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The Daily Dragon April 20th- May 1st,

—blog 2009
2 weeks
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News for you to know about 2.in.us

A Peek at the Week

Highlights! New Words to know:
New Skills include:
Language Arts and Theme:
The weather is extremely unpredictable and remember
we have recess right after lunch so be sure that your
child has a jacket or sweatshirt to wear to recess!
Popcorn Words/High Frequency
Students who do not have appropriate clothes for the
weather will have to go to another Kdg. class during New words: with, have, went, they
recess. The teacher makes the weather call each day. 1st and 2nd 9 weeks word list:
If the teacher needs a jacket so do the students. I a see me red yellow blue green
can do the to orange purple, we, like,
brown, black, white, pink, my, go, gray, am ,
We are continuing to learn about plants and plant parts. you, is.
We have planted some grass seeds and have given our yes, no, for , and, are, said, it, here
cups faces. We are watching them grow and calling -at words, -an words,-it family words, here
them our GRASS HEADS! We are keeping track of the
3rd 9 weeks: what, where, ig family words,-et
growth and measuring them with unifix cubes and
recording their progress in our packets. We will family words, he, she, was,-en family words
continue to do this until the grass is long enough to give 4th 9 weeks words:
them haircuts! Yep – you heard it here- haircuts for all look, has, -ot words, -ug words, with, have,
the grassheads! They students love doing this! They will
went, they
bring them home after we have completed this task!
We are also working this week to listen to our letters of
the alphabet given to us orally and we are to write the STAR WORDS.
upper and lower-case letter correctly-forming the 1st and 2nd 9 weeks STAR word list:
letters correct as stated by the teacher. This is an
by, of ,could ,from ,ask, give
assessment for our final report card. A practice paper
is going home too and we will do this for practice during going, some, stop, take over, fly
the week before our final assessment. let, has ,him, her, will, put, there, once
3rd 9 weeks:
Writer’s Workshop I’m, I’ll, I’ve, had, love, friend
We have learned that an “All About” book is a had, love, friend
NON-Fiction book about 1 topic. We have 4th 9 week words: when, then, with, have,
noticed that these books have a table of went, they
contents. We also have learned that the /they/ will be the LAST introduced word of
pictures in these books are REAL and NOT the year and –ug was the LAST word family!
We are making lists of topics that we would like Books we are Reading:
to write an “ALL ABOUT” book about on our
own. We are really breaking this task down into Jack and the Beanstalk,
small parts so that it is easy for your child to
understand! The Hungry Giant,
Math – one less and subtraction are the new
skills The Seed,
The Rose
for the next few weeks.
Mrs. Hay’s Daily Dragon pg.2

More for this week:

Keep up with your April Homework!
Don’t Forget!
We will not have a May homework packet,
but we encourage you to review skills taught at
--Take your family to CHICK-FIL-A
school with your child at home!
Monday the 20th for the BPE fund raising
2 weeks to complete your April packet—turn in
on time and receive a prize!
Order your child’s Spring Pictures! Proofs
came home and orders are due no later than
April the 24th!
-Check the

blog for this newsletter and pictures of a

variety of class happenings.

- Reminders ! From the Teacher’s Desk:

The school year is fast approaching the end

April 20th- Monday evening –Chick Fil-A Family and this means wrapping up the year—

Night for BPE—I had the 29th as the previous date- We will be planning events for the end of the
guess it is the 20th- Tonight! year including:
• Kindergarten Awards Day-
Spring Photos went home on Friday the 17th- they • An outdoor activity and picnic day
are due 7 days later if you are ordering- Have your
orders to school no later than April 24th for These will be special events that we will
Spring pictures! schedule for May-
Our next day to shop at the school wide ARMOR Dates are not set, but will be soon. I will get
SHOP is Monday the 27th- you’re the dates and details as soon as our
The students have been earning and saving up their Team has planned.
school tickets to buy rewards.
Some students chose to spend their tickets on the Have a wonderful 2 weeks!
first ARMOR SHOPPING day! The 13th
Some students are saving up for a larger reward Mrs. Hay
item! Ask your child if they spent or saved their

Our TESTING WINDOW for the end of the year

testing assessments is
April 27th-15th for Phonemic Awareness
Racing into the month of May!
May 1st-15th for Reading Levels
And May 4th-22nd for Math
You can see we will be very busy assessing in