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Lisa A. Curtin
847.845.7755 EDUCATION 1307 Columbia Street #3, Lafayette, IN 47901 M.A., Literary Studies, Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, May 2013 B.A., English Literature & Creative Writing, Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, May 2010 TEACHING EXPERIENCE Instructor, Introductory Composition at Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, August 2011-May 2013 Spring 2012 Quintilian Instructor Evaluation Award Teaching Portfolio: http://lisaanncurtin.wordpress.com/ Taught a 4-credit course in the basics of college-level composition, including traditional written as well as multimedia composition projects. Taught in traditional and computer classrooms, and utilized online classroom tools in Blackboard. Students learned to think, discuss, and write critically and creatively. Developed course content used for syllabus approach departmental review and renewal. Received two-semesters of rhetoric & composition teacher training. Tutor, 826CHI Non-Profit Writing & Tutoring Center Chicago, IL, November 2010-August 2011 Provided tutoring to K-12 students in language arts, English, and history. Assisted center instructors with school field trips that visited the writing center and during creative writing workshops. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Training, Purdue Writing Lab West Lafayette, IN, August 2009-December 2009 Completed a training course to become a tutor in the award-winning Purdue writing lab. Learned to use Moodle. Learned how to individually address different learning styles. Evaluator, Purdue Oral English Proficiency Program West Lafayette, IN, January 2009-May 2009 Volunteered as an evaluator of international graduate students' English speaking abilities. Sat-in on mock-classroom presentations, completed evaluations on potential instructors' English-language teaching abilities. ACADEMIC Graduate Student English Association 2011-2013 ORGANIZATIONS Elected Purdue Graduate Student Government department senator, lisa.curtin2@gmail.com

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HEAV-ning of Whimsy English Department Variety Show fundraiser committee Purdue Graduate Student Government 2012-2013 English department senator, Public Information committee, Graduate Student Appreciation Week planning committee Student English Association 2007-2010 Belltower undergraduate arts magazine committee RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Registrar, Beacon Academy Charter School West Lafayette, IN, January 2010-present Edit, proofread, and standardize student grade reports, progress narratives, and transcripts in compliance with Indiana State Department of Education standards. Write and place advertisements for school enrollment. Correspond with parents, community partners, and school district on behalf of academy director. Submissions Reader, Sycamore Review West Lafayette, IN, August 2011-May 2013 Read short fiction submissions and approved/disapproved for consideration by the editors of the literary journal Intern to the Editor-in-Chief, Sycamore Review West Lafayette, IN, January 2010-May 2010 Nominated for the internship by two professors. Edited website and managed new content. Assisted in preparing Telling Stories, Talking Craft for publicationa book of interviews with notable contemporary fiction authors. Board Member, Purdue Student Publishing Foundation Board of Directors West Lafayette, IN, April 2009-May 2010 Oversaw the four million dollar budget of Purdue Universitys independent daily student newspaper, The Exponent. Collaborated with The Exponent alumni association to create a journalism professorship at Purdue University to benefit The Exponents student staff. EDUCATIONAL AWARDS AND HONORS Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, 2011-2013 Purdue Literary Awards John Kneale Critical Essay 2010: Developing Nations Literature First place essay: Childhood Superiority and Rebellion: the Enforcing and Subverting of Postcolonial Patriarchal Societal Values and Ideals in Childrens Relationships as Seen in Tsitsi Dangarembgas Nervous Conditions and Shyam Selvadurais Funny Boy John Kneale Critical Essay 2010: History
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Second place essay: Readers Demand Relevance: Robinson Crusoe and the Strange, Surprising Endurance of the Printed Word John Kneale Critical Essay 2009: Film Criticism Honorable mention: A Monster at Midday: Unconventional Storytelling and Technique in Bong-Joon Hoos The Host Purdue Academic Success Scholarship Award, 2006 PAPERS IN PREPARATION Cowboys and Zombies: Metamodernism and the Post-Apocalypse as 21st Century Frontier Plastic Eclipse: Ray-Ban Wayfarers as American Icon The Cultural Production of Manic Pixie Dream Girls Spaghetti/Sketti on Film: Eating as Play How to Be a Movie: Emotional Engagement with Bad Films Postmodern, Postcolonial Subject & National Identity: R. Zamora Linmarks Leche Minstrel & Minister: Figurative Masks in 19th-century American Literature The Rough Business of Imperialism: Mark Twain, Hawaii, and the Philippines Female Friendship in Historical Fiction: Sedgwicks Hope Leslie Feminine Grotesques: Shakespeares Titus Andronicus, Harbinger of Torture Porn Huge Hill of Flesh: Sizeism, Shakespeare, & Reality Television Sustainability and the Labour of Repair in The Lord of the Rings Medieval Tree Lore and the Lives of Trees in Middle-Earth Case Manager, L.I.G.H.T. Lafayette, IN, September 2007-present Administrative Assistant, Paige Personnel Services Schaumburg, IL, June 2007-August 2011 Co-Founder & Editor, Whillikers Magazine West Lafayette, IN, August 2009-May 2010 Contributing Author, (frankly) zine edition 4 Lafayette, IN, March 2010 Accounting Assistant, Juno Lighting Group LLC Des Plaines, IL, May 2009-August 2009 Loss-Mitigation, Law Offices of Gerald Shapiro Northbrook, IL, May 2008-August 2008 Purdue Crew Team, W8+ Rower West Lafayette, IN, 2006-2007 Youth Services Page, Elk Grove Village Public Library Elk Grove Village, IL, July 2004-August 2006


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