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Eun Nyeong Seong

Janet McNellis

PSE 6691 Mon 5:30-8:30pm

23 Oct 2008


Research problem

What kinds of reading activities are most effective in improving writing skill of international

ESL students?

1. Participants

For this research, the researcher selects about 100 ESL learners at the college level. All

of them are studying English in ESL class at Troy University, Alabama, in USA. The

participants are international students who came from different countries, such as Nepal,

China, India, Korea, etc.. Some students learned English as second official language in their

countries. Other students learned English as foreign language in their countries. Their levels

are diverse, ranging from AEG level 2 to AEG level 6. The purpose of studying in ESL class

may be to get a qualification for applying to an academic course in undergraduate or graduate

school in Troy University. They have 4 or 5 classes a day: listening, speaking, reading,

writing and grammar. The instructors teach the courses with textbooks and other

supplementary materials.

2. Data Collection

The participants are asked to answer the questionnaire designed by the researcher. The

questions are consisted of reading activities for improving writing skills. They answer the

questions based on their learning experiences of reading and writing of both studying English

in their countries and the ESL class in USA.

The questions are divided into two dimensions: relation between reading and writing,
and reading activities for writing. Part of reading activities for writing is divided further into

three dimensions: reading levels, post-reading activities and reading genre. Types of

answering are multiple choice or 5 level Likert scales.

After data collecting, the researcher deals the data with statistic process using Excel

Survey questionnaire

The purpose of this survey is to figure out what kind of reading activities are good for

improving writing skills in ESL learners and suggest useful information for reading and

writing activities in ESL class. These questions are not limited in ESL class in which you are

now studying in Troy University. Remember your whole experience learning writing skills

and answer the questions based on your real experiences. I promise that I will only use your

answers in my research. Thank you for helping me.

Nov 2008

Eunnyeong Seong

Personal information

1. AEG level : ____________

2. AEG experience : ________ months

3. Nationality : ___________________

4. English is my _____ second official or ______ foreign language.

5. The purpose of taking ESL course is to

____ For improving general English skill.

____ For meeting qualifications for applying for an academic course.

____ For other ( )

Relation between reading and writing

strongly agree strongly
1. agree
2. Writing is more difficult to learn than other
3. Reading and writing are related to each other.
4. Reading is good for improving writing skills.
Writing is developed through writing
To integrate reading and writing course is
better than to separate learning reading and

6. When you are writing, what make writing hard for you?

____ Grammar to write ____ main idea of writing

____ Sentence structure ____ Power of vocabulary

____ Format of essay ____ Others ( )

7. What English materials are you reading in AEG class besides your textbook?

____ Story book ____ Newspaper ____ Magazine

____ Web page ____ Comic book ____ Others ( )

8. Why do you think reading is good for improving writing skills?

____ Because we attain ideas for writing content.

____ Because we attain writing models.

____ Because we attain grammar skills for writing

____ Because we attain writing format and style

____ Other ( )
Reading activities to improve writing skill

What kinds of reading activities helped Very Less Never

good So so
improving your writing skills? good related related
Reading vocabulary words
Reading sentences
Reading paragraphs with several sentences
Reading essay level with the topic and a couple
of paragraphs
Reading short story level with a couple of
Reading long story level with a book
Reading and finding main topic
Reading and learning key words
Reading and answering the comprehension
Reading and summarizing the content
Reading and ordering correctly
Reading and make new story continually
Reading and discuss on the topic
Reading and writing down the whole passage
Reading other writer’s model writing
Reading literature works
Reading passage in reading text book
Reading and writing book reports
Reading academic journals or articles

Is there any good activity for improving your writing skill?