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degaard & Danneskiold-Samse assists the marine and offshore industry with noise and vibration control. Key services are:

z noise and vibration analysis and prediction z measurement services, including troubleshooting
The company has accumulated extensive experience with a wide range of ship types, from yachts to cruise ships and VLCCs. Clients include a large number of shipowners, shipyards, naval architects and component suppliers worldwide. PREPARE FOR COMFORT Detailed specifications may prevent many problems during later stages of a shipbuilding project. degaard & Danneskiold-Samse assists shipowners in preparing specifications and advises the shipbuilding industry on required precautions in order to comply with contract specifications. NOISE PREDICTION

3D Finite Element model used for vibration analysis of container ship. Finite Element based vibration analysis is essential to avoid vibration problems on newbuildings.

By using our computer model, SHIPNOISE, the Fast ferry noise level can be predicted for all relevant environmental noise sources. Based on the prediction, it is possible to measurement carried select the most appropriate type of noise reducing out by the degaard & measures, e.g. sound insulation, floating floors or viscoelastic vibration damping layers. Our Danneskiold-Samse in prediction services can be used already at the the city of contract negotiation stage to provide preliminary, Copenhagen. achievable noise levels. And the prediction can also be used at later stages for the optimum design of noise reduction measures. VIBRATION ANALYSIS Vibration analysis and prediction of vibration levels are carried out by means of the Finite Element technique. Local structures, greater substructures and global designs are analysed. Finite Element based vibration analysis is essential to avoid vibration problems on newbuildings. However, the analysis tools are also useful for troubleshooting purposes.

MEASUREMENTS AND TROUBLESHOOTING Measurements are necessary to verify noise and vibration levels during sea trials and to solve noise and vibration problems of ships in service. The troubleshooting assignments are often performed with short notice, and rely on extensive measurement equipment and experienced measurement engineers with in-depth knowledge of noise and vibration problems.

Calculated cavitation extent for propeller Other measurement services include excitation operating in a nontests carried out during construction to check the uniform wake field. Our vibration characteristics of hull structures, Boundary Element employing modal analysis techniques with based PROPULSE excitation from mechanical exciters, air-guns or computer model is impact hammers. Sub-suppliers are assisted with used for prediction of acoustic testing of components, for example propeller noise and floating floors, ceilings and lining bulkheads vibration advanced in-house laboratory facilities are available characteristics. for this purpose. PROPELLERS AND MACHINERY degaard & Danneskiold-Samse participates in the proper choice of propeller design and aft body lines to achieve the best possible noise and vibration performance of the propeller. Our Boundary Element based PROPULSE computer model is used for prediction of propeller noise and vibration characteristics. In order to avoid excessive movement and resonance, degaard & Danneskiold-Samse's computer program, RESMOUNT, can be used to calculate the natural frequencies and dynamic response for resiliently mounted machinery. ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE Environmental noise problems arising in harbours and coastal areas are increasingly common. degaard & Danneskiold-Samse assists with design reviews, measurements and troubleshooting, often by design of effective diesel engine silencers using the computer program, EXHAUST, or acoustic Finite Element modelling. ACOUSTIC QUALITY AND PRIVACY For passenger ships, low background noise in the accommodation are obtained today. This means that acoustic privacy becomes an important factor for the comfort of passengers. Also the acoustic quality of large public rooms, such as dining rooms and show lounges, depends on acoustic properties which can be optimized by degaard & Danneskiold-Samse.

Pipe routing after conversion of the ''Seabourn Pride'' exhaust system. degaard & Danneskiold-Samse assists with design reviews, measurements and troubleshooting for noise problems, often by design of effective diesel engine silencers using the computer program, EXHAUST.

UNDERWATER NOISE Underwater noise control and signature management are important for naval and seismic ships. degaard & Danneskiold-Samse assists with design reviews, measurements and troubleshooting. THE COMPANY degaard & Danneskiold-Samse was founded in 1980. Today the number of employees is about 70, more than 80% with university degrees. degaard & Danneskiold-Samse Titangade 15 DK-2200 Copenhagen N Denmark Contact: Lars Thiele (noise control, troubleshooting) Ulrik M. Rasmussen (vibration control) Tel: +45 35 31 10 00 Fax: +45 35 31 10 01 E-mail: ods@oedan.dk URL: http://www.odegaard.dk

M/S ''Seabourn Pride''. Silencing of the exhaust system was required to get permission for regular calling in Stockholm.