragrance, color and efficacy. Savlon Active HW is a unique combination of gentle and most effective cleansing formulations that cleanses and protects skin from germs. Savlon Ocean Blue is sparkly fresh, delivering a clean and fresh feeling as invigorating as a dip in the ocean.

Savlon Aloe Vera is enriched with a light scent and sensation of Aloe Vera to gently & thoroughly clean skin without stripping essential moisture Savlon Shower Gel:

ACI Consumer Brands has introduced Savlon Shower Gel. It is available in 250 ml Dispensing Pump in two variants of mixed flower and mixed fruit extracts. The shower gel market is comparatively a new one. However, this is growing market at a very fast rate in the metro market. Savlon, as the leading brand in personal hygiene, has taken the lead to introduce these products in the market among the local players. Today, in the stressful metro life, bathing experience for consumers has become not only a task to cleanse the body, but an occasion to relax and de-stress so that they can rejuvenate themselves. Considering this platform, Savlon Shower Gel is designed to offer a more spa-like experience with stronger scents and more holistic additives than regular soap. Mixed flower extracts refresh the senses with an elegant yet soft fragrance and mixed fruit extracts awaken the senses with a hint of fruity fragrance. The Extrapone flower extract evokes the warmth and subtle sweetness of floral fragrances. The natural Extrapone fruit extract moisturizes and soothes for a sparkling clean skin. Savlon Shower gels odor killing Triclosan combined with Hydroviton 24 keeps the skin smooth and soft all day.

Home Care Home Care Angelic Air Freshener Air Care is yet another product category ACI enriches its customers lives with. ACI is the pioneer manufacturer of local aerosol Air Freshener, Angelic Air Freshener. The soothing and refreshing fragrances of ACIs Angelic Air Freshener propelled Angelic to the number one position in a market filled with foreign Air Fresheners soon after its launching. Angelic Air Freshener comes in three variants, Citrus Burst, Orchid Breeze and Orange Storm.

Vanish Toilet Cleaner

Vanish Quick Action Toilet Cleaner is a member of ACI Limited since 2003, but it was reborn in 2008 with new and attractive packaging with two different functional pack sizes like: 500 ml and 750 ml SKU. Vanish is the most effective toilet cleaner that kills 99.99% germs and ensure the maximum cleanliness in only 10 minutes , while the other toilet cleaner in the market including the most established brand offers cleaning and germ cleaning in 20 minutes. It has the excellent formulation added with Xantham Gum, LABSA and hydrochloric acid to challenge the product efficacy to any other brands in Bangladesh.

Cleanit Surface Cleaning Range: CleanIt Range is Brands Division of been produced so a relatively new product category in Consumer ACI Limited. In this category, three products have far which arei) CleanIt Shinex Floor Cleaner, ii) CleanIt Shinex Glass Cleaner and iii) CleanIt ROBO Car Shampoo with Wax.

CleanIT ROBO Car Wash CleanIT ROBO is a car shampoo with wax that deals with even the toughest dirt, protecting original paints and leaving a shiny effect offered by its wax properties.

Ordinary soaps or shampoos contain salt and other harmful properties which may destroy the original paints and protective coating on the car. Cleanit ROBO is formulated with unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents, specially formulated for valuable car. The key benefits and differentiating factors offered by the brand are: -Effectively cuts grease and all kinds of dirt and dust on the car surface. -Leaves a shiny effect on the surface. -Unique salt, phosphate and silicate free PH Balanced formula safe and suitable for car paints. Ordinary detergents and shampoos used to wash cars contain salt that may cause rust and damage of car paints. -Conditioners in the formula moisturize the paint, while fighting against water spots. -Biodegradable. The 500 ml bottle is suitable to wash car more than 30 times. CleanIT Shinex Floor Cleaner Cleanit Shinex Floor Cleaner is a surfactant based floor cleaner enriched with natural pine disinfectant and suitable for use on any type of floor surface. Its 4 in 1 Action effectively cleans, shines, disinfects, and deodorizes the surface leaving a pleasant fragrance. The key benefits offered by the product are: -Effectively cuts grease and all kinds of dirt and dust on the floor. -Leaves a shiny effect on the surface. -Disinfects, kills germs on hard surfaces. -Natural pine fragrance leaves a fresh clean scent to deodorize your home. -Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-caustic and non-flammable.

CleanIT Shinex Glass Cleaner Under CleanIT, Shinex Glass Cleaner is the brand of glass cleaner which is a product intended to be used on any type of glass or similar surfaces with a steak free promise to make the glass look clear as well as to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Female Hygiene Female Hygiene Savlon Freedom Sanitary Napkin To ensure good female hygiene practice among the Bangladeshi women, ACI launched Savlon Freedom sanitary napkin in 2008 under the Feminine Hygiene Category. ACI is always trusted by the consumers for its excellent product superiority. The product superiority of Freedom sanitary napkin has further increased the trust of the consumers.

Savlon Freedom is the international standard Sanitary Napkin manufactured through Worlds latest technology. It provides the highest absorbent capacity and best dry feel advantage to make the user feel comfort and protected, so that she can move ahead equally in the 30 days of the month.
It has the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), that absorbs large volume of fluid instantly and soaks from inside the pad to ensure maximum dry-feel and protection.

It has the best quality PPF (Perforated Poly Film) material on its Top Sheet, which has the perforations that helps quick passing of fluid through one side direction. With unique quick penetrated process technology, it ensures liquid to penetrate the layers effectively over 6 times, prevents the lateral and back leakage, and keep the film surface dry and clean. Its special surface maximally satisfies the consumers feeling of delicacy, softness, especially meets womens aesthetic standards.

Freedom Sanitary Napkin Portfolio is enriched with 12 SKUs under the two product category, Easy Open and Straight Type. Easy Open Type:

Savlon Freedom Regular Flow Wings and Heavy Flow Wings are the major two SKUs under the Easy Open category, having better quality with a price benefit of Tk. 25/- over competition.

The two new SKUs- Freedom Regular Flow Wings (20 pads) and Heavy Flow Wings (16 pads) are offered as Economy Packs to a specific consumer group. Here consumer gets Tk. 49/- price benefit over competition for better product in quality.

Pack Size Pad Length

Regular Flow Wings 20 Pads 240 mm

Heavy Flow Wings 16 Pads 290 mm

Regular Flow Wings Heavy Flow Wings

Pack Size Pad Length

10 Pads 240 mm

8 Pads 290 mm

Another new SKU- Savlon Freedom Wings Combo Pack has been introduced as a distinctively new pack size for the first time in Bangladesh, as no other competitor brands have this SKU in their portfolio.

This SKU offers the benefits of a Combo Pack in the Wings category, where the consumer gets 6 Heavy Flow and 4 Regular Flow Wings napkin with a single pack convenience. This will make the consumer confident in her whole cycle, as she has the both solutions- keeping protected and fit in the first days of Heavy flow and very natural and comfortable in the last days of Regular flow.

Pack Size Pad Length

Wings Combo Pack (6 Heavy Flow Wings+4 Regular Flow Wings) Pads Regular Flow Wings :240 mm Heavy Flow Wings : 290 mm

Straight Type: Savlon Freedom Regular Flow Belt and Regular Flow Panty system are the major SKUs in the Straight Type product category.

Regular Flow Belt

Regular Flow Panty

Pack Size Pad Length

10 Pads 210 mm

10 Pads 210 mm

The Heavy Flow Belt and Heavy Flow Panty system products are offered to the consumer as Combo Pack with 6 Heavy Flow and 4 Regular Flow napkins combination.

Pack Size Pad Length

Heavy Flow Belt 10 Pads (6 Heavy Flow+4 Regular Flow) 2 40 mm

Heavy Flow Panty 10 Pads (6 Heavy Flow+ 4 Regular Flow) 240 mm

Regular Flow Belt and Regular Flow Panty system (Economy packs) are offered as Economy packs to the consumer.

Pack Size Pad Length

Regular Flow Belt (Economy Pack) 15 Pads 210 mm

Regular Flow Panty (Economy Pack) 15 Pads 210 mm

The Straight type napkin is superior to other competitor products as it is much compact in its Top Surface that helps to prevent the shrinkage from the two sides of the pad. It has the folded pulp inside the pad that ensures high absorption of fluid.

Savlon Freedom Popular: Savlon Freedom Popular was introduced as a new product at only Tk. 30/- for the first time in Bangladesh for the working women and the first time users. This is an affordable, scientific and hygienic alternative solution from the home made napkin, that ensures personal health and hygiene to make the user feel comfort and protected from any embarrassing situation. It helps the working women to be relaxed in the working place, to work with full of productivity, which ultimately helps her moving forward with full confidence. Freedom Popular (Without Wings) 8 Pads 240 mm

Pack Size Pad Length

Savlon Freedom sanitary napkin is available in the Retail Drug Outlets, General and Departmental Stores and also the Super Markets. Strong visibility in these strategic places creates a lot of enthusiasm among the consumers and traders. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on the brand trial, sales and growth. Commodity Foods Commodity Foods ACI Pure Salt: ACI Pure Salt was launched in 2005. Within the very short period it has been enjoying the pride of the Brand Leader. The best in its kind, ACI Pure Salt is vacuum evaporated, free flowing and properly iodized. It is also very porous and free flowing. Iodine is coated in every single grain which makes it an essential product for the children; the absence of right quantity of iodine in their food may cause mental disability to them. ACI Pure Salt has won the "BEST BRAND OF BANGLADESH AWARD 2008" for unparallel customer loyalty beating all the brands in Foods & Beverages category.

ACI PURE SUGAR: ACI Limited has launched sugar under the brand ACI Pure in 2010. ACI Pure Sugar was launched in an attractive three layer laminated pack. Its outstanding color and striking design will draw the consumers attention. This is yet another step by ACI Consumer Brands to enrich the consumers kitchen with Pure Food products in Bangladesh. It is being made through state-of-the-art technology with 99.9% polarization, which makes it sweeter than any other sugar brands. In Addition, it has less than 50 ICUMSA which gives more whiteness and purity in line with the brand promise of ACI Pure.

Introduction In 1973, the UK based multinational pharmaceutical company, ICI plc, established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited. In 1992, ICI plc divested its share to local management, and the company was renamed Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited. ACI formulates and markets a comprehensive range of more than 387 products covering all major therapeutic areas, which come in tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, cream, ointment, gel ,ophthalmic and injection forms. ACI also markets world-renowned branded pharmaceutical products like Arimidex, Casodex, Zoladex, Atarax etc. from world-class multinational companies like ASTRAZENECA, UK and UCB, BELGIUM in Bangladesh. ACI is actively engaged in introducing newer molecules and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) to meet the needs of the future. ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and follows the policy of continuous improvement in all its operations. Aligned with the concept that a pharmaceutical must ensure effective management of environment, ACI complies with standard environment management policy, thus adorned with EMS 14001 in 2000.

ACI maintains a congenial and supportive relationship with the healthcare community of Bangladesh, with the belief that business excellence can only be achieved through pursuit of quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The management of ACI, a competent team of professionals, thus operates with a progressive attitude to provide effective solutions to satisfy the customers needs, through its products and services of uncompromising quality.

People Under the leadership of the experienced and dynamic business head, Chief Operating Officer Mr. M Mohibuz Zaman, this highly skilled and motivated team of professionals is dedicated in formulating effective strategies to meet the challenges in the ever-changing market, developing new products tailored to satisfy the customers current needs, exploring new opportunities in both home and abroad, and working for consistent growth and increased market share for ACI.

Plant Location and area The pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is located at Narayanganj, by the bank of river Shitolokkhya. It encompasses a land area of 11.5 acres with 85,000 square feet covered area. 235 skilled persons are involved in the plant to produce world class quality products. Facilities The plant is well designed and well equipped with all latest facilities and state-of-the-art technologies. The responsible team of plant workers, supervisors, officers and managers strictly follow cGMP recommended by WHO and In-process Quality control methodology for production and meets all national regulatory requirements. Product Development This creative team of professionals is engaged in developing new formulations and dosage forms with competitive advantages and strong product differentiation. Production This highly skilled team is dedicated in producing products with consistent quality under clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in compliance with the procedures and instructions of ISO 9001 quality system. Quality Assurance This dedicated team plays the vigilant role of controlling, ensuring and maintaining the consistent quality of products for which ACI is so well recognized.

Service Scientific seminars ACI frequently arranges seminars and symposia covering a wide range of medical topics attended by members of health care community. The faculty of these programs usually consists of both reputed medical experts and experts from marketing team of ACI and its international principals. Continuing medical education of physicians and surgeons ACI regularly arranges CME programs of both physicians and surgeons all over the country. These programs cover medical problems frequently faced by the practitioners, update their knowledge, and make them aware of the new therapies and medical technologies. Clinical meetings ACI arranges clinical meetings, covering case related medical problem faced by the physician in their daily practice. Every meeting is being supported by audio-visual media. Responding to doctors queries It is the most regularly performed task of the marketing team of ACI. The company has developed a postage paid business reply card attached to every literature in which the doctors usually send their queries. ACI tries to provide a comprehensive answer to the queries of the physicians covering all the details. Medical illustration and audiovisual aids ACI is ready to assist in preparing presentation packages including computer slides, transparencies and printed text whenever medical experts wish to share their experiences and results of their research with the health care community. Reprint services ACI provides the doctors with reprints of selected publications on topics that can assist the doctors in their professional practices. Info Medicus ACI publishes quarterly medical news letter for the physicians with current medical information particularly emphasizing common diseases.

Market Domestic market Being a developing country, the pharmaceutical market and at the same time, the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is growing. In this growing market, ACI has been able to maintain its growth through its innovative marketing strategies. In Bangladesh, ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company to achieve ISO 9001 certification that reflects its commitment to quality in every aspect of business.

ACI covers the health care community of whole Bangladesh based in both urban and rural markets, through its 18 strategically located depots. International market To fuel the continuous growth of ACI, the company has started exploring international markets. The quality of ACI products, strengthened by its ISO 9001 certification, has brought immediate success in Sri Lanka, Yemen, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Introduction ACI Agribusiness is the largest integrator in Agriculture and Livestock and Fisheries. These businesses have subunits like Crop Protection, Seed, Fertilizer, Agrimachineries, and Animal Health. These businesses have glorified presence in Bangladesh. CC & PH supplies crop protection chemicals, Seed supplies Hybrid Rice, vegetable and Maize seeds, Fertilizer Supplies Micronutrient and Foiler fertilizer, Agrimachineries supplies Tractors, Power Tiller and Harvester and Animal Health supplies high quality Nutritional, Veterinary and Poultry medicines and vaccines. ACI Agribusiness is having strong partnership with national and international R & D companies, universities and research institutions. Before introducing any product, it is elaborately tested in the laboratory and farmers field. ACI Agribusiness has a large, knowledgeable and highly skilled Field Force provides training and technical advices to the farmers. ACI is significantly contributing to national food security through its Agribusinesses division, which is the leading agricultural integrator of the country. ACI Agribusinesses is providing complete solution to the farmers need. This division has five separate SBUs. They are Seeds, Fertilizer, Motors, Crop Care & Public Health, and Animal Health. Farmers have developed confidence in our products for quality and economics. Farmers have also come to expect proper knowledge based service from our field force.