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E collaboration has impact on supply chain performance.

For operational and strategic benefits, web based collaboration views as enabling technology. Some benefits that come from supply chain collaboration in supply chain are fewer inventories, high customer service, use human resource in efficient way, and reduce cycle time, fast introduction of new product, improved share holders, high sharing of information and technology standardization. (Elisabeth Lefebvre 1, Luc Cassivi 1'2, Louis A. Lefebvre 1, Pierre-Majorique L6ger 1,3) In supply chain procurement linked with IT. In this way ERP implementation as well as EDIs linked with suppliers were established. Direct and in-direct e- procurement occurs. In direct eprocurement all components material to finish goods consider and in in-direct material maintain, repair, operational (MRO) goods and service are considered. In supply chain management all indirect goods procurement is handled through e-procurement. E- procurement establish preferred suppliers in MRO areas. In e-procurement benchmarking method is used to maintain and improve supply chain performance. Benchmarking method defined as systematic comparison and learning from other companies with the goal of achieving sustainable improvements for a company's own position (Camp, 1989). The benchmarking project highlights five factors for the implementation of e-procurement in large organizations. Realignment of the purchasing operation, Reorganization of the procurement process, Preparation of catalogs offering the right amount of good-quality content, Embracement of suppliers at an early stage, and Integration of e-procurement and back-end systems. In e-procurement buyers deal with individual transaction. They accurately manage many supply chain function like deal with suppliers, convert purchase requests into purchase orders, handle queries and ensure the correct allocation of the invoices received (Thomas Puschmann, Rainer Alt). E- procurement in supply chain manage and handle the purchasing process, eliminate supply chain issues, and help supply chain and companies that involved in supply chain to spend more time creating value for this chain. Features of e-procurement systems can include purchase orders, reordering, and purchase order confirmations with tracking links, advanced ship notices, and comprehensive order management, all these are some features of e-procurement. Many purchasing activities, discounts and better service from suppliers, accelerate the flow of important information, and reduce the administrative time necessary for ordering become more and more accurate through e-procurement. To enhance supply chain performance, eprocurement helps to improve corporate to corporate and supply and buyers relationship, increase efficiency of order, and remove transaction errors, eliminate work-paper, financial order, match order, reduce inventory and its cost and also shorter delivery time(Karl Schmieder).