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Topic: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of airplane.

Some people believe that the aviation has many positive aspects, whereas others hold opposite opinions on this issue. Personally, I stand equally between those views because of following reason. On the one hand, there is no doubt that plane brings people many advantages. Firstly, it helps our travelling become easier and more convenient. There are more and more people choosing the plane as a mean of transportation for moving a long distance because of its speed. To be more specific, a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by train will take us at least two days instead of two hours when travelling by plane by flying. Secondly, due to air plane, it is possible to get to destination all over the world at affordable prices because of the availability of cheap flights. For instance, in Vietnam, Jet star Pacific airline has offered the variety of flight ticket prices to meet the demand of customers, who possess the average income. On the other hand, the disadvantages of aircraft are obviously seen. The development of airline is a cause of environmental contamination. Actually, when operating, air planes produce a huge amount of exhausted fume, which freely perfumes permeating into the atmosphere, and this eventually poses a serious threat to the surroundings. In addition, the noise of machine when aircrafts take off or land makes produces several negative effects when it comes to taking off and landing. It not only influences on the quiet of contiguous areas but also damages people ears as some research proved. In conclusion, although air plane leads to some bad consequences, its benefits are undeniable. In the future, overcoming above drawbacks can be expected.
Comment [v5]: C th thay bng cm ny trong bi discuss advantages/disadvantages of something: Contrary to some benefits/advantages of air plane, some disadvantages can be seen. Comment [v6]: Em ch ni n 1 disadvantage -> cu topic khng nn s nhiu. The main disadvantage of air plane is its adverse effects on the environment Comment [v7]: Hn ch bt u mt cu bng mt trng t, tr khi l firstly, secondly, v khi c mt cu bt u bng mt trng t, mnh cm thy em b b cu trc cu. Comment [v8]: Vietnamese Comment [v9]: what research? Be specified! Comment [v10]: Cu cui ny em nn dng Not only but also bt u, dng cu trc o ng cho honh trng: not only does the noise . but it also Comment [v11]: Everything has its two sides and so for air planes. Comment [v12]: choppy!!! Comment [v3]: Cm due to l gii thch ci g , theo ngha bi v. Em dng th ny l b sai! Comment [v4]: air fare khng cheap u! V nu c cheap th s lng khng nhiu, khng phi ai cng mua c. Comment [v2]: bi khng hi quan im ca em -> OFF TOPIC Comment [v1]: T ny em dng khng tt, n khng phi l synonym cho airplane