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To: Dr. From: Date: Subject: Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic: Data Center Operations at Mobily and Preventive Network
Maintenance at Mobily

Purpose: Datacenters are important in organizations and are a source of competitive advantage for
companies. Data center management requires a highly skilled IT staff armed with the appropriate orchestration tools to stem the tide of explosive data growth, migrate to virtualized platforms and manage rising energy costs. In my project, I will explore the practices, operational modes and demand planning at Mobilys data center. The project will also explore how the data center provides continuous operations for the network services of Mobily. Along with the data center, Mobily must ensure the maintenance of its network for efficient operations and this requires periodic preventive maintenance to ensure reliable operations. To get a better understanding of the data center it is important for the research to focus on the server and storage platforms, server operating system, storage systems and topologies, which will be discussed in detail in my research. The research will provide insight into the IT infrastructure used in the telecom sector in general and Mobily in particular. My research will also cover preventive network maintenance at Mobily. The services of a telecom company are very critical and to ensure reliability and continuity of services, a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule must be followed. Preventive network maintenance increases the efficiency and reliability of network equipment and helps improve the life of business-critical equipment.

Background: As an employee of Mobily, I am responsible for data backup/restore, archiving, data

protection and replication. I have detailed knowledge of the information systems at Mobily and I will utilize my expertise in this area to further my research. My team consists of

Scope: The research will cover data center operations and management and will provide the various
measures used for disaster preparedness and recover, business continuity, storage protocols and interconnects, backup/restore, hardware architecture, operating systems and servers. The preventive network maintenance section will cover the maintenance approach, and the techniques used to detect and prevent network problems. It includes the integral design approach and the corresponding data storage devices and data analysis methodologies in order to improve network reliability and durability as well as minimize critical failures.

1. A literature review on data center operations. 2. A description of Mobily IT infrastructure 3. Network maintenance procedures at Mobily. Limitations: The research will be limited to the operations and IT infrastructure at Mobily.

References: Appropriate references used for literature review and Mobily technical data will be