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My Expected salary and Justification

What salary do you expect? Why do you think you are worth of it? Yes, these the two questions are very common when fresh graduates get into the job market and face interviews. While studying in university everyone dreams of achieving a job offering a handsome salary which matches their expectation. After all money is the mean to all satisfaction. Anyways, alike all other graduates I also want to work in a well reputed company and I also do have an expected salary which is 40,000 BDT. Now the second question comes Am I worth of that? Well, I feel yes. Now I will justify the causes. I have just completed BBA from North South University, a well-known reputed university of Bangladesh. It is also the first private university in our country. The quality of teaching process is similar to the process of North American well known universities. North South University performs very well by following the rules and regulations of Bangladesh government. It has own campus and we have got all kind of facilities which made our better study life. I have completed BBA with a good CGPA. My major concentration is in Human Resource Management (HRM). I have done many important HRM courses like Compensation theory and practice, Managerial skill development, Human resource planning, Industrial relationship, International human resource management, Human resource practices in Bangladesh, Strategic human resource management etc. I have done very well in these major courses. I think it will be very helpful for the organization and it also helped me to measure my expected salary.

As a fresh graduate I have no job experience. But I have done a lot of club activities in North South University. Our university has 19 various activities clubs. These clubs organize many programs every year. I was a member of North South University SHANGSHKRITIK SHONGOTHON (NSUSS). This club activity taught me how to manage the time, how to take pressure and how to do the task successfully. I have performed various stage dramas and also worked in the organization team. It has increased my communication skill. As a team I organize many events in our university campus. I know how to manage personal and organizational work. There was very study pressure in North South University. Besides this I have done extracurricular activities and I can do hard work in pressure.

I have done many course related assignments, case solutions and many project work. It has increased the knowledge of human resource management. I have gone many

My Expected salary and Justification

organizations and done my assignments and projects. It has helped me to know about various well reputed organizations of our country. I know how to cope with new environment and how to behave with new people.

I have good computer skill. I know how to do work with Microsoft office package, internet surfing etc. I can do the task with computer very well.

I have good command in English. I have done business communication course as a core course and I have learnt how to deliver public speech, the process and criteria of presentation and many other important things.

I have attended many seminars inside and outside of our university. Many top level officials of well reputed national and international organizations came to these seminars and I learnt many things from them. I know many things about management. In our university I attended many seminars which were only about HR activities. It has increased my HR knowledge.

My academic result and all above these activities will help me to fulfill your job demand and I think I am a suitable candidate for your organization and my expected salary might be accepted.

My Expected salary and Justification