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Supply chain Management quizB

1 .Unifi,the leading U.S.maker of synthetic yarn, share sproduction scheduling and quality control Information daily with Dupont, a principal Dupont is part of Unifi's: A,supplychain supplier of raw materials.

B)service continuum. C)demand channel. D)materials handling channel. E)derived supply. 2 A marketing exper tdescribed a__________as looking like a butter fly. The manufacturer is the Body of the butter fly with many different suppliers accumulated on one side of the body for the Left wing and a large number of buyers collected on the other side to form the right wing. D.supply chain A)logistical flow B )dem a nd chai n C)materials handling facility

D)supply chain
E)retailer cooperative 3 __________is the integration and organization of information and logistics a cross firmsina supply chain for the purpose of creating and delivering goods and services that provide value to consumers. A.supply chain management

A)Supply chain management

B)Logistics management C)Point to point management D)Just in time management E)Cost effective flow 4 What is the first step in choosing a supply chain? A)developing a numberlla mission statement B.understanding the customer

B)understanding the customer

C)making sure them embers of the supply chain harmonize with the organizational culture D)creating a unifying interorganizational strategy E)determining what the competition is doing 5 Bombardier makes corporate jets and its strategy involves streamlining production a ctivities, maintaining its reputation for quality,and reducing its costs.It has developed the Continental ,an airplane assembled from just a dozen large component parts (not

counting rivets).While building planes with subassemblies is not new, Bombardier is the first to not use vertical integration .All its supply chain, Bombardier has D

parts are supplied by carefully chosen

independent companies that share the development costs and market risk. In terms of A)lengthened its supply chain unnecessarily. B)Implemented ajust in time materials handling policy. C)created a marketing channel.

D)harmonized its supply chain and its strategy.

E)used a production repositioning strategy. 6 The objective of logistics management in a supply chain is to deliver maximum customer service and to: A

A)minimize relevant logistics costs.

B)minimize employee productivity. C)minimize shareholder's return on investment. D)minimize employee layoffs. E)maximize employee wages. 7 Winemaker Robert Mondavi Corp. buys satellite images from NASA to spot problems in its Vineyards and aims to push those images out over a(n)__________to its independent growers this year. Mondavi will help growers avoid vineyard problemsand improve the grapes it buys. B A)Extranet

B)customized search engine

C)electronic downloadable information(EDI) D)customized database management system E)entrepreneurial Internet 8 Supply chain manufacturers balance total logistics cost factors against customer service factors.Which of the following is an example of one of the total logistics cost factors? A)convenience costs B)time C

C)stockout costs
D)communication costs E)all of the above 9 With which customer service factor are quick response and efficient consumer response delivery systems most closely related? A

B)dependability C)inventory costs

D)communication E)convenience 10 The four key logistics functions in a supply chain include: A)distribution, transportation, communication, and information. B)transportation, inventory management, customer service, and distribution relationships. C)distribution relationships, communication, transportation, and order processing. D

D)transportation, warehousing and materials handling, order processing, and inventorymanagement.

E)information management, logistics management, customer service, and Distribution relationships. 11 Celarix.com is a business entity that monitors and calculates tariffs and exchange rates For small companies that ship export their products. Celarix is an example of a A)materials handling expert. B)Content provider. C:

C)Freight forwarder.
D)third party logistics provider E)logistics manager. 12 Which of the following statements about railroads is true? A)Railroads carry bulky items over fairly long distances. B)Railroads apply the unit train concept to intermodal transportation. C)Railroad routes are more extensive than water carriers or pipelines. D

D)Railroads are a relatively low cost mode of transportation.

E)All of the above statements about railroads are true. 13 Which of the following statements about air carriers is true? C A)One disadvantage of air carriers is there is no door to door delivery. B)There are space constraint limitations as to what can be transported in planes.

C)This method of transportation is especially effective for goods that are time sensitive.
D)Air carriers are commonly used for perishable flowers, clothing, and electronics par t s. E)All of the above statements about air carriers are true. 14 William"Gus"PagonisisanexecutivevicepresidentatSearsandoverseesthesystemsthe retailer depends on to make 5,000 home deliveries per day and move 250,000 truckloads of goods every year. With 30 large distribution centers and 90 smaller outlets, it's Pagonis's job to supply 100,000 plus products to more than 2,000 Sears stores. When asked to describe the retailer's distribution centers, Pagonis would most likely say, D

A)"Just like other companies, Sears spends more money on distribution centers than Any other element of its supply chain." B)"Our success is due to the centralization of our distribution centers." C)"Because our distribution centers are so efficient, they are the least expensive part Of our supply chain."

D)"We use ourdistribution centers to facilitate sorting and consolidating products from different suppliers."
E)"Distribution centers are the most important element of our order processing." 15 Modes of transportation are typically evaluated on the basis of all of the following criteria EXCEPT:A A) Accessibility. B) perishability. C) frequency. D) capability. E) dependability. 16 TransCanada PipeLines, a natural gas transmission and distribution company, launchedan advertising campaign in national Canadian newspapers and the country's major dailies to educate people about what pipelines do and where they fit into the economics of the community. The advertising might have told Canadians that pipelines:B A)are expensive to use.

C)are weather sensitive. D)rank high in terms of accessibility. E)are accurately described by all of the above. 17 The Danish flagged Carsten Maersk can carry enough merchandise packed in containers that when they are laid end to end, the containers would stretch27 miles. When it reaches its destination, the containers will be removed from the ship and loaded onto trucks and railcars. This is an example of: A

B)freight forwarding. C)Intermodal transportation. D)an export agent. E)an efficient consumer delivery system. 18 Traditionally, stores have carried inventory to: A

A)prevent strikes or product shortages.

B)provide better service for those customers who wish to be served on demand. C)eliminate forecasting uncertainty. D)terminate production economies.

E)avoid purchasing and transportation discounts. 19 Alberto Culver Canada is the number three provider of hair care products in Canada. It first set up operation in downtown Etobicoke, Ontarioin 1961. By 1966, it had to move its facility to the edge of town so that it was closer to its raw materials suppliers and, thus, would be able to operate with very low in ventories and requires suppliers to make fast on timedeliveries.In1966,Alberto Culver Canada implementeda: A)just in case concept. B)just in time system. C

C)delivery on demand concept.

D)expedited inventory management system. E)distribution center. 20 Reverse logistics is: A

A)the process of reclaiming recyclable and reusable materials, returns and reworks from the point of consumption or use for repair, remanufacturing or disposal.
B)an inventory supply system that operates with very low inventories and requires Fast on time delivery. C)a practice that involves unloading products from suppliers, sorting products for individual stores, and quickly reloading products on trucks, which will deliver the products to specific stores. D)organizing a cost effective flow of raw materials, in process inventory, finished goods, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption to satisfy customer requirements. E)the process of moving goods over short distances into, within, and out of Warehouses and manufacturing plants. 21. Logistics is most closely related to which element of the marketing mix?C a.product b.production c.place



22. Logistics management is organizing the cost effective flow of raw materials, in process inventory, finished goods, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption t o : A

a. satisfy customer requirements.

b. create maximum profit. c. maintain organizational culture. d. eliminate all competition. e. none of the above. 23. A firm needs to drive down logistics costs as long as it can deliver expected: B a. balance sheet results.

b. customer service.
c. low levels of expenses. d. product market synergies. e . target market goals. 24. Which of the following statements describe show a supply chain differs from a marketing ch a n n e l ? C a.A communication is more important in the marketing channel than in the supply chain. b.The marketing channel places more emphasison cost effectiveness than the supply chain.

c.A supply chain include ssuppliers that provide raw material inputs to a manufacturer.
d.A marketing channel includes suppliers that provide raw material inputs to a manufacturer. e.There is no difference between the two. 25. What is the first step in choosing a supply chain? a.developing an umbrella mission statement B

b.understanding the customer

c.making sure the members of the supply chain harmonize with the organizational c ul t u re d.creating a unify inginter organizational strategy 26. Which of the following is true of supply chains? a.All supply chains use cross docking. b.There is one best model of a supply chain that works for every company. c.The best supply chain is independent of the company marketing strategy. d.Supply chains dont need to consider the needs of consumers. E

e. Supply chain managers often need to make trade offs between efficiency and responsiveness.
27. In logistics decisions, total logistics cost includes: a.orderprocessing. b.materials handling and warehousing. c.transportation. d.inventory and stockouts. E

e.all of the above.

28. The output of a supply chainis__________: A

a.service delivered to customers.

b.assurance, reliability, flexibility, and tangibles. c.tangibles, dependability ,responsiveness ,and flexibility. d.time ,assurance, responsiveness ,and tangibles. e.convenience, flexibility, time, and empathy. 29. ProLogis is a leading provider of distribution facilities and services with 237.2 million square feet in 1,759 distribution facilitiesin 68 markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Itmanages warehousing and materials handling for many different types of manufacturers. ProLogis is a: a.freight jobber. b.freight forwarder. c.rack jobber. D

d.third party logistics provider.

e.wholesaler. 30. Coal from the Powder River basin in Wyoming is cleaner burning than that found in other areas of the U.S. Asaresult, there is demand for this coal nation wide. To move the coal to the rest of the country, the best means of transportation to employ is: a.aircarriers. b.motorcarriers. c.watercar riers. D

e.pipelines. 31. All intermodal approaches have one thing in common, which is: D a.they are all less expensive than single mode transportation. b.they provide protection against weather sensitivity. c.they are more costly than single mode transportation.

d.they combine different transportation modes to get the best features of each.
e.they use some form of container moved by railroad for part of the distance. 32. Which of the following statements about air carriers is true? a.One advantage of air carriers is door to door delivery. B

b.The speed of air carriers may create savings in lower inventory.

c.This method of transportation is especially effective for piggybacking. d.Air carriers are commonly used for manufacturing equipment transfer. e.All of the above statements about air carriers are true. 33. Firms that accumulate small shipments into larger lots and then hire a carrier to move them, usually at reduced rates are called: E

a.cargo repackagers. b.intermodal transporters. c.airfreight transporters. d.material handlers.

e.freight forwarders.
34 .Which of the following is a problem resulting from to olittle inventory? a.It offers a buffer against variations in supply and demand. B

b.It may result in loss of market share.

c.It protects the firm from contingencies such as strikes. d.It provides a hedge against price increases by suppliers. 35. Este Lauder Companies,Ltd., is taking a proactive role in reducing the amount of Returned merchandise dumped in landfills by reclaiming recyclable and reusable materials by employing: a.cross docking. B

b.reverse logistics.
c.cause related marketing. d.vendor managed inventory. e.demarketing.