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a Thesis Writing Exercise 1. FIVE MINUTES: Read through your notes. 2. TEN MINUTES: Freewrite about how your thinking about this topic has changed. What did you think when you started? Then what did you discover? Then what? What did you think then? 3. TEN MINUTES: Freewrite about specific stories, facts, anecdotes, case studies, personal experiences, observations, articles, opinions, etc., that really stick with you when you reflect on what youve researched so far. What about these specific things interests you? Do any of them relate to one another? Write with as much specificity as possible. 4. TEN MINUTES: Freewrite in the form of a question and answer dialogue with someone you know. Begin with that person asking you the most commonly asked question about your topic, and continue the dialogue from there. Consider, when writing the other persons dialogue, what sort of assumptions they might make or opinions they might form as they hear what you have to say. 5. FIVE MINUTES+: Try to compose a one-two sentence answer to this question about your topic: So what?