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6" IC Rated Universal Downlights Features


The RMNIC has been specically designed for quick and easy installation into existing ceilings. The RMNIC offers several different trim options that will meet a variety of lighting applications. This RMNIC housing may be used when remodeling a home or light commercial space. The RMNIC housing can be specied where insulation is present in existing ceilings such as single story ofce buildings, retail spaces, living rooms, foyers, kitchens, or second story ceilings. The RMNIC has a variety of trims to meet your lighting needs. RMNIC housings are not Air Shield ready; use IBX only for airtight requirements. Rated for end of run wiring. Listings: UL Listed CSA Certied N.Y. City Approved
Length Width Height Ceiling Cutout Max. Ceiling Thickness RMNIC 117/8" 71/2" 71/2" 63/4" 11/2"
RMNIC shown


Line 2

Order Trim: (Continued)

Catalog No. Description TA30C TA30B Clear (C) or black (B) Alzak cone with adjustable lamp. 50W PAR-30L. Adjustability: 358 H x 30 V

Catalog No. Description TA30 (WBF)(BF) White (WBF) or black (BF) bafe with adjustable lamp. IBX only: 50W PAR-30L. Adjustability: 358 H x 30 V Fresnel glass lens with clear Alzak reector. IBX only: 60W A-19 Flat textured opal glass lens with clear Alzak reector. IBX only: 60W A-19


Catalog No. Description TL33P Non-metallic plastic drop spa trim with upper white reector. IBX only: 40W A-19 Drop opal impact resistant shower lens with reector. 40W A-19 Drop opal glass diffuser with clear Alkak reector. IBX only: 60W A-19

Catalog No. Description TL42




Line 3+ Order Accessories:

MGR PKT423 SCA7 TCA1 WSEC Metal goof ring. White metal trim ring covers oversized ceiling cutout. Specify outside dimension and trim catalog number. Example: 81/2" TB15MGR trim ring. Packet of one (1) SG1 and (1) trim ring gaskets to meet W.S.E.C. requirement for Air Shield applications (for IBX only). Sloped ceiling adaptor for LiteBox trims. Specify degree of slope and ceiling type. Not recommended for wall wash (TW) trims. Sloped ceiling adaptor and housing must be installed at the same time (not suitable for RMNIC). Thick ceiling adaptor allows for use of Lite Box trims in ceilings 11/2 to 21/2 thick. Install prior to housing installation (not suitable for RMNIC). Packet of twelve (12) SG1 and (12) trim ring gaskets to meet W.S.E.C. requirements for Air Shield applications (for IBX only).

Ordering Example:
Line 1 Line 2 IBX TL41

Additional Decorative Options Available!

Consider Prescolites LiteDeco decorative elements to complement your residential or commercial project. Theyre a broad selection of affordable and stylish reector and trim combinations available with compact uorescent, metal halide, and incandescent LiteBox Universal housings*. Choose from a wide variety of nish options, reectors, and beautiful decorative elements to enhance any interior space. Refer to pages 370 through 381 for complete details.
*Exclusively available with PBX, IBX, RMN, RMNIC, IDBX, TBX, TBXIC and HBX LiteBox Universal and FireTight FT6CF housings. Refer to LiteDeco section for complete housing/trim compatibility and lamp/wattage information.

Universal trims are interchangeable with IBX, PBX and RMN housings. Denotes Air Shield rated with IBX housing and WESC gasket. UL Listed for Wet Locations.