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Case Study

Using LLCs with

Rental Property
by Dyches Boddiford


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Case Studies

Case Study #2 (real life):

John and Sarah are husband and wife. Based on an accountant’s

counsel, they own four LLCs where they are each members, making
them multi-member LLCs. Each of these LLCs owns a single rental
property. They also own one rental property in their own names as joint
tenants. All properties are or are almost paid off (large equities). Here
is their structure.

John Sarah


This structure provided the asset protection for John and Sarah and
segregated liabilities between the properties. However, it created a need
for four additional bank accounts, EIN numbers and partnership tax
returns. In studying The Grand Plan and The Limited Liability &
Partnership courses, you know that it makes more sense to structure as
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Case Studies

John Sarah

Multi-Member LLC Single



This would segregate the liabilities for each property from other
properties. And, since the single member LLCs are disregarded for tax
purposes, only a consolidated partnership return for the multi-member
LLC is required. It would also provide charging order protection should
John or Sarah get a judgment against themselves personally. But John
was tired of the extra tax returns and wanted to simplify even more. He
proposed the structure below.

He proposed to set up five single-member LLCs, one to hold each

property. He would own two of the single-member LLCs and Sarah
would own three. In this structure, John certainly simplified the

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Case Studies

paperwork and tax reporting. All income and expenses would now go
on their joint personal tax return.

John Sarah


While this structure is better than owning the properties directly,

four points should be made.
1. John and Sarah potentially lose charging order protection that the
multi-member LLC provides since each own separate LLCs (no
innocent third party). This is a significant consideration since the
houses are almost paid off and therefore attractive targets for any
judgment holder against either or both of them personally. (Some
form of equity stripping should also be considered.)

2. A liability occurring on one of the properties should be stopped

from affecting the owner of the LLC that owns the property.

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Case Studies

However, with a single entity layer, opposing counsel will

probably investigate whether the liability shield was respected by
the owner. In other words, was the entity treated as separate from
its owner?

3. John and Sarah lose the low audit profile of the multi-member
LLC’s separate tax return. This partnership return would net all
income and all expenses, passing these net numbers on to the
members’ personal return for the taxes to be paid. While there
would be no extra taxes to pay, there would be the cost of the extra
informational return.

4. To take maximum advantage of estate tax exclusions, Sarah and

John must try to equal the equities in the properties. This should
be revisited each time a property is purchased or sold.

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Dyches Boddiford & Peter Fortunato
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y Terms & paperwork depending on whether you are y Collections & alternatives to foreclosure
Seller, Buyer, or Note Buyer/Broker y “Walking the Mortgage”
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y Interest only, normal & negative amortization y The relationship of Price & Terms
y Getting Seller to give you 0% financing y Discount for early payoff & lump sum payments
y Tax reporting – installment sales1098, 1099, y Substituting Collateral
Section 121, dealer sales, capital gains, SE tax y Dealer property issues and owner financing
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