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Issue 2

Houston Premier Reality Based Martial Arts & Combative Fitness & Nutrition Facility.
Your monthly guide to
Combative Techniques, Tactical Airsoft, MilSim and Combative Fitness & Nutrition.

Interview with Mr.Traylor

Hello Mr.Traylor Thank you for this interview, ok we have accumulated the 10 most
asked questions.

Q. Is it ok if we start?
A. Yes, Sir!

Q.1) How long have you been in the Martial Arts?

A.1) Oh lets see, since the age of five. I was not in martial arts the whole time I took
three to four years off, and then got back in to Martial Arts. It’s been quite a journey for

Q.2) Why the name Dark Gift Combat, don’t you think it is a bit weird for a martial
arts studio to have a name like that?
Mr. Traylor Owner of D.G.C.F.S. A.2)”laughs” well no, I don’t think it’s a weird name; the name stands for some thing.
and Founder of D.G.C.F.S. DARK is the meanest part of humanity that punk thief or rapist, killer. That’s the dark
System. side of people. GIFT COMBAT we are given you the gift to combat the dark side of
humanity. Thus the name dark gift combat, we are not your corner MAC DOJO, what we
teach and train in is for keeps. Your life or your families may be at stake.

Q.3) What is the Dark Gift Combat Fighting Systems?

A.3) OOH wow ok, deep question. Let’s see hmm. D.G.C.F.S. is 34 years of experience
and a journey of discovery. It’s an accumulation of different systems, the CORE being
Inside D.G.C.F.S. P.F.S. Progressive Fighting Systems, Then Ray Dionaldo F.C.S. Filipino Combat
Interview with Mr.Traylor 1
Systems, Hock Hochheim and Scientific Fighting Congress, Tony Blauer S.P.E.A.R.
Mikes Fitness Corner 2
System, C.S.W. Combative Submission Wrestling just to name a few and of course my
Coming event 3
take and flavor of the systems to make it unique to D.G.C.F.S. very different and always
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Airsoft Products 6
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Q.4) What is Reality Based Martial Arts, Isn’t all Martial Arts essentially the same?
A.4) “Laughs” well if you are talking about Traditional Martial Arts… yes, they are very
close to the same both in the their beliefs and their training. Reality Based Martial Arts is
100% different both in mind set and training.
1st "The definition of the term Reality-Based"
Training and survival skills based on modern conflict situations that the practitioner is
likely to encounter in their environment (their "reality"). We train our students with
modern methods and weapons, Knife, Stick, Gun; we have to address the "adrenaline
dump". This fear induced high volume shot of adrenaline is normal and natural and
cannot be stopped. That affects your gross motor skills.

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Below I’ve presented six of the interesting displacing debates I’ve heard argued lately.
Hopefully by discussing them I can put to rest the idea that these issues are of critical
importance to your overall health and body composition. I’d like you to understand that
these represent small, fine tuning details which are only relevant to a small percentage
of the population, if that. On the whole, these debates do more to confuse and paralyze
people than to encourage them to take
their health into their own hands.
The Top 6 Displacing Debates
1. Fruit is Bad Now?

We all know fruit provides fiber, vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic index
carbohydrates, so it should be no surprise that many experts recommend eating a few
servings of fruit each day. Heck, this notion has even been turned into a clichéd rhyme:”
Mr. Morales Owner of Fit 2 Fight
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Yet some experts out there actually suggest that
Gym Co-Founder of R.E.A.C.T.
fruit might be bad for us! That’s utter nonsense. So, imagine you’re someone with a
System. Instructor in Hand to
lifetime of eating habits that are less than optimal (for some of you, it might not be so
Hand Combat at D.G.C.F.S.
hard to do) and you’re exposed to this debate. What do you do? Well, nine times out of
ten, you figure that if there’s a chance fruit is bad for you, you might as well stay away
from it probably better to reach for a Big Mac instead. After all, it does taste better. What
to do? Eat the damn fruit but, as with everything else, don’t overeat!

2. Raw? Organic?

Speaking again of fruits (and vegetables), it’s recommended that the average person
consume two pieces of fruit and three servings of vegetables per day as a bare
minimum. I recommend 10-15 servings per day. Yet most North Americans (athletes
included) consume far less than the standard recommendation of five servings of fruits
and vegetables. However, rather than simply recommend more fruit and veggies (no
Inside D.G.C.F.S.
matter how you can get them, for any fruits and vegetables are better than none),
Interview with Mr. Traylor 1
experts spend their time fighting about canned fruits and veggies vs. raw fruits and
Mikes Fitness Corner 2
veggies. And then they fight about raw fruits and veggies vs. organic fruits and veggies!
Coming event 3
Sure, I agree that raw, organic fruits and vegetables are best since they probably have a
Event flyers 4
higher micronutrient count, but let’s face the facts: any fruits and veggies are better than
Airsoft Products 6
none! So again, imagine you’re someone with a lifetime of bad eating habits and you’re
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exposed to all this bickering. What do you do? Well, you'll probably avoid the fruits and
veggies, wait for the experts to finish dueling it out, and reach for a Snickers bar instead.
What to do? Get sufficient fruits and vegetables in your diet before worrying about
whether they’re organic or not. Once you’ve done that, worry on.

3. Raw Milk vs. Regular Milk What about milk?

In my opinion, it’s not necessary, doesn’t always "do the

body good," and should be minimized in the diet (although I see no need
for total elimination unless you’re lactose intolerant).However, if we could simply get more people to drink milk instead of
sugary soda, we’d have less obesity and disease. But instead of focusing on healthy behaviors, experts will bicker on and on
about regular milk vs. raw milk. Of course, all this does is serve to draw negative attention
to milk and away from the other healthy decisions people could be making. Sure, if it were possible to get raw milk that was
guaranteed aseptic, it would be better than processed, pasteurized milk. But faced with the confusion, what do you, the
hypothetical sub-optimal eater, do? Well, nine times out of ten, you avoid both kinds of milk and drink another Coca-Cola
instead. What to do? Limit milk, and drink calorie-free beverages like water and green tea instead. Page 2
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4. Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

Speaking of beverage consumption, people are dehydrated because they drink too little water while drinking too many
caffeinated, diuretic drinks (coffee, soda, and alcohol). Dehydration leads to all sorts of health problems for the inactive, not to
mention the decrements in athletic performance seen in dehydrated athletes. But rather than simply promoting the heck out of
water consumption, experts will bicker on and on about tap water vs. bottled water. Sure, good quality bottled water is usually
a better choice, but don’t be one of these people who stay away from tap water, forget to pick up their bottled water, and
simply remain dehydrated. What to do? Drink sufficient water first; worry about the source later. (Of course, you may want to
avoid drinking out of puddles next to pig farms in Uganda.) Put a water filter on your tap or buy one of those filter jugs you
store in your fridge and be done with it.

5. Glass vs. Plastic And

How about the bottles the water comes in? That’s right, the glass vs. plastic debate. Just the other day, I was recommending
that a group of my athletes pick up some Tupperware so they could whip up all of their meals and shakes in the morning. It’s
easy to make a good food choice during the day when you’ve got all your good food with you, pre-cooked, pre-wrapped, and
ready to be eaten. After the talk, one of the athletes came up to me and told me he avoids Tupperware altogether because of
the potential leeching of xenoestrogens into his food. When I asked what he uses to store his food in, he told me he doesn’t
even preplan his meals. He also told me he needed to lose fifteen pounds and that he was overweight because his nutrition
sucked! Buddy, I agree that glass containers may be marginally better than plastic, but for the love of God, pick up some
plastic if it'll help you plan your meals! And this was a world-class athlete! You can imagine how the average guy fares! What
to do? Plan your meals in advance, storing them in woven baskets if necessary. Buy the best containers you can afford. If you
can get the glass versions, great; if not, the generic plastic ones will do just fine.

6. Free Range vs. Extremely Limited Range Meat

Most weightlifters eat lots of protein and that’s no mistake. One of the best ways to get all that protein is by eating a lot of
protein and micronutrient-rich lean meat. Protein supplements are okay to supplement your diet, but real food should be your
nutritional mainstay and there’s nothing better than good old fashioned lean meat. Since eating more protein can increase
metabolic rate, improve your weight loss profile, increase protein turnover, accelerate exercise adaptation, and (when
replacing dietary carbohydrate) decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease, it should be clear that most people would do
well to increase their consumption of lean meat. So imagine the dismay someone might experience when hearing that the
experts are now bickering about the type of meat we consume. Many experts muddy the waters when discussing free range
vs. grain fed meat, telling people that grain fed meat (the only kind you can find in many grocery stores in North America) is
full of toxins, bad fats, and hormones. Sure, free-range meat is probably a better choice, although there’s little proof the
supposed toxins and hormones actually get passed on to us. But again, imagine you’re someone with a lifetime of eating
habits that are less than optimal and you’re exposed to all this bickering about lean protein. What do you do? Well, when
you’re afraid of the meat you have access to, you shy away from all types of lean meat and reach for another bagel. Bad
choice! What to do? Find the best meat you can by going around to various grocery shops and butchers. Owners of health
food stores may also be able to help you locate the best stuff. But don’t be afraid to eat the meat you find in your grocery store
— the reports of your impending death are greatly exaggerated. These are just a few of the displacing debates gaining
momentum in the nutrition world. Do your best to get past the marginalia, to get past the differences between all the new
programs, and try to discover for yourself the basic principles all the successful programs seem to be built upon. Most
importantly, when faced with a choice between two good options, one of which may be marginally better than the other, but
both of which would be an improvement over what you're currently doing, just pick one and go with it. You can optimize later,
as long as you make an improvement now. There's no debating that.

Coming Events
May 17-18/08 Mr. & Mrs. Traylor / some Apprentice Instructors will get training in Terrorist/Active shooter Interdiction Courses.

June 13-14/08 D.G.C.F.S. is Hosting International Combatives Self Defense Association seminars

September 26-27/08 Ray Dionaldo F.C.S. Filipino Combat Systems seminar at D.G.C.F.S facility 12-5pm
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length:695mm length with stock retracted: 595mm
magazine capacity:450 rounds
Initial speed:M120 / 395 fps .
The original ICS Creation, It’s one and the only in the world Because of the market demand, ICS created
CXP. ICS CXP has fantastic appearance and useful tactical rail. This design allows players easily to
install different kinds of accessories on CXP. No matter where you are, ICS CXP always makes you
under the spot light and to be the champion. The new designed retractable stock is very easy to use.
There are six positioning holes. You can change the length of the stock according to your favor and your
mission. It can work with the sling ring and make you completely win the assault battle. CXP has the
strongest fore structure. The embedded barrel joins to metal body tightly. This deign removed the waver
problem which results from the weak structure of the outer tube or the incompact body. ICS pursues
quality without limited. We create our CXP with M4 pistol and upgrade the shooting speed to M120 / 395
fps. We also use our reinforced gearbox that you can only find in ICS to create the masterpiece.
THIS IS ONE BAD A#$^ GUN. A bit on the expensive around $450.99 but I talked the manufacture they
said the price may drop, that would be nice. I talked to Mr. Castandiello, he is going to purchase one
soon for our training and airsoft fun, We will let you know the results.

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So a lot of what we teach and train in is IN YOUR FACE. Force on Force sparring weapons like airsoft guns that shoot about
330 fps. We do not use rubber guns there is no consequence if you make a mistake, marker knife as well as shock knife,
there has to be a consequence if you make a mistake we need to see how you handle yourself under duress. Other wise I feel
you are wasting your time.

Q.5) Why do you teach with airsoft guns, marker knife, shock knifes, rubber sticks in your training?
A.5) Well like I stated earlier their has to be a consequence if you make a mistake and to be honest I have a lot of instructors
come in from different systems or style that ask for privates, they come in I ask if they do weapons disarms such as knife, gun,
stick, they say “OH YES!” I am very GOOD at that. so I pull out the rubber gun and they do a beautiful disarm, So then I pull
out the airsoft gun give him eye protection all of a sudden he is not smiling. I say ok disarm the gun he tries and gets shot 5
out of 5 times. He was never trained to move out of center mass or to wait for a command to move “such as give me your
money ect. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. 2nd I need our students to be in duress, that way, you are going
to feeling like its a real situation, scared, anxiety ect.. That’s why we use these tools.

Q.6) Why do you only teach Knife, Stick, Gun and not staff or bo or swords ect…?
A.5) well STAFF, BO, SWORD, NUNCHUCKES , those weapons are not modern day, meanings that through police reports
most assaults happen with a knife or a variation of one, stick or club and at gun point. These are weapons that you are likely
to encounter in your life time.

Q.7) Who are your Instructors and who have your trained with?
A.7) Ahh man I have trained with tons of people in my 36 plus years or so but my SIFU is PAUL VUNAK, RAY DIONALDO,
W. Hock Hochheim, but I have trained under some great instructors like Betiss "Super" Mansouri, Romie Aram,
Javier "Showtime" Vazquez, William "The Bull" Sriyapai, All of these guys are the greats people and friends, I am who I am
cause of these Instructors and friends. To those I did not mention please forgive me.

Q.8) What are the four ranges of combat and why do you teach those ranges?
A.8) The Four ranges of combat are KICKING, BOXING TRAPPING and GRAPPLING.
The reason I teach the four ranges of combat is that in an altercation, most violent encounters star at Kicking range, then
enters into the boxing range then following into Trapping and finally the Grappling stage. All fights frequently go through all
those ranges of combat. NOT ALL some end very quickly that’s the perfect encounter, quick and to the point

Q.9) What are you most Thankful for?

A.9) My family, for their support in what I do, My wife Fabiana Traylor or Mrs.Traylor for her belief and faith in me, I love Her
she is my heart and soul, My two kids Gabriel and jasmine they are my very Heart Beat. My Instructors and students who are
willing to learn from Mrs. Traylor and I, We are humbled,

Q.10) Why should people train at D.G.C.F.S.?

A.10) Well 1st we have a very DEEP pool of Instructors, from different systems and back ground that add essence and depth
to D.G.C.F.S. 2ND our training methods, we use only R.B.M.A.T. “Reality Based Martial Arts Training”. We use scenarios
exercise such as walking to your car, home invasions, multi-attackers, elevator room ect… D.G.C.F.S. is always evolving our
training changes with the times, as better techniques and training become available D.G.C.F.S. is there to learn, evolve,
adapt, Most Martial Arts Styles are deep rooted in ritual. So they do not grow, adapt or evolve, they are still training in the
past, there methods are antiquated and are not practical for today’s world. Let me say this I am not knocking Traditional
Martial Arts or for that matter Mixed Martial Arts but there is a difference between R.B.M.A.T. and T.M.A. and M.M.A. and
unfortunately people THINK they are all the same. THEY ARE NOT!!!! I am exhausted by people saying they are. D.G.C.F.S
is evolution of combat, we will continue grow adapt and over come what ever faces us in life and in battle. D.G.C.F.S HAS

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