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Established in 1994, EDCH provides a complete solution to mobile operators for roaming facilities to be provided to their customers.

EDCH is the only Data Clearing House based in the Middle East and is successfully serving many leading operators in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

EDCH offers comprehensive roaming solutions specifically Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, Revenue Assurance, Value Added Services, Mobile Money Hub and other customized solutions.

To know more about EDCH, visit our website at www.edch.com.

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1. 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.1.5 1.1.6 1.2. Service Description E-GRX backbone network E-GRX Peering List Service Demarcation Point E-GRX Routing and connectivity Access Speed for E-GRX Network Quality of Service (QoS) Reports 4 6 6 8 8 8 9 10 11 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 15

2. Implementation 3. Client support 3.1. Customer Obligations 3.1.1. Contact points 3.1.2. Quality of service degradation process 3.1.3. Traffic Forecast 3.2. Quality Reviews 3.3. Monitoring 3.3.1. Monitoring Tools 3.3.2. Third Party Maintenance Contract 4. Document Reference 5. Glossary

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

Emirates Data Clearing House P.O. Box 17500, Dubai - UAE

Operators must find new areas to expand their reach and remain
marketing@edch.com www.edch.com Tel: +971 2 499 9444 Fax: +971 2 635 4663

competitive in the mobile world as the international market indicate that customers clamor for roaming access. As your network grows and expands internationally it means your customers can stay fully connected when they are overseas and their revenue streams keep flowing. It also means new revenue streams for you as the host network for end-customers of other mobile networks.

The Etisalat GRX (E-GRX) expands your reach and creates new revenue streams with the simplicity of a single Connection. A single agreement with EDCH will enable the roamers to enjoy global GPRS/LTE coverage and provide:

Access to over (600) Networks in more than 200 countries. Resilient connections. Access speeds from 64K up to GE (Gigabit Ethernet). Multiple methods of access: leased lines, VPN & IP sec. Customized reports and web interface for real-time and historic GPRS/LTE traffic data on-line. 24/7 customer technical support.

The E-GRX backbone is delivered over private IP to ensure the availability and security that your customers demand. As well it can scale quickly to ensure that you can continue to deliver high performance as demand continues to grow.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

The Inter-Service Provider IP Backbone network was originally created to carry GTP-tunnels (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) via the Gp interface between the GPRS Support Nodes (GSNs) in different GSM Operators i.e. data roaming. The Gp interface allowed mobile end-users to make use of the GPRS/3G services of their home network while roaming in a visited network. Later, MMS interworking and WLAN (authentication) data roaming has been added to the services supported in Inter-Service Provider IP Backbone. This Inter-Service Provider IP Backbone is in fact an Inter-PLMN IP Backbone and is termed the GRX. Seamless Roaming The E-GRX model is used to interconnect in excess of 600 networks and has proven highly successful. Connecting to E-GRX will provide your subscribers with seamless access to their data network while they roam nationally and internationally, regardless of your roaming partners GRX network provider. EGRX also:

Is the predominant GRX provider in the Middle East and Africa Increases your ARPU and roaming revenue Offers secure and reliable data transport Provides you with global reach via a single connection point to our secure IP network Integrates with our mobile data roaming solution, allowing one network to be used for all of your mobile data roaming needs Positions your network for future IP solutions Offers a smooth transition to 3G technology Is upgradable to the MPLS network (class of service, quality of service), which enables IPX, the next-generation network including voice, video and data

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

A simplified high-level architecture of the GRX covering both roaming and interworking Interconnection cases is illustrated in the figure 1. GRX model.

Figure 1. GRX model

In addition to data roaming, E-GRX provides network access and transport mechanism for multiple traffic types, e.g., C7 or SS7 messages, MMS, SMS and CDRs.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX


E-GRX provides secure and reliable data transport Using secure network and the latest IP security methods of IPSec and 3 DES encryption.

GRX (GPRS roaming exchange) enables GPRS/EDGE subscribers to access the Internet from their handsets internationally. GRX allows operators to support their subscribers' GPRS/EDGE requirements when traveling outside their home country.

The purpose of the GRX is to provide a secure data path between those GPRS operators in agreement to provide GPRS roaming services between their respective customers. Such roaming will be provided through E-GRX network, either via direct connection between the two mobile operators to the E-GRX, or alternatively from the operator to E-GRX and on to the other operator via a second GRX network with whom Etisalat will have a peering agreement.

E-GRX interconnects at any of the 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide and has presence at all GSMA peering points with guaranteed service levels backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). E-GRX supports 3G applications, including video and IP-voice, as well as traditional GPRS/EDGE and includes:

Scalable, managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Upgrades to cover rapidly increasing volumes QoS enabled and carry diagnostic protocols, i.e. ICMP (Ping).


E-GRX backbone network

The E-GRX network is powered by a private IP VPN service based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) architecture. It is entirely separate from the public internet and consequently offers the highest grade of availability and security. e- GRX connectivity models consist of any combination of the access methods to create a fully redundant GRX connectivity solution in accordance with the mobile operators capacity, commercial and quality of service requirements. Any-to-any connectivity: EDCH offers a fully flexible and scalable E-GRX Services with any-to-any connectivity to MNOs Roaming Partners. The Operator

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

is responsible to negotiate its GPRS roaming agreements with its roaming partners. If desired by the MNO, EDCH can facilitate the signing of such GPRS roaming agreements on the basis of terms and conditions (fee) agreed upon in a separate agreement. GRX Security: E-GRX is a private network and GRX traffic is completely isolated from the public internet. (Root) DNS: Etisalat arranges root DNS service for contracted PLMN operators within the GRX. Etisalat then distributes all DNS information between the contracted PLMN operators and to the management of the TLD (top level domain) root DNS. Etisalat root DNS will interact with the GPRS root Name Server and is in compliance with the relevant GSMA PRD document. IP QoS: E-GRX follows IR34 enhancements in this area and is in compliance with the QoS standards and requirements from the GSMA. E-GRX will only be able to: Provide connections to Operators that are GPRS/UMTS/LTE network operators (MNO-G and MNO-I types of Service Providers) May offer a transport-only interconnection service between Service Providers that are GPRS/UMTS/LTE network operators on a bilateral basis with no guarantees of QoS end-to-end.

The E-GRX network is in compliance with GSMA standards and provides: Support for connections from MNOs in various ways (Layers 1, 2 and 3) Comply with IP addressing guidelines for Inter-MNO IP Backbone in IR.40 Comply with DNS guidelines as specified in GSMA PRD IR.67 Offer DNS root service for contracted MNOs Have BGP-4 routing capability Distribute all (valid) known routes to MNOs Control which routes a MNO can advertise to the network Offer interconnectivity to other GRXs (GRX peering) Comply with Service Level Agreements Conform with security requirements laid out in PRD IR.77

Connection to the E-GRX is restricted to GSM and 3GSM MNOs.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX


E-GRX Peering List

E-GRX has GRX Network Peering Arrangements with the major GRX Service Providers. This allows Mobile Network Operators to connect to the E-GRX Service and at the same time gain access to the entire GSM (GPRS/3G/4G) Data Roaming community. For more detailed information about E-GRXs peering partners please contact us for the list of GRX interconnections.


Service Demarcation Point

The connection between the E-GRX network and the MNO GPRS Network is done at the MNOs premises. The MNO will install and own the CPE connected to the Border Gateway via either Ethernet connection or equivalent. Service Demarcation point is typically identified with the card on the CPE to which the MNO Border Gateway connects. The MNOs CPE is placed inside the MNOs Premises, but outside the MNOs Network. Technical details of the CPE are exchanged in the GRX Implementation Plan. In case of IPSec connectivity the MNOs CPE/router is managed by Etisalat following Etisalat specifications and it does not have Internet connectivity on that router.


E-GRX Routing and connectivity

The E-GRX interfaces with other GPRS networks and GRXs using BGP4, which allows dynamic routing based on Autonomous System Numbers. The GSM Association allocates AS Numbers to Mobile Network Operators. The E-GRX routing interface is fully compliant with GSMA recommendations as defined in the GSMA document IR.34. Specific customer requirements can be addressed in reference to load sharing, traffic splitting over multiple links and asymmetric routing issues by analysing the requirements and implementing the optimal routing solution with the use of BGP parameters.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

The connectivity options provided by E-GRX are: Single Connection to E-GRX Services

The MNO is connected to the E-GRX Services via: - a single leased circuit to the E-GRX in Dubai - a single Customer Premises Equipment is managed by Etisalat Dual Local Tail Connection to E-GRX Services

The MNO is connected to the E-GRX Services via: - two diversely routed leased circuits to the E-GRX in Dubai. - a single Customer Premises Equipment is managed by Etisalat The QoS is independent of whether the second link is active or in standby. Dual Connection to E-GRX Services

The Client is connected to the E-GRX Services via: - two diversely routed leased circuits to the E-GRX in Dubai and/or second PoP - two Customer Premises Equipment managed by Etisalat The QoS is independent of whether the second link is active or in standby. IPSEC Connection to E-GRX Services

The Client is connected to the E-GRX Services via: - An IPSEC tunnel through the internet between a CPE at the Customers site and a VPN Gateway at Etisalat site.


Access Speed for E-GRX Network

E-GRX Access speeds for MNOs range from 64K up to GE (Gigabit Ethernet). The following definitions apply: Port speed = defined by the maximum speed of the access link (Local Tail or other backhaul service) Service speed = defined by the speed configured at Etisalat PE by mean of software configuration.

Port Speed is usually larger than Service Speed. Service Speed defines the correspondent GRX Service Charges in agreement with MNOs requirements.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

Service and port speed will be specified in an Order Form, as well for the initial interconnection as for subsequent upgrades. Etisalat will endeavour to follow the requested RFS date and will provide the MNO with an adapted Order Form.


Quality of Service (QoS)

The QOS is guaranteed within the E-GRX network, without the involvement of another GRX provider, including access leased line connectivity but excluding CPE where applicable. a) QoS Definitions (Round-trip delay, jitter values are not applicable for customer connected through IPSec tunnel over Internet) b) Availability Service unavailability consists of the number of minutes that the E-GRX service is not available to the MNO during any calendar month, but does not include (i) service maintenance (ii) case of force majeure or (iii) unavailability which is due to The Client or telecommunications infrastructure used by the Customer. Service unavailability definition: - a Round Trip Delay that exceeds the specified QOS for more than 30 minutes - a Latency/Jitter that exceeds the specified QOS for more than 30 minutes. - a Packet Loss that exceeds the specified QOS for more than 30 minutes. Availability is calculated as follows: A: ((H-P-O+E) / (H-P+E))*1OO% A: availability H: the number of hours in the month. P: excluded Outage time E: excess time, the amount of time by which the planned outage time was exceeded O: total time of all fault outages and of those periods where the above mentioned specified service target is not reached. c) Latency Average latency is defined as the average time delay of traffic samples (Sequences of ICMP Pings) measured between specified backbone routers in any calendar month.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

d) Packet Loss Packet Loss is defined as the average percentage of packets discarded in any of the backbone links that are part of the Etisalat network and / or are fully managed by Etisalat in any calendar month. e) Etisalat Intra GRX QoS Measurement Scope Measurements communicated to The Client are done between: GRX peering point and The Client Demarcation Point E-GRX Reference point in Dubai and The Client Demarcation Point Penalties will be calculated based on the average of these two measurement inputs. f) Delay-Jitter-Packet loss Round-trip delay intra-GRX Round trip delay inter-GRX Jitter (variation) intra-GRX Jitter (variation) inter-GRX Packet loss <60ms <170ms+other GRX values 11-20ms 11-30ms 0.1% (packet delivery=99.9%)

When applied up to a CPE, the guarantees are applicable only to traffic within a 95 percentile load of 70% on the access link. In case of an IPSEC connection, the guarantees only apply to the E-GRX backbone.


As part of the standard E-GRX service is provided a web-based reporting tool. In addition the Client gets online access to Traffic measurements (real time and aggregates). Access to this tool is fully secured and only accessible by the Customer.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

All technical service configuration details will be described in the E-GRX Implementation Plan. The Parties will distribute both documents to the respective technical teams who will be in charge of the setup of the interconnection and its daily operation.
Emirates Data Clearing House P.O. Box 17500, Dubai - UAE marketing@edch.com www.edch.com Tel: +971 2 499 9444 Fax: +971 2 635 4663

EDCH and Etisalat provides 24/7 customer technical support ensuring promptness of service requests and a description of the processes is described next.



Contact points

If possible, The Client should guarantee the availability of a Helpdesk. If no contact point is available from the Client regarding the evolution of the repair process, the guaranteed Repair Time and Feedback delays cannot be ensured.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX


Quality of service degradation process

In case of the degradation of the quality of service and after failing to diagnose the problem on line, The Client agrees to authorize E-GRX team to put the connection out of service for measurements if required and following consultation with authorized the Customers personnel. If The Client doesnt agree, the Trouble Ticket shall be considered as being in Ticket-Halt mode since no repair operation is possible.


Traffic Forecast

The Client shall provide a quarterly GRX traffic forecast. Etisalat shall advise The Client on any upgrade needed to deliver a GRX Service that fulfill Customers requirements based on this forecast.


The Client is invited to regularly review all quality indicators within an operational committee. Frequency of such reviews can be discussed but is typical quarterly.


Etisalat has a redundant NOC responsible for the International Network. NOC is available 24/7 and is located in Dubai. The NOC is responsible for all alarm monitoring. Appropriate escalation procedures are set up to guarantee the best possible customer service, including the support of a number of Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts for advanced in-house support.

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EDCH Hub Services GRX


Monitoring Tools

All network equipments are monitored, including IP Routers, DNS Servers, Monitoring Servers and the DCN (Data Communication Network) itself. Etisalat has deployed a full range of support tools to monitor the GRX Network, including: MRTG Concord

Furthermore a well-equipped network lab is available, in which new software features and new equipment are tested before implementation in the network.


Third Party Maintenance Contract

E-GRX leverages premium maintenance and support contracts with equipment vendors as well as third party service providers for local hardware maintenance. All contracts with third parties are backed by sound SLA.

Document Description


Open Connectivity Roaming Hub Model Inter-Service Provider IP Backbone Guidelines Guidelines for IP Addressing and AS Numbering for GRX/IPX Network Infrastructure and User Terminals

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EDCH Hub Services GRX

Acronym Description


Asynchronous Transfer Mode Border Gateway Border Gateway Protocol Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing Commercial Internet exchange Class of Service Differentiated Services Domain Name Network Demarcation Point Differentiated Services Code Point Denial of Service General Packet Radio Service (often referred as mobile 2.5G) GPRS Roaming eXchange GPRS Tunneling Protocol Intra-Connect Network Mobile Network Operator Multi Protocol Label Switching Monthly Performance Report Mean Time To Restore Provider Edge Per Hop Behavior Public Land Mobile Network Provider eXchange Quality of Service Random Early Detect Reference Point Resource 15eservation Protocol Service Level Agreement Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Type of Service Universal Mobile Telecommunications Network Virtual LAN (Local Access Network) Virtual Private Network

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EDCH Hub Services GRX