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Doodles have been defined as Diagrams of the subconscious.

Doodling is one of the ways our mind uses for self-expression. Doodle interpretations have been used by psychiatrists fantasies of the person.

Why people doodle

Doodling has been show to help siphon off tension and anxiety when someone has to make a very important decision or solve a difficult problem. Doodling is also an escape valve for feelings of frustration, anger, impatiens and other blocked emotions of the subconscious. The repetition of shapes in doodles help the person to relax and gather their thoughts and has been said to similar in nature to the chanting of a mantra that helps sooth the mind and body.

Basis of Doodle Interpretation

Freud felt that doodles and dreams acted as an escape valve for the mind to express thoughts and impulses in an acceptable manner. He felt that doodles are a disguised or symbolic expression of repressed sexual trauma, hidden sexual desires or feeling of hostility, which we may find to be disturbing and shameful on to consciously acknowledge. Carl Jung also accepted the ideas of doodles as expressing subconscious thoughts and feelings. Jung was more interested in the therapeutic benefits that doodles could offer to people. He observed by certain patients experienced a calming experience from doodling (mostly circles).

Trees with Leaves and Fruit
Open minded, hospitable person who loves all the sensual pleasures in life.

Trees with Completely Bare Branches

A tense person who can be sarcastic and judgmental towards their partner, they bottle emotions and cannot relax.

Christmas Tree with Triangular Shaped Branches

This person is energetic, unconventional, a natural fighting spirit, with strong principles and a love for the outdoors.

A Withered Tree
Symbolizes someone with a dried up state, who lives too much in his head.

Branches Reaching Upward

An opportunist and daydreamer who looks on the bright side of life and can quickly recover from set-backs.

Hearts In General
A compassionate person that is capable of deep empathy for another persons problems. There is a very child -like, innocent aspect to their nature.

Face Completed Face

A social personality with extroverted tendencies.

Size of Face
A very large face indicates a forceful confident ego with an active intellect and vivid fantasy. A very small face discloses someone who feels physically, socially or intellectually inferior.

No Facial Features
Shows a disturbed state of mind and reveals depression and social isolation, a sense of feeling lonely and unable to connect with others.

Match Stick People

Frequently doodled by highly motivated individuals, often business executives, who want to make their mark on the world. These people will be mature, independent minded, intelligent, decisive and very direct.

Snake Coiled and Ready to Strike

A defensive state of mind ready to retaliate.

Snake Stretched out to Full Length

A persons sexual nature is flexible, open minded and free from inner tension.

Houses in General
People who habitually doodle houses are prepared to work hard to build a solid foundation to their career, social life and intimate relationship.

Large Showy House

Reflects strong ambition and a desire for high status, admiration and respect.

House With No Door

Signifies that this person is a real loner.

House With Lots of Windows

This person wants to know what is going on in the lives of everyone around them.

Numbers In General
Habitually doodling numbers reveals an organized mind, mathematical skills and a preoccupation with financial matters.

Arrows In General
These doodles reveal focused ambition and a very opinionated analytical mind that is skilled in locating short cuts and solving problems.

Arrows Pointed at an Object

Suggests frustration or anger directed at this object.

Horizontal Parallel Lines

This person has good concentration and keeps a cool head in emergencies.

Diagonal Parallel Lines

A strong desire for leadership and in relationships they will want to be the boss.

Large Wide Loops

Reveals a high active imagination and a need to express bottled-up feelings. This person is capable of being sympathetic and compassionate.

Very Narrow Loops

An emotionally suppressed person with a secretive nature with fear, insecurity and low self-esteem.

Repetitive Patterns Z Shapes

Full of energy, who is a persistent fighter, is ready to tackle any obstacle on the road to achieving their ambition.

Flowing Cup Shapes

A person who is flexible, friendly, sympathetic social manners and a strong need to be accepted and liked by others.

Flowing Arches
This person shows a strong sense of pride and creative imagination, reliable interaction and a tough, loyal nature.

Boxes and Cubes

Boxes and cubes indicate a practical minded, realistic person who strongly values security and will work hard to create a solid foundation in their career and relationship.

Cone Shapes
An indicator of sexual tension that is not finding adequate release.

A practical minded, clear thinking individual with a peaceful nature.

Triangle Pointing Upward

This symbolizes the masculine and the element of Fire; this suggests a probing mind, searching for answers.

Triangle Pointing Downward

This symbolizes the feminine and the element Water, suggesting someone far more passive and less ambitious than those who doodle an upward pointing triangle.

Triangle Linked Together Side by Side

This softens the aggressive intensity of the characteristics associated with triangle doodles. This shows a more relaxed, person with a balanced nature.

Squares In General
They represent firmness and stability. The person is straight forward and interested in concrete facts and practical goals.

Circles In General
The habitual circle doodler is essentially a sincere, kind hearted, loyal individual with a sense of humor and a playful loving streak.

Circles in a Neat Row

Suggests an orderly mind. Someone who does what they need to do in a gentle, unhurried manner.

Circles within Circles

Reveals someone who feels under tension that is making them emotionally vulnerable.

Stars In General
They symbolize high aspirations and hopes. Stars always reveal an idealist with strong ambition.

This reveals someone prone to flashes of insight, inspiration or awareness. This person gets extremely enthusiastic over new ideas as realization pops into their head.

Signifies anxiety, tension and sexual frustration. This person cannot relax as they are preoccupied with problems and responsibilities connected with daily survival.