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100 Hours Information Technology Training 1.

Registration for the scheme This course should be undergone by a student who has taken admission to Professional Competence Course and registered for articled / audit training. On completion of 3 months of articled training, a student can join ITT with an accredited Branch. Students who have already registered themselves for Professional Competence Course and articled / audit training shall be issued registration letter for 100 Hours ITT automatically. Existing students of Professional Education (Course-I) and Professional Education (Course-II) who have not yet undergone 250 Hours Compulsory Computer Training and wish to continue under the existing syllabus should also undergo 100 hours ITT. It is further clarified that existing students of Professional Education (Course-I) and Professional Education (Course-II), who wish to switch over to new course and join PCC and articled training, should commence 100 hours ITT on completion of 3 months of articled training. Those students of Professional Education (Course II) who have undergone 250 Hours of Compulsory Computer Training during their PE-Course-I or PE-Course-II are not required to undergo 100 Hours Information Technology Training. A student can join any of the accredited Regional Office/Branch IT Centre for undergoing this training. The details of accredited Regional Office/Branch IT Centres are hosted on the Student Online page at www.icai.org. 2. Fees payable to the accredited Branch ITT Centre for undergoing the computer training The fee payable to the Branch for ITT is Rs. 4,000. The course fee is inclusive of all costs such as the cost of registration for the course, library fee, computer and Internet usage charges and cost of conducting training, module tests, project and final online examination. It also includes the cost for evaluation, marking, preparing results, for issuance of completion certificate and submitting the list of eligible candidates to the Board of Studies, ICAI, Noida. Disabled students are exempted from undergoing 100 Hours ITT with accredited Branches. They have to self-study the course materials for at least three months and qualify two specially designed test papers supplied by the concerned Regional Office. 3. Training Duration The fresh batches shall start in the first week of each month. Students are required to undergo 100 Hours ITT with the accredited branch. The Branches can follow a teaching module of 3-5 hours per day, covering 100 hours in maximum 40 days including Sundays. The Board of Studies can change this training plan. A student should not appear for the final online examination before he/she completes the minimum training period prescribed in the training programme. 4. Course Structure and Training Methodology The syllabus designed by the Board of Studies for 100 hours of Information Technology Training shall be imparted as per the specified training hours stated in Para (6). The faculty members are required to adhere to this schedule. The course should be supported by intensive practical exercises so that the concepts are clearly understood by the students.

There may be additional seminars/lectures up to maximum of 5 hours to keep the students informed about the latest developments in the area of Information Technology which are of relevance for accounting profession. 5. Study Material from the Board of Studies The Board of Studies has brought out study material in the form of printed study modules I & II and a set of 7 CDs. On registration with the Board of Studies for 100 Hours ITT and PCC, the students get this comprehensive Study Material. The printed modules include detail discussion on all the topics included in the syllabus. However, the CDs which are interactive in nature cover 68 hours of ITT as per the details given below : Students be advised to study the appropriate course modules in detail before the relevant classes are CD No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Topics Computer Fundamentals, Operating Systems MS-Word MS-Excel MS-PowerPoint Data Bases and MS Office Utilities Introduction To Visual Basic Web Technology and E-Commerce, Digital Signature And Verification Of Electronic Records conducted by the accredited branch. The Prospectus of PCC contains detailed rules regarding 100 Hours ITT. Students be advised to go through these guidelines carefully before undergoing 100 Hours ITT. In addition, the Board of Studies announces from time to time any change in such guidelines through Students Newsletter The Chartered Accountant Student. Such changes are also hosted on the Institutes Website www.icai.org. While undergoing 100 Hours ITT, a student should remain in constant touch with the Chairman of the accredited Branch. 6. Allocation of time for different Topics The allocation of time for various topics of the syllabus will be as follows: Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Topic Computer Fundamentals Operating Systems MS-Word MS-Excel MS-PowerPoint Data Bases MS-Office utilities Accounting package Duration 1 hr. 6 hrs. 6 hrs. 15 hrs. 5 hrs. 15 hrs. 3 hrs. 20 hrs. Module & Chapter Wise reference of Study Modules Module-I and Chapters-1 & 2 Module-I and Chapter-3 Module-I and Chapter-4 Module-I and Chapter-5 Module-II and Chapters-6 & 7 Module-II and Chapter-11 Module-II and Chapters-10 & 12

9. 10. 11. 12

Computer Aided Audit Techniques Web Technology & System Security and Maintenance Introduction To Visual Basic Digital Signature And Verification of Electronic Record Total

12 hrs. 10 hrs. 5 hrs. 2 hrs. 100 hrs.


Module tests Each student is required to pass two module tests. These tests are to be conducted by Branches in consultation with the Board of Studies of the ICAI. The evaluation and moderation of test papers is to be carried out by the Branch IT Centre. Each module test shall be of 50 marks. The module test may comprise of objective type questions as well as short questions. The duration of the module test will be one hour. Evaluation of the module test is to be done by the centre faculty. A student is required to pass both modules tests by securing at least 50% marks in individual test. In case a student fails to do so, one reappearance for each test may be allowed free of cost. For any additional reappearance, the student is required to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 150/- per test.


Project Each student is required to submit a multi-disciplinary project of 100 marks. The students should endeavor to use most of the software/techniques learnt during their training while developing this project based on some real-life application. The Project report may be submitted both in hard copy and the soft copy with the Branch IT Centre.


The Accredited Branches maintain a proper attendance record. A student is required to have minimum 90% attendance.

10. Eligibility for Final Online Examination

After undergoing the training for specified duration, a student becomes eligible for the Final online examination only if he fulfils the following criteria: (i) 90% Attendance; (ii) Clearance of the two module tests; (iii) Submission of the project; and (iv) Full fee is paid. 11. Final Online Examination The final online examination would comprise of 200 objective type questions of 1.5 marks each totaling 300 marks. The weightage of final online examination is 60%. The duration of the same is 3 hours. The final online examination is to be conducted by the accredited branches on any Sunday of the month in coordination with BOS. On the day of the examination, a student is required to go to the designated IT Centre and take the on-line examination. A student would not be allowed to exceed the allotted time. Questions will be generated randomly

for the students appearing for the online examination. The total number of questions generated for each topic must be in accordance to the total number of hours of training allocated to that topic. Once the student commences the examination, he is expected to complete the paper without any break. The evaluation is to be done on-line. 12. Criteria for qualifying the training A student is required to obtain 60% in aggregate taking into account module tests, project and final examination. In case a student fails to secure 60% or more in aggregate, he /she may be allowed to reappear for online exam for maximum two more attempts. No fee shall be charged by the accredited branches for such reappearance. However, if a student fails to secure 60% marks even after three attempts, he/she may have to pay a nominal fee not exceeding Rs. 300/- to the accredited branch for every additional attempt. 13. Certification The training completion certificate as well as passing certificate will be issued directly by the concerned Accredited Branch of the ICAI. The nomenclature of the course is "C.A. Student Information Technology Training".