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,lil[+l":U*4"#,ks: the curious nolion since Edison

I wilh phonographs, radios, and ' olher devices that separate the
musician lrom the music. Until
and his inventor.cronies came up

vc*sthree years. Same with ry sets otfering ; built-in stereo speakers. you can
videocassettes and slereo

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even buy Tv'rike .'video

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then, you had lo go to a concert hall or a piano parloi or even a

whorehouse if you wanted lo hear music. Now, music may be tu.ning jnlo "viewsic" wilh tl'te development ot hi,Ii video-videocassete

recorders and prerecorded lapes bolh with highjidelity and stereo


thal hook up to outside speakers gence ot punk rock and Duran just like lurntables and amps. [,4TV . Duran, when eiectronics giant and the i,tovie Channel both ' Sony introduced iis ..geta H]-fi,j : cablecast jn stereo, andnowthat' hardwareand soilware. Beta Hi-Fi , the Fcc has given its okay to ste- was inrended to give lhe Beta for- : reo-ry broadcasting, we may be mal an edge over its rival, VUS. about to see and hear the first tele- : Prototypes debuted quie.y in June vised stereo Oly;pics 1902, and the lev, technicat and to whal.moit people p.ess people who sampled them I ...C:ntl?'y think, the term "high fidelity', : were amazed by their aimost digi_ doesn't mean "Hey, nice sound." , tal-qualily sound.

monitofs" sometime between the emer- For a[ this new'strenjth,

ence between hrgh-fiderity srereo pr;ces of hi-ri vc*s of either lor, VCBS and ..low fi ' stereo VCRS. mat. Moreover, indications show down cotd. I that prices of VHS Hi_Fi VCRS will Hi_fi VCRS and lapes sprang up , come down by early next year. video won,t Or,iue oif,"i (,f"" ot video gear into obsblescence_ lnmono VCRS will be as


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continue to

as black_and-white TV_;




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Slip 16s 6;-1; videocassette ot

L4aking Michael Jackson's Thriller

It's a precise slandard of

quality delined by technical

into a hi,fi VCR, hook up you. TV set to good speakers, and listen. During the high notes, your cer

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wi| sit up and howt. During the low notes, termites will drop dead in your basement. Youll hear sound youve never heard before. eftects lhat enhance lhe vrsua's in ways Our ry seis cannor_ sets cannol. swtcn Sw,lch to tne the hi.fivid" nr,ttvtd"
man shepherd

eocassette of Faiders of the Losl

Atk and the rolling boulder becomes rolling thunder. Hi-fivideo isn'i an isolted babe, of course. We've had slereo

vHS, manufacturers r wno oio much to esiabwidthoi a half,inch tape. "Stereo," .l were only able to start distributing lish rock music.s pre";"";;; rv. , i of course, is simply that farniliar, them in the United States thispas'i ,, Thbre are potenfiat problems lo *::"1"n1u1 sound mixed seoa_ May. Now, most etectronics com_ hi_ti video. vlS Hril1", i".V rately lor right and lft ears. tf_you I panies-inctudrng Akar, cE, HitaI overzealously noted, a "" deticaf; l can think back.to ihe quarity of the chi, Jensen, JVc, NEc, panasonic, i proposrtion. one GE : music you 4ad coming out ol lhe Ouasar, BCA, ard Zenith-are : ""u*iJu [" "omili tnat VXS fti_fi i"t."r*" eight'kack stereo tape deck in i bringing out their own VHS Hi_Fi , car.rse ol the way tf.," : your lirsl car. and the music com- vcqs. "L"tr""l i aig""l" ,u"t be conrigured. ) ing fiorn the four-speaker, stereo On lhe Beta side, Senyoolfers a i. .Ti"r"," uury fittf" ,"rfi" i"r ..- i i cassette deck in your present . hi-ti VCB lor a mere g700, far be- | ror. Someone could haie trouble B[,4W, lhen you've got the difler- Iowtheusualg.l,O0Oto$1,5OOtist I rtcr rerc uc.,. Illts , ,, with signal i"t"a"r"*"..-1.]ini" j would occur between the audio l and video siOnals, which,could l,
then run into picture and sound delerioration thal may be expensive

;:;il;;;; .. electronjcs lairinJapan. However, , botheiing your eyes wi atways , rap- since it rs more.diflicutt to achieve p.r ii,i-""it"*:,; ;;"-;;;be 'k;rsctiner, id rate across nearry the whore hi-fi sound in "r
VCRS achieve high fidetjty by recording sound at an exkemety

JVc l:^"j.1:-"i-d eral Trade Commission. f:d.: Hi-ft introduced VHS H,_Fi VCRS at an :

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dut But a rew f;w monrns months later, larer, Matshul,,lut"r,'r- ever, luiil""orace replace record\ records an.l.nAc and tapes. ,,rhe mere sita (the pa.ent company ol fact that yotr can ride sonic and Ouasa0 and in a car or so ho."

iJeiity ofiers ritfle benefil to horne videolmakers. The growing prererence for high tidelity shoutd not suggest that VCRS will soon, if



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to correct. But so far, few problems have been reported in Japan,

1. where VHS Ha-Fi VCRS

on sale for months. -:t' j.,,1 l. .- , j Since most bugs in new elec,.i t.onics equipment are ,even- j:'


tualiy squashed, lechnical quirks ] shouldn't bother Herbie Hancock j

or Cu,ture Club, stars of two of


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fkst VHS Hi-Ficasseites. Whether they realize it or not, they have given us more of a choice, and a new old way ot enjoyinq music.

HighJidelily VHS gives Bela a tun lor

lmagine Beethoven's detight al

manay: Now every rock vtdeo can be lhrilling

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