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Episode 1 Master of you, gentlemen, students, sit down.

A few months ago a student to give a book to show me this book called "reads the strength of the secret", its subtitle is "call out their own inner strength" is translated from foreign languages, component. This is a recent scientific reports, studies of quantum mechanics. With Mahayana Buddhism which said most of the same, very close, very worthy of our attention. I read this book, an important part of the excerpt ten out of ten excerpts distributed to everyone. These reports from the modern scientific discoveries, we have reason to believe that two or three decades after Buddhism is no longer a religion, is it? Advanced Institute of Science and Higher philosophy may be some philosophers, scientists were all accepted. Their latest findings, Sakyamuni Buddha three thousand years ago put this issue very clear, very clear. This is an excerpt Testament fragments, one by one to share. First, he said that "consciousness is a not subject to the limitations of our body substances, is a coherent energy, the ability to change the physical matter. Matter of mind control." This sentence is very important, matter of mind control, that is, with our ideas thought controlled substances, has this ability. "The ability of the mind control beyond the restrictions of time and space". Awful things, in classic wears cases inside tell us the origin of the universe, the truth of the universe. Avatamsaka Avatamsaka Sutra is a classic of the cases to the native wears cases six through eleven on the Six Classics On November, "Kegon" is one of the six meridians, which talked about the source of the universe since the origins of the Dharma Realm. Buddha told us that the Dharma Realm come from? Self realized. From many of the Buddhist name, said a problem. Since it is difficult to understand, speak clearly, and why? Not our the Bono common sense can understand. It is everything in the universe, Dharma Realm Buddhist teachings, methods, Master Hui Neng enlightenment last sentence says, "Ho from dharma", the method is the universe of all phenomena, physical phenomena, mental phenomena, natural The phenomenon of modern science to be divided into three categories. Everything in the universe is not out of the three ranges, these three ranges put the whole universe, including our own, this body and life, all say do. And since this is the body of all creation (management body), how come? From. Can master when he said, "He" did not expect from the "dharma". Buddhist Xiuxue ultimate goal is it? Is clear your heart, Buddhist ultimate goal. Clear your heart, this man we called him Buddha, he is a Buddha. "Sutra on the Buddha tells us that" all sentient beings was Buddha. "Why? You Zixing you, you do not have to leave the self-nature, from the Buddha, then how do you not Buddha? Buddha is really true. Why should we become like this? Lost, since now, can not see, you can not hear, touch, and even can imagine, so six it does not work, six , five can be exposed to substances phenomenon, sixth sense can come into contact with mental phenomena and natural phenomena, Bashi edge of the strongest is the sixth sense. Buddha tells us that sixth sense is today's thought, the idea, which is the sixth sense, the external edge of the universe, the internal edge to Alaya Alaya Ten Dharma Realms from the source. Ten Dharma Realms come from? Alaya realized. Since the performance of students now all the laws, it is now, it can not be changed. The phenomenon of self-born into the Ten Dharma Realms become Buddha Dharma Realm, the Buddha Dharma Realm, Savaka

Dharma Realm, Pratyeka Dharma Realm, called the Four Noble, Sakyamuni Buddha's Pure Land, but also into six, six days of the Dharma Realm, Asura Dharma Realm, Dharma Realm, the following animals Dharma Realm, hungry ghosts Dharma Realm hell Dharma Realm, are Alaya realized, according to the solemn, Alaya change. Buddhist often talk about the heart were knowledge change, knowledge is Alaya Alaya, only now, has not changed. Alaya all false, not true. Buddha said often, "where all phases are false" can not take it seriously. But today all of these false impression seriously, no one really. You have to say this is false, they said you're crazy, it's clear at the moment, how do you say fake? Everyone recognizes is true, how can you say it is false? Buddhas, Bodhisattvas know that it is false, not true. This illusion is how come? Buddhist scriptures tell us that called Yi Nianbu feel. This concept, an idea is to feel, feel have an idea, in other words, which are, talk a lot, feel heart does not move, the conscious mind, really, really does not move, really feel heart it, so called sleep Yi Nianbu. Feel, really from the one Wang Xin, the Wang Xin is Alaya, the Sanskrit name is Alaya. Alaya mean translated into Chinese called the storehouse consciousness, possession Hancang, like a warehouse, this stuff inside, immeasurable, boundless, countless, endless, it can become emerged in the Ten Dharma Realms is solemn, everything, everything is not missing. What you want it to change, whoever thought Health, would like to be wishful thinking of you to remember, all delusions, read all delusion. Mindfulness, mindfulness no-mind, free of all delusion it is called mindfulness. Mindfulness is only one person, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha there who have decided, mindfulness Buddha. Mindfulness clear your heart now. We live in this zone in Guangdong, we are familiar with the Zen Master Hui Neng, able to master Cantonese. Master Hui Neng clear your heart to report, his report is very simple, very exciting, only 20 words, Wuzu forbearance monk took the mantle of his mouth. His report is correct, no error. The first sentence says, "where the self, of the selfclean". Our self, self is really is the truth. Our heart is clean, there is no pollution? No, never dyed. You become a Buddha, no pollution, now a man, there is no pollution. If we pretentious sin, unfortunately fall into the three lower realms, falling to Avici, there is no pollution, really no pollution. What is pollution? Pollution Wang Xin, is Alaya pollution. Alaya inside, especially the seventh consciousness awareness, consciousness called pollution that it is the source of the pollution, it is contaminated, it is not sincere, it is Wang Xin. Buddha eyes to see all beings are Buddha, and why? He does not see your soiled side, it is false, he really see you, such as fixed side, that side is to look at your self, your self is Buddha, like him, are not the slightest difference. Buddha respect for all living beings, veneration of all sentient beings, not neglect. Beings confused upside down and saw the Buddha did not mind. So is Bono Bono to see the Buddha, the Buddha see all Bono is Buddha. Not only to see sentient beings Buddha, flowers and trees Buddha, plants, mountains and rivers of the earth is also a Buddha, it has Buddha-nature, how the Buddha? The same personality realizable. The reason is very deep, hard to come by quantum scientists found. The quantum scientists Buddha? Not like us or Bono. Bono can find, this is a big thing. But awful things we would not be surprised, why? Buddha is talked about, we Bono sixth sense out edge to Nether dharmadhatu, so that the inward edge to Alaya do, this is the sixth sense edge of the limit, it The margin of less than self-nature. We can say that these scientists,

philosophers are smart people, they can edge into the realm. Study macro-universe, which is the study of the universe, their report to be able to observe the universe, only 10% of the whole universe, you can see, there are 90 percent of the universe, gone, gone. Their reports, we can understand. That 90 percent of the universe go? He did not know, we know, not that we have the ability, we see the Buddhist, said the Buddha. That 90 percent of the universe go? The regression Jojakkoji light, the light is Jojakkoji self, that is, return to Self, he could not see. Because we must be able to see the phenomenon of physical phenomena, we could be seen before the five edge obtained; mental phenomena, natural phenomena, our sixth sense, thought, edge to get; Jojakkoji light (since) it is not physical phenomena, nor a mental phenomenon, nor is it a natural phenomenon, it edge less. But he found missing, we understand, he does not know how not seen, we know, this is the Dharma on science. Inward edge of the microscopic world, outside the macro universe, inward microscopic world to study atomic particles, quarks, quantum study this thing, that could not be any smaller. What you find? Found that the physical phenomena, know that the material is false, not really. Material come from? Substances from the idea. This is really difficult to understand, the substance is the idea. Idea how? This place, we first side of this last one, you see, "quantum particles that pop out of thin air will immediately appear and disappear, leading to the energy swing" for no reason at all. This is what he found us this concept seems to suddenly pop out of Dharma which was about "When is born anywhere utterly destroyed," he said this. This stresses the spiritual phenomenon with natural phenomena, are when at birth, and utterly destroy anywhere. We read Buddha at birth - by which, Sakyamuni Buddha Maitreya dialogue. Sakyamuni Buddha asked Maitreya Buddha, Maitreya Buddha is the founder of Consciousness expert, wears cases. Buddha asked him, "heart and read" our from the Bono heart of a thought, the Buddha asked this thought inside a few read? We do not know, means that the number of fine concept becomes such a rough concept, "a few read?" Idea a few read? "The few phase? Phase physical phenomena, the concept is a natural phenomenon," knowledge? "Knowledge is a mental phenomenon, the concept is a natural phenomenon, few read? Buddha this question is asked. Maitreya Buddha replied, "a fillip 3200000000 heavenly read," This is the answer the Buddha Sakyamuni asked how much thought, 3200000000 Baiqian read a snap of the fingers 3200000000 heavenly 3.2 billion by heavenly one hundred one thousand million, 3200000000 multiplied by one hundred thousand, three hundred and twenty trillion. This fingertips number of thought? Three hundred twenty trillion, there are so many thoughts. "Obsessed with forming", every thought has a physical phenomena. The "shaped Individually know, every physical phenomena inside the Phenomenology of Spirit, spiritual phenomenon by intending knowledge. We truly appreciate the Mahayana which often talk about the five aggregates empty pockets. "Heart Sutra" I believe that each student read the outset, "Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the line deep Prajna Paramita long time, we see five aggregates empty pockets". Bodhisattva and other sleep Buddha, he is clearly visible for the truth. The five aggregates empty pockets say what? Said an idea, this concept we do not know, a snap of the fingers inside, 3200000000 Baiqian read. If we now scientific seconds, we play very quickly, a second bomb a few times? Seconds I can play the four, I believe, stronger than my ability, playing fast, good health, bombs faster. One second if you're playing five times, five 235 trillion times five is sixteen hundred megabytes a second. An idea the

sixteen hundred megabytes of a second, seconds inside the birth and death of sixteen hundred hundred times, the idea of birth and death, jumped out, gone, jumped out and disappeared, scientists found the. You say Buddha in the scripture to be so detailed, he just say here that pop out immediately disappeared, they say this time is very short, he said too quickly. Maitreya Buddha to be so clear. What does this mean? The origins of the universe. Every thought inside, the whole phenomenon of the universe. We like watching movies, I have these negatives, this is a movie. This is before, now seems to have a digital, not film. This film is called slides, I believe we'll be able to understand slides, one by one, there is no duplication. Play in the inside of the projector for a second twenty-four, that is, the projector's lens is opened, the screen shines on the screen up, then turn off the lens, then open the second, not in front of a, twenty-four seconds confused, that seems to be true. Maitreya Buddha tells us that we are now before this environment, how many seconds? The seconds is sixteen hundred megabytes Zhang. Not true, no one the same, no one thought is the same, not the same obsessed. The universe is these thoughts allow our eyes to engage spent our minds too, were lost, that it is true, in fact, does not exist. A rare thing the modern three decades, these quantum scientists only to find, before they say it, this is the truth of the universe. Did not think Sakyamuni Buddha said three thousand years ago put this matter clear and thorough, we can not admire it? Students must know, Buddhism is not a religion? It is not. I'm Buddhist school with Mr. Fang Dongmei, a philosopher, the world-famous philosopher. "Introduction to Philosophy" he told me, the last unit "Buddhist philosophy", tell me, Sakyamuni is a great philosopher, philosophy of Buddhist scriptures is the highest peak of the world's philosophy, Buddhism is the highest enjoyment of life. I came out of the house to see him again, he was astounded, you really did! I said yes! The highest enjoy life, how could I give up? He said you on the right path! Only his old in favor of, say my path on other people, my friends, past Executive, classmates, say I'm superstitious, so fans how fans to such a degree! Say I learned Buddhist fans, Fang praise. Six decades now, I understand, not only the higher philosophy, which is higher science, because I now see the report of the scientific reports. Scientists talk about energy, the energy of the universe, they do not know the energy come from, just know that the vibration generated a great deal of energy. Energy Alaya in the Buddhist sense, industry is moving, fluctuation phenomena. The practitioners realized phase inversion, phase inversion is spiritual phenomenon, scientists called, we generally talk about mental phenomena, Buddhist scriptures which speak by line knowledge, this phenomenon, this phenomenon inside sounding as physical phenomena. This spiritual phenomenon called Alaya see sub-material phenomenon known as phase separation, the realm physical phenomena, the Alaya fine, quantum mechanics to engage in this stuff out, really rare! In other words, the micro with the macro have reached the limit of Buddha in the classic sense, he can do nothing to develop the re-development to become a Buddha. However, the re-development can not be thinking, just can not use the sixth sense, sixth sense is coming to an end, its scope of uttermost. So how to do? Lay down, lay down who have decided to put down persistent, the truth is now before you clear your heart sex, he sent it. Thinking because scientists still used today, with a sixth sense, he wanted a change, and I were all down, one down, the realm now before you see the truth.

Therefore, the body of the universe, from, must be the only card we know, you permit a pro card, you know. Card of this realm, Gu Dade word to describe it, and said, "such as people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi". This glass of water on here, not hot water heat? You taste, you know, you do not taste, they said the water hot and cold water, you have no real standard. Must be pro card, personally taste, you know, know that you can not tell. So the truth of the universe Buddha can say? Unable to speak, how to say the Buddha is a mercy. Buddha last teach us pro card, light listening to him, this is useless, the real benefits you will not get you or Bono. How pro-card? To put down. I first Buddhist monks met Akiyoshi master this fate to meet with his old. The first sentence, I ask to him, that is, I know the the the Buddhist auspicious, Dharma esoteric, there is no way for us to soon be able to need to join the realm? I raised such a question. The Akiyoshi Masters looked at me, and I looked at him, waiting for him to answer. I did not expect to see, saw more than half of the part-time, His Holiness did not speak, only looked at me. After ten years, I know this secret, why did he do this? I was young, impatient, impatient to tell you is useless, we must wait for your entire calm down your emotions settle down, only to tell you, you have no flippancy, he does not speak to you . Half an hour, we calm down and focus on the heart, such as his old open. After half an hour to say a word "yes", which is our spirit immediately lift, he will not say. We mention that a vibration is impetuous, running out of patience. After five or six minutes, said six words, "too broken, put it down", you enter the realm. If it sounds like to understand, in fact, did not understand, but he was telling the truth. Dharma, from the initial issuance of heart to Tathagata land, nothing else, is to see through to help put down, put down to help you look at the break, is such a method, complementary the onset heart to Tathagata ground, he spoke not at all good. What to see through? Understand the truth, that see through. How to see through? You do not put down, you Kanbu Po, put down in order to see through, see through and can help you put down. Completely put you clear your heart, your problem really be solved. You see the other felt Bodhisattva a product born the no habits did not lay down, he went back to not Jojakkoji light. These scientists could see him, because he has now phase. Which meristem relative ignorance down, scientists can not see, gone, gone in the edge of the universe, to see it, back Jojakkoji light, regression from. Therefore, since it is not a natural phenomenon, nor is it the mental phenomena, is not physical phenomena, it is now three phenomena, these three phenomena are not true, all is false. "Diamond Sutra" when he said, "Where all phases are false", three phenomena are false, this truth. What is true? Self-nature is true, but is really self from these three phenomena, so we have edge, not Alaya edge. Margin of less than so called empty, this empty, picking Do not empty, it is true, it dharma. So the universe is not an explosion, the Big Bang does not make sense. The Buddha speaking is Yi Nianbu feel, this fluctuation phenomenon appeared when the whole universe now called temporary Dayton now, there is no interval. According to Maitreya speaking, this how fast? It can now sixteen hundred megabytes per second, one second. This quantum particle is a physical phenomenon, pop out of thin air, and immediately disappeared, at birth, you can utterly destroy, Buddha said on "HeDongShiHou", all phenomena without exception, including natural phenomena, Buddhist sense science, quantum scientists found, this is the truth. Its development program, you know, found

these three, from natural phenomena into information, information into matter, are in sixteen hundred megabytes of a second inside, there is no way for us to imagine. Bodhisattva of compassion, tells us that read, know, talk about the energy concept of energy, science, knowledge is the spiritual phenomenon, read the knowledge is very fine, non-sticking, we have no way to hold to it, it was too fast. You look on the present phase of the movie screen, one twenty-fourth of a second, our eyes are unable to grasp that it is true. We see this movie, it is a similar phase-continuous phase, a slide of a slide and then, similar to the phase continuous phase, because no two exactly the same slide, Zhang is not the same. Now placed in front of us the fact that, for a second how many times? Sixteen hundred megabytes, how do you know it is false? Buddha is said, this is now relative to what people have the ability to see the truth? If he did not see the truth, he could not say that Maitreya Buddha saw, he put it out. Buddha said that the Buddha more than eight, eight more to see, it is how deep the rated power, and his heart is more than clean, he was able to see. Seven ago, like the rest of us, I heard, there is no evidence too, want to see this be considered attained the. "Sutra" Buddha 50 a class, Shixin, 10 classes, ten live, ten lines, back to 10, 10 to 50 classes, 50 classes above there is a called sleep , so a total of 50 class. The top of the four classes in order to see, you see eight, nine, ten, such as perception, they may see. Sleep and then further up, that is Wonderful Enlightenment, that is whether successful this phase no returned light Jojakkoji, it's gone, to the Miaojue disappeared. Why not see? It regression from. Regression Self called Dzogchen, called large comfortable. Regression from that energy can be incredible, over the Dharma Realm empty circles is about the whole universe and all living beings, he issued to the information, you can receive, but clearly, the computer can not be compared. And we now himself out of hair, Xianshou master repair the Kegon Austria purpose jump to make also the source view "which tells us. Use the words, "jump to make also the source view" is a paper, just like a doctoral thesis, he learned "Kegon" presented in this report. Report that he "Kegon" inside graduate, doctorate got. Doctorate in Buddhism is the Buddha, the dharmakaya Buddha, he is forty-one inside I do not know where he is in a position. The lowest position is round to teach early live dharmakaya Buddha, their understanding of this matter. Is not pro-card? It is difficult to say, the pro-card to more than eight, really see. To 11 places, that is, such as sleep, the last one product raw no habits cut off, he back Jojakkoji light, it's gone. Gone, that energy is full of successful, whether successful, the Miaojue fruit bits. The world limitless are from Yi Nianbu feel realizable, 1 pm to Dayton now. Dayton moment now, this moment is the sixteen hundred megabytes of a second, called one o'clock. One second inside this is how much? We say that an idea called for a while, then sixteen hundred megabytes, really incredible. So the moment is the sixth sense, can think, can think, thinking it tube. Scientists reported to us, it is a not subject to the limitations of our body substances. The most obvious, sleep at night, dream, dream realm from the physical limitations, and indeed the methodical distinct energy, this easy to understand. Below that, it has the ability to change the physical matter, which is difficult to understand. Why? We do not have this experience, we have ideas, we can not change the outside the realm substances phenomenon. Our body is the physical phenomena, even the body we can not change. Our body is gradually aging, I can not change it back to the

young. Body disease, I have no way to change call this disease, the cells with the virus back to normal, to restore my health. In fact, we think this thing is really all change, this is their own inner strength, is the idea. Why is not our idea? Our idea is too scattered, unable to concentrate and concentrate on now. Buddha taught us to focus? Yes, the practice of Dharma nothing else, is to teach you to focus. This episode is it? Revised, the revisions is to concentrate. We now know that the Dharma row inside the door, the eighty-four thousand Famennian immeasurable Dharma. Inside Sihongshiyuan said "immeasurable Dharma vows to learn". The immeasurable Dharma repair is it? All revisions. Dharma University, in the name of the Programme, Jie Dinghui ring. Precepts What does it mean? Morality is the preparation of the revised preparatory effort, you want to keep the precepts of your heart settle down precepts is to help you revised. Only that she was determined to open the wisdom to open the wisdom that is accessible and clear. Open wisdom is Master Zhangjia said the see through see through wisdom, put down meditation. The Inspirational Wisdom learn, you got to get into the realm. Your heart settle down how? Heart of calm down, the most coarse, put selfishness aside and put famous in making a profit down, take five desires Liu Chen down, Tan Tianchi should slow down, all these things are down, you have to initial meditation. This meditation is not deep, but works. All these things are put down, in other words, our physical and mental health is not a problem. Age, the aging of the cells of our body, it reverts to the young, have the ability to. The inside of our cells with a virus, naturally it back to health, the virus does not have the ability to. The inside about treatment, read the force treatment, drugs do not need to rely on outside, complete with their own ideas. What drugs, supplements are not required inside the inner strength of our hearts, restore our health. The first start is to deal with yourself, and then you will not believe it. It has the ability to change the environment in which we live. This ancient Chinese saying, called "lucky person live a blessed, lucky places Habitat. Feng Shui is the environment we live in, our thoughts can change it. Earth's disaster, our thoughts, can this earth repair, so that these disasters do not occur? , Really, as long as we have good ideas, bad ideas these conditions occur. The inhabitants of the earth a bad idea, what his mind? What is the mind? Tan Tianchi slow suspect. Buddha by speaking, greedy sense of the flood, which is a disaster on Earth, flood disaster, flooding rivers, which is a greedy sense. Tianxin sense fires, volcanic eruptions, the Earth's temperature rises, which all belong to the fire, aversion, to the sense of temper. Stupid sense of storms, arrogant sense of an earthquake, doubt, doubt is the most terrible, the confidence is not, in terms of my own body, the immune system does not work, you are very susceptible to disease, you do not have resistance, which own; to the outside environment, a sense of the mountain will fall, landslides, and will sink outside all substances are loose, not solid. These phenomena saw the whole thing, Buddha honored by speaking. Landslides, ground subsidence in ancient times, too small, rare time now common. In the Buddhist sense, is not a normal state of mind, Tan Tianchi slow doubt, the beings living on Earth today is the heart. Since ancient times, our ancestors taught us, this is precisely the opposite. Chinese film "The Book of Rites, how many of these problem at home research, this book is at least a book is in the pre-Qin era. Pre-Qin the Warring States, at that time Dharma did not come to China, our ancestors have the wisdom to teach our ethical, moral, causal, we accept these educational, and attitude are good, correct attitude. The five permanent members of

our basic moral concepts, Wisdom and Faith. You see our response to Tan Tianchi slow doubt, Jen is the love, the benevolent benefit the people, unto others do not impose on others, love, love yourself, to love all beings. Justice is a Free Methodist Church, tell the truth, who have decided, speech pretentious to be reasonable and legitimate, called righteousness. Between people, and between the heavens and the earth Manners. What is the ceremony? Respect, humility. Doing things can not treat people with feelings, rational use, emotional things. Ceremony, there is a wisdom, and finally the disloyal, the letter is not doubt that this teaching letter, a letter to all sentient beings. The ancients never doubted which is bad, do not have this idea, and believe that everyone is a good man. We go inside the ancient concept, Confucius said, people are basically good. "Three Character Classic" on top of a word, "the beginning of the human nature is good". Not the same with the concept of foreign people, foreigners suspected of everyone is not good, you have to come up with evidence to prove that you are a good man, and China does not have this habit. We go to a foreign country, just to foreign countries were very surprised, how has this situation? Suspect that people are bad people. Everyone is good, everything is good, it is often said that our Chinese ancestors, now gone. We need to get it back something of our ancestors, we have to save. Seventies Dr. Tang Enbi he predicted, "to solve the social problems of the twenty-first century, only the Chinese doctrine of Confucius and Mencius with Mahayana Buddhism. The doctrine of Confucius and Mencius, Mahayana Buddhism in China, these two things can save the world. That the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius, say what? What is? Learn a lot of Confucius and Mencius doctrine, the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius talking about? Many foreign friends, a lot of experts and scholars, I always talk to them for advice. Really able to speak clearly, to put it understand that many people, but the foreign does have some people in the study. But like to Dr. Tang Enbi then interpret a problem, Toynbee was right. We mentioned Confucius and Mencius, the brain inside immediately think of the classics, "Thirteen". This thing can save society now? Too deep, too high. Mentioned Mahayana must think "Kegon", "Shurangama", "France and China, think of these. Are too high, it is a good thing, can not save before now. Toynbee did wrong, we are looking for where the root of Confucius and Mencius? Where Mahayana root? We are Buddhist, to learn from scratch. The root of Confucius and Mencius "Rules", no one knows, Taoist roots in the "Response" and the root of the Mahayana Treatise Industry Road, which no one knows. These three universal education, generally start learning so that everyone in the world, the 2011 world peace. I say the truth, not a fake. We tested in Tangchi experiment, a small town, where we only had three years, the effect is remarkable, very good. Conscience of the people of the town are aroused to return to the five human relationships, the five permanent members, fourdimensional, Bade. Not 100 percent back, at least 30% or 40 too hard won. This test so that we deeply feel Guren Jiang, then not at all true, people are basically good, that is not fake. And good teaching, no one can teach die. We start teaching, less than four months, achieved remarkable success, teach people good, we are very surprised. We had to do the test, thought to be able to receive the desired results two or three years time, I did not expect less than four months, there was no one to teach! We are looking forward to every day, looking forward to what? Look forward to a country to do the test, this test is the behavior of the government, the country can do a test

point with a cell to make achievements out for everyone to see, I hope you see my heart to ease. We Tangchi the test time is not long, play a significant role, this role around the world. We do in the United Nations report of the eight-hour, three-day exhibition, touched States Ambassador to the United Nations, one hundred and ninety-two countries Ambassador warmly hope to Tangchi to study, to visit. I know, nearly 30 individuals, they are with their own private sightseeing travel this identity to Tangchi to go, see, see to really believe it. Toynbee's words are good, is the traditional Chinese culture can save the world. Here the truth of the head with the inside of the "intention" very close, thoughts can really be able to control physical phenomena, and not subject to time and space constraints, the force is too much! His head here include meditation, meditation is a means, is to focus on your thoughts. Buddha in the classic size multiplied by said, a "system of the heart, nothing to do." That we put the focus on thinking that I need not cranky, cranky consuming too much energy. If a person is thinking you only want one thing, all are not going to think you a meal one day decided enough. Even got to miss concentrated to a certain place, that is not scattered, Arhat, seven days a meal. The rated power pratyekabuddhas deeper, this is classic, pratyekabuddhas half out mendicant, that is half a meal. Why? Able to maintain his energy, he will not be lost. Bono Why do we eat so much? Eat energy supplement. Energy consumption where? Cranky. Your idea is too complicated, you have to be so many things to add, do not supplement your body would be ruined. More carefully clean diet the less, to understand this truth. Need something, that is full of energy, it does not waste. And be able to do big things to help your physical and mental health, and the second to help the physical environment, these disasters are able to resolve. Under that, "a simple idea seems to have the power to change our world". That is true, the idea is the idea, is the Buddhist sense of the concept, knowledge. Maitreya said, read the knowledge very fine, non-sticking. It does have, the Buddhist scripture tells us that the Ten Dharma Realms by solemn come from? The idea is realized, which is Maitreya said. Obsessed forming shaped physical phenomena, obsessed inside sounding as physical phenomena, shaped Jieyou know each physical phenomena which have by intending knowledge, mental phenomenon, so spiritual with the material, which is now speaking, physical, psychological , is not. You put it separate error, two decisions can not be separated mind and matter are one, that is, an idea which. This one thought to keep in mind, is sixteen hundred megabytes of a second, this concept, an idea which is complete. Energy scientifically speaking, sounding as information change emerged substances. Buddhist know, Alaya industry into a phase inversion, phase into the realm of phase, phase is the spirit of the realm of material, change the world. Why? The world is realized, the entire universe is realized by the force concept. So if we can learn to like Buddha kind of realm, can really change the world, not a fake. "Mind control material, ideas can affect physical reality". I thought, I thought the idea can affect physical reality. So the ideas can affect anything, has the amazing ability to change the world ". Buddha in the Scripture tells us that "all thought students". The universe is now know by heart change exists, "Sutra" has made it very clear. "The Avatamsaka products", the World Achievement goods "specific instructions that the world is how to come from all things, life come from, where I come from, all said to understand. Buddhist teachings universe was a student of force achievements, irrelevant to the Buddha, reads the strength of a relationship with each of us.

Following a "material is not solid and stable, not even anything." Substances that it is not fixed, it is unstable, it moment to moment changes, this change to keep in mind for a second wave phenomena thousand six hundred times. Able to control it is thought, the idea of good control, it becomes a world of bliss, poorly thought control it this world is destroyed, and he may make the world a bad relationship (key?) Idea. When it comes to this place, we think education is important! Education is not to teach people to save a good idea, corresponding with the sexual Germany, sexual Germany is merciful. You look at the books of every religion, we have contacted a lot, see a lot, we have love put into the center, Buddhism stresses compassion, kindness Islam stresses, Catholic, Christian talk about God so loved the world that God so loved the world. Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan do water experiments and found that water, mineral water, it will look, it will listen to understand the meaning of people do this experiment for over ten years. Its response, the most beautiful reaction, called crystallization, the crystallization of the most beautiful "love" with "Thanks". I went to visit his laboratory, listening to his report, he told me, he said, as if "love" with "Thanks" seems to be the core of the universe. I gave him to do the show, I say not at all true, this is the first German Delhi head. China's education, I believe the decision more than a thousand years, we in this population. India Brahmanism, I had dealings with them, they told me that at least one million three thousand years of their history. I said that Chinese culture is not behind it, I believe that ten thousand years, when there is no text, no text can not say that there is no culture. Chinese text is invented by the Yellow Emperor, and now four thousand five hundred years. No text prior to legend, the ancestors for generations passed down to teach us the truth in life, I believe that history will for a long time. Chinese traditional education is four subjects, four subjects, does not return the wrong. The Five Cardinal, the five cardinal relationships between people. Expanded relationship with the universe, heaven and earth spirits expand. The core of the five cardinal pro father and son, dear, dear, is the origin. What is the purpose of education? Hope that this dear life to keep not degenerate, this is the first goal of the education. Dear father and son by nature, no one to teach. You see the parents of the baby, the most obvious, I can see that, three or four months, the baby, the parents' love for him, although he can not speak, you see his face, the kind of love to his parents, That is natural. How it can never hold? This depends on education. Education The second objective is to love to flourish, and the affection of the father and son, dear to carry forward, love your family, your brothers and sisters, your uncle, uncle, love your family, and then expand, love your neighborhood Xiangdang , and finally expand, love the community, the nation, in the love of country, and finally, those who are subject to love. Love of education, practiced in China for thousands of years, we lost ancient education was only two hundred years, lost society become like this. Really lose in the Republic of China, the end of the Qing Dynasty century, negligence, do not attach importance. Republic is really lost, people do not speak. People can not do without education, without education, it's terrible. Know best how education in the world are Chinese, the words Toynbee said. Toynbee said that the Chinese ancients, they have the wisdom of education, education, education experience, the effect of education. "The Book of Rites. Learning ", which are the writings of the pre-Qin, Buddhism did not come to China, not subject to the influence of Buddhism. See the ancient Chinese said,

"The founding of the ruler and teaching first." Culture is important, regime lost not afraid, but also revival would be finished, if the culture is lost. The world's four ancient civilizations, only China. Why does it exist? Is it culture. Today our own ethics are lost, it's game over. The ancient Chinese four subjects of ethics, the five cardinal, the five permanent members, four-dimensional, Bade, this thing can pass anything wrong? Five cardinal inside only 20 words, pro-father and son, the couple are different, the monarch and his righteousness, seniority, letter to a friend, does not return the wrong pass 100,000 years, no text. The five permanent members of five words, Wisdom and Faith, which returns the wrong? Four-dimensional words, Honesty and Honor, Bade eight characters, filial piety faithful love and peace, I believe, does not return the wrong pass 100,000 years. China thousands of years to this nation, people, this conduct, like individuals. Culture is the soul of a nation, education is the vitality of the culture, education, culture would be finished. So I proposed, settle down, teaching first; entrepreneurial family, teaching first; founding of the ruler and teaching first; propriety and righteousness, teaching first; stability and harmony, teaching first; the Civil Guofong, teaching For first; peace and prosperity, teaching first; long-term stability, teaching for the first; the Buddhas soil, Paradise, also teaching for the first. You see we see "Wuliangshoujing" Amitabha in the teaching of bliss every day, do not drop a class, all the achievements of the teaching merit. The ancients had two words, "home arrhythmia, social chaos; child does not teach people bad". Now we have seen, you say education is more than important. Education, education now what? Is technical work education, life education is not. I have talked about the ten, the ten all is built on the basis of five human relationships, the five permanent members, four-dimensional, Bade, more important! This is the nature of morality, human nature, education, talent like a man. People living in the world is a paradise, peace and prosperity of the people live, earth. Contrary to the moral, the world is in turmoil, social unrest, natural disasters are up. Now this chaos can be said that people around the world are worried about are worried about how to restore? This time I Pope invited me, I did not want to go that last thought is to go, because I heard he invited a lot of religious leaders. I went to what is the purpose? The aim is to hope that the religious revival of ethics education. 400 churches in the city of Rome head, this time I asked them how many churches in Rome? 400 churches. I told Bishop Carefree, I said the more than 400 church is more than four hundred schools, if every church in every day, which was about the ethical, moral, causal education, religious inside, Rome is the paradise on earth, on the earth really saved, why not teach? Prayer not prayer people say you are superstitious. Prayer did not work? Seems effective, disaster, this prayer, to resolve the disaster. In fact, the disaster did not resolve the disaster is suspended, as you pray, deferred, your heart has not changed over. Real change over the heart, back, and disaster to really be able to resolve the matter of mind control, we believe. Toynbee was an Englishman, why did not he say other religions, he said Confucius and Mencius doctrine with Mahayana Buddhism? This expert, he knew Mahayana Buddhism is education. What is education? Mr. Fang Dongmei, Advanced Institute of Science and Higher philosophy. Be able to accept the Mahayana science with philosophy, our social problems will be solved. Mahayana Buddhism based on the basis of the Treatise Industry Road, do not kill, do not steal, do not Xiexing, not to lie, not double-tongued, not Words and Flowery Expressions, do not bad mouth, not greedy, not anger, not crazy, the world

is good ? People in the world today with four subjects contrary also conflict with the Mahayana teaching, so the problem out, social unrest, Earth disaster. This place, a lot of wonderful things, I spent two or three months time it raised. It said "our world a huge resemblance quantum information network". "Sutra" talked about, which is said three thousand years ago. Xianshou master jump to make also the source concept of "repair" Sutra ", very exciting. There are six segments, the first three paragraphs about the origin of the whole universe, the universe, the second, fourth paragraph, about virtue, A life must comply with the four virtues, the last two for five, six concept, practice, that is see through, put down, ended down concept came to a realization, very exciting, very simple. Front with us to explain the universe, the truth of the universe, the method of truth, the truth of life, including our own truth. This is from one, one is a philosophy which stresses the body, the universe method can not do without it, Alaya can do without it. From the one from the two, with two, one is the universe, I appeared, the universe is in accordance with the report, I is reported, are each people, each of us with the universe appear, has this argument with the deep things. These two phenomena are part of the phenomenon of fluctuations, fluctuations in the speed of surrounding Dharma Realm, before moving to the entire universe have received information. So whether we are consciously or unconsciously who have decided, you say people do not know, fake. Confused upside down people do not know, pure-hearted person does not have a do not know why? He received. We also received received no feeling, carelessness, no feeling. Heart pure, constant power, clean heart, heart equality, he received, he was very clear. From the heart to read his clear, every cell in our body, of you to know, every second of it fluctuation thousand six hundred times, and each time, effort, said he knows that, clearly, more than eight He clearly. These bodhisattvas machine saying, and everyone felt he should be there. This fluctuation is a sense, he should naturally be, to help us. However, help is relative, we have a merit, he can help one point, we have two points merit, he helps dichotomy, which is the instinct of selfnature, we have no merit, he can not help on the busy, the truth must want to know. Virtue and sexual Germany must be appropriate, the sexual De no Shutoku or not, with the circulation industry, with poor ideas you circulation, circulation of where to go? Circulation to three passers-six, he went to go there. For surrounding dharmadhatu, since does not work? Work, birth endless, it will generate limitless change. This change may not be our planet, in the rest of the planet, the planet limitless our idea in some places from the change. Each from the heart to read our own to be responsible, do not think this idea is right, and wrong. Quantum mechanics to know, so he suggested we who have decided, speech pretentious should be responsible. Indeed information network, this network is not marginal, since such a big role. United States, is still the scientist, probably the age is not great, Dr. Brandon, he has a book, but also the students gave me, called "a limitless network, a lot of flavor. I have not read, looked about a quarter, after reading it, I then extracted out. With more and more close to Buddhist teachings, say what? The entire universe is one with my own. It really is not false. The love sexual Delhi head first Germany, where is consciousness of the people do not love? There is no truth. What is love? People from his best, how would harm? How can this truth! First Germany. Buddhist compassion, kindness of the Koran which was about the inside of the Old and New Testaments speak of love, every religion have raised

this word. So benevolent fraternity covers all religious scriptures, the words are inseparable. Religious unity, religion is a religion should learn from each other. The individual in the past because of the earth, underdeveloped transport, information developed, never in contact with each other. Not anymore, technological advances around the globe can be done in one day. Advances in information technology, bit by bit through the Internet, via satellite reports, we know all about it. Today do not learn everything the religion you by sense. Why? All religions are inseparable from the idea, this concept force, are inseparable. Force concept is the root cause of the universe, this dharma has made it very clear. Ideas themselves, not others, so over the Dharma Realm empty circles with their relationship? A community of life. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas know, how can we not care about living beings truth! Special beings suffering, suffering come from? Do not receive proper education, come from this. Teach, what disaster, must know the truth. Here the first paragraph we do the final conclusion, the groups read the force ", which is all together, we speak today, practice, meditation, Buddhist Church together Buddha. "Might be able to reverse the trend, bringing the planet fixes and updates. Want to change the world, we only need one accord will be able to do so". This is why a large prayer can have an effect. Really disaster on this earth! French prophecies of Nostradamus, the disaster at what time? 1999, 2000, or disaster, the disaster or disaster. Why at that time did not happen? Know people around the world because of this prophecy, the year of religious believers around the world are praying for the awful things, so without incident spent. Not, delayed. You do not believe this idea more and more bad, this disaster present. We pray that they can be delayed a year or two. Not fundamentally solve the fundamental solution is teaching, is the classic truth, clearly explained, and wisdom letter this thing, not a superstition, in order to solve the problem. Personally, I often say that physical and mental health, joy of personal interests! A happy family, a successful career, social harmony, peace and harmony, do not teach how? I hope our students listen to every day by every day to learn, understand, and to set a good example in the community, the body line precept, we have this sub responsibility! Promotion of traditional culture, to promote the education of the Buddha. Today, we learn here. Episode 2 Master of you, gentlemen, students, sit down. We then share the secret of "intention", we see that for some of them the first page: "Reality is not fixed, but liquidity or changes you want to affect the substance with the idea, the idea must be very focused and highly motivated". This place to give us a message, real, what is real? Not born immortal, eternal, that is true. Scientists tell us that even the void is not true, why? It changes. Inside the Dharma talk is indeed the case, only the method is true. Law since, also known as really as also called nature, it does not have the phenomenon, it is not a natural phenomenon, nor is the phenomenon of spirit, is not physical phenomena, our six, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind are detached from sights all edge, it exists. How to know it exists? Buddha in the Mahayana often say awful

things "the only card we know". Make clear your heart, to see the real, did not see the people never see the true Zen said. Real say for sure, can not imagine a true Buddhist, often saying, "heart line, off speech Road off. Heart line is our thoughts, you can not think. Thinking that it has limits, beyond the limit, you can not think of it, words can not say. The Mahayana teaching often these two words are described method, true. Everything wears that role. Real body, the role of the phenomenon is that it has these three phenomena, the scientist said. Dharma also talk about the three phenomena, the Alaya industry, phase inversion, phase realm. Alaya phase inversion, also known as see sub-realm phase, also known as phase separation, Alaya see, phase two is easier to come into contact with, because it has a phase separation science with philosophy to study it . It is moving, the phenomenon of fluctuations, liquidity or change. This energy is very large, is the energy of consciousness, which is the idea, the idea of energy is very large. If you want to affect the substance, with the idea of specific features to the material on the table with the idea to move it from the side of the table and moved to the side of the table. We have seen this show, is true, he used this method. How to be able to produce this effect? The idea to attach great importance to, is thinking, thinking, thinking about it moves, it really moves. Motivation should be very strong, really. My early years in Taichung Li of learning and teaching, the teacher is also a good Chinese medicine. He told us a story of ancient times, I can not remember what dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties should be, there is a very skilled doctor. Once a very serious patients to find him, he told him to his diagnosis, the disease did not matter, do not be afraid, if you are the disease longer in the thigh, then you terribly, you would not have survived. After listening to the people are very afraid of every day thinking about thigh Do not faulty, this does not matter, think of every day. After about a month, no, no body, really went to the thigh up, they said he was terrible. Others told him, you go ask your doctor to see this place, since he said, maybe he can cure you. He went to the doctor, the doctor told him, "Congratulations, including the original you're sick, terminally ill, the drug can not reach, now change with the force concept into it to go to this place, good drugs", put and healed him. Force concept to in deep visceral virus transfer to the easy-torule. This is what? You see highly motivated, very focused, this patient. Is not very high, his doctors he just stopped, very focused, highly motivated, like the disease, no. Can I do this? , A few years ago to see mainland China Shanxi small courtyard, not one, I have heard more than forty. She had cancer, hospitals give up treatment, tell them, your life expectancy is only two to three months. These people are devout Buddhists, since the life, do not seek to live, the idea is not just to be reborn in paradise the world, every day, Amitabha, very focused, highly motivated in survival Pure Land, Amitabha. Disease? Disease regardless of it, ignore it, do not take care of it, over two, three months of this disease, he felt nothing uncomfortable place to go check, not really. So the doctor was very surprised what ways did the treatment? Say no, what method did not, we bent on survival Western Paradise bent designed Amitabha, it is no natural disease. This example is really not a fake, they put these discs sent to me, I looked very happy. I did not expect science confirmed the awful things, what is the truth? Awareness of energy to change the physical environment.

Among our fellow practitioners example, which we all know, the Northeast Liusu Yun lay. Ten years ago, she had lupus, more serious than cancer, the doctor told her, you always have the possibility of death. She is Buddhist, she do not care about life and death, she is not afraid, not afraid of death. Then just Buddhist, listen County, Amitabha, very interested in this, but also very focused, highly motivated. She listened to my preaching, listening to the disc, she said I understand the word, the word I often say, "an in-depth, long-term Xunxiu", she said she knows this one. So she listen to every day by listening to a disc, it is I used to speak of "Manuscripts" in Taiwan. Probably a Wuliangshoujing "finished more than 60 hours, she had a CD-ROM. Day listening to one is an hour, an hour listening to ten times, that is, ten hours listening through, in fact, it is an hour Duplicate long Xunxiu. In addition to listen to the CD-ROM she Amitabha. She has no distractions, no paranoia, just for the sake of nothing, is the Buddha, by listening to figure out the Elysium, understood, bent on survival Pure Land. So after listening to a few months after the right, alive and well, go check erythematosus. Doctors feel strange, asked her: what drugs to cure what prescription cured? She said no, I used to recite every day at home listening to by the Buddha. The doctors believe that this miracle. Why you believe her? This person's life did not say lie, honest man, tell the truth, life is not played lie. Is not easy, rare, so everyone believe her. She is very focused, highly motivated, she forgotten her disease, lupus erythematosus this agony, the naturally restored the status quo, this virus is not a natural restitution health. Preaching everywhere, many of her people, the 64-year-old. Her 50-year-old Buddhist, aged 65 years, decades, one by one chanted, is not mixed. Really gave us an experiment, an in-depth, long-term Xunxiu, the effect is incredible. So we see the scientists this report, we need them. An indepth, long-term Xunxiu, as long as they can do, not an achievement. Used in the repair Pure Land Dharma million repair is Shandaotaishi said people go, "a do not miss. Buddha by speaking really, no lie, the truth about the founder of Dade said. We did not read well, not Xiude Hao, the problem in their own, not in the classic, not the founder, we did not really dry, you look really dry remarkable effect. The paragraph beneath tells us that "soul" is the the eight consciousness of see points, "it is clear that some way with the material" substance is phase separation of the eighth consciousness, "inextricably linked". This concept have, know this is the right view. The mind is spiritual, material physical substance with the spirit of a thing, can not leave. This finding is not very far away, is found in the 1990's, German scientists Planck his life to the study of matter in the end is what awful things he counted clear, for science is a big contributions. He said that the material on the basis of ideas, material is simply false, not true, the ideas generated by a phantom. Tell us just Maitreya is identical to the Maitreya Buddha tells us that "a snap of the fingers, 3200000000 Baiqian read, obsessed with forming", that concept is a mental phenomenon, ideas spiritual phenomenon. Obsessed with shape, form is substance, each read to have separate physical phenomena exist; knowledge "and" shaped Individually, each physical phenomena which have by intending knowledge. This is the so-called mental phenomena, mental phenomena with physical phenomena is one decision inseparable, said awful things inseparable link. This is the recently discovered. So thought to affect the substance of our thoughts can affect every

cell in our body. Why do body sick? Our idea of mismanagement, virus-producing cells. You know, the Buddha on the classic often tell us that each of us people inside the three poisons, innate, it is not learned, it can tell Tan Tianchi have called the three poisons troubles, this thing is very easy for The outside of the bacterial infection. If we Tan Tianchi broken, not greedy, not anger, not crazy, now saying that your immunity is strong, and why? Many of these bacteria from infection. Really, not a fake. You have a pure heart, pure heart from infection; your compassion, compassion detoxification, do not use drugs, compassion detoxification. The Our Sushi life with many sentient beings end the bad pratyaya, that this karmic creditors, how to resolve? Compassion can be resolved, pure compassion to resolve the karmic creditors before Sushi now that soothes. Compassion shine, compassionate beings we are destined to blessing. Bodhi and my heart can not be less compassion, less compassion Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta, honest, clean, equality, enlightenment, compassion. So cultivate compassion and energy of our thoughts are very powerful, I excerpt the last one to say this, we Buddhists should learn the case. We look at the second page, the second page inside, we regard it look recite this hard to come by this information. "Energy passes back and forth to produce an unusually huge energy field", the scientists called it the name of "zero point energy field", this energy field is very large. Zero point energy field seems to be the true nature of Mahayana Buddhism which was about. What is zero? Inside what are not, this is zero, one or two are not. Our self is indeed zero, so science with philosophy can not find it, because it is a zero. How do I find it? Our thoughts also becomes zero is found. Buddhism to us, to lay down who have decided to put down persistent you clear your heart. That's how? We have zero, zero with the encounter. We have not an idea, you can not find. This is difficult, few people can no idea! We see "Liaofansi, which wrote the Mr. Fan with Cloud Valley Zen in Qixia Mountain meditation hall inside sat for three days and three nights, can not afford a thought. Three days and nights can not afford an idea is not easy, Cloud Valley Zen master was surprised, this is not the usual Kung Fu, which is a very deep constant power. Mr. Xiang Lefan on to ask, you can not afford three days and nights a thought hard to come by, Cloud Valley Zen life did not see. Where say (he is an honest man), I do not have effort. Why is there no idea? My life is Mr. Kong liquidated. Two decades, Mr. Kong to row his fleeting life is not bad. He is a student who take the exam each year, which one rank in the examination, every time I go completely with what he said; monthly income with life inside row is the same, is not bad, the last two decades. He said that since it is life inside scheduled, I think is useless, do not want to. So that he is no scenario is not meditation, meditation inside the state, he has no realm of what he is? He is ignorance. Do not want anything, do not know, this is called ignorance. The Cloud Valley Zen master heard him laugh, "I think you are a saint, that you are still a Bono". How is Bono? He is not meditation, fixed inside Hui, sleep, and it has a role, this does not work, he is no scenario. No want to be, do not want anything, do not know anything. No want to really Xiu, a Si Chan no wish to days, and no days the Dharma called it for heretics days, that he confused upside down, there is no wisdom, this is wrong. Meditation inside realm, like

the Buddha, Buddha Samadhi meditation, Buddha Samadhi inside Paradise, Amitabha, is not nothing you meditation which you can see Paradise, you can see Amitabha, you to see Elysium by solemn, to see certain with Wuliangshoujing "speaking the same, on the right. Eastern Jin Dynasty of the first generation of the Jodo sect of Buddhism Patriarch Hui Yuan masters, he built in Lushan, a Buddhist Church, Dong Lin Buddhist Church, which is now the Donglin Temple. There are one hundred and twenty-three with Omotesando Friends, we all like the Buddha, in a set with Buddha, vow to be reborn in that place. Tiger Creek community, they are not down the mountain, one hundred and twenty-three people were all passed away, had it? Hurry up! Much public reborn with his companions, he said Elysium he had seen three times in the set to see, seen three times. When they asked him, Elysium like what it was like? Exactly the same as speaking with "Wuliangshoujing". When Pure Land three classics, "Amitabha Sutra", "concept Amitayus Buddhist scriptures are also not translated, repair the Pure Land only a Wuliangshoujing" This is the first translation, so they just rely on this sutra. Training, an in-depth long Xunxiu. Seen three Paradise, he saw, Fourth, tell everyone I want to be reborn. When the Buddha passed away to meet him, he told everyone to see the Buddha to meet, but also to see the Buddha beside a dozen Buddhist Church than he had passed away, followed by Amitabha together to pick him up to Elysium. This is not fake, it's true. So here we have to learn these two words, to be focused, very focused, have a firm confidence, and a trace of no doubt. This energy field, scientists say zero point energy field, I think it is what we are talking about the true nature of Zhufashixiang, he speaks this thing. But he say for sure, pretty thorough Dharma Master Hui Neng clear your heart is to see. Must own everything, reaches zero, zero is really, really true with the appropriate saw. One idea that is called Wang Xin, Wang Xin did not see a really the Wang Xin can see Alaya, really did not see, so focus to the uttermost, or Wang Xin Wang Xin. We understand this truth, he concentrated Amitabha, as one focus to think about Elysium; the all law born from the thought, you can see the Elysium. We are Elysium a springboard to Elysium upward step, clear your heart. In this place, we can not see, we do not have the ability to own Alaya inside these habits seeds removed. Removed is zero, the same thing is not removed, it is not zero, you have two, three in the inside. Chinese people speak half-hearted, half-hearted Buddha then said three hearts what? Eighth, seventh and the eighth consciousness, called three hearts, the second meaning is the seventh and the eighth with consciousness, the end is called the Italian roots, the sixth called consciousness, meaning. Half-hearted Wang Xin, not really, put down the halfhearted, sincere before now, you see, wears cases which was about to turn eight consciousness into four Chi, see. Return to zero, to see the energy field, the field is very large, the Dharma Realm than vanity. The second paragraph we obsessed, "These particles alone emitted energy is hard to imagine" can not imagine. "It proves the continuous exchange of energy of of subatomic matter with zero point energy field. Removal of the zero point energy field, all the material will be collapse traps, material no. This energy field is the philosophy which was

about the universe some body is the Mahayana Buddhist teachings true self. Without it, everything, all phenomena, all phenomena, it arises. So it can now Alaya can change. Alaya there is no change, Alaya, Wang Xin fickle heart is changing outside material change along on such a truth. Xianshou National Division jump to make also the source view "and" show three times "told us very clearly. The first three surrounding a "the surrounding dharmadhatu", is here to talk about the of subatomic matter with the zero point energy field is a continuous exchange of energy, which is surrounding dharmadhatu. The second phenomenon, the role of this "birth endless", all the changes have had. The third phenomenon is "with Yung had plenty of" This is about the amount of it, immeasurable, not the amount. Contain is included, including the void volume is to accommodate, accommodate Allmart. Buddhism often say "pericardial Void, the amount of the week sand profession", this is the truth. Heart become so small and can not accommodate two people, should be opposite, this is wrong, absolutely wrong. Everyone's heart with the void Dharma Realm, and even over. The large great blessing, and a small amount of people are not good fortune. So all-inclusive, all-inclusive method, respectively, do not go, do not to care, restore your original heart, you would have the mind of Buddha, Buddha's heart is able to package the Void, "pericardial too true, the amount of weeks of sand circles ", Buddha heart, our own mind, with the Buddha is the same. So today we have become careful amount, what should go preoccupied with this error! The preoccupied becomes six cycle, it becomes three lower realms. The four holy Dharma Realm inside does not care, expand the mind, we must learn. "Universe all substances interact with the zero point energy field", which indicates that wears will never be able to leave the law. Method performance now wears is born now born now wears, and now science call it a phenomenon. The phenomenon of three categories, natural phenomenon, the phenomenon of psychological, physical phenomena, psychological phenomenon is the idea of all realized from inside out. "Body structure and the antenna has some similarities, invisible information receiver or sender of the signal. This one of us, a person in the universe inside, as the Dharma Realm Buddhist teachings, scientifically known universe, is a meaning in the universe inside is a small point, this point will always exist. Science has long called the conservation of matter. Conservation of matter we will be able to understand the second meaning, a deeper meaning of our ideas never die. Conservation of matter, after it combined with material dispersion. And we know that our human, scientific term, atoms, electrons, atoms, electrons leave the body is not. Just like a house, the house is steel, cement, bricks, tile, in accordance with the graphic patchwork placed into the house, if it removed a bunch of building materials. So the house there is no birth and death? Birth and death, together house, dissipated it change material. The human body is the same, these minimal micro-atoms, electrons it is immortal, it would go somewhere else and composition, and composition of the body. The body of this material really is not their own, the atoms of our body will go to someone else to go, someone else will I went to, it really is not. So what is your own? That the idea of their own. But the idea there is no communication? , Idea exchanges also exist, we generally call it soul, physical birth and death, the soul is not birth and death. There is no soul? True. Indeed, the soul is also the color by intending

knowledge, but that color is not material, we are invisible to the naked eye, the eye in the sky can be seen. That the Buddha is higher that the Buddha discernment, Buddha eyes, eye, they can see what we do not see Bono, and see very clearly the truth of the entire universe the Buddha is five Yuanming, too well what what things back clear. So, our body continue to send our message to the whole universe, the whole universe will be able to receive information from us, we are talking about wave phenomena. Our thoughts, with our body, the body's cells, the cells it is the vibration was generated, it can also send a message. It is sending the message that our cells are healthy or with a virus, it made this. Health information issued to the good, to help the universe, can help the health of the planet; virus is not good, put out? Bacteria head put out, as if the god of plague, the plague, viruses scattered on the outside. If we come across a poor idea of how to do? It was horrible, negative. Really, how many of these information to us, we have received. How you received? We are now the machine is not working, is received, received no feeling that the machine is not working. Why is it not working? Because we have troubles, habits, that is to say from the heart to read, respectively, persistent, this machine is not working. Extremely concentrated, but also to continue the launch, we will feel, in general, when we can not feel. But the Buddha they are extremely sensitive, extremely fine information he knows. Buddhas Tathagata dharmakaya Buddha really is omniscient and omnipotent. Omnipotent that he has the ability to help us, we need is felt, he should be there, induction Road incredible. Freund door, "responsive", this sentence many the initiates are familiar with, is really not a fake. We require the Buddha, simple ideas, ideas must concentrate our motives pure. What is pure? Not smell in the name of making a profit, not harm all living beings, the idea is pure. Management, such as law, correct your mind, this is a very powerful force. Therefore, we who have decided to be responsible, and know that will affect the universe. May affect not in front of us, we do not see, may be another planet, this is a decision possible. We do not let our poor idea to influence others, use a good idea. The good idea Amitabha, "Manuscripts" made it very clear, very thorough. "The idea is a frequency treatment read the force is a highly orderly light ideas is also a high degree of harmony". This article is about medical treatment, with the idea of medical treatment. The idea is a good idea, not to Tan Chenchi slow doubtful ideas, not resentment angry annoying ideas, not killing, stealing the ideas of prostitution jump with our Chinese ancestors, the five cardinal thoughts, the thoughts of the five permanent members, four-dimensional Bade ideas, the best ideas. Can not cure? Energy. Buddhist teachings our ideas are ten good deeds, the five precepts, Six Degrees of Separation, Samantabhadra Ten Vows, Amitabha willing, mindfulness, the idea is great! Hope we launched this idea to spread this idea, on the times dharmadhatu empty circles all sentient beings. Beings inside the range, the animals are sentient beings, A Synergy born, plants are also living beings, minerals are also living beings, void are all the time, Synergy Health beings include too much. We use mindfulness sent out, are obsessed with mindfulness, there is no evil. Buddhist often, the science we do show that this is really not a fake. We are a good side, with the times dharmadhatu empty circles the good thoughts of not corresponding with poor idea. This can change our physical and mental health, the better to improve our living environment, which is called "lucky person live

blessed, blessed Fu Habitat. Blessed people, merciful, that the person is well-intentioned, we are talking about four good: good intentions, to talk about things, good deeds, good people, these four this Blessed reported. Such a person a place to live, that place is blessed, blessed blessing ranking. Own blessed, can also affect other people, the people around are dipping, and why? He also ranks in the blessed land. "True happiness," said the "Book of Changes". Under a "human ideas can affect plants. Organism read it to understand the human mind and heart, and will react". He said "protein egg yolks will be with eggshell communicate with each other", said an egg. "Even if the organism is cut a few slices of ongoing communication. This phenomenon has been proved, called holographic phenomenon. An object smashed, every grain of dust they still communicate with each other. The entire universe, then now is an organism, something between the universe is not dead things, live lively splash. Underground soil, sea beach, every grain of sand, every grain of soil, they all communicate with each other. No interworking with us? There. We also communicate with each other with it, but we are now is because from the heart to read, respectively, persistent trouble our spiritual obstacles out, otherwise, we all are aware, can understand how cute this universe, all over the Dharma Realm empty circles everything has awareness Ling Ming. "Sutra" As the saying goes, "love and relentless, with the round kind of wisdom". Beginner Buddha also taught Buddhist Institute, can not understand this sentence. Love all sentient beings, today we talk about animals that Buddhahood can sense, ruthless minerals, plants, it can become a Buddha? "Sutra" that it can become a Buddha, love and ruthless with the round kinds of Chi. Successful Yiqiezhongzhi of the Buddha, how is it possible? Stone Buddha? "Sutra" said OK. We teach Buddhist Institute, often many teachers together to study this problem, can not think, can not do anything, Buddhist scriptures say, just say so. Scientifically proven, is really not a fake. In fact, Buddhist sense that we are also talking about every day, every day, study, is that there is no experience. Alaya is not very clear? Yi Nianbu feel for that Alaya, Alaya it there are three phenomena. These three phenomena scientists know today, Alaya is a phenomenon, the industry, the industry is moving, it is not static, it fluctuates phenomenon scientists call this energy, the energy is moving, fixed energy can not produce . Energy, scientists said information, Alaya phase inversion; from Alaya turn phase to produce physical phenomena, physical phenomena is the realm of Alaya, scientifically known substances. You see three phenomena, industry phase is a natural phenomenon, the information is a psychological phenomenon, and then produce physical phenomena, these three phenomena occurred. That time, we do not really read Xianshou National Division "source view", "source view" a great inspiration to us, know what? Three all-around. This we do not know, scientifically proven today. Any wave phenomena surrounding judicial system, a move to surrounding Dharma Realm, so the speed of light, electromagnetic waves can not be compared, it is physical, which is from a move from all over the Dharma Realm. Physical vibration of the substance it is relatively slow, but the idea of fast fluctuations than light, faster than the electric. We think of the sun, the heart of a thought, immediately to the sun, but the sun's light to our planet, but also over eight minutes, this means that the

speed of our thoughts than the sun, faster than light and more. So the idea is really belonging to sexual morality, are from, it is a dynamic concept surrounding the Dharma Realm. The human mind can affect the substance in recent years to do this experiment done successfully. We grow vegetables in the countryside, vegetables just like dish communication, vegetable plants, we love it, treat it with reverence, it looks particularly good. Do not need to use pesticides and fertilizers, with the idea to water it with love to water it, it can receive, it is very happy. In Australia, we have a big vegetable garden, planting a variety of many varieties, twenty or thirty, is a very large-scale vegetable garden. Once we Dojo Master Wu Qian, nuns, her long stay in the Abode, vegetable garden in the Abode inside, she evening to be a dream, loofah tomb to her, told her: I'm getting too old, how could you not to adopt? Tell her the position. The next day, wondering how such a dream? According to this position the dream head loofah tell the next day to see, really to find to find really too old to eat. So just like the loofah: the loofah Buddha, you're too old and can not eat, you then a long period of time you used as a seed. There really are such things back. The tree God Tuomeng, recently, this year's thing. Our car park the two lute trees, of which one died, dry, evidently not going to make it. The tree God tomb, Thanksgiving, where we dojo decades, he said he listened to a decade, and read a decade Buddha, he went to the Land of Ultimate Bliss. The pipa tree God reborn in paradise world, I say we accomplished decade. People do not have success, pipa tree achievements of God, not as good as the tree of God, very worthy of our inspiration. Year, ten years ago, bought the church, the establishment of the Pure Land Learning College, near the house to buy them, do a simple living quarters. A dormitory house is too old, we want it torn down and rebuilt. Reconstruction of the gate, four trees to be cut down, and why? Otherwise trucks enter, the building materials can not come. Buddhist scriptures tell us that our tree felling, tree tree God, tree height of more than one person have the tree of God, going to worship him, chanting with him, and asked him to move, three days after cutting down trees, three days to ask him to move. We do, after three days went really cutting down trees, the fourth day, fifth day, this tree appeared in the dream of God to us dojo these young mage, to pass a message to him, that we give him a short time, he a chance to move, he was hurt. Tell us later if you want to cut down trees, one week before to inform him. We think about it also makes sense, Australians action is very slow, with completely different, walk, talk, work is slow. When we go to the store a few minutes in the morning to open the door? Almost eleven. When closing for the night closed? About five o'clock. Australians enjoy nature, do not attach importance to money, as long as he lives a decent on the line, do not want to make more money. I live in the city, this small city of Brisbane in Australia regarded largest city, the third largest city in Australia, with a population of about one million, the city, parks and how much? There are a thousand park. You want to one day play in a park, not yet three years comes to an end, you know people pay attention to, attaches great importance to outdoor living. It is land, fewer people. I bought a house in that place, how big yard? You can not imagine, or 70 acres, have such a big yard. From my yard, outside the courtyard surrounded by barbed wire, barbed wire walk

around one hour, which can do the training ground of the driving car, a big place. So our garden, and a lot of trees. Attention to the nature of life. This makes sense, living life to live happy, live at ease, the busy hard every day to go for the money, engage in a lifetime, and finally died a penny with do not, and his answer is zero, that is really no wisdom. Really wise, ancient China, as long as they can eat, dress warmly, there is a small house to shelter from bad weather, he freely incredible, really happy. This is that we do affects the plants, these plants know the meaning of the people, we love to be it, love it back. Our food, we planted two dozen fruit trees, harvest. These farmers in the vicinity to me our farm, we have no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, how species so well, they can not keep up, we have to ask, I say that we are grown Amitabha chanted. Our vegetable garden has Buddha Machine, entire garden inside Amitabha. Chanted grown, they think it is incredible. Fruits, do not need to take care of the garden. With the birds, we love it, we love. Our vegetable garden must stay on one specifically for insects, insect bite specifically go there to eat, instead of leaving them, they decided not to infringe. Birds, birds eat the fruit, we specify a few trees, above hang brands, this is food for the birds to you, is not listed on the sub-bird will never eat. We live in harmony with nature, coexistence and common prosperity, we take care of it, we take care of it. That birds like family raised, sooner or later flocks in the woods inside. And the whole of nature all beings live in harmony, sincere love, we pray to Buddha Pure Land to survive, we have advised them to pray to Buddha Pure Land to live. Underneath this one, a strong emotional "Send ideas, your love, your hate, your anger," will lead to accept the idea of a strong light release ". Starting does not work? Play a role, whether this person how far away from you, you love him, he felt, you hate him, he also felt. What kind of person can not feel? Trouble habits can not feel, do not feel it is easy to feel the pure-hearted people. If these negative people hate you, curse you, that the method used to protect themselves? With righteous thoughts, the Chinese ancients called evil triumphs. We use pure heart, compassion, Buddha's heart is the best Amitabha, Bodhisattva read, you decided not to hurt. To know how to protect. "The organism can be two-way communication with the environment. Ideas is a stream of photons, that plants receive the signal and its impact, it is not surprising. This is the recent ten years, with small animals in contact with these plants very much, and even mosquito ants, there are spiritual. Many ants go there, find something to eat, we do not want to see so many ants, the environment we live in to be clean, it will not come, it is not something to eat. Ants eat something outdoors in the yard inside it to the other side, it will not come into the room inside. True spirituality. My little residence house in Australia, a lot of land, we want to build a dormitory, sometimes initiates reception, built a house in the back. The house is finished I live in, a new house, the next morning, all the ants in the bathroom inside, where he comes from I do not know, new house! I can not go. I request ants Buddha in front of the toilet together in prayer, I say you come from I do not know, where you go out, half an hour after I use the bathroom, I'll give you half an hour, you would quickly go out. I went out to the Buddha, came back after half an hour, the toilets are not an ant. Get along very well with small animals, most people get along well, hard to get along with people, it really obedient with these small animals, we love it,

we respect it, it also loves us, respect us, get along very harmonious. These ants we, according to not care? Take care of it, it is looking for something to eat, the rest of the stuff we eat it on the inside of the yard from the ants far, it is to carry convenient, but also save a little effort. So be sure to joy, to get along with all sentient beings, know that all beings have a spiritual Buddhist teachings to all sentient beings have Buddha-nature. The one below, "the effectiveness of the idea of love fully demonstrated, make the two bodies into one". This is love. Now this one, we are animals, plants, minerals, produce unexpected results, but not the people. Now there has been a problem, the most serious problem is not confidence. Do not believe, do not have confidence, he can give birth confidence of others? Confidence in China Guren Jiang is the lowest floor of the virtues letter to all over. Wuchang is the standard of virtue, you see benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter, the bottom line is the letter, confidence above all, to understand this truth. We can accomplish Buddhist completely in that you have no confidence. Really believed in Buddhism is not easy, this point was easy, too difficult to do! Classic teachings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are not the slightest doubt, that induction incredible. Buddhists, few surpassingly confidence. "Sutra says," letter the Tao Yuan merit mother, it grow all the various good roots "good roots, merits are born from the confidence which, no confidence in how the line? These virtues, sexual Germany is all sentient beings all endowed Why not now before us today from this with sexual Germany? This is education, we grew up not received ethics education, receiving foreign science education. The basic concepts of science education is to teach you suspect, is not the same as with the traditional Chinese, traditional Chinese grew teach you doubt, you have the confidence. Children parents have confidence, have confidence in the adults, elders, never doubting, I believe that everyone is good. You see an early age to go to school, "Three Character Classic," the first word, the beginning of the "human nature is good", to go to school the first sentence is to build your confidence, all sentient beings nature of the good. Education is how to develop this good, it does not degenerate, to cultivate the good it to flourish. Treat yourself sanctification Cheng Yin, Buddha to Buddha, is called to treat yourself; treat all sentient beings, called to flourish. So the traditional Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, the United Kingdom Dr. Tang Enbi can save pre-existing social. "Whether it is good news or bad news hunch, heart and brain will be received, the most surprising is the heart faster than we have brain receives a premonition". We Chinese people speak omen, a harbinger of good things, evil things omen have a hunch, premonition, our brain, our heart can be quickly received. This is true, not fake. No matter what kind of omen, the most important thing is cool, can not restlessness, heart to have to dominate, we have to accept the truth. Good course, to know that it has side effects; evil is not good, how can we defuse, and let us know important accomplishment moral, convinced that the causal important to take this fate. As long as the wise, the good times and bad, karma bad pratyaya are our best increase the upper edge to help enhance their realm. It is particularly bad, something of that sort of disaster, it is particularly strong, strong hunch, must be calm, like Buddha. To do good, to help resolve this matter.

"The motivation is to read the power key elements of success." We want to change their use of force concept, to change the environment, the motivation is very important, motivation must be good. What is good? Essential interests of social beings, about that motivation is selfish, that the motivation is not good; selfish to hurt others, the motivation is even more bad sense to unexpected disaster. The decision can not be harmful to the heart, to be able to observe the ancient sages teach our virtue, obsessed to be able to selfsacrifice, this motive. Mahayana inside, "the Kegon jump to do also the source concept of" speak four virtues, since the four virtues, and the fourth is "on behalf of all beings suffering". This is the fulfillment of sexual Germany, beings bitter and hard to bear, to replace him by. To give the public good look, they are not afraid of hard work, not afraid of hard work, not afraid of tired, dedication to do it, the more you do the more healthy body, the more happier mood, this is a happy life. Selfish, that they have a lot of damage. "Positive ideas (with a heart of love or altruistic ideas) can often bring coordinated heartbeat" bring us joy, bring us happiness. Under one, this one I excerpt the most important word here, this is about "Lama" They live in the mountains, "mere ideas, icy water boil. Ideas generated so much energy to be able to boil the water. And not more than the clothes they wear, lying in the snow under him warm, you touch the place where he slept, the following is hot, like a kang. Extreme focus with the idea to have such a big effect. Send ideas of the most important first step is to enter a highly focused state. " This is we have to learn with the idea, ideas must be highly focused, dedicated focus, such as "speaking" Amitabha Sutra "bent on chaos". We understand this truth, as one designed Amitabha, naturally cross-with Amitabha induction Road. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with us, the Buddha told us one with Amitabha combined into one, what disaster, what illness did not prove, scientists gave us. Harmony, organized ideas. Here is to teach us with the idea. Withdraw from external stimuli, free from the interference of the outside environment, "inward focus, compassion brain jumped to an energetic high degree of sensory awareness". Compassion is love, love without conditions, so much ability, not only to your physical and mental health, and makes you wiser. This wisdom is from inside of the barriers through out; compassion, focus, reduce your obstacles, from inside the Prajna wisdom before it can now. Physical and mental health, wisdom growth. "Meditation changing the brain wave patterns, eight weeks to practice, let the happy area of the brain activation, immune function also become strong." Enhance the body resistance. We ordinary people brainwave by distractions, the delusion interference, so it is not clean. Meditation is a way to make your thinking to imagine principled, orderly, have focused. Delusion less, fewer distractions, pure heart slowly before now. Clean inside there is joy, called Zen Zen Yue, general Mahayana is called hi, came out. This is a happy, but happy, people will not want to do awful things to sit there and sit one day, a good effort to sit two or three days are not up, he does not eat nor drink. You see Hsu Yun the old monk Chronicle ", the old monk meditation often sit in the two weeks to a month long. He does not eat do not sleep, no diet, nor drink water, a set full of energy, but also tell you like meditation did not take long, a few minutes, they unknowingly.

Given in which time, space and maintenance times are not given realm. This is to change our approach. Do not have to use meditation, Buddha is Buddha, Buddha, ended static. Not to read or own mouth, specialized Hear, hear chanted. Buddha Machine, the sound on small, they can hear see and hear clearly, heart, head and read along, the mouth inside does not say anything. I do not have to move, mind, will be able to reach this state. Mechanism "designed to cause the mind apparently can expand the capacity of sensory perception, which is most people speak supernatural powers. And feel, we work, clean mind to a certain extent, most people do not see what you see, do not hear things you can hear. Premonition like speaking in front of you is particularly evident, no matter where they occurred, when almost all know. So this is not surprising, this is the truth. "Exercise read the force initially need to focus, and then you have to consigning set aside their results". This is what they do, this is quite reasonable to us with a focus on the ideas, the good side, after sending entrusted. The entrusted Who? Buddhists entrusted to the Buddha, as the results do not want to. A lot of today's world the suffering of sentient beings, we in good faith and compassion, the own merit Xiuxue in, all our good deeds Crawford were all back to give him back to sincere this time to achieve equal to his own repair have such a great power. Our sincere the heart behind the results of the Buddha bless him, the Buddha blessing he really can do it. Under a "negative ideas have a strong negative impact on the body the patient or guilt, irritability and lack of self-confidence", which is now very common phenomenon. You know, the negative not only hurt others, hurt themselves. We hate a person, hate this person, that person has not been affected? ; By how much? Third, affected seven points. Not worth it! Positive, love, compassion to care for a person, he got one-third of what you get seven, you want to think of who have decided how much. Love and others love to help others is really helping yourself, the achievements of others their own success, which is some truth. Harm their hurt, whether individuals, groups, or even a country, without exception. Understand this truth, who have decided the decision can not have the idea of hurting others, this negative is a wrong decision, the decision can not, because it really works, first he had hurt. So the Buddha decided to no one evil thoughts, are obsessed with good thoughts, this is what we should learn, he is our interaction with others the best example. The following paragraph, "organisms in the final analysis by electron like particles constitute our body, which is also the physical phenomena. "So any radical changes of the magnetic direction, from a management perspective," should deeply affect their physiological processes, which is some truth. Therefore, the magnetic field change our heart uneasy, especially a strong magnetic field of poor, we want to enter that inside an uncomfortable feeling, a lot of people have this feeling. If the magnetic field is very good, as you enter here like protection, and my heart is very peaceful, very calm, very like this place. I get close to the teacher in the past, the magnetic field of the Master Akiyoshi special feeling you were born loving heart, make you reluctant to leave. The teacher did not say a word, I am willing to sit with him, three or four part-time is a little

tired and did not to sit. Kindness magnetic field, magnetic field, Sheshou people of compassion. The magnetic field of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, we can go inside the classic find that the magnetic field is very good, most people do not know. You read through sincere reverence, and Yin Kuang when he said, "Sincerity a interests". We studied the classics, will get nothing if not sincere heart, bad faith is very thick barriers, obstacles to live you with its magnetic field, you do not get interests. Sincerity and heart that you have the very interests of percentage sincere and respectful heart you have percentage interests extremely Sincerity heart you have extreme interests, we will have! Classical incredible. Dr. Jiang Ben and I know not exclude religious, he is a scientist, does not stick to the side of religion, for fear others would say that he is superstitious, with my contacts his breakthrough, to do the experiment, water holding Buddhist scriptures reaction, crystallization the United States, other religious scriptures are the United States. I told him, you see that religion is a good thing, not a bad thing. You get a society pornographic magazines or magazine killing, stealing, you go so that water crystals to see it, and that the reaction is very ugly. Water will see, to hear and understand the meaning of man, his experiment. Chanted Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha, the great day of Tathagata, chanted to do experiments that the crystallization of the United States, are good-looking. This tell which is positive, which is negative, must be clear. I hope our life and live forever in the front, you will be very happy, very happy, very happy. They have to know how to choose. The outside electromagnetic, magnetic fields can interfere with our emotions, not only interfere with the emotions, but also interfere with our body, our physical body. Slight magnetic field of the Earth swing a profound impact on the body, the heart, the brain ". We live on earth, can not get rid of the Earth's magnetic field, the magnetic field slightly a little change in our hearts disturbed, distraught by this interference. But this and revisions, the deeper anyone, the more undisturbed. We use Amitabha revised. Chanted really able to go well, changes in the Earth's magnetic field, I undisturbed; others distraught, and your heart is set. Given the wisdom to know how to cope, how to deal with this is very important. "Spiritual ideas actual physiological changes, with the idea to think that people can change some part" of the body. Some part of your body, the pain, the use of these methods can make your body recovery, return to normal. Under a "Imagine where the skin has returned to normal," really can do it. Remember the previous method, as one focus, strong motivation, the effect is very significant. Today, we learn here. Episode 3 Master of you, gentlemen, students, sit down. Look at the fourth paragraph on page, small: "Spiritual ideas actual physiological changes, with the idea to thoughts, we miss is sent out," that people can change body parts ". Some parts of which are pain, pain can recover

back to normal. "Imagine where the skin has returned to normal most likely to see the effect, is also the smallest, where our skin itching, itching, you with the idea," this place is their primary concern the ". When you use this method, it is very fast, effective immediately, can indeed be able to reach. Not to help you with the idea to think about. This is a general people usually have this phenomenon, can use this method, and gradually, you will understand the incredible ideas. And then to the big diseases, such as under said, "Faith is a powerful therapeutic tool; placebo play to the effect of the force concept. Inside the hospital, we see the doctor that seriously ill people often use this method, give him a drug does not cure his disease. Told him that this drug is very effective, after you eat, the disease will. He ate really effective. What is it? Called placebo, not a real drug. But the use of the patient's psychological and let him focus to this medicine is good medicine for his illness, it is easy to cure him, and healed him really. This situation is very widely used in medical inside, especially for seriously ill people, the elderly. "Terminally ill without medication", as we previously cited example, these people get cancer of the small hospital in Shanxi, northeast, lupus erythematosus, which are terminally ill. However, his own good, there is no good treatment, What is it? "Is also a performance was in force." He knows himself very ill, know that this disease should not live long, he survived this idea down. This will be mentioned later, the idea is to rule all the negative sense of injury. Others curse you, curse you, especially in this area of the southwest of China, you see a lot of poisoning, witchcraft framed by someone else. Us during the war lived in these places, they will know that these Miao, Yao. So we first arrived in that place, others told us to speak, the mentality must be very simple, do not conflict with them. They put the poison, we ourselves do not know, serious when really die. We grew to know these things. But this place, it does not matter, as long as you are not afraid of death, do you want to go after my death, especially the survival of the Western Paradise, it is natural enough, the negative curse this idea that it does not work. This reasonable, we are able to carefully and the ancients called evil triumphs. Reborn in paradise world is mindfulness, Amitabha is mindfulness, mindfulness did not hurt the hearts of others, these are the best ideas to protect their own. Confidence, imagination, ideas can treat diseases, we have to believe. Modern example of many foreign. "Prove ideas enough to let the body corrected itself." This is what we are talking about the seats were all these years often mentioned inside the organs of our body cells with a virus, you can make it back to normal. Returned to normal, the virus, on the restoration of the health of your body, without the use of essential medicines. These scientists are doing this experiment, very effective. There with the idea of two things to note, the first is focused, very focused. The second phase continued constantly, a thought, not nagging, can often continued a week. If serious, a month, a month of this focus will produce incredible results. Ordinary small problems need, seven days a focus on the effect of day, one week it would have a considerable effect.

"Many suffering from severe or terminal illness, self-limiting, and this is theoretical support, this is not superstition. The same token, these rural people inside, low levels of literacy, they pray, burn incense ash to medical treatment, which in ancient times in China are often able to see. Are not effective? Like a placebo, it is psychological, not ash really can cure. The ash is burned, can be said to have been disinfected, sterilized material, and would not eat sick. But it is not necessarily effective, the effect generated ideas, God bless me, really believe in God, all thoughts, thinking of the effect produced. The last three decades now, scientists have proved. Inside the Buddhist, Buddhism, read the Buddha name, mantra, chanting can have an effect, is the truth. Dharma inside the Orthodox, the effect is even more auspicious, why? Enhance your ideas. "Ideas around almost any physiological process, and even the treatment of lifethreatening diseases." Letter Road Dollar merit mother "For this reason we have to believe the job. Do you have much effect, in direct proportion with your confidence, you have a very confident to produce the very effect, you have the the percentile confidence to produce the effect of the percentage, the decision can not doubt. What is the principle of the inside? It is all born from the thought, you know I thought how much energy! The entire Dharmadhatu empty circles come from? Thought. Heaven is thought to hell poorly thought to the Elysium thought, not a thing is not thought to. Xianshou National Division "source view" inside tells us that thought "born endless, thinking what to change, no exhaustive. Initially, we read this article, this sentence is difficult to understand why there is no exhaustive? In the end, would like a long time, suddenly thought of a child playing with a kaleidoscope believe about this matter. Kaleidoscope is very simple, child's kaleidoscope of their own making, been so beautiful, so beautiful. A cardboard tube, with three glass, which put a little shredded paper, is very simple, we made. But you turn up to see inside the pattern changes, no two of the same, really born to endless, is not complicated. The simple things have an end to the changing Xianshou National Division, was born to endless understand, without a doubt that is indeed limitless, endless numerous. This is what to say? For the entire universe. Therefore, we up the idea, whether intentionally or unintentionally, good thoughts, evil thoughts, changes in the whole universe inside. Not necessarily in our present, now do not see, see other planets. Why? Its speed is too fast, the idea to move on the surrounding judicial system, what speed does not have the speed, this speed is beyond time and space. Because it is from, sexual Tak hired through the heart awareness, awareness of heart slow; the heart consciousness Wang Xin, surrounding dharmadhatu, but the speed is very slow. As if we were in a pond inside the pool, leaving a small stone, you see small stones generate waves, slowly slowly to the side, very long time, not very fast. But our idea is to move immediately surrounding dharmadhatu, also it is not a physical phenomenon. We cast a stone into the pond is a physical phenomenon, we who have decided to think one thing is the psychological phenomenon. From the idea, intentionally or unintentionally, which is a

natural phenomenon, very close to the self-nature, are Alaya industry, energy, surrounding Dharma Realm. Underneath this one, "someone else on your good side, just as you good thoughts as powerful". What does it mean? We often talk back to Buddhism, chanting, chanting, rehabilitated back to give you merit. Sent back to the idea of this person, very focused, very earnestly, back to the man he got exactly the same with people who do good deeds. He was very sincere, he really got very merit, this is not false. If this back to Youkouwuxin, merit, chanting, mantra, to do good deeds is not focused, very weak force, designed in the repair merit this person. The the Po Chi Kung salvation concubine of Emperor Wu, the concubine made sin, falling python body. The Po Chi Kung is a Bodhisattva again, we see his biography in the "Biographies of Eminent Monks" which, he shows now the number of supernatural powers, "Shenseng Biography" inside him. He put his concubine from the beasts inside salvation grieved benefit days, not the power of the average person can do it. Why can not the salvation to the world of bliss? She lacks the Buddha nature of goodness. Past life was dependent Tathagata Buddhas, who have taken the Pure Land Dharma, it is the way to salvation to the world of bliss. Therefore, each person's fate is not the same, everyone Sushi life the Shangen repair area, the merit is not the same, there is a difference in the head here. The body is the same industry learning is not the same; sexual Germany is the same, and virtue is not the same. So the Buddha endless compassion, know that he is one, can not wait, we immediately returned to normal, this is indeed the pregnant Tathagata Buddhas. The Buddha blessing, so we really Buddha and Pure Land, said earlier that others think of us good thoughts with good thoughts of our own repair is no different, do not Who? Amitabha. Amitabha before 15 robbery forty-eight willing to practice with five robbery, if he could add to us? Can. Not available in this state inside, time, space, time and space, 15 robbery is now. True increase, the problem is that we refused to get down, industry learning, worry too heavy, this thing is creating a barrier. Obstacles not the other obstacles in our own, we have our own obstacles, Buddha not on the increase. Buddha or we can get the benefits are limited. We obstacles more light, his blessing the greater energy, our trouble more severe, the less energy we have received, so the truth. Can be seen, put down! This concept, I just Buddhist age of 26, and the first time I saw the monks, Akiyoshi master, he taught me. Buddhist sixty years more to old age more grateful to the teacher, because he taught me to be true, are not the slightest false. When we see through, put down not completely understand, vague a concept. I have to ask him where to put down? He told me that from worldly possessions. At that time our own life is very difficult, monthly treatment only enough for their own lives, everything lack that worldly possessions I do not have the ability to do. The teacher asked me a dime there? I said a dime. A dollar okay? A dollar is required. So he told me, from a hair, a piece of Busch, repair Busch, lack of capacity, the heart should be enough, always keep the heart of giving. This teach well! We gave birth to the idea of helping others with their ability to be

able to self-sacrifice. Now, this mind very few people, mostly selfish, only for themselves, refused to others. Same in the initial stage, learning about a decade, the amount of heart and opened. Open up what? Others after their own. We grew up like reading, property has no other books, scrimped and saved to buy a good book. Others to see, and would like to read, initially it is absolutely impossible. I read this book to understand, to give you, I also did not finish, not fully and completely understand, I need not give. About ten years later, I bought the book, people like you want you can give him, which the mind and opened. I hope the achievements of others better than me, I enjoy his blessing, the concept I have always had. Achievements of others is truly their own success, put others first, on the second, third. This energy, pure-hearted, full of energy, wisdom, growth, seeing color, heard sound, touch on some realm, raw intelligence, not to have trouble. Therefore, a corresponding we talking about Buddhism back to this thing is not fake. "Human ideas can deeply affect many plants, seeds, single-celled organisms (bacteria, yeast), insects and small animals." We often do, have done more than a decade, really effective, small animals know how to mean. Small animals will watch others, you will not hurt it. We generally talk about the magnetic field, the Chinese people speak the gas, poor temperament, irritable murderous kind of vicious, cruel, kind of gas separation, these small animals to see you quickly escape. If your gas separation is kind, gentle, compassionate, it'm close to you. From these small animals to see you, you see it moves reflect over the thought of my gas separation in the end how? Good or evil? This little animal is afraid of me, or like me? You heard right. I was a child, during the war, my father was an officer for weapons, ordnance officer, for weapons. Barreled weapons, guns, our home is not much, only four people, my parents with my two brothers, our house seems to have eight guns, Changzhangduanduan. So always liked to play with guns. Then there is no way to school, flee! Bullets too, it is easy to obtain the bullet, almost mean, I remember three years, 17, 18, 19, 16-year-old, 16year-old to 18-year-old three years, with an average daily fight ten rounds bullets. So practice what? Sharpshooter, you do not have to aim, can be said not to 100%, about 95 percent is not a problem, the decision may be hit. Out of practice, practice every day, so many bullets you practice. So at that time, those birds, small animals to see me to hurry on the fly, run, we do not know. After Buddhist understand, too heavy murderous. Buddhism, Buddhist probably ten or twenty years, I see small animals to see me, it stops there, watching for a long time, it does not move. This means that murderous has been greatly reduced, compassion growth. Even small animals, I see a tree squirrel park in the United States, our hands, peanuts, waving with it, it really came, eat peanuts, it is not afraid of you. These acts, the idea inside are written, they do this experiment has done very well. This experiment before Buddhism, Buddhist constantly doing really outside the realm of ideas deeply influenced.

Now, he said, "I believe," is writing a book, "consciously use force concept, can improve their health, and to strengthen our performance in all spheres of life, and even affect the future". If we believe, it is true, it is not a fake. Let's think carefully now there are many things indeed found in the future. Especially by the wronged, wronged, wronged Generally speaking, we do not seek revenge, not for confession, we endure, we shift the other direction to work. Did not think in that direction is bright indeed bring us to have an unexpected effect, this situation occurred many times in my lifetime. So the idea must be able to suffer, with the average person, then called to sacrifice, not compete with people go everywhere Xuerang. Sages teach us, inside the university asked the big deal, seen on the surface he is no reason, can not accept that his arguments are too deep, his arguments are too secretive. Only you accept, you Yijiaofenghang, or 2035, after ten years, you suddenly realized this a big deal. Chinese people from an early age to teach a child patient, can not endure have to teach him to endure, although he was not convinced, do not know how, but strict parents teach you endure, not could not bear. In this education habit slowly, do not go unreasonable, do not go, you endure it wants. After wisdom slowly opened, understand, this is humility. Reached the highest realm of comity, which to his mind and body to bring harmony to bring their own health and longevity, to bring their own trouble light, wisdom, long, reward and where. The blessing of the people from such a repair. If you compete with others, and finally a lose-lose, lose-lose is small, what is the event? End up with people rancor, this thing retribution, Shengshengshishi endless, that big trouble you when they could resolve this problem! Awful things really do not understand, engage accessible, you can see this community complain about revenge, for generations the knot to be untied, you will be able to see, is not accidental. The Wenchang Yin Zhiwen front passage, said his 17th World literati, with between colleagues refused to give the forged hatred, more than a dozen world retribution can not be untied. Last encounter Buddha, learning the Buddha, Buddha Jie Yuan him release knot, he suddenly realized, both mistaken. Under this said, "We no longer need medication, good thoughts alone can cure; ideas are likely to be powerful enough to affect every aspect of our lives". Not only life, will affect the life after life, so people have a good side, never to have evil thoughts. Evil thoughts of harm to others, I often say that at most one-third of his own injuries at least seven points. Then you think, this thing is not worth it! I harm people hurt before one-third, but they have victimized seventh of serious than harm. This is wrong, substantially all of the errors. And then come back to you from the negative to think about it, I to kindness Win, others get a point, I own the benefits received by more than one point, there will be twothirds. This Zhangjia master taught me, before you learn to give financial generosity, more facilities and more. But behind the word is very important, the more the facilities, do not stay. Case of fiscal Busch, Busch France the same last fearless Busch. Financial generosity, your wealth with no shortage of really responsive; growth method Busch wisdom; fearless Busch health and longevity. You have to really dry, real homes, real

people are willing to help, you can receive this effect. Seek thy good, and Hui, seeking all the health and longevity of their own, seeking less than destined life, you can not afford to lose life, you can not seek. But the idea of a turn, everywhere, for others, life can not be bound you, Cloud Valley Jackson speak, "Liaofansi inside, you transcend fate, not be bound by fate. Why? You do not own, you have a fate, you do not own your destiny is not. Our fate where they come from? The fate of living beings, beings blessed you live World for the benefit of all beings, this is not the same, not for their own. Being s blessed when you have to dry, to help him; beings no blessing in relation to go, a good place to go. Not repair the Pure Land most people to Heaven, which is the lowest floor, the lowest floor is grieved benefit days. To not broken, the place you go the Yujie above five days, will not fall into the three lower realms. Falling into the three lower realms who? Are for their own, selfish, obsessed with their own, not for the sake of others, which is fallen down. Guren Jiang sentence or two major principles, called "disadvantage is a blessing", "woolly-headed" Do not be too smart, a little confused. Confused confused a blessing, he blessed, and do not compete with people everywhere make suffer the Blessed. Absolutely do not keep people care about, especially in the present society, care about everything give rise to a lot of disaster, attracted a lot of unexpected calamity. You make, will be able to resolve these disasters, not only to resolve their own, but also to resolve the others to do the good look, good! The next section, we deal with their own ideas assume a high degree of responsibility, is likely to affect the safety "of all creatures around, this story is absolutely correct. Intentionally or unintentionally, those thoughts will affect everything around. Earth's temperature is constantly on the rise, which is in the growth of Buddhist scriptures say well done, well done? Hatred heart, temper. We encounter unhappy things in there today, made a little fire, issued a tantrum, you have not thought of the Earth's temperature has increased by a little? You manufacture. We live the people of this area are no longer angry, the region's temperature drops, which give you an example. In other words, greed, hatred, and ignorance, slow, suspect these thoughts are not good, there will be a very good effect. Our idea to be able to Treatise industry accordingly, do not kill, do not Pirates, Xiexing, not to lie, not double-tongued, not Words and Flowery Expressions, do not bad mouth, not greedy, not anger, not crazy, we live in this region peaceful. Interpersonal harmony, harmony with flowers and trees, people and land of mountains and rivers harmony, it is very happy! There is no happiness, that is caused by their own ideas, good thoughts bring you happiness, poor idea to bring you disaster, evil. From the heart to read to be responsible not just words pretentious. The family is the smallest group, the work place is a relatively large group, group is even more to pay attention to, and why? Often affect groups. The universe there is a ubiquitous energy called the energy of the living body with great healing ability, the accumulation of energy from the "body of life energy" is not self-

nature, self should be speaking in front of Zero Limits Zero Limits that is Self, because here life, life Dharma which was about Alaya. The Alaya Why tremendous healing ability of energy? Alaya can change all the laws. You see, in the Mahayana Buddha often talk about the heart now know change. The heart is sincere, since, as it is now, Master Hui Neng said, "He of the Self," dharma, MasterCard method are self-born, now. But let the law to produce changes, changes in incredible, limitless countless endless changes, Alaya. It can produce changes in it ability, it has tremendous healing ability. Earth has become a problem, problems abound, If we know this truth, we use the good side, to treat the Earth disaster recovery to normal earth restored to health, not impossible, makes sense, there is a way. The Bladen taught us there is scientific theory, "choosing right from wrong, repented, correct mind", this problem is solved. He said these words, we believe, is not doubt, which in this life, we always want to believe in these three words, the implementation of these three words. These three sentences, the first sentence is often talk about the "Buddhist Duane rehabilitated," he said, choosing right from wrong is Duane rehabilitated. In what areas? Who have decided, in speech, artificial, including what we call the body, speech and mind three industry itself is pretentious, mouth words, meaning who have decided, three industry should be good. Good heart, no greed, no anger, not crazy, not arrogant, do not doubt that this heart good. Especially the teachings of the ancient sages can not doubt that, certainly not as the ancients. Do not think that we now have a very good common sense, the common sense of science and technology, the ancients did not not think so. Because common sense is not the important thing, the wisdom, the wisdom come from? Wisdom flow out from a pure heart. Clean the heart of the ancients, that is the moral of the ancients than we, the wisdom of the ancients than we, the life of the ancients than our happiness. Today, we have many scientific technical knowledge in these modern appliances, but we live very hard, we have no happiness at all. Because, impatient and wisdom only to have trouble. Science and technology to create these things, we did not get a positive enjoyment, is negative. Negative? It grew Tan Tianchi slow doubt, this is negative. Tan Tianchi slow suspect your sexual Germany destroyed tribute slow, died after falling in a three way, than how can people? The ancients childhood comply with ethics, in other words, his life, and died, never falling into the three way. His precepts Treatise Xiude Hao, the next life to the earth better than this life day, reward and greater deposition reactive tired Germany. Repair reward, no world, went to heaven, Heaven reward than the National People's Congress. So to believe that the instinct of the energy, whether it is from students, or from Alaya students, strength is not got to have a great effect. "The most effective treatment ideas should be the form of pleading." Why? Pleading good thoughts, good side force than with arrogant power, good side force, which is spoken by the ancients evil triumphs. Honest, sincere positive, without the slightest arrogance heart, heart no fluke.

"State of mind will also affect the lives of people around: Whether we consciously send ideas, can still affect the surrounding environment." We live in this place, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the impact on the region. We live here time soon, there is no effect? Of you think carefully, you can find here influential. I hope we have better positive impact, helping them to consciousness, helping them to turn back, to help them choosing right from wrong, to help them straighten out your mind. We live in this place, not only joy, the mountains and the earth, the spirits happy, animals, plants of this region all have fun. It should, the region has been a disaster. This is our performance is to teach by example, our manners are precept. "Human ideas flow of consciousness, the slightest interference of the quantum process may have a serious impact," This is unexpected. If I remind you that I believe we will slowly carefully and will find that this thing is really. Sixty years ago the society, we remember very clearly, 60 years ago, I was twenty-five-year-old, just just Buddhist, had just met the Dharma. The society of that time is now completely different, although the World Wind Kusakabe, can not compare with the past, there are humane. Sixty years ago I first came to Taiwan, a complete stranger, do not know the way, met a man on the road, and asked him a road, he would lay down his work, send me to that place, there is such a person. We went to the rural countryside, hungry, people happily do something for us to eat, we as a people. Really feel at home, the words of the ancients we experienced. No, now you do not know the way to ask the police, at most, he casually pointed to not tell you. Now the kind of love between people, human. Lost, we know this thing is valuable, it is people's lives, people's lives. People's lives, it becomes a ghost life into the lives of animals, even animals are not as. This awareness is consciously sent to speak with the bottom, which is the flow of consciousness, the most subtle interference can have serious repercussions, bringing today, six years, today's society become like this. Social change, the Earth has changed. So much disaster on Earth every day come from? From the human mind, consciousness, intentionally or unintentionally. These disturbances, interference with each other, causing serious social impact. "The ideas can give no bio-energetic." No creature is about the mineral, which? Every day we worship these idols, statues of the Buddha, the Christian cross, which was full of idols. The idea to give it full of energy, it will work, the role of thoughts. Buddha to bring light, opening spirit, do not open the light would not work. Opening the true spirit of it? True spirit, not opening it is not working. What is it? Your thoughts, not anything else. In fact, he made a mistake, dependent the Buddha image to the opening, the opening is actually the so-called new like the Buddha, the opening, held an opening ceremony, is what I mean. The opening ceremony is to feed its significance, and then you see this like to know what does it mean, called the opening. What opening? Like to open the light, you see, we see the Bodhisattva, they think the Merciful, the Merciful, the light open. Like to open our light, not I open it light. So a lot of people took the the Buddha opening, I said, What kind of light? You worship me just fine! You see, I gave it light, it is the spirit, I do not give it to the opening, it is not working, then I also soul, you do not

worship me, you worship do it! Wrong, the meaning of this term is completely wrong. We dependents Buddha is a Buddha to open our light, What do you mean you know it table method table. Jizo behalf of Filial respect for teachers, see the Jizo, hear the name of Jizo, it is necessary to know if I want to remain devoted parents, I want to Feng Shi teacher, the light open. This Bodhisattva plastic really work, able to open this place where beings Filial the light of respect for teachers. Goddess of Mercy is open merciful light, Amitabha give you infinite light Shou, immeasurable wisdom alone, Amitayus blessings infinite wisdom and blessing it mean. You are all wrong. Wrong wrong, the role of ideas from; feel feel the fans fans, all play a role, the role of ideas. We need to know, to make it clear. The following two sections we have to keep in mind that we will work. The ideas Nenggen inanimate object full of energy, which just said. "Against the negative ideas of others is the most effective way to read the phrase Christian Lord's Prayer: deliver us from evil." Christians pray to God, inside must have these words, ask God to deliver us from suffering, from the evil one. Because other people have negative ideas to curse you, grant you this kind of evil thoughts, he will hate you, hate you, making every effort to curse you. Curse on you too much, someone once said to me, he said Venerable Master, how many people hate you, curse you, you live, how can you? Here are the answers, I do not pray, I rely on is his curse me or speak evil of me or hurt or I totally grateful heart, I accept, I bless each and every one of them, and why? His karma for me. Not so many people curse me, since I no robbery karma me how Consumer Law? This is true, not false. The more serious blow to eliminate the more karma. Karma elimination, that realm very good, a major setback, followed by bright. This is many years old fellow practitioners told me, after a torture to raise himself up. So he helped me improve, I think he is well, he is not bad meaning. I drove away, drove away I went to a better place than the original place, I have to thank him. Can not thank we often change the environment is more for the better. If I was in Taiwan, Taiwan Buddhist students do not thrust me away, not forcing me to go, I will not leave Taiwan, have little effect. I'm in a hurry to go out, I go to the United States to Canada, gradually affecting the whole world. In Singapore, the forces I can not live, had to go and migrated to Australia. I am grateful to thank him for? To thank him, and why? If I was in Singapore, my life out of that circle can not go to Australia, I went to the United Nations, more and more auspicious. So, for everyone Thanksgiving, help me, I will not develop my driving force is the inverse of affinity, will only be useful to me, to shun the realm inside as I do not move. Full inversion on edge, really want to settle down there, there is no way, forcing you have to go away. So, step by step forced me up. I look back and are grateful for each step, true, not false, is a grateful heart is love. I think this world, no one I really malicious, he does not have this method, I can not raise up. He made braved the crime industry to Duo Edao the the danger, he carried me, I can not Thanksgiving? Old school to think about my words carefully justified, you will be able to understand, is

always a grateful heart. Like Godline king against insults and immortal, help forbearance the immortal Buddha in advance, and is the Sakyamuni Buddha. Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha original after the Maitreya Buddha, Xianjie terra Shakya ranked fifth, the Maitreya fourth. Because immortal shame helped him, cutting cross-sectional body does not have the slightest resentment, but also Thanksgiving, he upgraded, ahead of the Buddha, become Buddha Xianjie, Maitreya Buddha statue next. We want to know this truth, persecute us, humiliate us, slander our system is a benefactor. In this place may be able to, can not move aversion, there is no resentment, but also know Thanksgiving this karma is substantially eliminated, there is no greater than the force. So if you are wise you will, especially thankful for these people. I am particularly back to these people every day, I am here for the tablets, you carefully go and see me any trouble, set me up, I have for a memorial tablet. I do not hate him, I like them, I am grateful to them, Thanksgiving! Today I have this achievement, they help me improve. "There is an idea can overcome any negative emotions or situations, go home the thinking." Is home, back home, where the home? Home in light Jojakkoji, home from the regression since sex is Miaojue to Tathagata. "Go home thinking is a person's ultimate vision and goal in life; most difficult time, it can be solid in our original track." Is not affected, not overlooked, the decision can not in this environment inside resentment, antagonism against the enemy, confrontation, and that is bad. War is because they can not grasp their own before, you never should exercise tolerance and patience, the war would not have happened. But if we do not resist, it is not always insult people, maiming people, exterminate our cohort. Yes, really. But you do not resist, though you exterminate you immigrated to heaven, better realm up, they made this industry, they will fall into the hells, why? They killed innocent civilians, no reason to be killed. So you think about it, or to the distance of interest. But how to prevent these things from happening? Education. A virtuous education, the truly compassionate good man, and the wicked shall see that he did not dare to start, do not have the heart to start, this is not a bad person. You need something to his request, he gives you, you do not have to rob, do not need to murder and arson, he will give you. Conscience and our faith, so education is too important. This is the Chinese people all over the world any one ethnic group, this group is the first since ancient times, millions of years ago to understand the ethical and moral education, the cause and effect of education, teach people. Therefore, this group, this society for thousands of years to long-term stability, some foreigners to study Chinese cultural history, was a miracle, how did this happen? Education. I heard the Nanning-Kunming Dean he told me, a few years ago, I returned to Australia, the principal invited me to dinner, because the school sent me a doctoral degree. Dean with me, told me that he said before the Second World War, the Second World War, some European experts and scholars to study a problem before. Four ancient civilizations in the world, three are not, and why the ancient civilizations of China be able to continue to exist? To study the

topic. Have concluded, almost unanimously affirmed, he said it might be the Chinese people are very family education. Draw such a conclusion, he told me. I told him, I said that this conclusion is correct, not at all true. China since ancient times, from generation to generation, until the end of the Manchu Dynasty, No emphasis on family education. Because China is a big family, family education, family will be chaos. Chinese people born down, is community life, social life, he talked about today is not a personal act, he is the group's behavior. China in ancient times the unit of society is the family, a family is a unit, to the Chinese in rural areas now looked inside, that wangzhuang, it is Li Zhuang, a village is a family, from generation to generation, regardless of family. A family five generations, we open the genealogy are the Five Dynasties and Five what? A. Population development, and then build a home, build a home separately. So he is a close relationship, be sure to understand the ethical relationship ethical relationship is the relationship between the short remote. To maintain this population, maintain the harmonious society, in fact, the five cardinal, the five permanent members, four-dimensional, Bade, very simple, do not trouble, this is a family financial situation. Everyone to learn, it becomes a family learning, all of them have to comply with, it becomes the house rules. So small put him teach, everyone is a good man, and know everything by the rules. Such as childhood teach you so that there is no competition, each other to give way to each other. From an early age can not train selfish, selfish future family trouble. Who have decided me for the whole family, I am not for my own personal, and then a big achievement of their own personal glory belongs to the family, the glory of the whole family. This concept only the Chinese people and foreigners. This ethnic group in China, the inside of the ancient civilizations now, it will not go away, because here. Now to the most dangerous time, if you can not return to traditional teaching, really, this civilization will disappear in this day and age. Four ancient civilizations are not, and that's a pity. The ancient civilization of China not only can save China, Toynbee said, was able to save the world. You say to the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty is the most glorious dynasty in Chinese history, the country Collection of books governance to be, and now this book we find a lot of reprographic circulation, setting off a boom, this boom is the world the. This book is printed out, me be the first to give Elder Mahathir, Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib sent to the Government of Indonesia, sent to the Emperor of Japan, this time to Rome, gave the Pope. Recently translated into English, the English did not all turn, pulls out a part, probably one-tenth. Everyone to see, not born loving heart. Out of the flow of the English, will flow to the world of education than anything else. If you hit a negative, we must know the positive to respond, not negative, not confrontation, not confrontation; opposition, confrontation, endless. "When we most insidious read force siege, the best way to protect their firm and Buddha Pure Land to live." You into my back, I retreated to where to go? I retreated to the Land of Ultimate Bliss. I also welcome you to Elysium, you would not come there is no way, I

really like to welcome you. We retreated to the embrace of the Buddha, how safe, how auspicious how successful happy. So we have no enemies, no karmic creditors. The karmic creditors you confused upside down when summoned, your heart calm, wisdom opened, it is impossible to have karmic creditors. If you have studied Mahayana Buddhism, you know, over the the Dharma Realm void community everything is one, where the karmic creditors! Tell their own against it? Impossible. Different ethnic groups, like the different organs of our body, the eyes will not with the ears against? The ears will not tell against the nose? The heart will follow against the kidney? The lungs will not tell against the liver? Not always harmonious, your physical and mental health. If you go against your body you have to seriously ill. To learn the Buddha, you see, the classic inside Buddha benevolent, merciful benevolence, benevolent is the Buddha. How benevolent? There is no enemy, benevolent invincible enemy is hostile, Buddha is not hostile. Henmi broken, never antagonistic, opposite decision is not the Buddha, he is an ordinary person. You looked through the "Tripitaka", which Buddha confrontation with someone? Not be found. Why? The Buddha already know, the times dharmadhatu empty circles all sentient beings with their own one, is not, how can his own against the truth! Underneath a talk about prayer, we missed in the previous one, the first surface, we put together. The first surface. "Prayer content without special provisions, but must contain the operation is successful, rapid recovery, without complications, continuous prayer thirty days." This is speaking in front of the good ideas, we help others, with the Dharma inside back to the same. But how to practice? People are sick, sick, must include the disease he needs an operation, the operation is successful, able to quickly recover without sequelae. The idea of a daily prayer time, continuous 30 days, it can achieve the desired result. At least seven days, one day, two days have no effect. Us back to the same back to the long-term return to the role played great. Here tells us that "prayer experiments show", these scientists do experiments, "we can go back in time and change the past." Done wrong in the past, past ignorance, wisdom wrong things, have serious consequences, affecting modern. There is no way to change? This is Buddhism speaks of repentance, repentance is the repentance of the past had made bad karma. You really know this truth, it will have the effect, change our environment, because the environment is inherited from the past factors. This is generally difficult to imagine that in the past has passed. OK, I can change the past, the impact now. I have the section aside, just to manage, does not work very difficult. So the power of repentance. Read "reverse force more powerful than the forward-only read the force, reverse what? Past mistakes, mistakes of the past, I now repentant, that energy can quickly continued to the present, can play a role in the now. You see, the "experimental evidence to prove that the reverse causality exists, ideas have

the ability to go back to the moment of the past events, the impact has occurred over the event. Scientists believe that scalar wave", is the zero point energy field inside a wave, called scalar wave, "that people can change in time and space". That time to change is now able to change the past, can change the future. Because, past, present and future are not real, ideation. The idea there was no time with the space in front said, it goes beyond space, beyond time and space. The idea of energy is incredible. Confession, repentance merit true religion to promote repentance, but did not repent of this energy to make it clear to understand that. Speak clearly, clearly explained, we will have a greater effect. Did not make it clear, most people say that this is superstition, things have gone, would like to do it, and said it is doing? It is not know this truth, to know the truth, repentance work, not does not work, reduce the sins made in the past. From poor karma to resolve early, fall into the hells hell, falling ghosts of fallen beasts are able to get out of it really works, not does not work. On his behalf to repent work, as long as his own confession, he can accept. We gave him back to he received, he was born loving heart, the heart becomes more and more goodness, evil thoughts to resolve the good side, students up, he hell. Not without reason. All things, the boundaries of the so-called time, generated from people respectively dedication, leave perseverance, time and space is gone. So falling into hell, hell how many robbery to come out, what is this? This is a general statement. Repentant heart is cut, it is true, after recycling industry immediately eliminate, the number of robbery immediately becomes a very short time. Sturdy persistent, no regret, heart, or know that regret can also face does not fit, that time is extended. Length of time in an idea, not the truth. It is not the truth, the truth has never been one thing is real, must understand this truth. "The physical universe is not fixed, whenever the real world is by the will of the human our thoughts - and created." Ideas to create ideas are subject to change. Sakyamuni Buddha, His Holiness the teaching of the past forty-nine years, on this earth will affect 12,000 years, some of this by Dhamma, a thousand years, as the law for a thousand years, the Dharma Ending million years. According to the records of ancient Chinese texts inside is to Sakyamuni Buddha Miedu three thousand and thirty eight. The older generation in China Master like Xuyun old monk, Dixian old monk Yin Kuang with this chronology. According to the Annals of China, Sakyamuni Buddha Miedu to now three thousand and thirty eight years. Dhamma thousand years have passed, like the law in a thousand years have passed, the Dharma Ending a million years have been a thousand years, we are now in the Dharma Ending the second millennium. Earth will not be destroyed, other religions talk about the end of the world, Buddhism did not say doom. The Dharma Ending is not a doomsday end of law is it? Saying, listen to people who did not practice, called the Dharma Ending. What are the laws destroy? Even the preaching of the people do not have a method to exterminate. Buddha Dhamma in terms of the "sutra", like the law, the Dharma Ending

off method, what he says is very reasonable. Fa-rectification period is Sakyamuni Buddha was alive, preaching, listen through the people, really practice, Goodnews fruit called Dhamma, four endowed. Certified Xu Tuohuan card Arhat, and a few Taichetaiwu, clear your heart. Buddhism spread to China is like the law, has been a thousand years, spread to China. In China, there is a saying, listen by real practice, there is evidence of fruit. The cases the door Taichetaiwu, teach under the wide open round solution, Pure Land Buddhism management bent on chaos are certificates fruit, something bent on chaos, this is evidenced by the fruit, which all belong to the Dhamma. More to the modern times, personnel changes, preaching, less, not so much. Early Republican era, these preaching famous Master about a dozen people, China is so big piece of land, which is very sad. Two hundred years ago, the people in this land, monasteries nunneries preaching every day, we neglect two hundred years. To the older generation, I go up to this generation, in Hong Kong, Tan virtual Master, the Dingxi Master, there are some Master preaching. In Taiwan, the preaching of the Master five, six, and less and less. Listening to by the people, the true spiritual fewer people, no, this is the word of the Buddha Dharma Ending Age, there is no evidence fruit. But the Buddha, the real Buddha reborn in the Western Paradise, is that certificates fruit, Buddha Dharma Dharma. The people advocating science, religion gradual decline of Buddhism is no exception. Therefore, we actively promoted, religion to return to education, it would have been education, especially Buddhism. Sakyamuni Buddha's life, passed away from enlightenment and thirty years, to the elderly 79, life preaching Teaching, never stopped. Sakyamuni Buddha was alive, no religious behavior, he did not build the temple, he did not do any Buddhist, and even resting or attending are every man to do it themselves, Buddha is not specified. Buddha is only the school day, we come to lectures, have questions, ask questions to give you answers, classroom! This is the the Living Buddha life line friendship, we need to know. Buddhism inside worship, worship this form of the day, the Buddha know, universe god, to God, there are some gods, that are living beings, no different with us. Some wisdom higher than ours, reward bigger than us, he is an ordinary person. Buddha is successful wisdom, consciousness of fulfillment, these sacred wisdom consciousness has not yet reached satisfactorily. So many gods, to God, gods, with Sakyamuni Buddha learning, according to Sakyamuni Buddha as a teacher, this is a very normal thing. And even a lot of different religious preacher, religious believers, to listen to Sakyamuni Buddha's lesson study to Sakyamuni Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha did not ask them to change religion. What does this mean? That he is not a religion, like schools, religious schools letter can you sign up, you learn, you are welcome. His education, he is not a religion. But now we have the education lost, completely formalism becomes religious. The meaning of this is not a custard apple, custard apple to put forward a religion to engage in a year, the temple was built on the establishment of the temple, why not build that time? The inside has a deep meaning, we're going to slowly appreciate'll understand. So this place, a "real-world human will - our thoughts - and created", then we certainly

can change ideas. This is the matter of these scientists to "mind control", controlled substances to the ideas of our heart, this theory can be based. Now the time to the afternoon, under a then repeat.... Episode 4 Master of you, gentlemen, students, sit down. We then look at "reads the strength of secret sharing," Look at the sixth, eighth line: "In theory all the information" (any one time) at any one time can obtain the universe. A Xianshou National Division "source view" he said very clearly in the three surrounding. Three surrounding by two roles, source concept "from the one, two effects, the first is the emergence of the universe, and the second is that I appear. So I come from? Simultaneously with the universe. The Yi Nianbu feel, this Yi Nianbu feel from inside the Yi Nianbu feel. This Yi Nianbu feel there is no reason, really, as the scientist said, suddenly jumped out, he stresses the idea suddenly pop out immediately eliminated, so the speed is very fast. Maitreya Buddha told us this idea, we use today second read time the sixteen hundred megabytes per second, which means that a second inside of sixteen hundred megabytes ideas (idea) that is Yi Nianbu feel. Feel before a phenomenon, an idea sleep, sleep is not moving, the Dharma is felt action is to feel. Master Hui Neng see tells us that the second sentence "Ho period of the birth and death", the birth and death is not fixed, since Jojakkoji light. This concept feel is moved, after this move, it kept the old, there under another concept came out. Yi Nianbu feel fans, caused by the phenomenon that fans are obsessed with the plot out, so the phenomenon. The rate of occurrence is very fast, so Mahayana teach this argument, the universe is a moment Dayton now, the moment is an idea, Dayton is not gradually. Indeed like our slide show playing on the television, one click of the button when the whole picture on the television. Has not said which the first place, which in the same time, Buddhism is saying so, Dayton is now one o'clock. Moment Dayton now it immediately disappeared, so this means that the phenomenon is not the truth, then the second slide, the disappearance of the second slide is the third slide, each slide is not the same as we speak today similar, in fact, that the difference is great. We see minor differences? Seen close look at the range is very small, and does not seem to change. If you see the whole vanity Dharma Realm, that change is too great an idea inside there is a lot of change. Galaxies to live in bad air, in this study inside, sink galaxies, galaxies broken. Three surrounding birth inside endless speak a word correctly, in this concept was born inside endless. This change is Alaya, knowledge becomes the phenomenon is heart now, since now, the heart now know change. Now really does not move, now had all the delusive phantom, including the actual reported solemn soil, which we said a lot of preaching. FACT solemn soil is how come? Or move, the Alaya industry, is the Yi Nianbu sleep. This Yi Nianbu feel very fine, who have decided does not, can not afford

to heart, not dynamic concept, but who have decided the habit is not broken. Buddhist scripture as if we do not see this obvious statement, we read through, after all, too little, twelve Sanzo did not read it, do not know the other through there? Time to go look it up "by the law of different phase" with the "Taisho Tripitaka", which the ancients do these books, Buddhist something important, he regarded it copied inside for us to find some want know. We suppose because, you see thinking trouble habits to off see think troubles card Eluohanguo, but the Arhat there see thinking trouble habits; see thinking trouble habits broken, then the card pratyekabuddhas fruit; pratyekabuddhas off the dust of trouble, trouble off the dust, he is the Buddha; Buddha trouble habits dust, dust troubles habit is broken, the Bodhisattva Buddha. Buddha whether Ming troubles, which is ten Dharma Realm Buddhist, ignorance troubles broke, he would go to a true Dharma Realm, did not break his habit. So we know that Taichetaiwu, clear your heart is broken troubles, that is, we often talk about, no trouble is from the heart to read, can not afford heart, not automatically read, respectively, not attached to the left ten dharmadhatu to the One True Dharma Realm. One True Dharma Realm 43 a class, why are there so many classes? To our common sense terms, a person can not afford heart, read what the class does not move? Who have decided will have a class, can not afford heart, does not automatically read the class come from? So we think it is from the heart reading habits are not the same thickness. Just cut off who have decided to is broken ignorance, was the body of law, which is the beginning of the round to teach live Bodhisattva, his habits completely still. A long time in the the FACT soil inside, habits short, short habits one point he went to live on, he lived to three short, this habits are divided into a total of 43 one level, to feel only a little bit of bad habits, such as sleep a little bit, it is called a product born of ignorance. We note that the raw phase, he now phase, in other words, his habits, there is no phase. So he then an upgrade went to Miaojue bit, Miaojue no phase, there is no cashphase, back Jojakkoji light. Need to join Chang Ji just Miaojue to the. This place we have to be careful to observe it, Jojakkoji light three phenomena are not physical phenomena, not spiritual phenomenon, not a natural phenomenon, that is the true nature, nature does not have these three things. So that is called real phenomenon, light eternal Jojakkoji. As long as the phenomenon is in the implementation of this solemn soil, his habits or extremely fine fluctuation. Why? That was not volatile phase. The existence of all phenomena are frequency, is now scientists so-called law of strings, all fluctuations before the phenomenon, there is no fluctuation does not produce. 40, a body of law Tuas exactly what time things we learned from this place. 40 to a ranking can not say that, nor that it did not. You say it, it is equal, who have decided not; you have to say it does not, the habits of each individual does have the same thickness, it was habit is very thick, was thin habits. The phenomenon occurred, the solemn soil FACT fluctuations on the transmission of information and transmit information here about information, all the information of the universe. Xianshou master talk show three times, showing the show, it has three all-around, which is its nature. A surrounding judicial system, so we can at any time to obtain all the information of the universe, of prophecy, as you do not do not know, know all about it.

We do not know why? That we have to think about it, the Buddha said that we lost since, whether Ming troubles, dust troubles, see and think of trouble, these things live our instincts obstacles. You know, our instincts not lost, never lose because it is true. This obstacle is false, fake it works. Why work? Because we are obsessed with it, if we put it down, not persistent, persistent world out of all the world doing it, do not, respectively, who have decided not to our ability to restore. As long as it does not persistent on the recovery part of your God-channel force equal to the Arhat, Arhat six supernatural powers have emerged. Although can not Bianzhi the whole universe, he knew that part of the six inside, he knows all about. Ten Dharma Realms, he did not know the inside of the Ten Dharma Realms he only knew the four holy Dharma Realm of Savaka judicial system, he do not know, following him all know, Hearers dharmadhatu The following six he know all this magical wand, Heaven can not be compared with him. If he broke the dust and confusion, is, respectively, respectively, not only persistent, have no idea of, respectively, which in turn has improved, and the ascent to Bodhisattva realm. In other words, Pratyeka realm he knew, the Buddha realm he knew the inside of the Ten Dharma Realms Dharma community, he did not know. From the heart to read off, can not afford to heart, not fixed idea, he proves Engyo early live, do not teach at the beginning, he goes beyond the Ten Dharma Realms, he is fully aware of the situation for the Ten Dharma Realms. This range, not only aware of the corrupt world of the Ten Dharma Realms, the ten of all the Buddhas, such as the Ten Dharma Realms all know. What is it? Called clear your heart, lay down who have decided to see. Is successful, what is, is not the size, nature there was no time, no space, no opposition, the real return to the self-nature, but also did not really go back, because the habit is not broken. Mahayana inside, the product has no break in this position, while also demonstrating a body of law students FACT soil, but also permit a Jojakkoji light soil, only evidence was, and did not need to join. To need to join Jojakkoji light, be sure to wait for sleep to mention rise to the Miaojue-bit, this need to join Jojakkoji light. Need to join? With Jojakkoji light fuse. How much light Jojakkoji? Even the whole universe. So after into Jojakkoji light is what kind of state? Our heart, our body, our wisdom, our German energy, all we channel power of God, physiognomy, charge over the whole of the universe, everything at all in ten Fang Sanshi all the Buddhas Tathagata is wonderful sleep fruit bits, where are you? Here, no matter what he is like light and replenish. Since when the sky? We felt that he was from the sky, induction Road. Beings felt from the sky, and their own experiences, what body degrees right now and what the body is such a truth. Scientists see full-called energy, scientists see the energy of the universe. The energy of the universe is our own body of law, it is our own nature, this phenomenon is the realization of the cosmic energy, realized under certain conditions. Under a "power of prophecy," This is about this issue, why would you know the next thing? "Only future events in some way back now", you see, you see, "is an inverse causality", you can see the future, pulled you see in the past is now in advance. The time is not true, is false, the time pulled now, may be the future pulled now, all you can see. We generally talk about a return to the past, into the future, in fact, is such a phenomenon. "The most basic level of our existence, and continuous-time thing". Time with the space to be false, we cling time, respectively, have the time, so by the time

control. The pure energy of the quantum level and it does not matter the time and space ", return to the quantum space-time is not. "Time and space is our own creation". 100 law out the door on the inside made it very clear that space is what? Is abstraction with now, the Buddhist term called corresponding row Act, can not say that there can not say that it is not the appropriate line method. It is not corresponding with the Heart, now the heart of the law is not the appropriate, corresponding with the color method, but it arises can not be separated from the Xin Xinsuo, color method, it is this which phantom. This is not the appropriate line method. Twenty-four, eight Heart, 50 a heart-law, elevencolor method, twenty four corresponding abstraction, this time inside, space . He said that after midnight, party points, square of space, time division is the time, is an abstract concept, not really. But our persistent and sometimes, the time it is in trouble, why? Persistent space, we shy, uncomfortable, we have the concept of distance; dedication of time, we can not return to the past, you can not go into the future, there is a limitation of this breakthrough. Breakthrough, we can see by the religion which said, as long as the card if instinct was restored. Theravada first fruits of the Mahayana early letter on the restoration of two supernatural powers, one eye in the sky, a day ears, your eyes saw no obstacles like these walls, you can see very clearly. We have now the ability to lose his eye in the sky does not, more than we. Days ear, we can not hear the sound he could hear, now is also easily explained in terms of physics, we now only see this band is extremely limited, this section of the light we can see, look at than this wavelength but not shorter than the wave can not see, we be able to see something invisible, dark night with ultraviolet light is very bright, with the day, X-ray perspective instrument X-ray, ultraviolet. Listen to is the same, only a small portion of the sound waves, than this wavelength listening but not shortwave can not hear, you can use the radio like longwave, shortwave radio. If the various band all could hear, all kinds of light can be seen, the universe immediately changed and it became like, called the space of secondary, you saw it all multidimensional space. This is our instinct, we would be like this, we become like this now is because persistent delusions. Buddha did not teach us things, the Buddha did not teach us, the fans fans, Wu had to be understanding of their own. Buddha taught us just lay down, lay down on the right. As long as the client was incensed, do not be so persistent, slowly recovering, because this habit too heavy, immeasurable robbery Xunxiu into now and still this thing made such a serious, our loss eat. So do not care about do not care about not persistent not attached, you put down the more the better, restore your pure heart, it's true. Repair what? Repair this problem in terms of clean, equality, feel. The body is this, honest is the Yes, now is this thing called dust, impeded. Cases that made it very clear, very briefly, is the sixth consciousness due to the ground seven consciousnesses, a result of the transfer; Alaya in front of five knowledge, turn on the fruit. You would like to fix it is not possible, you have no way, it is the fruit, the sixth consciousness with seven consciousnesses turn off the eighth consciousness all turn in front of five knowledge. Di Liushi What is it? Respectively, we were not turned Di Liushi. The seventh consciousness is persistent, I do not persistent, the seven consciousnesses turn. Both are ideas, so turn on ideas. Ideas, why can not we turn? Do not know the truth, do not know if this is illusion,

illusion, we quit, do not be fooled. It is important to know the law there should be homes, not to mention illegal. "Buddha by speaking well. The method is it? Dharma, Dharma can not be persistent, and can not be, respectively, attachments always puzzled as to the real meaning heart, respectively. Tathagata no real meaning, no meaning, thou shalt not meant to see what it means all saw it, you really know how the Tathagata real justice. What Tathagata real meaning? From inside of the wisdom Germany, this is as good as coming true meaning. From some of this, how can you not know? Since really, you want to use really only see the really, Wang Xin did not see my heart, so the truth. Bashi 50 as one of the Wang Xin, we really clear it out, do not use it; when is it Kakushin use it Zhengxintai, all right. It all living beings, the Buddha in our own experiences induction Road intersection, which he uses, he do not have this degree of beings can not, because the realm is not the same, and everyone is unable to enter his realm, he did not show is his realm to living beings. Alaya there is a role, so-called, by false comprehension. Under this paragraph, "When we bring the energy through sensory perception activities of conscious awareness, to create objects that are separated from each other in space. Every moment a think line, are likely to change our entire history". The idea so much energy! Through the senses, the senses is five consciousness six substances, five knowledge to bring the energy of conscious awareness, sensory the five consciousnesses, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, outside the realm of feeling, five dust, eye on the color, the ear is sound, the nose is fragrant tongue is taste, the body is touch the senses to the consciousness, to the Di Liushi, preaching talked about. Di Liushi, the seventh consciousness can edge to the outside? It must not rely on this, Di Liushi always less than the outside edge realm. For example, the eye is to see, seeing as if the camera, this picture spread to the chip inside the chip is the sixth sense. Sixth sense, see sub-screen to see the inside of the wafer, it saw, it can not be seen directly outside. The direct five consciousnesses, so the five knowledge there is no difference, no persistent, it is delivered, to the Di Liushi, Di Liushi, respectively, sent to the seventh consciousness, the seventh consciousness persistent. The sixth, seventh consciousness is outside the realm of margin of less than rely spread into. Out of five knowledge honestly see the outside? Whether it is good evil, it is true, it all pass in the past, go by them respectively, to persistent, so the manufacturing sector is that they two made five consciousnesses manufacturing. The impassioned five desires are two of them, five consciousnesses there was no impassioned five desires, very simple. Alaya is a warehouse, library, all the information hidden inside, the next encounter when out from the reference library to control, yes, this is seen in the past, there is a file, so a situation . The scientist also said. Therefore, to create the objects separated from each other in space. Under these words matter, "the moment we each think the line, are likely to change our entire history". This is the individual's own. We see a thing is not pleasing to the eye, of personal dislike to see animals is not pleasing to the eye, does not matter? Relationship. Why? Dislike interfere with his ideas to him, he does not like. This caused what? Junction between people, afterlife afterlife encounter when they encountered him on the're not pleasing to the eye as you Jianlu reprisal, this Shengshengshishi is endless. See "oz Britannica" front half "Wenchang Yin Zhiwen, you see Wenchang seventeen World literati junction with people complain, they are actually small grudges, small blame to big

complain, complain become can not solve the rancor, from generation to generation newspaper to report, not only suffer so many beings associated suffering. He made the Dragon King, to drown his enemy, for no reason beings are drowned. So that industry made the more the more serious the damage increasing. So this "intention" to teach us the idea, we must be responsible, not decided on impulse, decided to control their own words and deeds. Because the words and deeds sometimes habits, habits no intention, but the victims were he does not forgive you, he thinks you are intentionally wronged you this thing! So practice what repair? Repair, these poorly correction, do not think nothing. Up to read Why not afford Amitabha? Why do not you read the Buddha? Why not Amitabha? If we really want Amitabha, Amitabha, must be reborn in paradise world, our Buddha to no longer engage in the six cycle. But not Amitabha, all to engage in six reincarnation, the only two road, there is no choice. Permit the fruit of his choice, selected the Buddhas and other parties Pure Land, Select Kamaloka days, the Se Jietian, formless days, he can choose. We generally Bono, a little effort, a three way, one is Paradise, yes. Salford repair, may be able to grieved benefit days, there are a lot of our fellow practitioners to grieved benefit days to go. Grieved Lee, heaven anxious, or hope to survive to Elysium, rely these same Omotesando Friends help appointed him tablets, really practice to call him back. Useful, as long as it is really fixing his good, his interests, can help students Elysium. We know that back to, and pray that it actually worked, but these things are temporary, not the root of the problem, the root cause change, repented from his heart, which is the root of the problem. "The human body is like a cover more than half of U.S. factory, the factory can be large, not small. "Average" 52 trillion cells, remember the 52 trillion cells, every cell inside particles? That number is too big, cells. We know that cells are made up of atoms, the particles constituting the atom, a particle is by Quark, is constituted by the quantum, more stars more fine. This is great, almost all of us can see with the naked eye cells, composed of 52 trillion. "Every second, 10 the power of 24", which is how much the number of? Go and check out with Maitreya Buddha said sixteen hundred megahertz wave phenomena, are you in a second. A second inside changed much? Maitreya tell us sixteen hundred megabytes a second. Therefore, the whole truth of the universe is the case, in that place fluctuations. This volatility stop, nothing, this stop stop regression Jojakkoji light, on regression from sex. None of them is true, "Diamond Sutra" Buddha said no, "where all phases are all false", "all promising method such as Menghuanpaoying", over the dharmadhatu empty circles for as long as it is a wave phenomenon is promising method. Inaction What are the laws? You see inaction Law 100 Law stipulates that the door on six inaction, the last one, as the inaction, it is really doing nothing. The other five are similar inaction, seems to be doing nothing, it does not have any effect, but fluctuations in non-stop, no fluctuation, it did not, did not see. Six inaction inside the void, the void seems to be doing nothing, in fact, void or fluctuation, volatility stop, emptiness, there is no, but this is extremely fine fluctuations. Xianshou National Division born we are talking about "endless" This is the meaning of his last, a very important, "with Yung had plenty of", this one is too important! What is it? Heart of a large amount of Chinese ancients called the large

amount of great blessing, what amount? Buddhism which often say "pericardium Void, the amount of weeks sand boundary, really, is not false. With the contents had plenty, including that contains an empty void, heart than Void big, can contain void; Yung Yung is accommodated, is all in all, the void inside you all have to accommodate, there is no difference, no attachment, should be equal . What is it? This is our nature, we would have is such a heart. Now become a person can not accommodate you say how much poor? The smaller the amount of heart, to hell, to the last minimum amount of heart. Hungry ghosts heart than hell, the beast heart than hungry ghosts, people's hearts than animals, our heart today to be as good as the hungry ghosts, animals, it would go to hell. Why is such a small amount of heart? Care about, respectively, regardless. Buddha start in learning to teach our break to see the confusion, see the confusion does not break can not Rufo Men. Today, we say that the truth is at the door, the Pure Land is a special path to enlightenment, we reward care Amitabha, let us enter from the Special pipe. Special pipe only other pipeline eighty-four thousand Dharma door door should have this condition, see the broken body, broken edges see, breaking see take on, quit to take to see broken view arises, you can get started. Only the Pure Land Dharma, but the Pure Land Dharma three conditions are true believers, I'm willing to really read, have not the slightest doubt on the Pure Land. Today an example, my Buddhist 60 years, preaching fifty-three years, and now the heart of calm, "an in-depth", designed Amitabha, and specifically about "Wuliangshoujing", I everything quit. Tell you that my sixty years, fifty-three years of teaching, I chose this Dharma, my achievements the Famennian inside certainly. Not only the world was put down, out of this world Buddhist teachings laid down, on the left of this one. Important! No more important than this, this Dharma Purdue all sentient beings, "three S & P, Li Dun fully compensated," does not have a do not succeed. True achievement, decided to grasp achievements, or a put down. And always remember, to put down should be put down all down, should not be put down put down, we can be successful in front of us on a bright road. After the end of this one, "true sense of community, global consciousness", this, we now see. Sense of community is it? What is the global awareness? Greed, hatred, and delusion, slow, suspect, global. You have to ask these five words which do not? That society is such a mess, human life is so hard, so many Earth disaster is the awareness. That if we, in turn, everyone understood that we put down to greed, not greedy, not anger, not crazy, not slow, no doubt, this earth immediately changed into what? Becomes bliss World. Then we have to know the bliss inside can not find Tan Tianchi slow the suspect can not find one. With Tan Tianchi slow doubtful birth to Paradise, you go to be reborn Buddha escorts escorts Buddha first Buddha shine upon you, the Buddha's Light shine, you the Tan Chenchi of slow suspect not, you just are eligible to enter the world of bliss. Fo Guang powerful, what Buddha is? Amitabha is willing to five robbed practice, plus the 10 robbery of his elderly degrees beings merit. Buddha told us that since the world become a Buddha Amitabha bliss to 12 robbery, 10 robbery he escorts over the Dharma Realm empty circles destined beings reborn in paradise world achievements, this is how much merit! This blessing power have! Scientists tell us here, and others blessing power equal to our own spiritual strength, the problem is that we have to accept the blessing, do not accept that there would be no way to be happy to accept. Acceptable

terms must Saha put down to this world, to give up, can really put it down, you can really accepted. With industry, Gu Dade very well with the old industry with new industry, prior to yesterday's call the old industry, after today, this is a new industry. This sentence is always passed today to tomorrow, tomorrow turns in today, today becomes the past, with the industry of the past, without today. To the last dying in that moment, in that moment before the old industry; which pronounced the problem that is now before the industry can not take away. That prejudice reborn Tan Tianchi slow doubt, the family does not fit, the property does not fit, hobby does not fit, this is a greedy; that person to offend me, I have not avenge him, which is a hatred heart; a lot of Dharma, I'd like to learn, have not learned, it is ignorance, all to be put down. Summed up in total not these five words, this terrific five words down, down from the heart, and other easily. What is the other? Resentment angry annoying, it is easy. Your heart, Tan Tianchi slow doubt, emotional stability, the manufacturing not made killing, stealing Fantasy jump, not to build this thing. Is the most important thing is to believe, the highest spiritual practice is to repair the letter. So this sense of community as we know, the mood of the people. "People's emotions (especially fear) more strongly on the random event generator more structured" This is a special kind of fear. It on the cited example, held 911 events, a report of this event on TV, people around the world are nervous, this sense of community is particularly strong. "A group of people mind, the effect is far greater" than the mind of the individual, that's for sure. So meditation, common prayer together, this great force. "Aroused strong emotions or highly focused, of course, than to catastrophic events, because this is our greatest concern, which is most likely to focus on. Change the outside environment, there must be very focused idea. Li tell us the doctor thing, people ill and the reach of the drug from the internal organs inside, to transfer it to the place of treatment. That is very focused, he is really the virus transferred from one place, so that he can easily healed him. Doctor to know this truth, you can move. Dharma inside greater, many serious diseases, the deadly virus, naturally enough, do not use drugs, natural good, clever doctor than that. What is it? That is highly focused to cure. This highly focused is it? He focused on the good, we know that the focus on Amitabha, focus in the Western Paradise, forget about the disease this matter, ignore it completely. You think about it, chanted how much merit, since naturally his cell with a virus all returned to normal, the reason here. This is preceded by a short mentioned, focus on ideas to put down, to be entrusted this matter Buddha, the Buddha blessing the Buddha to handle, we do not intervene. Our idea of Amitabha, he naturally give you deal with, and why? Your life not to, you will get better; your life to go to Elysium. No life, naturally enough, on this truth. "Meditator's mind will resonate at the same frequency", which is meditation, we often see in the United States, most of the Lama of Tibet, as well as Japan to study Zen, I visit their spiritual in the United States, the same frequency resonance. "Resonance frequency allows the clutter frequency of the surroundings tend to be harmonious. Reconcile the

inherent conflict of the individual can reconcile global conflict". Spiritual first is to reconcile the personal conflict, let the heart attributed to pure, all grievances of good and evil to all down, are not going to want to. Meditation There are many ways, in fact, we pray to Buddha meditation is also part of his heart, we will focus on focus chanted. Buddha said "set by the hold the name of Buddha is Zen Shenmiao, is not ordinary Shenmiao Zen, the Supreme Shenmiao Zen, most people do not know. Not the same eighty-four thousand Famennian method and 84,000 to repair what? All meditation repair. Buddha Dharma is no exception, is an Amitabha. How do you know? Do you see the thinking trouble not to think about it is natural broken, the karma habits unconsciously naturally resolve out, this effect sacred. You use other path to enlightenment, Duanfan Nao, karma is not easy, it is difficult to bear fruit. The only bent focus Amitabha, the effect is more than anything else auspicious. The key focus on a highly focused and really have an effect. Why can not we focus? Why can not highly focused? Our thoughts too much, did not lay down. Miss being on the one hand, on the one hand a mess of things in interference, we focus destroyed, so ineffective. If there is no such interference, I can easily enter the focus, the focus is the Buddha Samadhi, highly focused very likely spur wisdom, when called before the wisdom of the present management bent on chaos, with the Zen clear your heart and see the same realm. Be able to stop all the worry habit, is not, this is a matter of one mind realm. Thing as one realm of more than convenient soil management as one solemn the realm Health FACT soil, "four soil and three generations Nine in the case of edge", Shandaodashi speaking, this is incredible! The Buddha brings us to the high-level. We understand this truth, to really understand what is necessary to implement the things of everyday life, thinking which I totally persistent, all revel, what is good, this realm immediately upward, can really do "Handsome beings rejoice merit ", Handsome beings, rejoice in the achievements of their own merit. Personal harmony will be able to reconcile global conflict. To participate in the meetings of the United Nations, we have mentioned it, we own discord, how can you mediate harmony? Mediation harmony, your own harmony. They did not expect this issue, and believe that the conflict between the two sides, so never be able to mediation. We made this statement, he never heard of, never heard of. Conflict where did it happen? Occur in the home, in your own. How conflict? Nature with the habits of the conflict, which discord, your state of mind, you go to mediation harmony impossible. This told me that the reason is the same. Issued in their meditation ideas to solve the conflict in the region and reduce violent crime, an area 1% of the population practicing Transcendental Meditation, or a region with the square root of 1% of the population practicing Transcendental Meditation, of any kind conflict (murder, crime, drugs, traffic accidents) will be reduced. " This is really not a fake, we sit inside the temple will be able to produce this effect. But few really repair, repair law, sitting in that place, sitting body does not move, and my heart there is delusion not, it is false not true, must be a delusion. Outside of these irrational thoughts, you know, the idea it touch with the community on public delusion like storms, high waves, we practice the idea is calm, the two rushed together, they took him the big waves into the waves, he reduced crime rate. Together with his wavy, waves with him, but we can control, they can not control, which reduces to the truth. In China, like the Qiantang

River tide, the tide come when you see the waves rushed in from overseas, which is calm, the outside is big waves slowly after a contact level. Practice this wave with wave can really let their hearts to mitigate those conflicts, that is not correct idea can really help them. "Ma Hexi master the correct formula (a region as long as the square root of 1% of the population attend advanced Transcendental Meditation method, which can affect the entire region), eight thousand and eighty-four sophisticated sit enough to affect the whole world". But this eight thousand and eighty-four seems very easy, in fact very difficult, this is looking like who? Such as Hsu Yun old monk can find eight thousand and eightyfour can save the world. He has a real constant power, he really put down, we temporarily not scrape together 8,000 people. Appearance looks like inside idea is a mess, disorganized, so it does not have an effect. Must be put down for all edge, Yi Nianbu students, a short period of time line, a long time would not work. Dr. Masaru Emoto find three hundred and fifty men praying in the Lake Biwa, the time is one hour. Tell you that we do experiments, one hour drop everything idea, specifically want to focus on, highly focused, facing the lake, the lake I love you, clean. Lake I love you, clean, read this one, thinking, mouth and remembered an hour. This lake is really clean and clean for six months, half a year later it also dirty, smell out. This experiment was a student of force, collective read the force really have an effect. "Even though few in number, as long as the entire group of people strongly focus on the spirit, but also enough to have a huge effect". These are the true religion inside the collective prayer, Buddhism which held thousands of people chanting, people recite. Li reborn in paradise the world, do not say anything else, just talk about that forty-nine days after he passed away, initiates recite sent to students, forty-nine days continuously day and night, how many people? 600 people. A lot of people around on the outside to see which person tired exit as soon as someone to fill that seat. Whole 600 people inside an absentee, human wants to constantly substitutions, leaving some people fill up forty-nine days day and night, constantly. In Taiwan, only about a unprecedented, did not and I am afraid there is no future, the elderly in Taichung, Taiwan preaching thirty-eight years. The Buddha is really! For teachers is a grateful heart, the heart of gratitude, I looked very moved. "We and ideas enough to combat global warming this with potentially devastating force. Global warming big trouble, how come? Aversion. Mahayana speaking well, flood, fire, greedy induction; Earth's volcanic eruptions, the Earth's temperature to rise, warming, are of hatred; storm is ignorance; earthquake arrogant, high tribute, arrogant. Now there are landslides, subsidence, a lot of this phenomenon is occurring throughout the world, the mountains fall down, subsidence to go on, what is this? Doubts. If this mentality has changed over, not greedy, not anger, not crazy, not slow, no doubt, to resolve all these calamities. Pray with the collective consciousness, it is only slowly, disaster relief, can not be eliminated. Eliminate must depend on Duane rehabilitated, repented, this depends on education. So pray to receive a temporary effect, the time is not very long. Education is too important!

For the ancient sages mentality are very arrogant, that he is very smart, the ancients can not compare people today do not know the ancient wisdom and virtue, and wisdom. Now people have the talent, knowledge, wisdom, talent and virtue, landslides, ground subsidence. Several human consciousness? Scientific development today, we look at these data, this emerging science, the last three decades, only to find, psychological controlled substances. Buddhist scriptures tell the truth to say it is really a good thing, from the Ming heart-see inside flow out, the truth, and not a general thing, is procertificate realm, not just saying that, but no one to learn, no one preaching. We recall in recent Chinese, Qianlong, Jiaqing era monastery nunnery preaching masters of that time, we see the classic comment in the Note by the people of that era, many people preaching. Now people do not learn, Japan lost four hundred years, we lost two hundred years, the society became like this. We want to help the community, to be honest, In addition to preaching teaching, no other role, not the role. Only such a way, everyone will work together dry will work to really dry! "30 years, many scientists believe that the existence of the concept force is not gullible" believe there is scientific evidence. "On human consciousness avant-garde", because we have not generally recognized, like a war, which is the vanguard, avant-garde, "overthrow the variety we have so far considered incontestable scientific facts", it really overturned . "These findings provide strong evidence to prove that the universe of all associated with each other, and continue to influence each other, not unrelated to all the people and things around us, people do not have to say, trees and flowers, mountains, rivers, and great earth just Emoto wins water experiments, they will listen, will see and know the meaning. Do not think that is a stone, you look down on it, it will look to hear and understand the meaning of people, it will respond. So continue to influence each other. "A lot of us regarded as the supreme authority of the laws of physics is not a golden rule". Science they produce a shock, the old science has been engaged in a hundred years, they are not easy to put down, face the problem. The importance of these findings in "much more than prove the extrasensory ability or sure that parapsychology is an effective discipline, and even entire scientific crumbling building, which is the last three hundred years of science. Below we read it down clearly. "At least forty leading scientists from different corners of the world have demonstrated that biological experience continuous real-time transmission of information to each other". Organisms including bacteria, including flowers and trees are constantly passing each other, who pass? Pass us every cell. Why we did not feel? Have the feeling they do not know. Feel itching, itching or how did it happen? Has nothing to do with this? Relationship. So we pass it, pass it on to me, we have to pass it, pass each other. It spread love, this is very important, we have to care for it, to take care of it and coexistence. We love it, it will love us; we care about him, he will care about us; we ignore it, to trample it, it will resent us. Our past ignorance, do not understand the mistakes a lot of things, and now know, looking back to turn over, we have love for trees and flowers, a sincere love for all small animals. Now it seems to have no response, every day, so it, you look at one week, one month immediately after changed, why? It moved. So "we can no longer put themselves and the environment as a binary", they are

psychological, physical environment, today science psychological, physical separate modern scientists found that the mental with the physical one, can not be separated. Buddhist scriptures speak clearly, Alaya fine phase is always inseparable, one that is just like three, three, which includes energy and that energy, information, material, scientific terms, it is one of the decision can not be separated. Science tells us that the photon, photon, the smallest to see the minimum of material. This small photon by line identification, awareness, and it is able to collect information over the the Dharma Realm void sector. We see today, the wafer was very surprised that the past can not imagine such a big piece of nail chip, which can Hancang a "Tripitaka". Scientists tell us that our eyes can not see the smallest physical phenomena in quantum quantum inside Hancang the entire universe, and that like nails so large chip Hancang a "Tripitaka" What kind! Know it, our bodies have a number of small photon? Just said cells, fifty trillion, the number of photons in a cell? Probably have trillions. Every little photon with hidden universe, and this information is always in contact with each other, this thing is Xianshou master about the birth endless, including the contents had plenty of talk about absolutely! There is no scientifically proven, we explain these three sentences is not thorough enough, you take it with scientific control, Buddha really great! Three thousand years ago, he already knew, you today how that can be nothing else than his range, birth endless! This is to pass information to each other. "Every moment of our constantly rewrite their own world", which is born to endless Ten Dharma Realms in accordance with the solemn every second, do not know how many changes there, but we do not perceive, really there from the change. "We must begin each from his heart to read wary of even a silent silent, or with the world in the interaction between the". This interaction we must know, interaction times the Dharma Realm empty circles, since it has no time, no space, no time is that there is no order, no space is no distance over the Dharma Realm empty circles called said the idea of moving all know that information to the full, we often talk about Buddhism induction Road incredible. Who has such a keen sense, over the Dharma Realm empty circles each time information clearly? So the computer can not compare, far worse. Buddha told us that eight to more fully understood, these eight clear your heart Buddha received, he knew, but may not be very detailed, eight more clearly, plainly. Processed in one second time this information is limitless, endless and countless. A spiritual phenomenon, physical phenomena, natural phenomena are every second run of sixteen hundred megabytes of this information is out of place, every creature with no biological every second can receive all radiation, this the second radiation sixteen hundred megabytes everything received, how much you want the energy of our body radiation! Merely talking about is 50 megabytes cells, every cell in the transmitter. Dharma term called shine, scientific term called emission, facing the Dharma Realm empty circles all of this phenomenon, scientifically speaking today of natural phenomena, mental phenomena and physical phenomena, one, one really can not be divided, and this too closely the. Therefore, the core of the whole universe is love, this love is the most beautiful, the most satisfactory. Dr. Jiang Ben to do the experiment, take the pattern to me, he asked me, as if love is the core of the universe, a love and a thank you is Thanksgiving, it is the core of the universe.

Reminds us of ancient Hawaiian medical law, it is four sentences, I love you, the first is that I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you for the last, on the four sentences. Treating physician does not have to meet with the patient, and the distance of one, two thousand miles the road does not matter, he can cure, just look at his medical records, do not look at him, just to see his medical records. How governance law? Treatment of his illness into their disease, with the idea to cure their disease, the other just fine, do not meet, magical! Has cured thousands of people. So now the United States with Japan Research awful things, this is amazing, do not use the medicine, do not meet with the patient will be able to cure. Thoughts, thoughts completely. What ideas? Love the idea, all of the body cells with a virus all back to normal, with love. With a thank you, with love, say I'm sorry, I do not care how you will get a virus, please forgive me, thank you, he was sick enough, very effective. This healing practice, a deep constant power, Japan and the United States to study, if not given power, not really caring, he can not do. You know, your love is not in place, resulting in no effect. Must be a the Junichi love, not a poor slightest idea of all sentient beings, his energy; your love all sentient beings there are some disgust, then destroyed. Why his energy is so strong? Very simple, not complex, medical records to see what could be wrong, thought I told him to have the same disease, I use this love to treat themselves, mean that back to each other, he was just fine. This is about ideas, when power is connected to the others with him adjust their own, I am here to adjust, he was all right, enough, is the same truth. "Modern medicine must fully recognize the important role of the force concept in the treatment of after all the mind again and again proved to be far more than the greatest drug more efficacy. This is modern science the greatest contribution to mankind, especially what? This earth will be the event of a disaster, this disaster to the people will be very hard, the plague would be very serious, what treatment? With read to treatment. Why? That time you can not find the medicine, you can not find a doctor, how to do at this time? Ideas Hawaii this ancient method is very effective. Today, our culture is to develop their own love, to develop self-confidence, to believe in yourself. I believe that their most important, I believe he was the Buddha, "Xin Shifo heart Buddha" to students from confidence in this place. To believe in yourself Amitabha is not, "Amitabha, idealism Pure Land", how can we be reborn truth! We have such confidence to get Foli blessing, The Amitabha blessing us completely one can receive from the induction Road. Under this paragraph, "We have to re-adjust to the understanding of human biology human potential to have an impact vastness of the world, everyone innately have our thoughts is a non-exhaustion of resources". There thinking, thinking, thinking in the Dharma three hearts, think of Italy, is the eighth consciousness, since this with the intellectual, moral, energy is never exhaustion of resources. "With the pass goes to heal, clean city", are talking about pollution, "to improve the planet" to change these disasters on our planet. "To improve air and water quality, reduce crime, traffic accidents, and improve your child's ability to learn as long as they wish, any ordinary men and women can be thought relevant to the interests of the global transaction to play a role". This is real, scientists have become the Buddha, with the Buddha is just a piece of paper across the breakthrough to become a Buddha. Use the scientific method to verify, we humans

and all living beings the power of instinct, which is what? You Zixing phenomenon inside the phase-forever inseparable. To find phase material, its role is limited; behind the phase is, sexual energy is unlimited, there is no limit, from which you want to phase dug it can be incredible! The total the truth is this. Inside the Zen of Buddhism. Clear your heart, teach that the large open circle solution, is to see the Pure Land which was about the rationale bent on chaos, we need to join this realm, full recovery of these capabilities. We can help yourself, help yourself is to help all sentient beings, is to help the planet. These are really not fake any ordinary men and women can be done. Global interests to do, this is how much merit, which is how much of a good thing, what to do? Put aside his own head, not their own fused into one with the Universe with all living beings, often would be the same. Often is to focus, in order to awful things, I told the whole universe is one, the energy of the universe is my energy, my energy is the energy of the universe, and it worked. You put it split into two, you do not have access to the energy of the universe, Buddhist teachings blessing on, we are one of that blessing on. "Understand the power of consciousness, science and religion closer, life is not just some chemical or electrical signals collection". This is a lot of science that now is not the body, some chemicals, electronic signals, electronic signals is psychological or ideological chemicals our bodies, is a combination of such a thing. This concept is wrong, wrong, he is the face of it, You Zixing behind the phenomenon, body, he could not see. Zero-point energy field in front of scientists mentioning, this is the Buddhist scriptures which speak true nature, true nature really is to zero, it is nothing. If a Alaya appeared, two, the Alaya three fine the Chinese ancients said, "Dawson, one two, two three, three things", which is the Taoist speak; "Tai Chi two appearances, astrotech students four images, four images and raw gossip, gossip all things "are Taoists. If these people did not need to join this realm, this saying does not come out and say these words, these scientists encountered, they will be very helpful to give them a great inspiration. China said three thousand years ago, this truth exposed. Under said, "We must keep an open mind on the conventional wisdom of many primitive cultures because they have an instinctive understanding the nature of the concept of force. Tell you the truth, which is we have some individuals have the only obstacle to too much trouble, and delusion, selfish, famous profit to raise these things live our instincts obstacles. "These cultures are almost believe that the universe is a unified energy field, which is self, is the law, is really as this thing is our sixth consciousness reach. Read the force "Modern science has proven that these primitive culture manifestation, treatment and beliefs are based on. Realize every thought is sacred, with physical forms of force". This is an appeal, can not ignore the original culture, can not ignore that he is a barbarian, wrong, he has a good thing, there is a real thing, and we do not know, now think that smart people do not know they have a very clever treatment Methods. Time now, we have learned here....

Episode 5 Master of you, gentlemen, students, sit down. Look at excerpts ninth line: "We must keep an open mind on the conventional wisdom of many primitive cultures because they have an instinctive understanding of the nature of the force read these cultures almost all believe that the universe has a unified energy field", similar to the zero point energy field, like an invisible network, all linked together. Read "Modern science has proven that these primitive culture manifestation, treatment and faith is based on". To these cultural learning, we should "recognize every thought is sacred, with the physical form of power." This paper so that modern people have realize for the world, each with a different ethnic primitive culture, the in primitive culture inside now to see like a lot of them are superstitious, in fact, that is true wisdom. The scientists urged us to keep an open mind, which is good. Research study force, indeed, they have an instinctive understanding. The ancient Chinese believe that people are basically good, "Three Character Classic," the first word, "people are born this good". The good is not good and evil good, and the good word of praise, to be sure everyone is perfect, do not lack. The good Chinese people called saints. Mahayana inside Buddha often said that "all sentient beings was Buddha", which is the ancient Chinese said good. So in ancient times from generation to generation has sages, modern no. Why not? Sages, we doubt that the ancient times, people are barbarians, no culture, no wisdom, but there is no scientific concepts, they underestimated. Indeed instinct, the instinct is incredible. Chinese Zen master Hui Neng, we know that his 20-year-old enlightenment, he enlightened to Wuzu report he said enlightened, what you in the end Gordon. He said only 20 words, in front of a questioning, "where", with the words now, there is no thought of self-nature, "the self-clean, and of the birth and death of the self-endowed, the shake, dharma, this is what he said 20 words, Fifth Patriarch took the mantle of his mouth. This enlightened him to become what? He became know everything is not as unreasonable. How come? He did not know the word, did not learn by teaching, Huang Mei lived for eight months, "Tan Jing" which recorded very clearly, eight months, he pestle Housing Tsuishine broken firewood. Fifth Patriarch old monk to give him a speaking volunteers, he has, he was a lumberjack, so Tsuishine broken wood he has, you do the things you used to do, to do for eight months. Apricot meditation hall, he did not go in, auditorium did not go, did not think he was enlightened. The only one who knows, the Fifth Patriarch tolerance monk know, this is not an ordinary person, who he is? He is an instinctive understanding of people. Instinctively understood what it was like? Honest, obedient, really dry, is such a person. There is no difference, no attachment, no delusion, no worries, called honest people. Parents to teach him how to do it, the teachers how to teach him to do, he really obedient, he really Yijiaofenghang, he is such a person. The accidental Mai Chai heard a man read the "Diamond Sutra", he heard a few words was deeply touched to encounter the sacred cause, to Huang Mei to befriend Wuzu. The first meet Wuzu asked him: Do you want to this temple? He answered the Fifth Patriarch said: I want to be the Buddha. Others listened to laugh, he wants to make the Buddha, such a person Hicks he would come to

Buddha. The Fifth Patriarch listened to had an idea, people do not see because Wuzu see his instincts. Why others can not see? Others carelessness. Wuzu clear your heart, purehearted and equality, "Manuscripts" by title says, "clean" equality and feel, feel tacit see this person. This makes sense, not without reason, pure-hearted people will be able to see it. So people really instinct. Ancient people, fewer people, less to adults, the people are honest, people do not have any desire, as long as a day to feed and clothe it is joy, there is no the famous profit to raise these temptations, so they mostly clean. People have changed, one to fulfill the desires, thoughts have in China, but also two hundred years. Foreign than we for a long time, there are about four or five hundred years, two hundred years in China. We lost the human instinct to understand this ability is lost, so faith without Wisdom and letter no. Letter, above all, is like a five-story building, believed to be the first layer, the bottom layer. So this thing is not, Ren is not righteousness is not, no ceremony, no Chi. This did not become what? Become Tan Tianchi slow doubt. You see the five permanent members with Dharma control, the five permanent members of the opposite of the Buddhist teachings Wudu, Tan Tianchi slow suspect. Important! Not greedy benevolence, benevolent love, self-love love, from the greedy self-love, a dog in the manger, why bother? If you really selfish, this thing Buddha also dry, the sages dry dog in the manger! The front seems to get a little profit, after the death of three way to go, where Lee! Righteousness, handouts decided not cheaper against others and against others that is unjust. Who have decided, speech pretentious management, such as law, calm, polite. Chinese people speak the moral righteousness ceremony, the ceremony is the moral bottom line, ritual, social chaos, no ceremony. Chi, arrogant up and intelligent people calm, humble and respectful. Behind a letter, the letter is no doubt, do not believe parents, his wife, son and daughter have no confidence in this person live in the poor world. Wisdom and Faith, bitter, bitter people live in the world! This is our present society. So you see he formed, called the killing, stealing Fantasy jump, dream life. Our trip to Rome, lived there for four days, I heard street store robbery, the third day before the police come out interference, you say that the people may be poor? People were run over when he died, human compassion. This is the initiates They told me what happened, I do not read newspapers or watch TV, they see tell me. This is the society before now. To be honest, we really can not compare with the ancients, the ancients carefully clean, clean on the outside, from the role of induction, induction Road. The ability to predict this "intention secret" report which put a lot of very detailed. Is not unusual to see these things, there is a theoretical basis, not superstition. So almost all the ancients believe that the universe has a unified energy field, this is a modern term, talk about the self-nature of Buddha inside. Since today said the unified energy field, as the solid-phase method with the unified energy field, zero point energy field are similar, but we Buddhism In traditional Chinese culture with modern science that nouns are not the same, the fact that a pile things. This energy is like an invisible net. Scientists report, with the metaphor, "a limitless network", use this as its term. All linked together, what all? The entire universe, past, present, future all together, can not be divided, as a whole, identical with Mahayana

Buddhism stresses. The modern concept of the force has been scientifically proven, these primitive culture manifestation, treatment, faith based, definitely not superstitious. Unfortunately, these things we believe in the ancient times, many people are aware of this truth, can say clearly understand, now, nobody is saying. How do we know that the ancients these things will understand that? Inside the book records, Mahayana inside many ancient Chinese texts inside like 13 by the "Book of Changes", "The Book", Confucianism, Taoism classic, all are recorded in ancient traditional culture, including religious scriptures. So we should learn to culture the knowledge that every thought is sacred, because it is the power of physical form. This deep truth! "Modern science and ancient traditions teach us how to use the power of the ideas we learn how to take positive force concept, will likely improve this world every aspect of medicine, treatment, education, and even our interaction with technology, we all may a deeper understanding of the interaction between consciousness and the world benefit ". This science is emerging science, scientists call it avant-garde science, the scientific community not entirely sure, to recognize it. Now learned a lot of people, the effect of the experiment is outstanding. If we really sure that it seriously to learn, can have a huge change for the whole world, can help us to restore confidence and help us straighten out your mind and to help us change the evil and good deeds, repented. Read the force will be able to controlled substances, on our own, it can treat all diseases, without the need for medicine; For the planet we live on, it is able to resolve many disasters, greatly alleviate these disaster. So he said, can improve the world every aspect of medicine, treatment, education, and even with technology interaction, all may benefit because we have a deeper understanding of the interaction between consciousness and the world, the benefits we get real interests. "The scientific evidence shows that if a person becomes more harmonious, reads the strength of the effect will be even greater, learning meditation, focus their attention, must overcome a skeptical attitude, the mind can affect physical reality". This sentence is important! Now most people did not do the vast majority of people are skeptical, really, speaking here, dubious. We learn what the attitude of the sages of the culture? Dubious, we learn Buddhist life is also dubious. Why? The Buddhist truth did not find out, read the sentence Amitabha survival Elysium, sometimes people will ask, Elysium really? Amitabha really work? Kung Fu used seems to be effective, but these fine doubts exist. Why the ancients did not suspect? The ancients honest, kind, old man told him, and he fully accepted, no doubt. Old-time education, who is down to your parents, adults to teach you confidence, not teach you suspect. So deliberately, everyone is good, everything is good, does not suspect that a person is a bad guy. This community to die, and now the community, in turn, do not believe that there are good people in this world, always have to watch out for everyone is a bad guy, which is a source of social unrest, the whole idea! I believe that everyone is good, everything is good, this is social stability, peace and harmony of the fundamental factors. Social unrest in harmony with the world in an idea, the idea is too important! Today, we own harmony? Scientists have evidence, we become harmonious, we read the force effect is even greater. If our attitude is abnormal, most people speak impatient,

which is abnormal, not calm, but impatient, even if we have a good idea of the effect is not large. If our attitude is good, who have decided, the words pretentious can hold the standard of the ancients. The standard of the ancients is actually very simple, there are only 12 words, "filial piety faithful, Honesty and Honor, love and peace", the twelve words the twelve word is the foundation of Chinese culture. We have reason to believe that this fundamental concept in China more than a thousand years at least. This is the root of traditional Chinese culture! China only the text before four thousand five hundred years, no text can not say that there is no culture, he knows how to obey their parents, know how to respect their elders, know how fraternity brothers, to know how to interact with others credit, it is our culture. An ethnic group to respect each other, to care for each other, to take care of each other, to mutual assistance and cooperation, these are the culture, it is no culture can not say that there is no text. Culture in the text of the first. It is in the end how? It is the sexual morality, is this good, it would have been there, no one to teach. How to keep it, how to carry forward it, which is the education problem happens to the ancient Chinese know how to education. Toynbee said the ancient Chinese wisdom of education, education, educational experience. Today, we lost the education of the ancients, our ancestors suspect, so before the disaster now, by these retribution. How can we save ourselves? Is very simple, the ancients get things back. Old things This is a classic, eternal golden rule. Truth, beyond space, beyond time, looking back, on the restoration of social order, stability and peace on the implementation. So word of this place is very firm, must overcome the skeptical attitude to really believe that the mind can affect the physical reality, physical environment, we who have decided to affect the physical environment. "Mantra, Buddhist Om Ah Hum, Amitabha been practicing so far" until you naturally meditation for 20 minutes or more. The spell is usually not explained, to be honest, you do not need to interpret, fear of distracting you. This what it is supposed to focus, extreme focus, can not have a distractions inclusions into. So do not explain than to explain, your integrity do not doubt it worked. Can you explain? Be able to explain it becomes common sense into knowledge; does not explain is true wisdom, to follow suit to work. Explain to you, these three words Treatise Industry Road, Om bodily, not to kill, not stolen, not prostitution, Om; A port industry, not to lie, not double-tongued, not Words and Flowery Expressions, do not bad mouth; Hum Italian industry, not greedy, not anger, not crazy. You see these three words are often written in the top of the Fo Guang, especially the painting of the Buddha, the Buddha on top of a circle of light, round light on top of three words, Om Ah Hum. Mostly written in Sanskrit, is also useful in Tibetan written, the wording of the Chinese, is relatively small, the most common is a Sanskrit Om Ah Hum words. What is it? Perfection, Treatise industry. Treatise industry commenced in the Theravada 3000 Dharma, have! In the the Mahayana Bodhisattva expansion 84,000 fine line, it is fundamental. 84,000 fine line and then opened it is limitless endless path to enlightenment, these three words are endless Dharma total program. Amitabha chanted the same with the case, but also the Dharma inside the program, and the overall title. The Amitabha name incredible virtue, not many people really know how

to read. Do not know how to read it is good to know, if we can all put down, then read it benefits more. Ten Fang Sanshi all Buddhas Tathagata total name is called Amitabha, the Buddha of Western Paradise total name his own name, his name is the total number of all the Buddha, the total number of his own. It is shown by what law? Table over the Dharma Realm empty circles is an autologous, one is all, all is one, successful integration, this is really not a fake. A name the whole collection, "Avatamsaka Avatamsaka" on the inside, Lotus lotus "also inside, all Mahayana are on the inside, which was to teach Tantra sect taught, the Mahayana Theravada full inside, the World law law in this world inside, incredible! Read a Namo Amitabha full read. World world law in the inside, that these other religions is not in the inside? Of course, in the inside. Name merit magical. These reasons you want to find out thoroughly understand the skeptical attitude can not overcome; all clear to try to understand, to be able to cut off dubious. So our faith is not firm enough, vow not cut how to do? Listen through. Now we learn together "Pure Land, Branch of Note", the inside pretty clear, plain language. Not long ago we finished a "pure land large by the solution Kingdoms", we spent twelve hundred hours to make it successful. This set of CD-ROM can help off the suspect Seng Credit, broken fans enlightenment to help you overcome the half-skeptical. You with a sincere heart to vow Buddha, sticking name, survival Pure Land, you decide to hygiene, health services to the Western Paradise the world are Eweiyuezhi Buddha. Today we talked about Ouyidashi "solution" inside passage, the Patriarch said, not ordinary people can put it out, so the "way to paradise, your status is equal to fill at the Buddha". This has to be! Complement at the other felt. The words only Ouyidashi can say, others have never been said, only said Aweiyuezhi Buddha. The Bodhisattva Eweiyuezhi counting from where? "Sutra" is from the beginning of living to sleep, 40 a class called Eweiyuezhi Buddha, then you which stage? Ouyitaishi said the highest stage, which have! He said there is no reason? Reasonable, very reasonable. Why? When it comes to make up at the Buddha before true equality, in line with the "clean equality sleep" by the title which said corresponding with this sentence. If we say that only with the first live Buddha are equal, live equal to the Buddha, that do not correspond with clean equality sleep. Why? He also compete, said fill at equality, true equality, not compete. So sweet! Real soil inside in the treatment of 40 of a body of law Tuas such as sleep Qi, equal, more than convenient soil the three generations Nine of course, equal with the other felt, and then came down to keeping a good distance cohabitation soil, to all of you, or with the other felt equality. True equality! Is not to say that keeping a good distance cohabitation soil Aweiyuezhi only live with the ten equality, convenience more than soil only with 10 back to equality, it is unequal, with the other felt was really equal, why? Top. Ouyitaishi can put it out, we usually did not expect, we learned so many years only to think of the 40 classes, with their equal. The 41 class solemn soil in the Avatamsaka Buddhas FACT inequality, early live with live, live with live ten to live with ten lines or inequality. Sentence Ouyitaishi put us to solve this question, equality with the other felt it would impress, true equality. This is the founder, after all, is the founder, we can not be compared with him. Spell, we Amitabha is the incantations, Amitabha is dense line. How one read the law? Bent focus, put down million Yuan, which is the prerequisite to put aside million Yuan.

Our hearts, it is unable to settle down, that is, too many distractions. Put down million Yuan, first desire to put down, this is difficult, which had no desire to sentient beings? He had no desire to become a Buddha. Desire can not be put down, not six, that we must be vigilant. Six how come? Buddha in the scriptures tell us that six from persistent dedication have six, all the world for the world out of the law is no longer persistent, disappeared six, six is not really fake. Master Yongjia likened to a dream, well, "obviously there are six interesting dream, feel empty without Daqian, woke up, not the wider world, is six, so it's not really. Six woke up to go? To the four holy Dharma Realm go, wake up the four holy Dharma Realm, note, and Pratyeka, Buddha, Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha's Pure Land, six rubbish of Sakyamuni Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha convenience more than soil, four holy Dharma Realm. Four Noble is not true, or a dream. If you can worry about dust off, break a product of ignorance, beyond the Ten Dharma Realms, ten dharmadhatu gone, this is a dream, wake up. Woke up what state? FACT solemn earth, the One True Dharma Realm now, wake up. Six degenerate into a dream within a dream, the three lower realms is the dream of a dream a dream a dream, you say how deep fans! This is the truth, not Buddha does not come out. Ancient Indian Brahmins, they called for six reincarnation crystal clear hint of no confused, but he can not go out of, he was just the good word, the three lower realms to reincarnation, he had no way out from. The fact that only the Sakyamuni Buddha can speak clearly, clearly explained, six in the end is how things back to where he comes from, how can out of six, from the Ten Dharma Realms. Return to a real close to the self, is the successful return to the Self Buddha, is no longer engage in these tricks. This is the ultimate goal of the Buddha's education, your original Buddha, you return to again become a Buddha, the Buddha for your help complete. "A high degree of focus, focus on meditation meditation. Teach people to be clearly aware of what happened in their internal and external" moment moment. This is, indeed easy, but doing it is very difficult. What is the moment to moment? In this realm of the Mahayana what realm? More than eight of the realm. This moment is an idea, recite a clear awareness. An idea Maitreya said a second the sixteen hundred megabytes idea, one second sixteen hundred megabytes, every thought inside you are clearly aware of what is happening in their own internal and external. What is within? Alaya outside the universe. Scientists, say that this sentence was really something! This is not Sudi, which is the essence of which is the the dharmakaya Buddha's realm, six Bono How can this ability? Ten Dharma Realms can not do the 10th Dharma Realm inside note, and Pratyeka, Buddha, Buddha can not do. This is how deep meditation, meditation inside a clean heart to the uttermost, extremely fine, extremely short-term fluctuations in a phenomenon he is clear. We excerpt it here, to remind us to pray to Buddha to be highly focused, that the power of the Holy Names. To what extent? The sound of chanted with Amitabha since induction Road post, that is to say, every one of us chanted Buddha heard loud and clear. We have so much energy, this energy is a laser, is now speaking with a laser, the energy is concentrated at a point, this Elysium toward the West and toward the Amitabha Amitabha through. Called hotline, the hotline established through. This is incredible, and why? A all through the world out of this world all all-pass. Our world, the whole universe in the

past, present and future you all know, this is a highly focused state. We, in turn, our heart today scattered energy out vent, it does not focus on it in all directions to launch. Scientists now tell us that you can focus on one point in one direction toward a goal, nothing to do. Buddha said, "made a heart, nothing to do with this mean exactly the same. Made heart a focus on the idea. Underneath this one, "to eliminate your expectations or the pursuit of" a certain result. This is important, which is to teach us to put down, restore your pure heart. Master Hui Neng said, the pure heart of the self-clean of the self-clean is Yichen not stained. We expect to move our hearts, we have to pursue our hearts to the pollution, not clean, there is hope on the inequality. We are under a dynamic state, not static. "Pay attention to their own obsessed with certain views, opinions, preferences to the exclusion of other ideas. This made the industry! Persistent confused, opinions, perspectives, preferences, Italian manufacturing industry, exclusion of other body mouth manufacturing. Manufacturing industry, Sam Sun Road, good karma, bad karma evil way, so the the six cycle is of their own making. We learn Buddhism is not good the Buddha concept is not good, the problem in this one. We did not eliminate, we did not lay down, so the effort is always not effective. School life Buddha, made a lifetime industry. When it comes to this place, on our dojo Wu Vatican Master reborn, passed away the day before yesterday. I see her May 15, repentance, I have not seen before. Repentance really write really bad karma, Pure Land. Really written from May 15, the day before yesterday reborn, have a repentant heart, she will be able to eliminate sin, Amitabha will be able blessing. May 15 to the day before yesterday for a long time, and this time her troubles habits or movements, she passed away there is a problem, because we know the worry habit is not easy Fuzhu. This repentance, we are here it is printed out on the counter, the students can take a look. We read it again, is to help her confessor, she was reborn in a higher grade to help her, she did not reborn can also help her to eliminate karma. Incredible virtue of repentance, "Vows of Samantabhadra" included in Article IV. The first one is the veneration, the second is the praise, the third is widely repair dependent, the fourth Chan Chu karma. Sentient beings which there is no karma? All have. I put her recite: The "disciples Wu Vatican sincerity to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, long days of law enforcement, the Venerable Master and all Zhu Folks, destined beings sincere bow repentance. Disciples Wu Vatican immeasurable robbery situation Executive grave, care about, strong and persistent, you can not put down. These are what we usually see, and she is indeed the case. Listen Dhamma, when repentance, but always learning-ridden industry, sincere heart is not enough to live up to the Master for many years compassionate teachings. Especially have met wins edge in the master side, close to the time to learn, because learning-ridden industry, when moment engraved by the outer edge of the realm of the turn, self-righteous, persistent strong, narrow heart can not tolerate ignorance and, not serious exercise Master, the compassionate teachings of the Buddha, consciously or unconsciously, artificial the Wu Ni Wicked hell felony, but also Master beings, the Buddha's teachings back lost confidence ". There is no such thing? True. I know? I do not know. Able to persuade her? Can not. Why? Unacceptable. Indeed speak

with her own, she think she is right. Inside the Sangha can not get along with people, the fellow which only one to get along with her good, Master Wu Zhuang. In addition to Wu Zhuang, probably others she did not look. Arrogant heart, psychic growth every day, year after year growth. One to arrogance would be finished inside the Analects of Confucius when he said, "If the Duke of only the United States, so arrogant and stingy, the remainder is less than the concept" is a fake. Even the best virtue, can not withstand a slow word, which is most people most likely to commit. As long as there is this mentality, merit all over, no matter how much of a good thing is Ford repair a little Ford, there is no merit. Crawford retribution in the good way, you life and death out of the Three Realms, survival Pure Land are not effective, we can not know. The ancients had a saying goes, a "deep learning and emotional level, the more learned, the more virtuous person, more humble, more compassionate, more able Handsome beings. You can not see an arrogant Buddha, you see less than an arrogant Arhat, with Xu Tuohuan, the Si Tuohan know modesty. All she says is true, indeed, intentionally or unintentionally, I saw this, she was clear, she reflection, aware of the artificial the Wu Ni Wicked hell felony. The more her influence, her sins are the heavier. What impact? A loss of confidence in the Dharma, to lose faith in the Pure Land, this thing is big. All been Wu Vatican hurt destined beings, Wu Fan In this deep self-confession, have brought significant harm to them, law enforcement a good mentor Zhu, Wu Vatican sincere repentance. Always care about, respectively, gratitude is not enough ", it is to say, she did not have a grateful heart. "In case of adversity and even feel regret anything" angry resentment trouble up. She did not know, we often say in preaching, all realm are our spiritual temple. So the real devotees, must like Zenzai boy, other than yourself, all living beings are my good mentor is my benefactor. Why? Adversity, the bad pratyaya it to help me, to test me, I have no resentment? I have no attachment? You do not pass this test they do not know. Angry in the face of adversity the bad pratyaya there is resentment trouble, their effort. Really want to repent, to turn over a new leaf. If it is good times friends, easy to students from what? Lust. Have to withstand the test of good times, not raw lust in it, the face of adversity which can not afford to resentment, no matter what realm of calm, always kept a grateful heart. Encounter people speak evil of me, humiliated me, set me up, he told me, OK? Good to me! Him to test me, test me martial arts, I really heart pure, free from his influence, not the slightest resentment heart, I'm grateful for him, I passed the test. If this realm is now before the mind a little uneven, which is what? I was not enough, was not qualified. The practice day in and day of trial, six contact Liu Chen realm, not good times of adversity, not is bad pratyaya is karma, the true devotees on their achievements. So be sure to to learn Zenzai Zenzai what state of mind? All beings are my good mentor, my teacher, is the Buddha in the show now, I do all kinds of affinity to test me to see myself in the the Habitat margin which is to hold clean and equality sleep. Able to hold clean and equality sleep does not move, I'll get out, and for all Habitat margin can not have a grateful heart? Can not men? This is the practice of real skill is called real practice. Repentance is not read, read to no avail. Every day to read in front of the Buddha Repentance, the realm present or who have decided, or the impassioned five desires, no! That is not true cultivation, it is superficial, the Buddha Do not listen to this thing, the Buddha really depends on how you who have decided, artificial words. Called true repentance, called real merit.

We then went to see "Dear Venerable Master Wu Vatican deeper pain bow repentance Wu Vatican can not grasp the opportunity to learn to implement by teaching primary and indulge in trouble conditions and enforcement, right and wrong, can not extricate themselves. Words are the truth, follow me around as one to learn by teaching, there is no unsuccessful. I Buddhists living in Taichung, with the Libing Nan old lay decade. I really do, I really learn, not only by religion, even the daily life he is performing for me to see, I learn from him ten years to learn to become a. Leave him, my fate is not one in the whole world, so it is very hard, where invited to go. I go on a trip to a person, no one accompanied by several decades. The conditions are very simple, I do not support, I travel expenses. I do not ask for money, you give me to buy tickets, tickets, room and board to entertain you reach that place, I do not accept offerings, it is very comfortable. Many places are looking for me for so many years around the world, end up with Dharma. Life Dojo, of no fixed abode. The return of Hong Kong from the United States, I come for the celebrations. In 1977, my first time away from Taiwan to accept outside Taiwan invited Hong Kong, lived in Hong Kong for four months, about a HeDongShiHou "30 years ago. After every year in Hong Kong by one month, to the United States after the interruption. Hong Kong's return to specifically check back, encountered some old audience, old friend, you saw me, he asked me: Master, you have seven years did not come back. I say: so long? Calculated that, really, for seven years. I said I do not want to come back preaching, no one asked me to, I do not do anything. So these old fellow practitioners initiated invited me, or a month to once speak for five days every month to Hong Kong in terms of five days, also spoke some years. Finally, here initiates the heart and bought the dojo, I lived here for a long time, and now I get permanent residence in Hong Kong. Old age I have to table a law. No place to stay in the past, of no fixed abode, you can now permanent residence here. I am an active, the end of my trip to Australia to participate in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Pure Land Learning College. The same time, I handed over all the duties of Australia all, I quit, after nothing done, quit the title of this place, I specialize in preaching. I would like to table a law, what table? An indepth the long Xunxiu. I can live several years longer, I do not know, I do not have supernatural powers. Specifically about County is now we speak of "science designed stresses" Branch Note "year to say again and again about the need 1200-300 hours. Year to say again, repeat once again live, live ten years talking about ten times, for everyone to be a role model, an in-depth, long-term Xunxiu, we succeeded. Can not learn too much, can not learn too complex, all put down. Buddha taught me the "Diamond Sutra", I do not say the Buddha preaching tell others to listen, not by Sakyamuni Buddha speak as I speak, I received all came. Wu Fan No, my preaching is to speak for others, not for her talk, she does not accept. I in Taichung Li preaching, I said to the teacher preaching talking about is the one for me, which I accepted, I can learn something. If I say the teacher preaching speak for others, not for what I say, I made nothing, with teacher decade useless, a hundred years to no avail. Speak, for I am a man, the heart is more than friendly, you can feel it.

Buddhist 60 years, preaching fifty-three years, not emotional, not confused upside down, and now the world all put down the law in this world. On the "Diamond Sutra", the Buddha said, "The law there should be homes, not to mention illegal, the law is Sakyamuni Buddha forty-nine said all law, the law there should be homes, illegal is the law in this world. World law in this world all down, I just sutra, mentioned I finally reborn, no longer change the subject, a "Manuscripts", an Amitabha. First pass "by the solution Kingdoms", last year's Qingming began to speak, the successful September 18 this year, twelve hundred hours. The very detailed, the the Amitabha name merit that out. Really can understand, you really believe that true vow also true Buddha Amitabha Honganji Weishen blessing to be able to get on. If you were not true believers, sincere and respectful heart, not on the increase. The sages learn science now is not the same, the science first requirement is that you suspect, the sages first requirement integrity can not doubt, doubt get nothing at all. This is the world of law in this world is not the same place, we can not know. The Vatican division is hard to come by, ill consciousness, knowing that she was wrong, this is difficult to get. She want to know the error, do not know repentance, she must fall into the three way; know the error, even if not passed away, she was in the good way. "Wu Fan Yang in the metion force plus holding", the Buddha of compassion, as long as they are willing to admit, the real turn over vow, the Buddha will be blessing. "Long days law enforcement, all destined beings, to the Gordon Sanskrit opportunities", we really can sympathize with her, forgive her. "If Gordon Vatican life would like to be able to do Zhixin the Buddha, there was no agony, the heart does not covet your neighbor, regression nursing is bliss. "If the Buddha felt Wu Vatican can do something beings Yang metion and blessings, try to get rid of all the troubles desire Dharma beings, Venerable Master, do their part", which is her desire . "Buddha says: love ridden executive obtained reincarnation, the end can not have", Buddhist, said, "HeDongShiHou sense. "Yun: love Health Saha", under the sentence, the Patriarch said, "read mixed Pure Land". "Wu Vatican is well aware of the fundamental of all industry learning troubles, the total ridden in the intelligence executive, Yang metion and blessings, Wu Vatican can clean body and mind, as one Buddha, as soon as possible out of the agony, all destined beings Buddha reborn in the Western, Hong protection Dhamma , widely reported 4th grace. disciples Wu Vatican bowed repentance. AD May 15, 2011 ". We see that this thing is very happy, as long as breath did not break, sincere repentance, never recycled, focus on during the first sentence, never recycled, will play the role of induction Road. If you continue to recycling, then trouble will fall into the three way, that's for sure. So we see that to read the force of this paragraph, the mind, to do with her life is very similar. We should always pay attention to his persistent, there is no difference, there is no comment in the Dharma taught us, we who have decided to pay attention to own selfish because selfishness is the root of all evil. Selfish to put down, Buddhist Buddha selfless, obsessed with all suffering beings, not for themselves. Not obsessed with all things antagonism This is a down side to see; unprejudiced get along with all public, is here to talk about the views, opinions, preferences, unprejudiced achievements merit can Handsome beings rejoice merit, rejoice inside. This manufacturing industry, confuse the manufacturing sector in particular is exclusive.

Manufacturing industry there must be retribution, grudges with all living beings, retribution, Shengshengshishi endless, it is so bitter. Grudges with the beings sometimes do not know, why? Intentionally or unintentionally, interested to know that the, unintentionally junction resentment do not know. Therefore, the sages of the world out of this world to teach us, doing things interpersonal skills to Shurei the daily life, talk to the precepts of Buddha inside. The Confucian ritual law standards of the World, Buddhist Ring is born World law standards, the five precepts Treatise, who have decided, speech pretentious did not hold the bottom line, more than anything else. Since Elysium clear, understood, and truly believe, truly the heart and survive in the Pure Land, it would have to be honest the Buddha, the world out of all the world law all down. Want to learn, to Elysium after school, but now learn too late, must now be bent Buddha survival Pure Land. To grasp the time to seize the opportunity, the time and the opportunity to decide not to be missed. This, "even if your object is a non-human or inanimate, as you can establish some kind of contact, regardless of the other plants, animals or inanimate objects, to exercise read the force should be as much about them." The Dharma which said Habitat margin said than the majority, this place is nothing more than animals, plants, minerals. Inside the Dharma tells us that science said of secondary space, is the Dharma which was about the Dharma Realm. Dharma limitless Dharma Realm grouped into ten categories, called the Ten Dharma Realms, Mahayana inside edge of an object is the Ten Dharma Realms is solemn, including all the best. The inside this heaven and earth spirits, the Buddhas Shatu, corrupt world of Sakyamuni Buddha parish Ten Dharma Realms. We see "Avatamsaka products" in the "Sutra" which is about the universe, today talking about the macro-universe, the World Achievement goods "is telling the world from the source, from the source of the method, the source of life from , where I come from, it comes to our own. The university asked Advanced Institute of Science and Higher philosophy! Science with philosophy has not been able to completely clear the Buddhist teachings, understand, waiting for scientists to prove. So, in the macro-universe, scientists report their observations can only see the universe ten percent, ninety percent gone. Read "Sutra" We know that ninety percent do not see where they are going, they do not know, "Sutra" inside made it very clear regression from the regression since not find. Science with philosophy must have disfigured it can reach it, the phenomenon is nothing more than three categories, physical phenomena, mental phenomena, natural phenomena. Science and philosophy it has the object, if all these three are not the philosophy of science there is no way, can not reach. The highest level, just three phenomena, from not physical phenomena, is not a natural phenomenon, nor is it a psychological phenomenon, philosophy of science will never reach. So how to do? Buddha, "the only card we know," you got the card you know. How the card was? Delusions dedication were all put down on the card had. Delusions persistent system put down to become a Buddha, satisfactory evidence obtained; only able to let go, it is Arhat, six; put down the dust trouble, breaking a product of ignorance, the four holy Dharma Realm, is the Ten Dharma Realms are not you card was Bodhisattva bit; then up, break a product of ignorance permit a body of law, he would go to the Buddhas FACT solemn soil, the One True Dharma Realm, Ten Dharma Realms not. Robbery only three A monk

to live in a true Dharma Realm, and why? No beginning and no bad habits naturally not clean off, this was the one of the highest degree, Miaojue Tathagata. The Tathagata Miaojue return to self, it's gone, could not find him. If he is in? , Everywhere, everpresent, that is, because there is no three phenomena, science with philosophy undetectable. He really, really, Ling Ming to the uttermost. So Mr. Fang Dongmei "Mahayana Buddhism is the highest peak of the world philosophy", when His Holiness introduced to me, "Sakyamuni Buddha is the world's greatest philosophers". Through 60 years of learning, we really know, is not only a great philosopher, he was a great scientist. Science to philosophy, in the end there is no way to solve the problem, Mahayana teach all, a great university asked. We are lucky enough to find, lucky enough to find the Pure Land, encounter Mahayana is not enough, and why? It is too high, our troubles habits can not be broken off can not not be able to prove Mahayana realm. But when they got the Pure Land Dharma would be incredible, do not need karma, do not need to Duanfan Nao, a chanted read good karma natural, naturally eliminates the trouble, reborn in the Western Paradise close to Amitabha firmly Dangdang, you see This has to be! So we have to be on different spatial dimensions times these beings to learn more about get to know them, because they are one with us, can never be separated. From the heart to read it to know, who have decided we also know that the information we have received. Received do not know why? Because we have trouble habits. If we worry habit is broken, we will be able to always received a lot of information over the Dharma Realm empty circles. This is the truth. The last one, "cultivate compassion, with compassion Send read the force is clearly more effective". This is the scientists tell us. Buddhists more than compassion, we have a pure heart and a sincere heart, with equanimity, compassion. So this compassion coupled with clean, equality, enlightenment, in good faith, this incredible force. This heart, this is about the attitude, even the foreign scientists tell us correct attitude, we are sincere and pure equality of enlightenment and compassion, with this attitude, facing Paradise, facing the Buddha, this read how much force! We put our survival ideas of the Pure Land, Buddha's merit back to the world of bliss, back to the Buddha. Science to do, this is not fake. Our merit, study merit correct this state of mind back to a sick beings, we pray to him, his body is able to recover one day earlier, very effective. Not Bodhicitta No, not very poor with compassion. Sincere and pure equality enlightenment and compassion, which is bodhicitta, the the Bodhi heart is the heart of the Buddha is our own true good Chinese ancestors, these sages say, the nature of the good is what I mean. Component of this book, extracts from this little bit of me in, share, together with the students, I believe we pray to Buddha Pure Land belief, for us to survive, but also help us facing the front of these disasters, and how to deal with all help . So we freed up time preaching that to the students to do this share to this place is successful, thank you very much.

Reads the strength success stories With Tibetan lamas powerful to read the force show In the winter of 1985, the Himalayas in northern India a trace of the temple of the cold, the five Tibetan monks sitting quietly, in a deep Dingzhong. Thin clothes, but they do not seem to the chilly indoor temperature when the same thing. After a child, an Acolyte them draped wet sheets soaked in ice water in turn. This stimulation generally will bring a great shock to the body, so that the temperature plummeting. As long as the body temperature of a person suddenly drop 12 degrees Fahrenheit, within a few minutes of shock, lost all signs of life. However, the five Lama is not no shaking, but you start to sweat. Steam emerge from the wet sheets, the sheets dry an hour later. Acolyte dry sheet and then replaced with a cold, wet sheets. At this time, the body of five Lama has been hot as an oven, wet sheet dries quickly. The third installment of wet sheets as well. By the Harvard Medical School cardiologist Herbert. Benson (Herbert Benson) leadership team is standing by to view a variety of instruments connected to the five monks who. They want to know what the physiological mechanism of the body to produce such a high temperature. Over the years, Benson continued to explore the impact of meditation on the brain and body. He launched an ambitious project to the world's remote areas of practice for many years, Buddhist Lama. In the journey time Himalayas, he shot only wear a few clothes to a Lama was camping at fifteen thousand feet above sea level on the mountain. February night, low temperature scary, but still sound asleep Lama. Travel to do during the study period, Benson witnessed many bizarre content, including some low metabolic rate like in hibernation. Five Lama, for example, they can improve the fingertip temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and she metabolic rate dropped to a low 6% than normal. Benson know, this is the metabolic rate of the lowest on record. Most people even in sleep, metabolic rate would drop by only a 03% to five%. Even experienced meditators also only seventeen percent lower. That day, however, Benson has witnessed the the ideas most incredible performance. Lama alone thoughts, and the icy water to a boil. Muhammad Ali the secret of success World heavyweight champion in 1974 with George. Foreman (George Foreman) Battle in Kinshasa (Kinshasa) seven weeks ago, Ali (Muhammad Ali) game is a do not care about winning or losing the way. Most of the time leaning against the side of the rope, let the opponents to him from all sides punched, only occasionally seems to get rid of flies punching fight back. The period in the latter part of his boxing career, Ali has a lot of training time spent

learning how to endure boxing exercises in the hairbreadth moment flashed to boxing, or learn to control the mind, it does not feel too much pain in the body was hit. He is not training your body how to win, but to train his mind not to lose and try to fight on in the 12th round of the most boxers have already exhausted. His most important practice is not in the boxing ring, but sitting in armchair. He is in the mind boxing. Ali is a concept of force master. He developed a set of mind skills, and eventually changed their performance in the field of boxing. Before the game, he always used various methods of self-encouragement, self-suggestion, visualization and mental replayed (mental rehearsal). One of the most important is probably This powerful public declaration: "I am the best." He also talks about seemingly boring limerick, for example: I promise Archer. Moore (Archie Moore) fourth round will inevitably fell to the ground and a dodge the right fist blow Bear suffer bombers flying out to play, Ali will read these rhyming verses mantra-like (read on their own, read the media, the opponent read), until they fully believe that is true. small seven-year-old boxing has always been one of the most ferocious fighters. The Battle of Kinshasa (also known as "jungle war") two months ago, he used only two rounds, and willing to put the opponent. Norton (Ken Norton) repair severely. The media predicted Foreman and Ali odds, is a two-to-one, but Ali has rewritten the history of the war Foreman - Norton, almost he told reporters predicted, then a single word in reality. "His fist is very fierce, but could not beat the people." He repeatedly waving a fist, told reporters, "said Foreman only pushing people. He punches sluggish, the fist year before we get my body you thought he could make me upset? most boring game will be boxing history. " Ali read him through the "jungle" in Kinshasa. Later in the same year, he was defeated in the Philippines Joe. Fraser (Joe Frazier), it is probably always been the most bloody in a boxing match. This time, he also used the Voodoo Doll. He carried a small plastic gorilla, every encounter interview with reporters, put the plastic gorilla come up with the right fist in front of the camera lens down with the toy gorilla: "This gorilla in Manila hit me after the Fed crap out of die miserable. "Fraser finally on to the boxing ring, already believe themselves to be but toy gorilla. In addition to language study force, Ali also use mind read the force: in mind repeatedly rehearsal game when every detail. He would imagine his thigh Tired badly feeling, feeling of abdominal pain, his face bruised feeling, news reporters spotlight flash, the excitement of the audience screams, or even imagine the referee raised his arm and announced the winning scenario. The idea to send him to the victory of the body, and his body told what to do. The power of hypnosis

Hypnosis is also a concept form of force, a kind of brain instruction. The hypnotist repeatedly proved, brain or body is vulnerable to guide the thinking of control. Ichthyosis the power of hypnosis in a group of patients who had a dramatic show. Ichthyosis is a skin disease, the patient's body president of a large area of the ugly scaly erythema. In one experiment, five patients were hypnotic hypnotist asked them to put their ideas focused on the body long spot, imagine where the skin has returned to normal. Within weeks, each patient eight percent of ichthyosis have disappeared, the skin becomes smooth and clean. In another experiment, a group of spine surgery patients to accept to be hypnotized with the idea of blood flow from the spine guide open as a result, they are less blood loss during surgery than normal by nearly half. This type of approach can also help pregnant women lead the fetal position, speed recovery for burn patients, patients with gastrointestinal bleeding faster to stop the blood. Clearly, in the changed state of mind (similar to deep meditation to bring the ultra-alert state of consciousness), the force concept can convince the body patient pain, the treatment of many serious diseases. Spanish doctor Engelhard. Escudero (Angel Escudero) do not use anesthesia for the patient's surgery, complex surgery he has done over nine hundred. The BBC had shot his live surgery. In the film, a female patient in the case of no anesthesia to undergo surgery. Escudero only asked her to constantly moist mouth with saliva, and repeatedly said to myself: "My legs have been anesthetized." The effectiveness of this sentence to read the force. Dry mouth is a warning to the brain. As long as the mouth is moist, the brain will think that everything is normal, I believe that my legs anesthesia, thus closing the receiver of the pain. Read influencing weather Between the years of 1998 and three months, Roraima (Roraima, in Brasilia, fifteen hundred miles) north-west of the state of Amazonas raging fire spread to the rainforest of the fire is completely out of control. Trouble due to El Nino, has for months it did not rain, cause otherwise humid rainforest extremely dry, easy to ignite fire was in the region of the state of Amazonas fifteen percent infestation. Rain in this region has always been abundant, but this time without a trace. The United Nations said this fire unprecedented disaster on Earth. Fire, spent a lot of helicopters and about fifteen hundred firefighters (including from neighboring Venezuela and Argentina to give support), but that are not used. The end of March, two changes of weather experts stepped reach the fire: they are the Kaiya Pa family (Caiapo), Indian shaman. Yanomami reservation aircraft, they set out to fire the most violent areas believed that is also home to the Stone Age tribes (the Yanomami Reservation). They began to dance and pray, and then pick up the leaves. Two days later, the sky was a great rain, about 90% of the fire being poured put out.

For rain dance in the West, the same So expect If it is a group of ideas, maybe as good as the weather is good idea. The pear laboratory Nelson done to achieve a small study. The origin of the matter is that one day he suddenly remembered that he could recall, Princeton University graduation ceremony the day's weather is not no time the sun is shining. He was curious if it will be because we expect the result of good weather? He compared the past three decades, graduation day, Princeton and the surrounding area weather records and found that every graduation ceremony that day, the general weather is always better than the usual dry, dry than surrounding areas, the sun shines more. If these numbers are credible, maybe on graduation day, wish the adults collective of the campus over the softened a spiritual umbrella. The potted incredible reaction Baxter is one of America's leading polygraph experts. In 1966, he Dracaena connected to a polygraph machine: his two electrodes sandwiched Dracaena a long, curved leaves, with a rubber band tight circle. Watering, his lines on the expected drawing will slowly increase to reflect the resistance of the leaves because of moisture increases slowly. However, what is actually happening is the opposite. The lines on the drawing at first to go down, and then slightly beat, just like a scared polygraph showing the situation. Baxter witnessed the reaction of a human model, he later learned that a discharge phenomenon caused by the film of wax insulation (Waxy insulation) in the plant cells, similar reaction to the pressure of human lie detector. He decided to use a larger stimulus to test Dracaena is not true emotional response. When a person take a polygraph, wondering if he is not lying, the best way is to ask him a direct, pointed questions, as long as the non-real answer to answer, will cause the sympathetic nervous system immediately after a strong reaction, for example, asked him: "Is not you put two bullets were fired into Smith's body?" Baxter knew that, in order to cause the the Dracaena same degree of panic, must be allowed to feel threatened. So he Dracaena leaf dipped in coffee, but did not see any strong reaction: the lines on the chart showing the trend continued to go down. If the subject's personal reaction to mean that he is bored and boring or tired. Apparently he had to Genghen threat because, for example, point to the root of matches to burn that piece of electrodes sandwiched leaves. However, the rise in Baxter same moment of this idea, the polygraph drawing the line to start intense ups and downs, almost like a wild horse that. At this time he has not really to burn leaves, just want to do nothing. But somehow, Dracaena is sensitive to this idea, becomes extremely frightened. Baxter and ran to the next room, took a box of matches from the secretary's desk. The back, Dracaena still in a panic state. He lit a match and shook in the leaf below. Stylus continue to bounce up and down. Such as Baxter matchbox back in place, the lines on the chart was relaxed, and finally into a straight line.