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A friend for life.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Winona Health is pleased to present our

2004 Annual Report to the community.
This annual report has been published to further communication between Winona Health and the Winona regional
community and to thank our many supporters. This publication will be distributed to our many friends and
colleagues and will be available for downloading from our Web site, www.winonahealth.org.

If you have any questions about the articles contained in this report, please contact:
~ Loretta Bronson
Chief Communication Officer

Other Marketing/Public Relations staff who helped with this publication include:
~ Amanda Atlas
PR Specialist
Letter from the
President / CEO .......................3
~ Elizabeth Hough
Events & Promotions Specialist
Letter from the
Winona Health Board 507.457.4161

Winona Health Board ...............5

CMH’s Emergency
Department Saves Lives...........6

Winona Health Builds

for the Community’s
Healthcare Future.....................9

Winona Health Physician

Clinics Growing to Meet
Community Needs ..................11

Winona Health Financials .......12

Letter from the

Winona Health Foundation
Board Chair ............................13

Winona Health
Foundation Board ...................14

Thanks to our donors

General Contributions ..........15
In Honor of ..........................15
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Gifts in Kind.........................19
Happy Occasion ..................20
Remembrance Fund ............20
Capital Campaign Report.....22

More information about

Winona Health may be found on
our Web site:
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From the
President /CEO
Can it be that another incredible year has already Improving health and well-being is another
passed? 2004 will be remembered as a dynamic year of demonstrable challenge we have committed to
exciting change for Winona Health, as we came to a through our mission statement. While this challenge
crossroads and chose our path. We dedicated time this may seem a bit daunting, Winona Health is an Rachelle Schultz

past year to review our mission statement and gain organization up to the task. Winona Health is a President / CEO

consensus and commitment to our organizational remarkable healthcare organization living through a
purpose. These efforts engaged our board members, sea of nation-wide healthcare changes and challenges.
management, staff and physicians. The result is a new Our Four Cornerstones anchor us to the
foundation upon which we align our goals, strategies,
mission statement that captures the purpose of our
actions and resources. They provide clarity in setting
organization and our commitment to serve the
priorities and have proven constant over time.
These cornerstones are: Our People, Care and
Service, Collaboration and Financial
Winona Health is devoted Stewardship.
to improving the health and Physician recruitment, the building project, WINONA
service excellence, pursuit of the Malcolm Baldrige HEALTH’S
well-being of our family, Quality criteria, participation in the Center for SENIOR
friends and neighbors. Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality project, MANAGEMENT
our new Foundation Board, and retention and
The Winona Health Board of Directors approved recruitment of our excellent staff are all strategies
Rachelle Schultz
this mission statement in September. It is such an aligned with our cornerstones. They demonstrate the President / CEO
important organizational statement, as it guides all of means by which Winona Health pursues improving
Rand Gettler
our decisions and actions. Our strategic plan is based the health and well-being of our family, friends and Chief Operating Officer

on this statement; our capital plan is based on it; and neighbors.

Mike Allen
every departments’ efforts are aligned with meeting Throughout this annual report, you will see Chief Financial Officer
glimpses of the remarkable people and outcomes we
this mission. Loretta Bronson
have achieved in this organization – and I can assure Chief Communication
Beyond a statement of commitment, Winona Officer
you these glimpses are only the tip of the iceberg.
Health has to demonstrate how we are meeting this Nancy Brown
Every day I consider myself blessed to be a part of an
mission every day. Every one of us at Winona Health Executive Director of
organization and a community that has truly Development
expresses our devotion to you, the people we serve,
extraordinary physicians and staff committed to Sara Gabrick
through our Values. The Winona Health values of caring for them. I believe this often gets lost in the Patient Care Administrator
Integrity, Compassion, Family, “bigger is better” mythology that haunts many William Gould
Spirituality, Excellence, People, smaller communities. But I know I sleep better at Chief People Resource
Environment and Communication night because of the confidence I have in our
Kathleen Lanik
include specific service standards and expectations community’s healthcare providers. Our mission Chief Health Information
that we must all meet. These standards and statement says it all: Every one of us at Winona Health Management Officer

expectations are integrated throughout our is here for you – our family, friends and neighbors! Mary Miller-Hyland
organization and are commitments we make to Lake Winona Manor
everyone who seeks services throughout ~ Rachelle Schultz Dr. Charles Shepard
Winona Health. President/CEO Medical Director
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

From the been named a “Most Wired – Small & Rural Hospital”
for three consecutive years! Winona’s secure system
Winona Health allows all local healthcare providers to access your
EMR. So, if you arrive in the CMH Emergency
Board Chair Department late one evening, the doctors and nurses
can review your EMR to learn of recent physician visits
and lab test results.
Thinking about 2004 is a pleasant exercise. It was an As all of us on the board of directors watch the
Gary Evans exciting year for Winona Health…perhaps the most progress being made on these new buildings, it was
Winona Health
Board Chair
progressive year in the organization’s 110-year history. gratifying to see the completion of one of the first
It was a year when all the pieces were put into place to stages of the hospital remodeling: the new heliport,
offer Winona area residents a wonderful new era in located on CMH’s rooftop. Helicopters from Medlink
health care. Air (LaCrosse) and Mayo One (Rochester) both test
After months of collaborative negotiations with landed on the new helipad on November 30, and their
the Winona Clinic, Winona Health in August pilots applauded the rooftop location, which provides
announced a $32 million building project – a project a safer landing for them and safer transport for our
that will move the Winona Clinic’s operations onto the patients.
Winona Health campus. The collaborative relationships our organization
New construction immediately southeast of and Winona’s physicians enjoy with tertiary centers
Community Memorial Hospital will include a such as Gundersen and Mayo is also a comfort. We
Clinic/Medical Office Building, Outpatient Diagnostic know that when our residents need the services of
Center, a parking ramp and will also renovate a specialists at those centers, access is both open and
number of hospital facilities. All phases of the project convenient. I can assure you that the Winona Health’s
should be completed by March of 2006. board will continue to foster and expand these
Upon completion of the project, Winona Health collaborative efforts while, at the same time, we recruit
will have state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to the best and brightest healthcare providers to serve our
care for the healthcare needs of our community’s community. Recruitment of new physicians and
residents. Over the years, Winona Health has invested healthcare providers to the Winona area remains one
in an extensive array of surgical, diagnostic, of our key priorities – and we believe our state-of-the-
therapeutic, and information services equipment and art facilities will help in those recruitment efforts.
2004 was technology so we can deliver excellent healthcare to Yes, for more than a century, Winona Health has
those in need of our services. The new and renovated been a friend for life to the residents of this area.
a year when facilities will meet our commitment to move health And the steps taken in 2004 will ensure our residents
care in the Winona area to an even higher level.
all the pieces Winona Health’s new Diagnostic Center will
convenience and the best in facilities, equipment and
healthcare providers for years to come.
were put into house a permanent Magnetic Resonance Imaging While we are pleased with the developments
(MRI) machine, providing greater access to these tests 2004 has initiated, all of us on the Winona Health
place to offer for community residents. Add to this our digital board are committed to continuing the progress in the
Winona area Radiography and PACS system – which transmits,
stores, and retrieves digital medical images for viewing
years ahead. That is necessary to meet our pledge to
provide exceptional healthcare services to the residents
residents a – and you better understand why we believe our new of this area. The building project is a significant step
building project will move us into the future of forward, because it will usher in a new era of
wonderful healthcare diagnostic services. healthcare services to the Winona region.
new era in Winona Health already is a leader in its seamless
community-wide electronic medical record (EMR) – ~ Gary Evans
health care. one of the reasons Community Memorial Hospital has Winona Health Board Chair
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

First Row: Scott Biesanz, Dave Binius, Susan E. Cornwell, Vicki Decker, Cindy Donahue.
Middle Row: Gary Evans, Joseph J. Greshik, Herb Highum, Mark Jacobs, Dr. Suzanne Jelense.
Last Row: Hugh Miller, Dr. Daniel Parker, Rachelle Schultz, Jack “Butch” Walz.
Not Pictured: Mark Wagner.

Winona Health Board of Directors

~ Scott Biesanz, Director ~ Gary Evans, Chair ~ Hugh Miller, Director
~ Dave Binius, Vice-Chair ~ Joseph J. Greshik, Director ~ Dr. Daniel Parker, Director
~ Susan E. Cornwell, Vice-Chair ~ Herb Highum, Director ~ Rachelle Schultz, Director
~ Vicki Decker, Director ~ Mark Jacobs, Director ~ Mark Wagner, Director
~ Cindy Donahue, Director ~ Dr. Suzanne Jelense, Director ~ Jack “Butch” Walz, Director
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Dr. Morales poses on top of

the new helipad.

CMH’s Emergency Department Saves Lives


Jon Nienow was 52 years old. He walked three miles a day, lifted life-threatening situations don’t wait for
weights and was in great shape. But in November of 2003, as he office hours.
entered Community Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department So we turn to the people we know will
(ED), none of that seemed to matter. He was having a heart attack have their light on for us – the doctors,
and he needed help. nurses, and support staff at Community
Enter Community Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department.
team. Mr. Nienow was assessed, treated, and transported within 38 They are prepared for whatever crisis may
minutes. enter their doors.
“They were angels,” Nienow said of the staff that he believes Jon Nienow, happy “We had 17,206 visits to the ER in
saved his life that day. “I can’t say enough about the nurses and the and healthy one 2004,” says Bev Speltz, manager of the
year after his trip
doctor who took care of me.” to CMH’s ED. Emergency Department and Certified
The doctors who treated him at Mayo Clinic told him how lucky Emergency Nurse. And whether it is a heart
he was to get the treatment he did at the CMH ED. “They said that if I attack or an ear infection, the patients who
hadn’t gotten the excellent, immediate care that I got at CMH, I enter the ED are often scared and uncertain. They are looking for
wouldn’t be here today,” Nienow shared. He sings the praises of Dr. friendly and familiar faces that will calm, soothe and heal.
Brett Whyte, who made the diagnosis and was so quick to treat the Bev, who has been a nurse for almost 15 years, understands this.
problem, giving him a clot-busting drug within 13 minutes of his She worked as an ED nurse for eight years before taking over as
arrival that seized the attack and saved his life. manager. She proudly leads her team of nurses, doctors and
secretaries in serving patients with skilled compassion.
17,000 PATIENTS SERVED EACH YEAR That’s exactly what Edith and Byrle Tschumper were looking for
Though not every trip to the ED is quite as serious, almost no one can when they entered the ED on a recent Wednesday morning. They
escape a visit at some point. There will inevitably be an ear infection weren’t sure which doctor or nurse they would see, but they were sure
at 2:00 a.m. or a broken bone that needs immediate attention. And of the kind of care they would receive. It was not their first visit to
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

CMH’s Emergency Department, and they smiled as they remembered definitely noticed the benefits of a small town hospital.
previous visits. “People here have a sense of community,” Erika noted. “They really
“Our care has always been very good,” noted Edith, who happened to are caring for their neighbors.” She understands that people want
be the patient this time. “We think a lot of our hospital here.” As her reassurance when they come here and they want to know they will receive
husband stands at her bedside, he is thankful for the time and attention the best care possible from well-trained professionals. “Patients want to
that has always been given to them in the ED. “Everyone always explains know that we are going to take care of them, that they will be okay.”
things so well,” says Byrle. “The doctors are so helpful. And the nurses, they
are just wonderful.” We have a team in place that is truly
ED NURSES PROVIDE devoted to serving our mission of
Nurses are most often the first faces seen upon entering CMH’s ED. They
improving the health and well being
quickly and efficiently assess the patient’s situation with a calm confidence of our family, friends and neighbors.
that reassures even the most frightened patient. Their skill and dedication
are evident in the treatment they provide. Though the nursing team does not do it alone, their smiles of
“We have a team in place that is truly devoted to serving our mission reassurance and their gentle kindness – along with their skill and
of improving the health and well being of our family, friends, and dedication – greatly contribute to each patient’s healing.

Dr. Donnal updates a ED Manager Bev Speltz, RN, CEN, chats with nurses Mrs. Tschumper listens as Nurse Erika
patient chart in the ED. Faye Connors and Barb Filas. Ping explains the next step of care.

neighbors,” says Speltz. Community Memorial Hospital employs 18 full-

time Registered Nurses in their Emergency Department, with nine more on
call. They range from brand new recruits right out of nursing school to
After the initial assessment by the nurse, ED patients are seen by a
veteran nurses who have been with the hospital for nearly 30 years. They physician. Winona Health employs five full-time physicians in CMH’s
each joined the Emergency team for a variety of reasons, but the common Emergency Department. Each has a diverse background and their own
goal is to provide skilled, quality care for the patients who enter their specialty, yet they are united in providing the community with quality,
department. topnotch emergency care. (See sidebar on the following page.)
Sheryl Klug has been a CMH nurse for almost 25 years, the last eight This physician team includes Dr. Terry Donnal, a former physician
of them in the ED. “I came to the ED in search of a new challenge. And I with the U.S. Air Force who works with local allergy patients when he’s not
love the variety of people we care for,” she said. Sheryl credits the success of in the ED. Or patients may be treated by Dr. Marc Dummit, president of the
CMH’s Emergency Department to a true team effort. The nurses, the Winona County Medical Society, who takes great pride in the tree house he
doctors, the support staff, as well as other hospital departments, all built for his family.
contribute to ED patients’ well-being. Dr. Chris Schubert brings a pediatric background to his work, and
Erika Ping is one of the newest members of the Emergency team. She Dr. Brett Whyte is Winona Area Ambulance Service’s Medical Director. Dr.
relocated to Winona after working in a larger facility in the Twin Cities Carlos Morales, a native of Puerto Rico and a Mayo graduate in Internal
area. A graduate of the UW-Eau Claire nursing program, she has been Medicine, has taken his medical expertise around the world and is rarely
working in the field for two years. In joining the Winona Health team, she without a smile.
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4


CMH’s Emergency Most patients are familiar with doctors’ and nurses’ hands-on involvement
in emergency medicine. But what people may not realize is the work that
Department Doctors goes on behind the scenes: ED secretaries order X-rays and lab work and
enter information on patient charts. They also serve as unit dispatchers,
DR. TERRY DONNAL is a graduate of
the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) and
communicating with incoming ambulances and reporting the news to the
completed his residency at Wheeling physicians.
Hospital Family Practice in Wheeling,
West Virginia. He is a board-certified
Stacy Fredrickson has been a Secretary/Dispatcher in the CMH
Family Practice physician with extensive Emergency Department for about three years. “We do whatever needs to be
training in Emergency Medicine,
Allergies, and Sports/Wilderness
done,” she said of her duties. “Whatever the doctors and nurses need, we
Medicine. “I hope to provide outstanding are there for them.”
emergency care and enrich my community through
involvement,” Dr. Donnal stated.
CMH also has adopted numerous technological advances to benefit
patient care, including linking the community’s healthcare providers via
DR. MARC DUMMIT received his
degree in Emergency Medicine from
an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). “The EMR is nice, because we have
UCLA Medical School in Los Angeles, all the [patient] information right there for us,” said Klug. “If a patient
CA, where he also completed his
residency. He joined Winona Health’s
Emergency team in April, 1997. Dr.
Dummit is a member of the American
College of Emergency Physicians and is
President of the Winona County Medical
Society. A father of two boys, he lists “building my boys’
treehouse” as one of his most meaningful


certified in Internal Medicine from the
Mayo Graduate School of Medicine,
received his medical degree from the
University Central Del Caribe in Puerto
Rico. He joined the Winona Health
Emergency team in May, 2002. Dr.
Morales is a member of the American
and Minnesota Medical Associations.
He has traveled to Cuba for information exchanges on
Nurses debrief during shift change in the ED.
Emergency Medicine. He enjoys motorcycles, scuba diving
and spending time with his family.

DR. BRETT WHYTE came to Winona

Health in January of 2001, after
was in the ED three days ago or had seen their physician for something the
receiving his degree from the University day before, we can pull it up right away on the EMR.”
of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School
and completing his residency at St.
In addition to the EMR, the newest advancement for the Emergency
Luke’s Memorial Clinic in Bend, OR. He Department is the heliport located on CMH’s rooftop. Previously, helicopters
is a member of the American College of
Emergency Physicians, the American
landed on the ground adjacent to the ER. Relocating it to the rooftop
Academy of Family Practice and serves provides easier access for the pilot and more efficient care for the patient.
as the Medical Director of the Winona Area Ambulance
Service. He enjoys cycling and triathlons.
“Patients spend less time exposed to the elements,” explained Speltz.
“And we eliminate the safety risk of having the public on the ground when
Winona Health Emergency team in
a helicopter lands.” The heliport opened on November 30, with test
February, 2003. He received his landings by Mayo One and Medlink Air pilots. Both commented on Winona
medical degree from the Bowan Grey
School of Medicine in Winston-Salem,
Health’s “state of the art” heliport and its patient care benefits.
NC and completed his residency at the While no one looks forward to an ED visit, Winona Health’s
University of Florida Shands Hospital.
He is a member of the American
competent, qualified medical experts and state-of-the-art technologies
Academy of Pediatrics and the ensure patients are treated promptly, expertly with great comfort and care.
American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Schubert volunteers
twice a week at his son’s elementary school and also
If you ask Jon Nienow, who has fully recovered from his heart attack,
belongs to a Triathlon Club. the CMH emergency team far exceeds that goal. “Dr. Whyte and those
nurses saved me,” he said. “When they say a friend for life, they aren’t
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

An artist rendering of the completed Winona Health campus.

Winona Health Builds for

the Community’s Healthcare Future
“This is a very important day in our history and a great project for “While Winona Health and Winona Clinic and our staffs will benefit
our community,” stated Gary Evans, chairman of the Winona from new space and state-of-the-art equipment, we are most excited
Health Board of Directors. He is referring to a collaborative building by the long-term benefits to those seeking healthcare in Winona.
project being undertaken by Winona Health and Winona Clinic that “The hospital will have a new Surgical area, with four new
includes: operating rooms and a remodeled operating room dedicated to
~ A Clinic/Medical Office Building performing Caesarean Sections,” Schultz explained “In addition,
~ Outpatient Diagnostic Center those needing outpatient diagnostic or surgical services will have be
~ A new and remodeled Surgical Suite area able to register and receive needed lab and radiology services in one
~ A three-story Parking Ramp convenient location designed with comfortable waiting areas.”
Added Dr. Dennis Nolan, Winona Clinic board chair,
Winona Health will undertake the approximately $32 million
“These new, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities will enhance our
project. Winona Clinic then will purchase about 52,000 square feet
ability to recruit new physicians – from internists and family
of the Clinic/Medical Office Building, built adjacent to the hospital
facing Hwy. 61. practitioners to physician specialists. Attracting new doctors to the
“Our physicians and staff are excited to be moving into new community will benefit all of us who live and work here.”
offices so convenient to Community Memorial Hospital,” said Jerry
Knuesel, Winona Clinic Administrator. “They know this will result in BUILDING PROJECT COMPONENTS
greater efficiencies and services to their clinic and hospital patients.” The project will be constructed in three parts, with the 280-space
parking ramp scheduled for completion in March, 2005.
A WIN-WIN-WIN PROJECT The Clinic/Medical Office Building will be finished about
“All of us involved in this project believe it’s a ‘Win-Win-Win’ March of 2006. Winona Clinic will own half the first floor and the
situation,” noted Rachelle Schultz, Winona Health President/CEO. entire second floor, which will be connected to the hospital. The
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

third floor will be available for independent physicians and other

healthcare providers.
Winona Health’s Outpatient Diagnostic Center and hospital
renovation, scheduled for completion in March of 2006, will include:

• A new surgical suite with four operating rooms, one

procedure room, and one designated endoscopy suite
• Remodeling the existing surgery area to accommodate
18 recovery bays, a waiting room, and one operating room
designated for C-sections
• A new outpatient area, including registration, pharmacy,
blood draw, mammography, and radiology services
• A fixed MRI machine
• Relocation of the helipad to the hospital roof
Winona Health staff looks at MayoOne after it completed its inaugural
landing on Winona Health’s new rooftop heliport.


On Tuesday, November 30, Winona Health was pleased to announce the
completion of one of the first stages of the hospital remodeling – its new
heliport. Located on the hospital’s roof, the heliport provides air transport
services a safer approach and results in less patient time outdoors.
“The new heliport protects the safety of the patients, crew and the
public,” stated Sara Gabrick, Winona Health patient care administrator.
“It keeps the patients indoors longer; it’s clear for the helicopters to land;
it keeps debris from flying up.”
Added Rand Gettler, Winona Health COO, “The heliport features are
cutting edge. A lot of planning went into making this heliport, and many
The parking ramp as of December 2, 2004 (above). people feel that adding this rooftop helipad puts us in the big leagues.”
Flad and Associates (Madison, WI) are the architects on this project.
Groundbreaking ceremony on July 22, 2004. Kraus Anderson (Minneapolis) are the general contractors, working
Turning over the first dirt are the Winona Health Board of Directors
and the Winona Clinic Board (below). closely with Schwab Co. (Winona) and other local contractors.
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Winona Health Physician Clinics Growing to

Meet Community Needs


The sniffles, sneezes and headaches that come Rushford Clinic is pleased to announce the
with allergy and asthma season are hard to addition of another Family Practice physician:
ignore. Relief from the agony of allergies and Dr. Marc Molis.
asthma now can be found at Winona Health’s “I want Rushford and Rushford’s neighbors to
newest physician clinic – the Allergy & Asthma feel comfortable coming to Rushford Clinic for
Clinic. their care,” stated Dr. Molis. “I enjoy working
Located on the second floor of Community with people of all ages, especially children, as I
Memorial Hospital, the clinic is staffed by have a strong background in pediatrics.”
Dr. Terry Donnal, who offers a multitude of Dr. Molis graduated from Northwestern
treatments for allergy and asthma sufferers, University Medical School and interned at
including: Children’s Memorial Hospital/ Northwestern in
~ Allergy and asthma evaluations Chicago. He completed his Family Practice
residency at Hinsdale Hospital in Illinois. MENTAL HEALTH
and management
~ Asthma education program Dr. Molis joins two other physicians at
~ Allergy skin testing Rushford Clinic: Dr. Robert Breitenbach, a
Winona Health Mental Health Services is
~ Medication instruction and General and Family Medicine physician, and Dr.
designed to meet the community’s mental and
management Carmen Scudiero, an Internal Medicine
behavioral health needs. Offering both inpatient
~ Immunotherapy and allergy shots physician. Linda Runstrom serves the Rushford
and outpatient care, the staff brings key
community as a Nurse Practitioner.
Dr. Donnal, a board-certified Family expertise in evaluating and treating mental
The clinic has expanded evening hours on health issues, including:
Practice physician, was Chief of Allergy and
Mondays and Wednesdays and Saturday
Immunizations for three years in the United ~ Child/adolescent counseling
morning hours to better meet community needs.
States Air Force before joining Winona Health in ~ Medication management
For an appointment, call 507.864.7726. Dr. John
2003. “While [with the Air Force], I provided ~ Marriage/family therapy
Peterson founded Rushford Clinic in 1951; it
allergy services, including skin testing and ~ Mental health and psychiatric
joined Winona Health in 1996.
allergy shots for people of all ages. I custom- counseling
designed allergy treatment plans for each ~ Psychiatric evaluations
patient to care for their allergies and asthma,”
Dr. Donnal said. Dr. Cullen Schwemer, psychiatrist and
“I look forward to working with Winona Medical Director for WHMHS, is board-certified
area residents in understanding and treating by the American Board of Psychiatry and
their allergies and asthma,” he concluded. To Neurology and the American Society of
schedule and appointment to see Dr. Donnal, Addiction Medicine. Dr. Chris Wall is a Fellow in
call 507.474.7830. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic,
and Mark Bronson, Mental Health Therapist,
RIGHT: Rushford Clinic's Dr. Marc Molis has 27 years experience in the mental health
and Trina Happel review a patient slide.
ABOVE RIGHT: WHMHS Therapist Mark To schedule an appointment with either
Bronson is experienced in individual, family,
children, and couples counseling. psychiatrist or our therapist, call 504.454.2606.
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Winona Health 2004 Financials

SEPTEMBER 30, 2004 AND 2003

ASSETS 2004 2003

Cash and cash equivalents $ 6,773,197 $ 3,477,569
Assets limited as to use 2,791,976 1,708,038
Other marketable nonequity securities 3,594,085 3,508,357
Patient and resident, net of estimated uncollectibles
of $4,418,000 in 2004 and $4,932,000 in 2003 8,929,005 8,232,156
Pledges 522,718 600,000
Supplies 1,316,033 1,243,054
Prepaid expenses 430,584 508,807
Total current assets 24,357,598 19,277,981

ASSETS LIMITED AS TO USE 24,397,356 2,190,502

PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT 31,259,364 29,665,876

Endowment fund investments 14,448,533 13,565,934
Pledges receivable – 1,194,994
Deferred financing costs, net 381,956 23,038
Other 505,454 519,577
Winona Health’s
year ended Total other assets 15,335,943 15,303,543
September 30, 2004. Total assets $ 95,350,261 $ 66,437,902
It was another
consistent and strong LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 2004 2003
year from a financial
Current maturities of long-term debt $ 914,267 $ 579,342
consistency and Accounts payable
stewardship has given Trade 1,401,257 1,261,804
Construction 717,827 –
us the ability to take Estimated third-party payor settlements 258,496 173,856
on a significant Accrued expenses, primarily salaries, wages, and benefits 5,094,061 4,380,593
building project that
Total current liabilities 8,385,908 6,395,595
will improve access
and support the high LONG-TERM DEBT, less current maturities 27,068,584 4,034,755
quality of medical Total liabilities 35,454,492 10,430,350
services available for
Winona and the Unrestricted 48,617,030 46,711,296
surrounding Temporarily restricted 6,046,104 4,327,540
Permanently restricted 5,232,635 4,968,716
Total net assets 59,895,769 56,007,552
Mike Allen
CFO Total liabilities and net assets $ 95,350,261 $ 66,437,902
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

From the
Winona Health
Foundation Chair
The Winona Health Foundation has been busy This group of talented individuals will strengthen Jack “Butch” Walz
Winona Health
this year, recruiting and installing a new Board an already established tradition of giving to Winona Foundation Chair
of Directors to carry out the Foundation’s mission Health’s many affiliates – Community Memorial
to support Winona Health. As Foundation board Hospital, Lake Winona Manor, Adith Miller and Roger
members, we are responsible for foundation oversight, Metz Manors, Watkins Manor, our hospice and home
its policies and procedures, and generating care programs, and our physician clinics.
stewardship opportunities to benefit Winona Health. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge
With these responsibilities in hand, we were about the community we serve and a commitment to
privileged to recruit to this board the following ensuring strong community healthcare services. In the
exceptional, hard-working, dedicated community next few months, we will develop a Winona Health
members: Foundation strategic plan, which will identify ways the
foundation will enhance the lives of the people in this
~ Ken Mogren, Vice Chair
President of Winona Agency community through its support of Winona Health.
~ Andy Blomsness, Director Of course, our work as board members is so
Executive Director of the Winona Family YMCA rewarding because of the generosity shown by you and
~ Steve Blue, Director the Winona community. For 110 years, members of
President/CEO of Miller Felpax this community have proven to be generous
~ Judy Bodway, Director
Economic Development Director for the
benefactors to the hospital, our nursing home, assisted This group
living facilities, and all of Winona Health!
City of Winona The cranes now poised around the Winona of talented
~ Bob Gilbertson, Director
Retired Businessman
Health campus to build a new Outpatient Diagnostic individuals
Center and Medical Office Building are testament to
~ Jim Killian, Director this community’s belief in and support of its local will strengthen
Retired Businessman
~ John Mulrooney, M.D., Director
healthcare system. All of us on the Winona Health an already
Foundation Board of Directors thank you for your
Physician at Winona Clinic
ongoing support. You are the reason your community- established
~ Rachelle Schultz, Director
President/CEO of Winona Health based healthcare organization is “building for the tradition of
~ Barb Winbush, Director future.”
giving to
~ Winona Health Staff: ~ Jack “Butch” Walz Winona
Mike Allen, Treasurer Winona Health Foundation Chair
CFO at Winona Health
Nancy Brown, Secretary many
Executive Director of the
Winona Health Foundation affiliates.
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Front Row: Rachelle Schultz, Jim Killian, Barb Winbush, Steve Blue, Judy Bodway.
Back Row: Nancy Brown, John Mulrooney M.D., Andy Blomsness, Ken Mogren, Mike Allen.
Not Pictured: Bob Gilbertson, Butch Walz.

Winona Health Foundation

Board of Directors
When you make a general gift in support of Winona Health, you can be assured that it will be directed to an area
that will make a difference in our ability to meet the healthcare needs of our community. Health education, new
surgical equipment, and technological improvements are just a few places private gifts can make a difference.
Members of the Winona Health Foundation Board work in cooperation with the Winona Health Board and
administration to determine how to maximize philanthropic dollars.
Many benefactors choose to direct their gifts to a specific Winona Health service or area. You can do so by
simply indicating what you would like your gift to support. To learn more about the Winona Health Foundation,
contact Nancy Brown, executive director, at 507.457.4342.
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Thanks to our many benefactors!

The names listed reflect gifts made to the Winona Health Foundation between October 1, 2003 and September 30,
2004. Every effort has been made to assure accuracy. We apologize for any omissions or errors, and encourage you
to contact Nancy Brown, Executive Director of Development at 507-457-4342 or nbrown@winonahealth.org if you
notice any inaccuracies. Gifts made toward the Hospice Tree of Lights are listed in the local newspaper throughout
the holiday season.

Contributions Fern & Joseph S. Greshik Kevin Salisbury Family In honor of

Barb Halvorson Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Sanders
Michael & Kim Allen Cheryl Hartert Arlene Schueler Dr. Horace J. Andersen
Alliance Bank of Buffalo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Ms. Nancy A. Slaby Carol Snidarsic
American Lung Assn. of Hennessy Audrey & Vilas Smith The sounds and smells
Holtan’s Jewelry & Gifts of a birthday party are
Minnesota Ms. Lynn Sprain Mr. Don Botcher apparent throughout the
Mr. & Mrs. William St. John’s Dorcas Society
Anonymous (2) Ms. Mary Freeman halls of Lake Winona
Hutmacher St. Mary’s Catholic Church Manor. Family, friends
Arnold-Rukavina Partnership
Immanuel United Methodist St. Matthew’s Lutheran and residents are
Barbara Schilling Trust Women Dennis Cleveland – singing, laughing, smiling
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Biesanz Church and eating cake as Anita
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Jackels Happy Retirement Peterson celebrates her
Shirley & David Binius St. Rose of Lima Missionary
Gail Jansen Senator Robert A. Kierlin & 100 birthday.
Sara Blair Society
Jean Talbot Trust Mary Burrichter
Mr. & Mrs. Don Bonham St.Joseph’s & St.Elizabeth’s
Robert & Lisa Judd Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
Brantly P. Chappell Trust Catholic Aid Council of
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kline Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Winona
Ms. Barbara Klink
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kluck Sugar Loaf Ford
Burmeister Karl Conrad, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sutton
Cars-N-Credit, Inc. Mrs. Mary K. Murphy
Kreidermacher T. R. Hennessy Family
Cedar Valley Lutheran Mrs. Jean Whalen
Lake Winona Manor Resident Charitable Trust
Council Mr. & Mrs. William Tews
Women of ELCA
Julie Like Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Thomas Josephine Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Brantly P. Chappell
Lions Multiple District 5M TOPS MN 263 WINONA Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ashelin
Children’s Miracle Network
Hearing Foundation Treasures Galore, Inc.
Coca Cola Bottling Co. of
Marie A. Lorenz Mr. & Mrs. David Trickett Gerald & Muriel Frosch
Aleta Martinson United Building Centers – Happy 55th
Consigned Home Gallery McKinley United Methodist United Methodist Women - Anniversary On her special day she
Margaret & John Cross Women Austin was inducted into the
Lilly Somers
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Curtin McKinley United Methodist United Methodist Women -
100 Birthday Club as the
first member. “Turning
David Graham Foundation Church Kasson 100 is a very special
Joe & Phyllis Glodowski
Ms. Jacqueline Denzer Merchants Bank United Methodist Women - event. We look forward
– Happy 40th to celebrating the special
Mrs. Mary Drury John Hyland & Mary Miller- Lake City
Fraternal Order of Eagles Anniversary birthday with our
Hyland United Way of Greater Winona residents,” said Mary
Ladies Auxiliary Minnesota Society for Bob and Duella Murphy
Kim Wells Miller-Hyland, Lake
Eastwood Bank Respiratory Care Winona Manor
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot Administrator. All
Mary & Jim Eddy Mr. & Mrs. Donald Morrison Jim Hanzel –
Mrs. Mary J. Wiltgen residents of Lake Winona
Mrs. Maebelle Ellies Ms. Kay O’Dea Happy Birthday Manor who turn 100 are
Winona Community
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Erdmann Order of Eastern Star #141 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Conrad Jr. inducted into the club.
Foundation Members enjoy a special
Philip Feiten Eleanor & H. G. Peplinski Eileen Plinski
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 birthday party for close
First United Methodist Women Ms. Kate Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Byrle Tschumper family, friends and
Winona Health Auxiliary
Dr. John R. Peterson residents. Twice a year
Fraternal Order of Eagles Winona HIMS club members will gather
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ramer John J. Howrigan
1243 Winona Middle School Food to celebrate with a
Mrs. Kathy Redig Gabriel & Mary Liegey special dinner and
Ms. Julie A. Galewski Service Employees
Richard D. Drury Memorial dessert.
Garvin Brook Enrichment Ted & Anne Roberton Winona National Bank
Diane & Stanley Gierhan Winona Noon Lions Club Lake Winona Manor
Terry & Burr Robinson
GlaxoSmithKline Thomas & Jane Robinson Winona Rivertown Lions Club Staff
Goltz Pharmacy Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rocco Winona Sun Up Lions Club Mr. Henry Benke
Goodview Activity Group RTP Company Winona Sunset Lions Club
Linda & Philip Graham Ms. Delight Sabotta Wohletz Law Office Lois Neis
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Graham Bernice Safranek Estate Pamela Wolfmeyer Connie R. Duff
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Dr. John R. Peterson – Mrs. Frances Schuldt Mr. & Ms. Darrel Corey Leeland Brommerich
Happy Retirement Mr. & Mrs. Pete Schwab Susan J. Day Kathleen & Ronald Northrup
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Highum Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shields Connie & Joe Duff Jeanne Schoening
Mrs. Lila Salwey Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Shoup Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Einhorn Mr. Donald Stedman
Rushford Community Clinic Mrs. Lillian Spencer Friends & Family
Board Members Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Turner Carol & Jim Hill Shirley Bruemmer
Ms. Florence L. Hollingsworth Carol Snidarsic
Wishes do come true – Madelyn Pflughoeft Marcia Balfour Mr. Robert Hoodecheck &
just ask Erin Latten, a Richard Pflughoeft Ms. Carol Hurlburt Dr. Suzanne M. Jelense Jo Dee Bruening
registered nurse at Lake
Winona Manor. Latten Mr. & Mrs. H. Maynard Mr. Peter Bruening
lost an eye to cancer 20
Ruth Robinson Evelyn A. Bambenek Johnson
years ago and, after Anne Robinson Mr. Joe Bambenek Miss Maggie Lambert Hazel Buege
many reconstructive Mrs. Phoebe C. Bambenek
surgeries, learned that Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Larson Sharon & Richard Flatten
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dr. Robert & Susan Briggs
only a prosthetic device Mr. & Ms. Charles Leflar
would be able to restore Shoup – Happy 50th Elizabeth R. Hughes John M. Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lindseth
what she had lost. The Anniversary Don Leaf James, Kathleen, Elizabeth,
cost of that device was Joyce O. Locks
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Newman Leaf’s Services Joshua, Madeline & Jesse
beyond her means. Ms. Helen Marsolek
Mrs. Lillian Spencer Mrs. Marion Simon
Ms. Nancy A. Myhr
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Neal Percy J. Burros, Jr.
Barb Slaggie Margaret H. Bambenek John & Irma Burros
Anonymous Lois E. Czaplewski Mr. & Mrs. Sam Parent
Ms. Ruth Ann Drolsum Pleasant Green Townhouse
Association Hazel Casey
Joseph & Kate Stoltman Ms. Evelyn Jenson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rumpel Anonymous
– Happy 50th Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kosidowski
John Sorensen Mr. & Mrs. Norval Bortle
Anniversary Steve & Betty Maliszewski Mrs. Hazel Casey
Mrs. Lillian Spencer Mrs. Normagene Pettersen Mr. & Mrs. John Stansfield
Ramona Jezewski
Ms. Cherre Pye Mr. & Mrs. Jack Taylor
Mr. John McMahon Sr.
Lorraine Whetstone Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smith Yvonne M. Tindal
Ms. Patricia Mingledorff
Audrey and Vilas Smith Kay & Peter Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Papenfuss
Norene Bastian Ms. Susan Wilberts
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Roodhouse
Jeanne Fugina Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot
Mr. & Mrs. John Ross
Karen Andresen, whose In memory of Winona Health Switchboard
mother-in-law is a Lake Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sisson
Frances Becher Staff
Winona Manor resident, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stein
had great respect for James “Ed” Bailey Stacey Mounce Arnold Winona Senior High Staff
Latten and her work. Goldeane & Jack Andresen Mr. & Mrs. George Back Ms. Ann Wistrcill
Andresen decided to Leila Christopherson
Aurora Chicago Lakeshore Mr. & Mrs. Ed Becher
write a letter. The letter
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Becher Mr. & Mrs. Donald
was sent to CBS News' Hospital, LLC Ollie Berry
Mr. Philip Becher Christopherson
"The Early Show's Week Richard & Bettylou Baylon Jean Knutzen
of Wishes" series. It was Ms. & Mr. Susan Brang Ms. Delight Sabotta
Bruce & Chris Brandt
immediately chosen to be
Dr. Robert & Susan Briggs Mr. & Mrs. David Dornfeld Douglas Bobo
part of their program. Harry Cichosz
Latten, along with Ms. Barbara Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Raymond N.L. Bobo
Andresen, appeared live Ms. Virginia Brooks Handrick James Cichosz
on the show where Erin Mr. & Mrs. John Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Mark Henderson Ms. Karen Cichosz
was shocked to learn of George Boller Ms. Harriet W. Lindberg
the surprise. She Mr. & Mrs. Pat Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Bruce
Mr. Henry Benke
received the prosthesis Hal & Betty Datta Pronschinske
in September, just in time Mr. & Mrs. Dutch Duellman Mr. & Mrs. Don Rivers Marion Collier
to walk down the aisle in Norman Bollin Ms. Ethel Ashby
her youngest brother's Jim & Shannon Hanzel Mr. Glenn W. Sellers Jr.
Laurel Bollin Linda & Rich Beyers
wedding. "I believe in Mrs. Katherine S. Hardt Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sixty
miracles now," says Ms. Phylliss Mae Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Smith Sandy & Donald Curtin
Latten. "This was a
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Tousley John Bowers Hal & Betty Datta
miracle. I don't deserve
Mr. & Mrs. Malcom Kerr
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kline Ms. Becky Bowers Connie Duff
it, but I am very grateful."
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Knuesel Judy Becker Carol & Jim Hill
Jim & Connie Larson Ms. Ruby Brand Larry Bowers Connie Malotke
Dimitra Loukisa Ms. Becky Bowers Mr. & Mrs. Donald Marg
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Nestark Emily Benke Merchants Bank
Ms. Marilyn Olson Mr. & Mrs. James Abbott Dr. Douglas D. Boyer Gerald & Patricia Neal
Ms. Mary E. Pendleton Ms. Diane Barclay Dr. Paul N. Olson Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Brad H. Benke Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sobeck
Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson Mr. Henry Benke Helen Brayden
Mr. & Mrs. John Reed Dr. Robert & Susan Briggs Ms. Carlis M. Anderson Roger Czaplewski
Ms. Eunice H. Rihs Dee & George Cipov Ms. Carol B. Slade Mr. & Mrs. Bob Winestorfer
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Colette R. Daubner Mrs. Peggy Carroll Hugh & Vera Miller Mr. & Mrs. Elden Salwey Marietta Johnson
Ms. Susan C. Daubner Dee & George Cipov Darrell & Julie Monson Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mueller
Gayla Clemons Addy Murtough Gene & Mary Berg Ms. Delight Sabotta
Ethyl Despenas Mr. & Mrs. William Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Peters Coletta & Jim Berg
Deb, Dianne, Sue, Mary Kay, Colclough, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Clemens Kammerer
Mary Lou, Louise & Gail Mr. & Mrs. Karl Conrad, Jr. Peterson Charles Goetz, Sr. Mr. Eugene Kaehler
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cornwell Mr. Joseph E. Plaisance Mr. & Mrs. Leo M. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Mettille
Carl Dietrich Art & Marion Cunningham Ken & Marge Poblocki
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Jasnoch Hal & Betty Datta Ms. Bettie Raciti Dorothy Gruver Olga Kjos
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Deblon Irene & Richard Renk William & Jill Hanson Ms. Clarice B. Solberg
Lucy Dolan Charles & Mary Doffing Dr. John & Betsy Rowekamp
Susan J. Day Charles & Loyola Draine Ms. Norma Ruberg Vida Haake Pat Kronebusch
Joyce O. Locks Mr. & Mrs. Jim Drier Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rukavina Ms. Lilly Somers Ms. Patti Cline
Pleasant Green Townhouse Mr. & Mrs. Robert Drumm Dave & Jann Ryder Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cornwell
Ms. Betsy Sawyer Mary Lou Haedtke Mr. & Mrs. Richard Danov
Association Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Emanuel
Ralph A. Scharmer & Yvonne M. Tindal Family of Elanora Denzer
Mrs. Marjorie White James Engbrecht
Ms. Jean Engler Sons, Inc. Mrs. Karen Fawcett
Ms. Lucile Schneider Barbara Karin Marianne FMC Food Tech
Edwin Dorn Dr. L.J. & Ramona English
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schneider Hahn Ms. Patricia Harvey
Lyle & Marion Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Richard Etnier, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schuh Laurie & Bill Becker Ms. Margaret Holland
O.J. & Karen Fawcett
Mrs. Marilyn Schwab Jane & Ed Kohner International Business
David Drugan Philip Feiten
Mr. Albert W. Smith, Jr. Kathleen & Jim Lanik Machines Corporation
Mr. Eugene Kaehler Mrs. Phyllis Foreman
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Frank Carol Snidarsic Ms. Phylliss Mae Johnson
Tony & Gayle Stelter Karen Hansen Virgil J. Johnson
Eleanor Dulek Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Fremling
Jim & Rita Suchomel Mr. Ed Gedrent Ms. Carol Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Dulek Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gilbertson
Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Donald Marg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gleason
Walter & Darlene Thompson Connie Harrison Merchants Bank
John Dulek Mr. & Mrs. Tom Graham
Ms. Harriet Tweedy Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Ms. Catalina Nguyen
Ramona Jezewski Ms. Irene Greden
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Vetter Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Papenfuss
Mr. & Mrs. Al Greenwood Edward J. Hartert
Pat & Tricia Vickman Mrs. Stephen Rader
Audrey Dummit Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Gunderson Mrs. Jeannette Hartert
Mr. & Robert Von Rohr Mr. Clarence Shallbetter
Dr. Charles & Judy Shepard Joann Hagedorn
Bernie & Jan Wagnild Ms. Donna White
Mr. & Mrs. Cletus Hanson Anna I. Hermodson-
Mr. & Mrs. Wally Waldorf Winona Co. Old Settlers Assn.
John Engel Jr. John & Kathy Harvey Kjorlien
Kay & Peter Walsh
Dr. Robert & Susan Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Haugh Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kohner
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Weaver Wanda Kay Kuhlmann
Beverly Engel & Family Carol & Jim Hill
Mrs. Joan Welch Ms. Mary Freeman
Philip Feiten Rev. & Mrs. Ricardo Iglesias Elmer Heublein
Mrs. Jean Whalen
Joan & Joseph J. Greshik Ms. Jody Jack-Tranberg Mrs. Rosemary Winczewski Ramona & Bud English Mae Landman
Winona Health Mr. Robert Jacobs Winona National Bank Lois Ladewig & Family Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Boldt
Mrs. Ruth Jerowski Ken & Karen Ziegler Mary & William Wieczorek
Lois Erdmann Ms. Phylliss Mae Johnson Henry Honken
Sharon Budnick Mr. & Mrs. Mike J. Kennedy Tom Fossey Coletta & Jim Berg Bernice Lanik
Mr. & Mrs. Thom Kieffer Pam & Al Mueller Mr. Charles Lanik
Edwin Erickson Carl & Mary Kiehnbaum Vern Hoppe RTP Company
Carl Troke Mrs. Jean Kinzie Jeanne Foster Mr. & Mrs. Merlin
Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Mr. Eugene Kaehler Ellinghuysen Lee Linder
Doris Fabian Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Knuesel Ms. Mary Freeman
Sharon Budnick David & Ann Marie Kohner Ronald Frisby Jack Immerfall
Charles & Loyola Draine Florence M. Kohner Ms. Carol J. Blumberg Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bergler Gordon Lofquist
Mrs. Winnifred Jenkinson Martha Kohner Mr. & Mrs. Henry Deblon
Ms. Frances D. Lux Candi & Steve Kohner Betty Gabrych Frances M. Iverson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Will
Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson Ms. Kathleen Komarek Mr. William “Bill” Bergaus Ms. Margaret Iverson Dohn
Mr. Kevin Kotlarz Kathleen Lovas
Therese Feiten Mr. Blaine Krogh & Doris Gardell Edward Janikowski Mr. & Mrs. Bob Winestorfer
Mrs. Raymond K. Amundson Mrs. Mary Grafton-Krogh Mrs. Marjorie White Dr. L.J. & Ramona English
Bob Bambenek Ms. Lois Ladewig Josh Malay
Richard & Bettylou Baylon Harold & Rosemary Libera Harriett Gebhart Irene C. Johnson Sharon Budnick
Sharon & Richard Behnke Alice Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Boehmke Mr. & Mrs. Will Oberton
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Bernatz Mrs. Lila McGill Mr. & Mrs. James Ferguson Kenneth Malenke
Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. Bertel Robert C. & Mary K. Ms. Diane Gottschalk Lowell Johnson Family
Vince Boland McMahon Mrs. Deanna L. Husman Mr. Eugene Kaehler Ruth & Donald Marg
Allan Carlson Jim & Ruthie Mertes Ms. Arlene Moran Mrs. Marjorie White Mr. & Mrs. Martin Renk
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Edwin Maliszewski Thelma Kloempken Mr. & Mrs. James Kramer William Prudoehl Lynette Rossin
Anonymous Candi & Steve Kohner Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Krieger Miss Pearl Prudoehl Pam & Al Mueller
Mrs. Diane Barge Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leahy Mrs. W. J. Michaelis
Sharon Budnick Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lee Mr. & Mrs. Francis Monahan Dennis Rivers Helen Rusert
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gostomski Joyce O. Locks Leslie H. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Bob Winestorfer Lyle & Marion Blanchard
Mr. & Mrs. George Janikowski Betty McNally Ms. Neva Newmann
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kiekbusch Jean & Robert Nix Ms. Mary Kay Peshon Lois Roberton Hazel Sackeriter
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mr. & Mrs. Keith Olson Ms. Marian C. Schweigert Carol & Jim Hill Miss Pearl Prudoehl
Kukowski Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Papenfuss Bob Skeels
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Losinski Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Peterman Mr. Douglas B. Ralph Salisbury
Mr. John Lyons Pleasant Green Townhouse Mary Nordsving Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Scott Tolleson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Podjaski Association Children of Ray Haun: Mary, Penelope & John R. Breitlow
Mr. & Mrs. Bernhardt Pruka Ms. Betsy Sawyer Julie, Pat, John, & Jim Paul Brewer Martha L. Sauer
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Przybylski Mr. & Ms. Jerry Schneider Bernadette Caldwell Mrs. Marjorie White
Bob & Debra Leaf
Barb & Steve Slaggie Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Van Hoof Gayla Clemons
Mrs. Eleanor K. Woodworth
Mr. & Mrs. Art Speltz Mary & William Wieczorek Philip & Janis Conway Ann Schmeling
Clarence Currier Mr. Henry Benke
Joseph O’Hara
Joseph D. Martin Jean Meyer Vicki & Dennis Decker Dee & George Cipov
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Cada Charles & Loyola Draine
Pam & Al Mueller Robert Eiden City of Goodview Council
Mr. Mark Meyer Mary Edstrom Barb Schroeder
& Staff Philip Feiten
Laverne Martin Mr. & Mrs. Craig Scheevel Mr. & Mrs. Martin Renk Dr. & Mrs. Scott Birdsall
Ms. Shirley Bronk Ms. Lorrayne Weiss Richard & Leslie Heise Mr. Ray Cenfield
Curtis & Lorraine Holmquist Dr. & Mrs. James S. Erwin
Alvina Olson Dotty Hubbard
Donald J. Matejka Kenneth Meyers Mr. & Ms. James Skeels Ms. Sue Frosch
Mrs. Rosemary Winczewski Mr. Lewis Burt John & Judi Jeremiassen Dr. Suzanne M. Jelense
Hunter & Elaine Keck
Mr. Robert Grausnick Ann & Brian Junker
Erwin Ostlund Robert C. & Mary K.
Cecelia Maus Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kiekbusch
RTP Company McMahon
Ms. Dolores Felsheim Benjamin A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lindsay
Betty McNally
Goldeane & Jack Andresen Dr. Brett Manthey
Mrs. Dorothy F. Lucille Messman
Lester Maus Mr. Donald L. Hoebbel Mr. & Mrs. Scott Miley
Palubicki Mrs. R. E. Miesbauer
Ms. Dolores Felsheim Mr. Thomas E. Markey Mr. & Mrs. Ron Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Palubicki Robert A. & Sharon L. Muras
Larry & Christine Stoltman Mr. & Mrs. Craig Scheevel
Daryl & Joan Nagel
Judy May Mr. & Terry Sonnenfeld
Sharon A. Paszkiewicz Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Tim McBeth Ruth Minton Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stejskal
Ms. Teresa M. Paszkiewicz Mr. & Mrs. John S.
Meadow Acres Townhouse Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Teske
Pillsbury, Jr.
John L. McGuire Assn. Winona National Bank
David Piel Richard & Sandra Pope
Mrs. Patricia A. McGuire Irene & Richard Renk
Curtis L. Morem Gloria Ames John J. Schuh
Mr. & Mrs. James Gromek Ted & Anne Roberton
Bruce McNally Anne & Elmer Brown Anne Robinson Mrs. Cecilia Schuh
Brookview Association, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John Hallvik Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lisowski
Mr. Randy Piel Terry & Burr Robinson
Ms. Jean Corey Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hilt Robinson Foundation Sophia Schuh
Loretta Davis & John Nagel Mr. & Mrs. George W. Kastner Mr. & Mrs. David Mrs. Cecilia Schuh
Schmidtknecht Mrs. Ruth Robinson
Susan J. Day Mr. George Wenzel Tom & Gloria Siewert
Dr. Mike L. DeBolt Mrs. Eleanor K. Woodworth Mr. & Mrs. Roger Weaver Walter Serwa
Barb & Steve Slaggie
Ms. Norma Duden Bernie & Jan Wagnild Larry & Christine Stoltman
Mrs. Nancy English Mary Nation Janice Pierce
Mary & William Wieczorek
Family & Friends Sharon & Richard Flatten Mr. & Mrs. Kent Jacobson James Simon
John & Betty Woodworth
Philip Feiten Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Henry Deblon
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fix Nora H. Nelson Ms. Gayle Kvenvold Penny Roraff Gerdes Kathleen & Ronald Northrup
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Frosch Children’s HealthCare Mr. Wesley Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Bob Murphy Mrs. Marion Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Gunderson Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Hansen Edward Neumann Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wiltgen Verna Roskos Farrel Skifton
Mr. & Mrs. James Hanzel Mr. Earl Bockenhauer Mr. Gary T. Bender Bruce & Mary Reeck
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Haugh Mr. & Mrs. Dale Bohlman Joseph G. Poulin, Sr. Friends & Family of
Mrs. H. A. Hetland Ms. Audrey Borgen Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poulin Verna Roskos Leo R. Smith
Ms. Marcia Hilgendorf Mr. Paul Doran Mr. & Mrs. Mike Galkowski Philip Feiten
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Holzworth Mr. & Mrs. Steven Clarence Prudoehl Julian Hamerski Mr. Eugene Kaehler
Mr. Robert J. Johnson Ellinghuysen Miss Pearl Prudoehl Mr. & Mrs. Don Justin
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Keiper Bernice E. Hayes David & Darlene Ray Joseph Snidarsic
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Keiper Ms. Carol Johnson Mary Prudoehl Mr. Patrick Roskos Goldeane & Jack Andresen
Mr. Don E. Kiekbusch Mr. & Mrs. Gary Johnson Miss Pearl Prudoehl Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Ziegeweid Dee & George Cipov
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Sandy & Donald Curtin Kathleen & Ronald Northrup Family of Florence Donna Zeller
Connie Duff Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson Volkmann Joan & Joseph J. Greshik
Mrs. Lois Gernes Ms. Cora Mae Polachek Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Wagner Fern & Joseph S. Greshik
Mr. & Mrs. Cletus Hanson Mark & Barb Pozanc
Carol & Jim Hill Jerry Raddatz Iva L. Ward
Ramona Jezewski Ms. Eunice H. Rihs Stacey Mounce Arnold Gifts in Kind
Mr. Eugene Kaehler Ms. Connie Buswell Each September,
Sue & Dennis Rivers Watkins Manor staff
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Poblocki Ms. Lisa Schlosser Mrs. Peggy Carroll American Greetings plans a special Garden
Joseph Snidarsic Family Ms. Jacqueline Denzer Ms. Patricia Bollinger Party -- a day when
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Schneider
& Friends Family & Friends Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brand residents and their loved
Jeanne Schoening ones enjoy socializing,
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sobeck Philip Feiten Mr. Richard E. Brotzman
Dr. Charles & Judy Shepard refreshments, and the
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Graham Nancy M. & James R. Brown Watkins Manor’s garden.
Julie Sichler
George Squires Roger L. Green Mr. Allen Deters Watkins Manor held its
Ms. Joy M. Buehler Bob Skeels Fourth Annual Garden
Ms. Marcia Hamernik Ahmed El-Afandi
Barbara & Everett Speltz Party on September 12
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Healy Ms. Jean A. Fossey this year. Family and
LeMar Steber David & Lynn Theurer Mr. Steven Friese community members
Mrs. Jamie Jameson
Susan J. Day Claudia & Lloyd Thompson Mrs. Mardell Hansen gathered to celebrate the
Mrs. Ruth Jerowski residents of Watkins
Joyce O. Locks Yvonne M. Tindal Marie M. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Johnson Manor. “It is a beautiful
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Twait Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Haugh day that the residents
Joyce O. Locks
Doris Steffes Kenneth & Lynn Winter Mr. & Mrs. John McGee Mrs. Barbara Heddle share with their families,”
said Sara Blair, Watkins
Joan M. & Mark G. Anderson Mr. Michael & Mrs. Gina Mr. Thomas Heftman Manor social worker.
Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. Bertel Alvah E. Stoehr McRae Mr. Arnold Jacob
J. Richard & Carole Bland Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Holz Mrs. Evelyn Modjeski K-Mart Winona
Dee & George Cipov Dan L. Mounce Mrs. Rosemary Kirchner
Margaret & John Cross Eldona Stuber Mrs. Douglas B. Robinson Sara Sue Kluzik
Sandy & Donald Curtin Mrs. Beverly Engel Ms. Helen Moore
Charles & Marie Smith
Dr. Mike L. DeBolt Pam & Al Mueller Curtis L. Morem
Ms. Kari J. Stellpflug
Cindy & David Donahue Kathleen & Ronald Northrup Ms. Beatriz O’Hara
Ms. Marleene Ward
Nick & Lori Edstrom Mr. Randy Piel
Mr. Willard W. Ward
Joyce Ehlers Mr. & Mrs. John Potter
Frieda Tews Mary & William Wieczorek
Anthony & Lois Fischer Mark & Barb Pozanc
Mr. & Mrs. William Tews Mrs. Mary J. Wiltgen
William & Marji Ford Mr. William Prill
Mrs. Eleanor K. Woodworth
Mr. & Mrs. Rand Gettler Ms. Kathleen Ressie
Marcella Tibor Mr. Francis L. Zeches
Rita & James Green Mr. Donald Schroeder Watkins residents tend
Roger L. Green Susan J. Day St. John’s UCC the garden, which is
Meadow Acres Townhouse Mary J. Ward landscaped to portray the
Edward & Janice Hammell Mr. Ron Steinbauer original Watkins family
Kermit Hanson Assn. Mrs. Beth A. Eichman
Winona Area Quilters Guild garden. Throughout the
Monica Harrell Mrs. Connie Wood gardening season, the
Jane & George Henthorne Richard Tieman Dominic Wener residents plant annuals,
Mrs. Sharon Woychek perennials and
George Hoeppner Anonymous Lorraine & Frank Erpelding
vegetables. As the
Misha Hogenson Family & Friends flowers bloom and the
Mr. & Mrs. R. Douglas Mrs. Richard Tieman & Robert S. Wera vegetables ripen, the
residents bring the
Hubbard his children, Richard, Yvonne M. Tindal
harvest indoors for all to
Elizabeth R. Hughes Mrs. Margaret Wera share.
Gail & Sandra
Ms. Phylliss Mae Johnson Mrs. Rose Tieman While residents and their
Ms. Diane Kennedy Robert Wessel children gathered at the
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Papenfuss picnic tables and
Ralph Kieley Arden Tripp benches in the garden,
Thelma Kloempken Mr. Eugene Kaehler grandchildren and great-
Mr. & Mrs. Chris C. Knecht Fred Woodward grandchildren took
Mr. Norman Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Laverne Bartelson advantage of the putting
Jean Knutzen green and play area.
Mary R. Kohner Young and old alike
Marcella Truesdell Thomas Yahnke tossed coins into the
Candi & Steve Kohner
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Palubicki Barbara Klink fountain, wishing for
John & Edythe Larimer another joy-filled year in
Scott & Judy Lee Jeanne Schoening Betsy Rowekamp the beautiful Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lindner Dr. Cullen Schwemer Manor garden.
John & Sherry Lyons Warren Uecker Janice Turek
G.H. & Julie MacDonald Lyle & Marion Blanchard Cory Werner
Robert C. & Mary K.
McMahon Mildred Voelker Mike Zeiher
Leslie H. Nelson Ms. Arlene M. Blank Debbie & Willie Dickenson
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Nesbitt Mr. & Mrs. Jim R. Blank Mr. & Mrs. Steve Thalacker
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

The Winona Health Carol Hill – Herb Barge Ervin A. Duden

Auxiliary is a separate Happy Retirement Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Doerer Fran & John Edstrom
entity working to support Carol Snidarsic Fran & John Edstrom
On March 26, 1894,
the good work of Winona Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Miller John Engel
about 50 Winona women Health through a variety Curtis & Lorraine Carol & Jim Hill
gathered at the home of of activities and events. Holmquist – Happy 50th Emily Benke Ms. Sandra J. Katula
Mrs. Hannibal Choate Sr. Anniversary
In addition, the Auxiliary Mrs. Jeanne Boller
to discuss forming a new
organization – a ladies receives gifts to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Karl Conrad Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Tony Hassinger Doris Fabian
hospital aid association Happy Occasions and to Mrs. Gertrude Votruba Fran & John Edstrom
to work with the month- Memorialize loved ones. Harold Lilla
old Winona General Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J.
Hospital. That The names listed reflect Ollie Berry Therese Feiten
organization is going gifts made between Kukowski Fran & John Edstrom Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen
strong 110 years later October 1, 2003 and Dr. Jim & Jenny Kahl
and is now known as the
Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Miller
September 30, 2004 Nora L. Naas – Ms. Patricia Modde
Winona Health Auxiliary. Bob Skeels
to the Winona Health Happy Birthday Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Roehl
The current Auxiliary is Winona Health Auxiliary
300 members strong and Auxiliary’s Happy Mr. & Mrs. Wally Waldorf
provides a wealth of Occasion and Scott Gordon
services to the patients Kim Schwab Barb Bischel
and residents served by
Remembrance Funds. Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Fran & John Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. David Forest
Winona Health – from
delivering mail to Steve Gromek
greeting visitors, Marilyn Schwab Arly A. Blomsness
providing healthcare
Happy Occasion Mr. & Mrs. Don Thaldorf Fran & John Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. David Forest
directives training, calling In honor of Mr. Don Walz, Jr. Winona Elks Lodge No. 327
homebound community
members, and more. In Pete Schwab Mrs. Don Walz, Sr.
Robert J. Bollant William Haugen
addition to donating Mr. & Mrs. David Forest
hours of volunteer time to Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight George Boller Fran & John Edstrom
Winona Health, the
Auxiliary raises funds for Bob & Rosemary Shoup Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen
Edward & Jo Ann Philip Heise
needed hospital – Happy 50th
equipment and nursing Borkowski – Happy Fran & John Edstrom
Anniversary Marie Bonow
scholarships. 50th Anniversary Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Mr. & Mrs. Scott Tolleson
Bob & Duella Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Bernatz Lorraine Hilke
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Conrad Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jake Walther
Agnes Boughton
Dennis Cleveland – Ms. Joyce Ehlers Fran & John Edstrom
Happy Retirement Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Frank Arthur E. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Graham Fran & John Edstrom
Michael Bowler
Poblocki Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schuh Carol & Jim Hill
Keith Janzow
Becky & Dennis McGann
William & Barb Mr. & Mrs. William R. Fran & John Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Miller
Colclough – Happy 50th Tomashek – Happy 50th Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Turner Elsa “Sis” Johnson
Anniversary Anniversary Winona Health Auxiliary Mrs. Grace Miner
Richard & Bettylou Baylon Ms. Sue Schneider
“This is an extraordinary Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Frank
group of individuals, both Esther Brooks
men and women, who Millie Wachowiak –
Karl Conrad Glady D. Miller Gift Shop Lowell Johnson
contribute hours of Get Well Wishes
service in the hospital Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Phyllis Marston
Glady D. Miller Gift Shop
and Lake Winona Manor Hugh Capron
or through their special Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Bernatz
fundraising initiatives,” Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Frank Lu Ann Wenzel – Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Marietta Johnson
said Nancy Brown, Happy 80th Birthday Ms. Janice Neitzke
executive director of Marion Collier
development. “They are
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dahl – Mr. Elmer R. Schueler
truly devoted and Wedding Wishes Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Dean Jokela
committed to making this Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Mrs. Diane Barge Winona Elks Lodge No. 327
an exceptional
Remembrance Mrs. Maxine Gabrych
healthcare organization.
Winona Health is grateful Frances Edstrom Fund Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Peterson Therese Kelly
for their time and talent.” Carol & Jim Hill Mrs. Millie Wachowiak Mr. & Mrs. David Forest
Pictured above: Connie Winona Health Auxiliary Richard Ahrens Winona Health Auxiliary Carol & Jim Hill
Duff, volunteer services Becky & Dennis McGann
assistant, and Autumn
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327
Herber, volunteer Ellyn English Deceased Family Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Miller
services coordinator, talk Carol & Jim Hill David Ashelin & Friends Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Turner
with Joan Laak (l-r), an Fran & John Edstrom Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Miller Winona Health Auxiliary
Auxiliary volunteer
working in the Glady Helen L. Haun –
Miller Gift Shop. Happy Birthday Evelyn A. Bambenek David Drugan Sara Sue Kluzik
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schuh Mr. & Mrs. Tom Graham Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

Frank Kolter Von Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Prenatt

Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 Mrs. Vera Mueller Mrs. Eleanor K. Woodworth

Pat Kronebusch Harrison B. Nathe Doris Steffes

Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Fran & John Edstrom Mrs. Betty Datta
Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Fran & John Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Ed Osmundson Carol & Jim Hill
The Ben & Adith Miller Classic
Peterson Carol & Jim Hill Mr. & Mrs. Bob Leaf reached new heights in 2004,
Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Roehl Mrs. Grace Miner raising $125,0000 for the Ben &
Adith Miller Patient Care Fund.
Mrs. Lynn Theurer Margaret Papenfuss Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Prenatt
This year’s event featured two-
Fran & John Edstrom Ms. Betsy Sawyer time RE/Max World Long Drive
Mae Landman Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot Champion, Sean Fister. Both
Mike Pehler Youth and Main Event participants
Fran & John Edstrom Winona Health Auxiliary
were able to take advantage of
Carole Pehler Forest Fister’s long-drive skills, using
Ollie Laufenburger Josephine Steinbauer one of his drives during the
Janice Pierce Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen tournaments. While the Classic
Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen means lots of fun for all
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Ashelin Fran & John Edstrom Ms. Dawn E. Snyder participants, the reason for the
event is serious business –
Mr. Henry Benke
Will Polachek Harry Stewart raising money for the Ben & Adith
Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Miller Patient Care Fund.
Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson Fran & John Edstrom Carol & Jim Hill
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327
Leonard Lettner Alvah E. Stoehr
Fran & John Edstrom Lois Roberton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frank
Mrs. Jean Kinzie
Gordon Lofquist Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Roehl Frieda Tews
Fran & John Edstrom
Glady D. Miller Gift Shop
Douglas B. Robinson Mrs. Grace Miner
Mrs. R. E. Miesbauer
Fran & John Edstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Gernes James H. Thurow
Grace Lubeley
Mrs. Jean Lauer Winona Elks Lodge No. 327
Mrs. Peggy Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Roehl
Barb & Steve Slaggie
Susan Roehl Adrian Vondrashek
The Patient Care Fund provides
Fran & John Edstrom financial support for individuals in
Dwight Marston
Mildred Rosenberg Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 the community and improves the
Fran & John Edstrom hospital’s ability to serve the
Fran & John Edstrom
community of Winona. Through
Iva L. Ward use of this fund, Winona Health’s
Bob Matejka
Henry Rutten Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Bernatz Community Memorial Hospital is
Mrs. Mara Repinski Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Grulkowski able to offer needed assistance to
our family, friends and neighbors
Mrs. R. E. Miesbauer experiencing unforeseen or
Donald J. Matejka Richard Ryan Daryl & Joan Nagel extensive medical expenses. In
Mrs. Mara Repinski Fran & John Edstrom Judge & Mrs. Duane Peterson this past year, the need for
Patient Care Fund assistance
Dr. & Mrs. James V. Testor nearly doubled.
Rachael Mayo Faith Schmidt Potential recipients work one-on-
Fran & John Edstrom Fran & John Edstrom Mary J. Ward one with a Winona Health
Genevieve Kulas representative to determine
Eveyln McGann eligibility. This process results in
Bill Schreiber recipients being able to fulfill their
Fran & John Edstrom Mrs. Darlene Kuklinski James Watkowski obligations to Winona Health
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 while maintaining their dignity.
Bruce McNally A special “thank you” is extended
William Schuttemeier
to all of the title sponsors, Youth
Mrs. Peggy Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Don Thaldorf Robert S. Wera Tournament sponsor, Pro
Fran & John Edstrom Genevieve Kulas sponsor, hole sponsors, and
volunteers who helped make the
Mildred Schwanke
2004 Ben & Adith Miller Golf
Kenneth Meyers Fran & John Edstrom Leodena Williams Classic a tremendous success!
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Ashelin Mr. & Mrs. Harland Knight
Joseph Snidarsic
Benjamin A. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Horace J. Andersen Fred Woodward
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 Dr. Jim & Jenny Kahl Fran & John Edstrom
Mrs. Darlene Kuklinski
Richard A. Morkwed Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Sandy Wyman
Winona Elks Lodge No. 327 Peterson Fran & John Edstrom
A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 0 4

1 2

3 4

5 6

Capital Campaign Report

Winona Health wrapped up the Caring Today ... Preparing for Tomorrow Capital Campaign and sends its thanks to the
many donors who made this campaign a success. (1) Mark McGrory, Greg Evans and Rod Nelson of Merchants Bank with Rachelle
Schultz in the Family Lounge in the Lake View Court addition of Lake Winona Manor. (2) Mark Jacobs of Watkins, Inc. and Watkins
Online and Rachelle Schultz outside one of the Birthing Suites in the Family Birth Center. (3) Fred and Dianne Morgan, Lucille Thern
Messman, Chris Baudhuin with Rachelle Schultz in front of the first floor lounge of Watkins Manor. Thern, Inc. issued a $50,000
challenge grant in the name of Royal G. Thern, the company’s founder. (4) Barb and Steve Slaggie with Rachelle Schultz in the Dialysis
Center, which allows Winona Health to serve 65 dialysis patients a year with eight dialysis chairs. (5) Dick Pope of WinCraft and Rachelle
Schultz stand outside the Family Lounge in the Family Birth Center. (6) Jack Richter of Winona National Bank and Rachelle Schultz
outside one of the Birthing Suites in the Family Birth Center.
Other Family Birth Center donations include: Sue and Jack Cornwell of Kendell Corporation & Kendell Doors & Hardware, in
memory of their grandson, Benjamin Katter and his great grandparents, Doris and R.D. Cornwell; a gift made in honor of Fastenal
Employees; and the Family Birth Center Nurses Station and Nursery were made possible with a gift from Pat and Dan Rukavina and
Muriel and Dave Arnold. In addition, Watkins Manor residents enjoy a new Beauty Salon made possible by a gift from Dr. M.L. (Max)
DeBolt in memory of his wife, Jean.

To create an exceptional healthcare COMMUNITY MEMORIAL

855 Mankato Avenue

organization designed to meet the current Winona MN 55987


and emerging healthcare needs of our LAKE WINONA MANOR

865 Mankato Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

community. 507.457.4366

174 East Wabasha Street
Winona, MN 55987


885 Mankato Avenue

Winona Health is devoted to improving Winona MN 55987


the health and well-being of our family, ROGER METZ MANOR

875 Mankato Avenue

friends, and neighbors. Winona MN 55987


825 Mankato Avenue
Winona MN 55987


212 South Mill Street
Rushford MN 55971

~ A service environment where people 507.864.7726


can realize their full potential HOSPICE SERVICES

175 East Wabasha Street
Winona MN 55987

~ Excellence and leadership in WINONA HEALTH


clinical care and service 175 East Wabasha Street

Winona MN 55987

~ Collaborative partnerships WINONA HEALTH


~ Financial stewardship 855 Mankato Avenue

Winona MN 55987
“The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet
your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
come what may ....”
Diane Noeske was to have spent this
early fall evening enjoying the play
WINONA HEALTH VALUES Annie with her friends. But cancer had
other plans. Instead, Diane was
spending her final days at Lake
~ Integrity: We accept personal accountability for all that we say and do. Winona Manor.
“LWM has a special Make a Wish
~ Compassion: We serve our clients and each other with dignity and program for residents who are at an
end-of-life experience,” explained
respect ensuring the overall well being of each person. Mary Miller-Hyland, LWM
administrator. Enter Patti Volkman,
~ Family: We recognize the integral role of family in our lives and strive director of nursing; Holli Wieser,
therapeautic recreation manager; and
to build relationships that meet our personal and professional needs. LWM's management team. Holli
rented the CD of Annie and Patti
organized a party, inviting Diane's
~ Spirituality: We value the spiritual dimension of health and well-being friends to come to LWM to watch
and encourage balance of mind, body and spirit in our daily lives. Annie with her.
Patti also called people in the
~ Excellence: We are a learning organization committed to the pursuit of community who had played Annie in
local productions. “By the night of the
excellence and innovation across our organization. party, four actresses had offered to
perform a private show for Diane and
her friends. I was overwhelmed,”
~ People: We are an organization of individuals who recognize and Volkman said.
celebrate our diversity but we build on the strengths of each of us to create With wine, a cheese tray and a
costumed Tess Polachek performing
a stronger team. as Annie, Diane and her friends
enjoyed a final Girls Night Out. “Diane
~ Environment: We strive to create a safe, healing, mutually respectful, opened her eyes and smiled at Annie
as she sang The Sun Will Come Up
and satisfying environment where each person can share their gifts Tomorrow,” Volkman remembered.
“Her friends put wine on her lips. As
and talents. she licked them, they were all in tears
at such a touching experience.”
~ Communication: We endeavor to keep our communications open Two nights later, Diane passed away.
“Not a day goes by that I don't
and honest in our dealings with patients, each other, physicians and remember what Patti did for my
the community. mother,” Mandy Noeske, Diane's
daughter, said. Added Miller-Hyland,
“What a wonderful gift Patti and LWM
staff gave to Diane and those who
loved her.”

WINONA, MN 55987


Community Memorial Hospital
855 Mankato Avenue
Winona, MN 55987