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Development, Enterprise and Environment

Mr T Wyld London Borough of Barnet Development & Regulatory Services Building 4 North London Business Park Oakleigh Road South London, NQ11 1NP

City Hall The Queens Walk More London London SE1 2AA Switchboard: 020 7983 4000 Minicom: 020 7983 4458 Web: www.london.gov.uk Our ref: PDU/0843d/EW/01 Your ref: H/01054/13 Date: 15 May 2013

Dear Thomas Wyld,

Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended); Greater London Authority Acts 1999 and 2007; Town & Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008 West Hendon Estate, NW9 Local Planning Authority Reference: H/01054/13
I refer to the copy of the above planning application, which was received from you on 4 April 2013. On 15 May 2013 the Mayor considered a report on this proposal, reference PDU/0843d/01. A copy of the report is attached, in full. This letter comprises the statement that the Mayor is required to provide under Article 4(2) of the Order. The Mayor considers that the application is generally acceptable in strategic planning terms however account should be taken of the comments set out in paragraph 103 of the report. The application represents EIA development for the purposes of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011. The environmental information made available to date has been taken into consideration in formulating these comments. If your Council subsequently resolves to make a draft decision on the application, it must consult the Mayor again under Article 5 of the Order and allow him fourteen days to decide whether to allow the draft decision to proceed unchanged, or direct the Council under Article 6 to refuse the application, or issue a direction under Article 7 that he is to act as the local planning authority for the purpose of determining the application and any connected application. You should therefore send me a copy of any representations made in respect of the application, and a copy of any officers report, together with a statement of the decision your authority proposes to make, and (if it proposed to grant permission) a statement of any conditions the authority proposes to impose and a draft of any planning obligation it proposes to enter into and details of any proposed planning contribution.

Please note that the Transport for London case officer for this application is Gordon Adam, telephone 020 3054 7030. Yours sincerely,

Colin Wilson Senior Manager Planning Decisions cc Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Constituency Member Nicky Gavron, Chair of London Assembly Planning Committee National Planning Casework Unit, DCLG Alex Williams, TfL Ben Ford, Quod, Ingeni Building, 17 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0AX