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…behind the veil karthik

Gravity!....you know, nobody even thought of something called gravity before Newton did...they were thinking that a
apple falling down is quite normal...but his question was, why don’t the apple fall up, to the left or to the right...
why should it always FALL DOWN!.. hehehe...silly guy!
Sometimes silly thoughts will lead to great discoveries...for e.g. a man made satellite that revolves our planet which is
based on Newton’s laws!

When everything should fall down towards the earth what is that, that keeps satellites revolving around the earth for
years together? Is it using something like a rocket force to fly around the earth...hmmmm.... not exactly...
Lets take an eg here.... what happens when you throw a ball in baseball action...it fall downs after the speed vanes
down, getting attracted by the gravity...what if you shoot a bullet out of a colt.44 horizontally ?..
the bullet travels farther than the ball and finally falls taking a curvature down to the earth....
what will happen if the bullet is traveling in such a speed that when it tries to fall down, the earth had already curved so
it cant fall down but only can come around the earth.... :)

A – a ball
B – a .44 from a colt
C – a .44 travelling at orbital velocity (improbable though)

...in other words it keeps trying to fall down, but everytime it will miss because of the speed and end up
revolving around the earth...that is what is happening up in space...but where does the satellite get its speed
from....the rocket that carries it literally throws the satellite into an orbit and it keeps moving in circles...since there is
nothing in space to dampen its speed..like the atmosphere for the baseball...but still due to some factors, the speed
might be reduced, but the internal rockets comes in action to keep it in the orbit....we will see more of the rockets and
Newton’s 3rd law next week!...

the 5star joke ☺ STAR OF THE FORTNIGHT

T.Elavarasi – CRAFT Team
A person has 6 fingers in his left hand.
People use to call him as Surya. We truly appreciate the hardwork and commitment
Why? shown by Elavarasi . She is very punctual also
………. proactive to take up the tasks. Her testing quality
Because his name is surya. is benchmarked in CRAFT, we normally say ' Ela
Hehehehe :-) certified code' will be defect free. She stood as
example for new associates joined in the team.
Choc is for Mohan Murugan this week….pls send
the jokes to karthik/gopal
Blog gopal
Every person in the world has a natural fear for one thing or the other. Some fear for ghosts, some fear for
darkness, even some fear for cockroaches, while some fear for all of these. Only one thing among humans is
common. Fear. This basic instinct of human being is being capitalised by the governments and the media. At any
given point of time, either the government or the media keeps the people under tremendous pressure or fear.

To start with, try to answer these two questions. What is the inflation data for the week ending this Friday? What is
the price of crude oil per barrel as of today? These two
issues are publicised as much as possible by the media in
the recent past. Isn't it the duty of media to inform people
when good things happen as much as they publicised the
bad things? 'Oil on the boil' was the caption when the
price of oil went up to 147 dollars per barrel. Now, oil
is on the cool. Who bothers? The same applies to the
inflation data as well.

Let us look at a few examples over the last one hundred

years. We all know that global warming is a potential
threat to the world in the coming years. For some reason
the world is heating up for the last 150 years. It could
well be due to the green house effect, which is the major
factor for global warming. The amount of co2 that is
emitted due to human activity is increasing. No question
about that. But the amount of co2 in the environment is
still less than half a percent.

But, the weight of all termites existing in the world is

more than the weight of all human beings in the world.
Termites excrete methane. Methane is a green house gas
which contributes for global warming. To make things
worse, methane is 21 times destructive when compared
to co2. Yet, no one publicizes it.

According to global warming theory, the upper atmosphere

should get heated up first before the Earth's surface. But,
the current phenomenon does not prove any increase in This was shot at the Central Jail on
Valentine’s Day
upper atmospheric temperature. Global warming also The 150 year historic jail is to be demolished starting
states that the number of frosty days will come down. this Wednesday to make way for the Metro and other
But the whole of Europe is experiencing highest number govt projects….And this is one of the thousands of jail
of frosty days for the last 18 years. Fishy, isn't it? records that were seen strewn on the floors…people
were searching for the oldest of these recordsas
When the temperature data for two places, New York and souvenirs…My friend took a 1915’s Kuppusamy’s
Albany, which are just 100 KM apart, the data shows that record home…. ☺ hehehe…
the average temperature of New York rose by 7 degrees in
the last 150 years while the average temperature of Albany decreased by one degree over the same period. As the
name suggests, shouldn't global warming be 'Global'. Then, why this discrepancy within 100 km? Could the high
concrete structures that came up in New York, also known as urbanisation, be the reason? Well, thats something to
think about. Isn't it? The whole concept of instilling the fear about global warming only started after the Second
World War. But the world is getting warmed up for the last 150 years, for some reason. So, why wasn't global
warming publicized then? Well, the media is busy instilling fear among the people due the first and second world
Ayn Rand, one of the great visionaries, predicted that the media will become so powerful in the book 'The
fountainhead' which was written in the early 1920s. All the time, the media's duty is only to keep the people in a
'State of fear'.
So, what was threatening people before the First World War? One of the biggest conspiracies of all times, the
Eugenics, was on full force. What is Eugenics? Why was it so fearsome? We will see that next week.