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Course Schedule – Creative Writing Summer 2008 – Instructor Jenney Izzo

Introductions & Toward a Definition of Good Writing (June 30 - July 3)

July 1

Read Getting Started and the Syllabus; Familiarize yourself with the course
Post an introduction on the Welcome/Intro Discussion Board
Check Communications and then Messages for your Small Group Letter
Post Freewrite 1 to your Small Group Discussion Board (SGD)

July 2

Post Responses to the Welcome/Intro discussion board

Post Responses to all of the Freewrites in your SGD
Surf the Web: Paris Review Writers' Interviews and Poetry.org
Read Fiction Handout 1
Post to Towards a Definition of Good Writing SGD

July 3

Post Responses to Towards a Definition of Good Writing SGD

Continue discussions in Welcome/Intro, Freewrites and Toward a Defintion of Good

Begin Fiction Writing & Critique (July 7 -11)

July 7

Read "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place"; "A Rose for Emily"; "The Things They Carried"
Read Fiction Handouts 1 & 2
Post POV Rewrite to SGD

July 8

Read Peer Review / Critique Guidelines

Respond to POV Rewrite SGD

July 9

Post Character and Setting Sketches to SGD

July 10

Respond to Character and Setting Sketches

July 11

Read two stories from "The New Yorker" website

Review Fiction Handouts
Post a Writer's Analysis of the stories to Discussion Board

Short Story Writing & Critique (July 14 -18)

July 15

Post your short story to the SGD (proofread for grammar, clarity, etc.)

July 17

Review Peer Review / Critique Guidelines

Respond to all the stories in your SGD

July 18

Continue short story discussions

Howl at the full moon

Introduction to Poetry & The Poet's Tools (July 21 - 25)

July 21

Check short story discussions for any loose threads

Read Poetry Handouts 1 & 2
Read Selected Poems 1
Post to the Introduction to Poetry & the Poet's Tools SGD
SG members select a poem topic to share

July 22

Respond to Intro to Poetry SGD posts

Post Poem of Choice (your original work) to SGD

July 23

Critique Poem of Choice SGD

Follow up on Intro to Poetry SGD posts
Post a poem to share with your notes as to why it appeals to you

July 24

Post Poem inspired by Summer to SGD

Post poem on topic selected by group members to SGD
Read "poems to share" and respond to those that inspire you

July 25

Critique Summer poems

Critique poems of SG choice

Freedom and Form in Poetry (July 28 - August 1)

July 28

Follow-up on discussions from last week

Post poem written in trimeter and a Free Verse poem to SGD

July 30

Critique free verse and trimeter poems in SGD

July 31

Post form poem and answer form questions - SGD

Aug 1

Critique / Respond to form poem and answers to questions

Revision and Reflection (August 4 - 8)

Aug 4

Follow-up on last week's discussions

Post scene revision along with analysis to SGD

Aug 5

Critique of scene revisions SGD

Aug 6

Post poetry word change & analysis revision

Aug 7

Critique of poetry revisions


Aug 8

Follow-up on both revision discussions

Post a small section of your story or one of your poems to share with the entire class
Add a thank you and good-bye
Submit self-analysis to me via Communications -> messages

August 12 - Final Grades / Responses from me