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Jordan Society for Quality

Dr Ibrahim Rawabdeh CoB

Middle East Quality Association (MEQA) MEQA 5th International Conference 2013

Quality in Jordan JSQ Role in Promoting Quality in Jordan About the Society JSQ Strategic Plan JSQ Projects/programs Future Plans

Quality in Jordan

NGOs (JSQ as a Model)



Private Sector

Quality in Jordan
Education Institution Role in Building Quality Culture
Since 1986 (the establishment of the Industrial Engineering Department) More than 14 departments (IE/BA) in different universities have quality courses as core/Mandatory Curriculums have a significant courses related to quality 1000s of graduates equipped with different quality knowledge, tools and techniques. Higher Education Accreditation is a must (in Private sector)

Quality in Jordan
Government Role in Building Quality Culture
The key player was Jordan Institute of Standards and Metrology
Practicing an initiative and effective role in protecting human's health, safety, and rights as well as the environment. Enhancing confidence in the services and products placed in the market, through developing and implementing systems that are compatible with best international practices in the fields of
Standardization, Metrology, Conformity assessment, Market surveillance, Accreditation Certification

Quality in Jordan
Government Role in Building Quality Culture
JISM role in Jordanian Quality Mark Established in 1984 as a Product conformance to Jordanian Standards and evolved to Product and Quality Management System Certification Testing of Products from the Jordanian Market and assess their compliance to the certification requirements in the Jordanian standards Evaluation of the quality management system of the manufacturing organization according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Validity of certification: 3 years No. of certified companies: 98

Quality in Jordan
The Role Quality and Excellence Awards
King Abdullah II Award for Excellence - Government Performance and Transparency Established in 2002 Customized Model LEADERSHIP/ ITS RESULTS HUMAN RESOURCES / ITS RESULTS PROCESSES/ ITS RESULTS KNOWLEDGE / ITS RESULTS FINANCIAL / ITS RESULTS

Impact Study

We are in the 6th cycle now

Quality in Jordan
The Role Quality and Excellence Awards
King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in private Sector

Established in 1999 The Model is EFQM Model We are in the seventh cycle now
Impact Study

Quality in Jordan
Private Sector Role in Building Quality Culture
Quality Products (industrial products) Quality Services (education and Healthcare) Quality Systems Quality Mark

Quality in Jordan
Individuals: Jordanians are known as

Assessors Quality Trainers Quality Consultants Quality System Developers Quality System Implementers

Lack of commitment of leadership; Lack of involvement of Leaders and Managers; Lack of understanding that TQM models can be used to operate the business; Lack of awareness of benefits of implementing TQM models; Expecting quick results/ solution to all our problems Inability to enthuse all people within the organization to adopt TQM model;

Challenges - Awards Pitfalls

Using the Award as an fully operational

instrument without training Announcing Using the Award as something special (competition) Launching Using the Award with organisations which are not ready for TQM Launching Using the Award only with operational staff Launching Using the Award to record short-term results

Challenges - Awards Pitfalls

and the very classic pitfalls: inadequate resources (time/priority) too many projects all at once too little support from senior executives unwillingness to change too little training

JSQ Role in Promoting Quality in Jordan

We are a part of Jordan Quality and Excellence Awards activities (assessors, self assessment, reporting, training, capacity building) King Abdullah II Award for Excellence Private/Public Sectors King Abdullah II Award for Excellence - Government Performance and Transparency Quality Management Systems Certification (ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001, HACCP, OHSAS 18001, Accreditation, training,) Providing Capability/Capacity Building for different organizations (training and consultation) Help in developing Jordanian Quality Mark: Started as a Product conformance to Jordanian Standards and evolved to Product and Quality Management System Certification Promoting quality through our JSQ Quality Conferences

About the society

Jordanian Professional non-profit NGO Established by a group of Jordanian Professionals in 1995 The first existing Society for Quality in the Arab Countries Board of Directors comprising of volunteered members directly elected from the General Assembly using a unique mechanism to ensure sustainability and pumping new blood to the Board

About the society

Recognizing National umbrella embracing professionals and organizations concerned with Quality and Excellence and represented in all National bodies involved in Quality Improve the culture of quality to become a practical and a professional value and a way of living in the Jordanian community In 2013, the JSQ has 664 registered members. 94 institutions 570 Individuals

Organization structure
General Assembly

External Auditor

Board of Directors

Secretary of the Board

JSQ Manager

Special Working Committees

Sector Working Committees

Membership Officer

Administrative Officer

Training and Professional Events Officer

Finance Officer

JSQ conferences
Year 1997 1998 Title First Jordanian Quality Conference First Arab Quality Symposium Theme Quality in Manufacturing Industry Joining Arab efforts in Quality related initiatives

2001 2003 2005 2007

Second Jordanian Quality Conference

Third Jordanian Quality Conference Fourth Jordanian Quality Conference Fifth Jordanian Quality Conference Sixth Jordanian Quality Conference

Improving services through quality for the new millennium

Quality is a Basic Requirement for Sustaining Development Quality is the Way to Achieving Excellence Quality, a Pillar for Investment Attraction Quality in Healthcare and Education

2009 2013-2014

Held in Cooperation with Excellence Inc. Seventh Jordanian Quality Conference

Behavioural Transformation of Organizations

Innovation and Excellence: the way to Future Success

JSQ Strategic Plan

Vision and Mission SWOT Analysis Strategic goals JSQ strategies JSQ programs/Projects JSQ Performance Indicators

JSQ Strategic Plan

Our Vision: To become the reference for quality and excellence for individuals and institutions locally and regionally.
Our Mission: JSQ is seeking to provide distinctive knowledge, skills and experience, enhancing the level of awareness of the concepts and culture of quality and excellence, building the capacity of its members (individuals and institutions) to enable them to provide and offer competitive products and services through partnering with local, regional, and international quality related institutions. Core values

Faith in excellence as a way to build distinctive nations

Teamwork Professionalism CSR Sharing knowledge

JSQ Strengths
Members Diversity in experience and knowledge Members are in distinctive work sites and positions JSQ is working based on Systems Representation of the Board of Directors Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology JSQ serves large society sectors Regular conferences offer recent quality concepts Good reputation locally and regionally Cooperation agreements and MOUs with partners Relatively large number of members

JSQ Weaknesses
Members Diversity in experience and knowledge Un-Updated database Weakness in communication and marketing Lack of attractive advantages of membership The lack of stable financial resources Poor Media Exposure Weak activation of the website Lack of social activities with members The lack of geographical spread Weakness to exploit members competencies

JSQ Opportunities
Build on the MEQA /MECCA membership Utilize the partnership with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Utilize the availability of funding sources Be on the boards of civil society organizations interested in quality Benefit from regional partnerships and MOU to serve the members of JSQ Granting certificates related to quality (Certified Quality Manager) Offer distinct programs for specialized quality ( Quality and Excellence Diplomas) in coordination with the Jordanian universities and government and private institutions

JSQ Threats
Permanent budget deficit The absence of a mature faith and a profound role of quality in society Restrictions to Non-Governmental Organizations activities Withdrawal of members and non-renewal of confidence by Member

JSQ Strategic Goals

Assuring Society Sustainability Delighting JSQ members Entrenching a culture of excellence and promote professionalism in quality science and its applications Framing partnerships and support relationships with partners Strengthening and improving JSQ infrastructure Developing an enabling environment for creativity and innovation

JSQ Strategies
Assuring Society Sustainability Delighting JSQ members Entrenching a culture of excellence and promote professionalism in quality science and its applications Framing partnerships and support relationships with partners Strengthening and improving JSQ infrastructure Developing an enabling environment for creativity and innovation

JSQ Performance Indicators

% Members Satisfaction Level: 80% % Percentage of members updated their database: 33% per annum % Increase the number of attendance at training courses: 20% % of Increase Society's membership: 20% annually % of Increase of the training courses participants: 20% # of proposals for support: 4 # of activities sponsorships for JSQ activities: 12 # of new diploma of quality training: 5 for different sectors # of Quality Ambassadors: 50 per annum # of REFERNCE magazine Publication: once per quarter # of new memorandum of understanding: 12 per year # of Quality days: 4

JSQ Projects/programs
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. EFQM Certification Programs Award Partners & Potential Ones Quality Day Quality Ambassadors Programs Certified Quality Manager (Excellence and Quality Diploma) Seventh Jordanian Quality Conference (Innovation and Excellence: the way to Future Success) 7. The REFERENCE e-magazine 8. Arab Award Assessors Association 9. Quality Training Plan

1. EFQM Partnership
Moving to the international level

Singing an agreement in 2012 Conducting EFQM- 2013 training programs Journey two excellence (J2E) Leadership for Excellence (L4E) Excellence Assessors Training (EAT)

2. Partnership
Jordan Institutions for Standards and Metrology
King Abdullah II Center for Excellence Middle East Quality Association (MEQA) Arab Quality Assurance Association (ARQAA) Health Care Accreditation Commission (HCAC) Jordan Higher Education Accreditation Commission Arab Knowledge Management Society

Ministry of Public Sector Development

Donors: USAID, EU and JEDCO.

2. Award Partners & Potential Ones


3. Quality Day workshop

Our tool for quality Awareness The first one in 10/2012 was about Quality in higher education in cooperation with University of Jordan The Second is under preparation Quality in Healthcare It is about recent trends and practices in quality

4. Quality Ambassadors
The project targets universities student by providing students with an understanding and practice on quality systems and standards. It will enhance their knowledge and expertise by
getting a new realistic view of the world class quality organizations, knowing how to identify where to focus improvement efforts, learning how to bring initiatives together into a single framework, sharing of good practices.

The project targets Jordanian Organizations by encouraging them to implement quality management system, techniques and tools.

4. Quality Ambassadors
Completion Criteria Attend training sessions for a total of 10 hours, covering basic quality principles, quality in education, quality tools, and train-the-trainer. Participate in a minimum of 20 service hours annually. Conduct a quality improvement project at a certain organization Conduct a site visit to recognized excellent Organization. Present the case in front of project manager. Prepare a technical report to illustrate the accomplishment.

5. Certified Quality manager (University Diploma)

Intro Module 1: Quality Management-An Overview Module 2: Basic Quality Tools and Techniques: Module 3: Cost of Quality: Module 4: Statistical Process Control: Module 5: Quality Management Systems Module 6: TQM Framework TQM Module 7: Managing People for QM Module 8: Advanced Quality management Tools (Part I) Module 9: Advanced Quality management Tools (Part II) Module 10: Excellence Models and Quality Awards Module 11: Jordanian Quality and excellence Awards Module 12: Beyond Quality Management:

Tools Cost QC

CI Advanced QM Excellence
Excellence Beyond

5. JSQ Diplomas
Certified Quality Manager in Production Planning and Quality Management -Training Diploma (PPQM-TD) Certified Quality Manager in Health Care Training Diploma Certified Quality Manager in Governmental Organizations - Training Diploma Certified Quality Manager in Higher Education Institutions - Training Diploma Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Diploma

5. JSQ Diplomas
A 3-month training program Total of 150 training hours (30 interactive 4-hour lecture sessions, devoted to particular topics in quality management plus 30 hours for pre and post training. A practical project at your Job is a must There is an exam at the end of the training Statistics of attendees in 2012-2013

CQM1= 24 CQM2= 23 CQM 3=15

6. JSQ 7th conference

Conference themes:

Innovation and Excellence: the way to Future Success

Topics Building National Innovation Strategy in Jordan Excellence and innovation in selected sectors Building Innovative organization Sharing Experience in innovation and Excellence Leveraging of Innovation

Date: 4/2014

7. The REFERENCE e-newsletter

The theme Recent Trends And Topics Related To Quality Sharing Knowledge JSQ News And Updates Updates About Our Partners Activities Quarterly Based Involving Members

8. Arab Awards Assessors Association/Chapter

60% of Regional Awards Assessors are from Jordan A chapter in JSQ A pool of assessors for different awards Database Meetings Training Coordination

Future Plans
Updated website Members Knowledge-based management database Members/Partners Communications Plan Yearly Training Plan Members satisfaction Survey New Members Attraction Plan

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