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product data sheet

RD2000/ RD3000
MPEG-4 Multi-Format Receiver

Grass Valley products from Thomson offer the most comprehensive, multi-format solutions for acquisition, production, storage, playback, and transmissionand a strong foundation for centralized, proactive status and activity monitoring. Designed for the high-end contribution and distribution market where quality and performance are paramount, our RD2000/RD3000 receivers offer professional quality standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) decoding. With digital video going deeper into todays systems, and interface technologies rapidly changing, these truly flexible receivers easily adapt to your specific configuration and application. By offering both MPEG-4 encoders and decoders such as the RD2000/ RD3000, Grass Valley lets you benefit from the latest advances in compression technology to achieve significant bandwidth saving over your contribution links.

One Family, Two Applications The RD2000/RD3000 product family comes in two versions: the RD2000 decoder, which decodes SD signals; and the RD3000 receiver, which is capable of both SD and HD decoding. Both units offer exceptional flexibility and can be fitted with several optional interface units to meet your exact needs. Flexibility and Density Built on a highly flexible and scalable architecture, the RD2000/RD3000 can support a number of system applications. Its chassis features a plug-and-play structure that lets you add up to six interface boards depending your needs. With an industry-leading interface range covering satellite, telco, and terrestrial networks, you have the freedom to select the board you need to create a truly flexible solution. This scalable approach also enables you to operate the RD2000/RD3000 as a dual decoder. This ability creates an unrivalled density for a professional receiver that enables you to use it in space-critical applications such as newsgathering.

key features
MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 SD decoding Extensive interface range Dual audio per each video channel Analog and digital output Options:

MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 HD decoding

Single or dual decoder per unit

 DVB-S dual-port receiver  ASI input/output  COFDM receiver  MPEG over IP with FEC  DVB-S2 dual-port receiver  Audio outputs

product data sheet

Base unit: MPEG-4 H.264 compatible MPL3 and HPL3.0 (option dependent) MPEG-2 4:2:0 MP@HL and MP@ML (option dependent) 2 x SD-SDI/1 x composite video (RD2000) 2 x HD-SDI/1 x RGB/Y, Pb, Pr video (RD3000) Single stereo audio per video (embedded only) Web interface Number of embedded audio channels: 4 Audio types supported: AC3, MPEG-2 Layer 1 and 2, or PCM Closed captions: Embedded - EIA-708B Line 21 - enable/disable (selectable)

Ordering Information All systems feature:

Audio: 1 stereo audio channel embedded in the SDI AC power supply

Adds DVB-S dual-port input interface

Single decoder with SDI output Video: 2x SDI out, 1x composite out

Adds ASI in/out (DVB-ASI or SMPTE310M selectable)

Composite Video Output

Number of outputs: 1 (NTSC/PAL) Connector: BNC, female Return loss: > 25 dB NTSC standard: ANSI/SMPTE 170M-1994 CCIR656 Format, frame rate 525 lines, 29.97 Hz (480i) Setup (pedestal): On off, selectable Closed caption: Enable/disable (selectable) CC standard: EIA-608B

Dual decoders with SDI output Video: 2x SDI out, 1x composite out

Adds DVB-S2 input interface

Video Decoder
Video bit rate: 1-20 Mb/s MPEG-4 H.264 1-80 Mb/s MPEG-4 ITS data rate: 1-150 Mb/s Primary video formats: 1080i@ 25 Hz, 29.9 7 Hz, 30 Hz 720p@ 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz, 60 Hz 480p@ 59.94 Hz 480i@ 29.9 5Hz 576i@ 25 Hz Display modes: Letterbox, cropped, and anamorphic Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3 Output formats: IEC-60958 (uncompressed) IEC-61937 (compressed) PCM downmix

Single decoder with HD-SDI output Video: 2x HD-SDI out, 1x Y, Pb, Pr/ RGBHV out

Adds MPEG over IP I/O interface with FEC (only one interface per chassis)

Adds COFDM input interface

Single decoder with analog video output Video: 1x Y, Pb, Pr/RGBHV, 1 SD video composite out

Adds Audio outputs (AES digital, analog) and Dolby E pass-through

Dual decoders with HD-SDI output Video: 2x HD-SDI out, 1x Y, Pb, Pr/ RGBHV out

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 1U x 19" (482 mm wide, 482 mm deep) Weight: 4.3 kg (base unit) 5.6 kg (fully loaded) PSU: 95-135 VAC or 180-265 VAC

Adds BISS Mode 1 and E descrambling

Dual decoders with analog video output Video: 1x Y, Pb, Pr/RGBHV, 1 SD video composite out

Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature 0 to 45C (32 to 113F) Storage temperature 0 to 45C (32to 113F) Maximum humidity < 95% noncondensing

Standard: ITU-BT.601/SMPTE 259M Number of serial video outputs: 2 (isolated) Connector: BNC (x2), female Impedance: 75 Frame rates: 30, 29.97, and 25 (interlaced) Embedded audio: SMPTE 272M

Support Services & Training

CE marked in accordance with the 93/68/EEC (22/07/93) directive Safety IEC/EN/UL/CSA C22.2 69050 EMC EN 55022, 55024, 61000-3-2

The Grass Valley Support Services & Training team delivers complete service solutions that enhance your return on Grass Valley products and global systems solutions.Advanced training and proactive support, by reducing down time, keeps your equipment and staff performing at optimum productivity and quality. Our pre-packaged suite of SupportPRO Services provides support through the whole process:
StartPRO Commissioning Support Factory, On-Site and Web Training Classes TechPRO On-Site and Comprehensive Software and Hardware Support ServicePRO Comprehensive Software and Hardware Support PartsPRO Advanced Exchange Hardware Support Critical Spares Kits for Most Products

For specific requests, our worldwide experienced Support Services & Training experts can build and assist you with customized solutions. For more information contact your authorized Grass Valley representative or visit us online at www.thomsongrassvalley.com/support.
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