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Prayer Requests
Y Nikki Karg (schoolmate of Janna Fitgerald) recently diagnosed with leukemia. Y Steve Gast (Jennifer & Mike Huehns college friend) as he awaits a lung transplant for his cystic fibrosis complications. He is currently at home and only has a few weeks to wait. Pray for strength, patience and Gods will. Y Bobbie Pearson (friend of Gloria Ivers) who has a new tumor and more cancer. Y John Fagerland (Amy Moores dad) as he struggles with hip and knee pain and is seeking the best medical treatment plan. Y Pa Alemka in Cameroon (Karen Bakias friends dad) who is in the hospital. Y Joanne Seeman Benick (Jon & Jodi Blacks friend) who has cancer. Y Rocci Norcia (Al Norcias father) cancer has returned and is starting Chemo treatments. Y Continue to pray for Cathy Smith who is struggling with mental illness. Y Jenna Undersander (Jennifer & Mike Huehns neighbor)who was just diagnosed with cancer and is receiving chemo. Y Julie Fjeld ((Jennifer & Mike Huehns neighbor)who lives with cancer. Y Steven Van Meter (son of Kevin & Pam Van Meter) who is serving our country in Afghanistan. Y Vern Hermsen (Jerry Hermsens brother)who is in a home for Alzheimers. Y Jerry Hermsen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Y John Thiessen as he lives with cancer.

Y David Schwartz (friend of George & Dianne Black) as he is suffering from cancer. Y Donna McCullen (wife of Ken McCullen) who is suffering from cancer.

This week we have the opportunity to study the story of the women at the well which is found in the 4th chapter of John. This is a foundational story in the Scriptures. As you read the story this week think, reflect and pray how this story reveals the Corethat is the love of Jesus Christ. In your reflections apply this story to your own life. How can you grow deeper in your sense of security in Gods love through this story? Enjoy! Comments about the devotion can be E-mailed to pastor@colpres.org Monday, June 3 Read John 4:1-6 The Pharisees discovered that Jesus was having significant success in baptizing people and making discipleseven though Jesus wasnt doing the baptizing. Despite his success Jesus wanted to leave that place and travel to a Samaritan place called Sychar. In reading this part of the story it seems that Jesus was not intending to travel to Sychar, but conditions forced him to do it. Traveling to Sychar was plan B. When we share the love of Jesus with another person, we often have to be ready for plan B. We can try to have a plan, but often our plans are disrupted. Whats important is we are ready to have an

encounter with someone. We never know when an opportunity will come up for us to display the love of Jesus. Our task is to be open and ready for an event that we cannot even plan ahead of time. Pray today that you will be open to an opportunity. Prayer: I know that I am not in control of my life. Help me be ready to display your love in a situation over the next few days. Give me the awareness to share this love in an encounter I am not expecting.

Prayer: The world is thirsty for this living water. Show me some opportunities where I can share this living water with others. Wednesday, June 5 Read John 4:16-26 When Jesus had the womans attention they started talking about their beliefs. Notice they didnt talk about beliefs firstthey first talked about living water. Everyone who we meet has beliefs about Godeven atheists have beliefs about God. When we do talk about beliefs our task is not necessarily to win an argument; instead its to share what we believe. We dont need to worry that we might say the wrong thing. Our task is to share what we believe even if we are not comfortable in our own knowledge. The Samaritans believed the people had to worship on Mount Gerizim. Jesus responded by saying that this belief was so limiting. Once a person experienced living water it didnt matter where they worshipped. The experience of living water would far surpass a persons belief. Prayer: Dont let me be afraid of sharing my beliefs. If I am unsure let me share that. Let me see my beliefs as an extension of your living water. Thursday, June 6 Read John 4:27-30 When the disciples came to the well they were astounded by what they saw. A Jew was not supposed to talk to a Samaritan; a man was not supposed to talk to a woman. Jesus wasnt concerned about letting these barriers prevent him from sharing living water.

The womans response gives us a clue to how we can share faith. She had experienced something in her encounter with Jesus. She couldnt help but talk about it. Think about a time in your life when you experienced the love of God in a very moving way. These stories are the ones that were called to share. These stories are so moving that we cant help but share them. Take a moment to remember some of these times. Be ready to share them at appropriate moments. Prayer: You have moved in my life in special ways. Help me identify these stories. Help me know these stories so well that I cant help but share them at appropriate moments. Friday, June 7 Read John 4:31-38 When the disciples came back they became concerned about Jesus physical needs. The disciples had gone to the village to get some food. They knew that Jesus hadnt eaten and assumed that he was very hungry. Though Jesus was probably hungry, he was focused on something far differentthe food that was going to sustain him. This food was the way of Abba, father. Take a moment to reflect on how you are sustained by the way of Abba. Last Sunday Pastor Paul encouraged us to be sustained by the love of God. How are you at being sustained by this love. It is our Core! Prayer: I want to be sustained by your love. Help me grow and be nourished by you!

Tuesday, June 4 Read John 4:7-15 The women started out skeptical of Jesus. Some think that she came in the middle of the day so that she wouldnt have to come across other folks who came to the well earlier in the day. When the woman first came across Jesus she didnt understand how he a Jew would ask her, a Samaritan, for water. Jesus didnt care about these barriers. He was interested in sharing living water. Everyone who drinks of this [living] water will be thirsty again, but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life. (verses 13b-14) When the woman became aware of this living water she became interested in Jesus. Just as when people become aware of Gods love they become more interested in the church. Our task is not to talk about the church necessarily, but instead share Gods love. Even skeptics are interested in this living water.

Saturday, June 8 Read John 4:39-42 When the woman went to her village she shared a story of what God had done for her. The cliff notes version of this story is in verse 29 and again in verse 39, He told me everything I have ever done. Faith is more than a set of doctrines that we learn in our mind. Faith is knowing our own story. On Thursday you were encouraged to reflect on a time when you experienced the love of God in a very moving way. Today reflect on a time when you saw the love of God work in another persons life in a moving way. Visualize that experience in your mind. Reflect and pray over it. Prayer: You move in the lives of people in amazing ways. Help me learn about you in how youve worked in others.