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A Time to Rejoice, Reflect and Project.

Thirty years of preparation for the last great end-time outpouring and ingathering!

30 Years of Victory - Its Our Time!
Dr. George Hill

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Reaching the World with Victory

Dr. Hazel Hill

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Finding Your Place in History

Pastor Brad Dewar

Victory Bible Colleges International The Prophetic Voice of Victory

Pastor Paul McCulloch

Demonstrating the Gospel Through Signs & Wonders

Pastor John Miller

Victory in Asia
Dr. Al Purvis

Technological Revolution
Ranaghan Studios

India Report
Dr. Jey and Lizy Jeyaseelan

Canadian Report
Pastor Morris Watson

Canada Family Action Coalition

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Victory USA Report

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The Miracle Channel

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Quebec Report
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My Victory Journey
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Victory Worship Arts

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Victory USA Headquarters & California Victory Church Creative Ways to Finance the Vision
Bob Ricci

Christian Education
Allan & Lynda Amesmann

Fort Road Victory Church Grand Opening Victory Mens & Womens Conferences Finding True Satisfaction in Life!
Pastor Terry Murphy

Calibrating your Call to your Climate

Pastor Don Delaney

I Like the Church But...

Pastor Dave Meyers
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Africa Report
Pastor Les Bourassa

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Philippines Report
Pastor Richard Conte

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Central America Report

Dr. David Rivera

Nigeria Report
Dr. Timothy Ifedioranma

2 | 30 Years of Victory

VCI History, Purpose, Vision & Doctrine



A Time to Rejoice, Reflect and Project!

e give God all the glory for all of the wonderful things that have been accomplished through the Victory Church movement over the last thirty years. It is a miracle! The movement began in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, on Mothers day, May 13, 1979. Twenty five people, including babies and children, showed up for the first service of the first church in the Victory Movement. Today, Victory Churches International is a fast growing movement that quickly spread to over 40 nations of the world with over 2000 churches, Christian schools, Bible colleges, orphanages, humanitarian programs and a whole host of other creative outreach ministries. The movement also gave birth to the Canadian Family Action Coalition and Canadas first ever 24 hour Christian television station, which became known as the Miracle Channel. We rejoice over the past victories that the Lord has so graciously given us. We have killed our Bears, Lions and our Goliaths. Over the last 30 years God has prepared and positioned us for what is about to happen in these last days. Jesus had thirty years of preparation for three years of world changing ministry. I believe Hazel, myself and this movement have been prepared and positioned for a time such as this. I believe that every thing we have done is in preparation for what we as a movement are about to do.

The initial fulfillment of Christs prayer caused a great outpouring of miracles throughout the whole Book of Acts. Power in the Name of the resurrected Christ caused the sick to be healed, devils to be cast out, the dead to be raised and whole cities to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.They were first called Christians in Antioch by unbelievers because they walked like Christ; they talked like Christ and did the same things that He did.The 120 one accord believers in the upper room, worked miracles of healing and deliverance and they did it all in the Name of Jesus and passed the glory on to Him. Why do you look so intently at us, as though by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk? Its through faith in His Name, (The Name of Jesus) that has made this man strong.(Acts 3:12-16) The complete fulfillment of Christs prayer is about to happen. The glory of the latter church will be greater than the glory of the former church.The Book of Acts church was just the early light rain, but the end time church will receive the early and the latter rain. Both being poured out at the same time (James 5:7-8) for the purpose of gathering in the last great harvest of souls before the catching away of the saints to meet Christ in the air. (1Thess 4:13-18) The best is yet to come! God spoke to my heart at the beginning of this Victory Movement and said, This is just a foretaste of what you will experience in its fullness at a later date in your ministry. Thirty years of preparation for the last great end-time outpouring and ingathering! God has been preparing small groups of believers all around the world, 12 here, 70 there, 120 some place else. Groups of people that are mature and can come together in one accord. Churches who know how to stand fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving together for the faith of the gospel. (Phil 1:27) Are you ready? If not, join a team that is ready, submit and do your part and stay in unity. Its manifestation time, its our time, and its your time. What a time to be alive! Jesus isnt coming back for a weak, defeated, depressed, bankrupt Church. No! Hes coming back for a glorious, victorious, militant, miraculous, triumphant Church, andVictory Churches International will be a vital part of it! Jesus said to his disciples: But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8). When you reach the ends of the earth you will find aVictory Church!
Dr. George is the president and founder of VCI. In addition to providing oversight to the global Victory organization, he and his wife Dr. Hazel, are the founding and senior pastors of California Victory Church.

I believe God is getting ready to answer Christs prayer from John 17: that we would be one as the Father and the Son are one and that the glory that is on them would be upon us. That the world might know that God sent Jesus His Son and that in believing they might have life through His Name. Jesus firstly prayed for His eleven disciples, and then in John 17:20 He said, I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in Me through their word. And again in John 14:12 Jesus said, He who believes in me, the same and even greater works will he do because I go unto My Father. That is you and I! That isVictory Churches International! We see a partial fulfillment of Jesus prayer in the Book of Acts when His glory came upon the 120 in the upper room in Jerusalem, They were with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven like a mighty rushing wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. (Acts 2:1-2)

30 Years of Victory


he Victory vision was born in the Victory Church of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada under the leadership of Drs. George & Hazel Hill, founded in 1979. The church experienced remarkable growth: purchased 43 acres of prime land; built a Christian Complex that houses a 1000 seat worship centre; launched its own television station; opened a Christian School and Bible College, all in the first seven years. Potential leaders were drawn to this exciting church from all over Canada and the USA, and daughter churches were soon planted in outlying communities. In 1988 God directed the Hills to form an organization that could oversee the churches and pool resources to train and release more people into five-fold ministries. The result was an explosion of church planting that has grown to more than 2000 churches in over forty nations. Today VCI spans the globe with a tight-knit fellowship of ardently purpose-driven believers, who are busy planting local churches, national church planting organizations, orphanages, schools, Bible colleges, television ministries and a host of other Kingdom enterprises all around the world. The contagious enthusiasm that propels this exciting movement rests on a deep conviction in the God-given potential resident in every individual. VCI seeks to create an environment of faith and possibility-thinking that encourages ordinary people to press toward the mark of the upward call of God. Victory has pioneered new church planting methods, such as the use of telephone campaigns, often drawing over 200 and 300 people out to an opening service. Local churches are then organized into


regions of at least five churches for the purpose of fellowship, inspiration, and training. All local churches are affiliated with VCI through a simple agreement that allows them autonomy in the leadership of their activities, but joins them with all Victory Churches in a common vision to increase and expand. We seek to provide thorough and effective training in the Word of God through ourVictory Bible Colleges and through many local church-based programs in conjunction with the College. A dynamic combination of Word teaching and hands-on ministry opportunities under a mentor has resulted in many fresh workers being thrust forth into the harvest field of the gospel. In each nation a national board is formed of senior pastors and regional overseers to provide a legal and spiritual framework in which to carry the vision forward. An executive board comprising proven five-fold leaders is appointed to manage the day-to-day affairs of the organization. At every level, from the Executive Board to the structure of a local church, we utilize the principle that position follows gifting. The church functions most effectively and harmoniously when we place people where God has called them to be. This involves openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the operation of the prophetic gifting to help bring the church into divine order. The result is a dynamic, fruitful movement of spontaneously multiplying Spirit-led churches that continually advance the Kingdom!

By working together as local churches on a national level, we build an apostolic environment that encourages the development of the five-fold ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.
"The first Victory Church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Location of the 30 yrs Anniversary World Conference."

By working together as local churches on a national level, we build an apostolic environment that encourages the development of the five-fold ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Release of these ministries gives birth to many new churches and enables the church to achieve our ultimate objective: spiritual revolution in all sectors of society. By working together across nations we can launch similar church planting organizations, comprising Bible Colleges, churches, crusades, orphan-ages, vocational school and so on, that have a deep impact on whole cultures in many other nations. If you are interested in learning more about Victory visit our websites. www.victoryint.org www.vbci.org www.victorychildrenshomes.com
Pastor Brad serves as executive director for VCI Canada and regional overseer of the Greater Toronto Area churches. He and his wife, Wendy, pastor West Toronto Victory Church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

4 | 30 Years of Victory


Situated on the Trans Canada Highway, close to Canada Olympic park and just inside the city of Calgary. Victory Village provides a relaxing and quiet Christian atmosphere.


I have experienced more healing miracles in the last 6-8 months than in the last 28 years of ministry.

You will enjoy our newly renovated, fully furnished suites. Victory Village is ideal for weddings, retreats, family reunions, conferences, tour groups or overnight stays.

We are located near shopping centers and minutes away from downtown Calgary, en route to Kananaskis, Canmore, Lake Louise and Banff.

Give us a call at to book your next getaway or event.

403-286-8337 Victory Village

10623 West Valley Rd SW Calgary, AB T3B 5T2 Email: reception@vbci.org www.vbci.org

here have been many signs and wonders performed during this Victory movement in the last 30 years. But I am convinced we havent seen anything yet. I believe we are experiencing the beginning of a healing revival. Unlike previous healing revivals where there were only certain individuals who flowed in that anointing, God wants to unleash the Body of Christ to operate in miracles of healing and signs and wonders. Paul won people to Christ through his message and his miracles. We are not only to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom but to demonstrate it as well. Paul states: and my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power (1 Cor. 2:4, NKV). One of the clearest ways to demonstrate Gods love and power is through signs and wonders. Paul further states: for the kingdom of God is not in word but in power (1 Cor. 4:20, NLT). In America, we would say, the kingdom of God is not in power but in words? There are lots of word but very little demonstration of power. I believe God is changing that. In the last 6-8 months, I have experienced more healing miracles than in the last 28 years of ministry. Here are some of them. Recently, one of our youth came to church on Sunday morning with a cast on his foot. He had just broken it playing basketball. He was the starting point guard for his high school basketball team. He said, Pastor, pray for my broken foot, I want to play this week. We laid hands on him and prayed. The next day, (Monday) his parents took him

back to the doctor for more X-rays. The doctor couldnt find the break because God had healed it! On Tuesday, the cast was off and he was playing basketball. I was invited into an Amish home to do a business meeting. I felt impressed to pray for Reginas (our host) shoulder. She said she was in a car accident and tore the muscle on the side of her arm between her elbow and shoulder. She needed to have surgery to repair it. I put my hand on the lump (the torn muscle) and prayed. After I removed my hand, the lump was gone and the torn muscle was re-attached. After I prayed for a lady with lupus, she said she felt a tingling sensation deep in her bones. I talked to her some days later and she stated she was healed and off her medication. I also prayed for her 18 month old daughter who had a walking disability. She would fall down a lot. The mother informed me the girl was walking normally and they had cancelled their appointment with a specialist. Jesus strategy for ministry is found in Luke 9:1-2, where He sent out the 12 disciples, basically saying, preach the gospel and heal the sick. In Luke 10:1-12, He sent out the 70 (continued on next page)
Basketball player Matt Fritzs foot was miraculously healed.

30 Years of Victory

and one of the things He said in verse 8 was, whatever city you enter heal the sick, implying to us that wherever we go we are to heal the sick. There are several things that we have learned about healing the sick. First, you have to believe it is the will of God to heal. To believe means to be fully convinced. All through scripture, including the Old Testament, healing was accepted as the will of God. The only place that it was questioned was in Mark 1:40, where the leper asked Jesus if He was willing. Jesus said: I am willing. Thats a great scripture to meditate on. I have found a new freedom in praying for the sick, just knowing it really is Gods heart to heal the sick. Right in the midst of the miracles, a lady in our church died from cancer. I dont know why, its not

my job to understand everything, but just to demonstrate Gods love and pray for the sick wherever I go. Second, we learned that Jesus didnt pray for the sick, He spoke to it: stretch out your hand. Pick up your mat and walk. So we speak to the sickness, exercising kingdom authority. Third we learned, after we pray (speaking to the sickness) for the sick, to ask if they can tell a difference. Has their situation improved 25% or 50% etc.? If not 100% we pray again. Most of the healings were gradual, but complete after praying the 3rd time. Jesus touched the blind man a second time in Mark 8:22-26, before he was completely healed. I believe every time you pray; there is a download of power.

The basis for the healing ministry is Acts 10:38, which tells us that Jesus went about demonstrating his love and power by healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Were called to do the same thing, especially outside the four walls of the church. There are hurting people all around us who need a touch from Jesus; in our neighborhoods, and in the places where we work, shop, or play. Dont be afraid to step out of the boat and offer to pray for the sick, because thats where the miracles are. Remember our destination is heaven, but our assignment is to bring heaven to earth! To read the full article visit www.victoryusa.org.
Pastor John serves as a director on the VCI USA executive board and is the regional overseer for Ohio.

Victory on the Cutting Edge of the New Technological Revolution


he Victory Movement from its inception has been on the forefront of multi-media ministry. Television, radio, internet, webcast and social networking are in our DNA. We realize the importance of reaching a new technologically advanced generation by speaking to them through the avenues of communication that they are using. We as a movement look forward to all of the new evangelistic and discipleship opportunities that this new technological age holds for us. The following article is written by the Ranaghan multimedia team that operates their studio out of Victory Village and works closely with Victory Churches International. We appreciate them and are grateful for their advice and support.

INTERNET MEDIA IS INTERACTIVE - While television is a one way medium, from producer to audience, the internet allows participation and interactivity at a grassroots level. Even television is now trying to combat this influence by allowing interaction through shows like American Idol. INTERNET MEDIA IS OF THE PEOPLE - Another advantage of the internet over television is that, with very little investment or expense, anyone can get a message out to the world. Internet culture accepts grainy images and less than professional productions. YOUTUBE is the classic example of this, where 99% of the content is produced by ordinary folk around the world with webcams or camcorders or even cell phone cameras. Yet millions upon millions of viewers tune in to be entertained or informed or to interact with others around topics of interest on the internet each day. INTERNET MEDIA CROSSES BORDERS - Unlike local stations, internet streaming can deliver the gospel and penetrate political boundaries and cultural borders to reach major people groups across the globe, even those groups closed to western missionaries. Every church can start to become more technologically involved by using cameras, computers, and DVD software to spread the gospel. This can eventually lead to live productions streamed on the internet and even IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). We need visionary leaders to come forward and the church to invest the necessary time, talent and resources if we are to be the head, rather than the tail, in this centurys media revolution. Visit victoryusa.org to learn how to use social networking sites.

Just as the introduction of television had a dramatic influence on our culture in the past, the technological revolution of internet media has had a tremendous impact on our present culture. Visionary Christian leaders must make full use of the advantages that the internet has over television as a medium of influence.
Pastor Matthew Catricola and Nathan Hatton at the VCUSA Multimedia Studios in California.

6 | 30 Years of Victory

each plant fulfills its purpose and develops into a healthy church. This is an exciting apostolic strategy, designed to impact a major metropolitan area and could become a model that is used around the world to take cities for Jesus. The second is to increase our footprint in the province of Quebec. This is a mission field of great magnitude in our nation and the challenges of reaching it are immense. The geographical size of our nation creates certain challenges for us, but I know that through the ongoing eternal leadership of Jesus we will win the battle for souls in Canada. By holding fast to the prophetic words of our founding fathers, Canada will be a dominion under God from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth. (Ps. 72:8) Together we can save our nation and truly be the leaf of the tree that brings healing to the nations of the world. (Rev. 22:2) God has given us the ways and means to do this through our Victory movement and I believe that our united sense of purpose will create lasting fruit for the gospel in this nation.
Pastor Morris Watson is the National Chairman for Victory Churches of Canada. He and his wife Lucinda are the senior pastors of Victory Church in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.

From sea to sea to sea.

t has now been thirty years since the first seed of Victory Churches was planted in Lethbridge, Alberta under the leadership of Drs. George and Hazel Hill and twenty years since the formation of Victory Churches of Canada International. The ultra-dynamic development of this movement has not wavered in that time but rather it has fostered a DNA of ministry potential that continues unabated. Church planting and foreign missions remain at the heart of our core values and continually press us toward our future development with visionary faith. It is this visionary faith and corporate core values that have brought us to where we are today.

Church planting remains the most successful way to evangelize and transform a community. With approximately 75 churches in Canada, we continue to seek out new communities in order to ever pursue our vision of national transformation through church planting. Victory Bible College in Calgary, along with other localized training programs, turns out leaders in order to help meet our church planting needs.

Through faithfulness, diligence and strategic planning, many of our current churches have stepped over the threshold of property ownership and opened a porthole for others to follow. Land and facility ownership is a precedent setting move that sets the stage for future stability and credibility. This is a necessary step in our maturity as a national movement and gives us an influential foothold both in the natural and the spiritual realms. In reality it says that, We are here to stay and were going to make a difference while we are here. God has graciously opened this door and we look for many more Victory Churches to plant a permanent dwelling stake in their respective communities.
VCI Lethbridge worship service.

Church planting and foreign missions remain at the heart of our core values and continually press us toward our future development with visionary faith.
A bright visionary future is before us as we plan for what could possibly be some of our greatest developments to date. Two major apostolic endeavors are arising in our nation. The first is a strategic plan that would see up to fifty churches planted in the Greater Toronto Area in one day. This will require the training, resourcing and releasing of 50 senior pastors, along with at least the same number of support staff, to ensure that

30 Years of Victory



Principles, Preparation and Persistence.

This is a very large end unit studio with patio on the 17th floor with a full floor to ceiling view of the ocean and two world class golf courses. It is located on the Leeward side of the island with private and quiet beaches, yet still close to Waikiki. There is A/C, Cable TV and it is fully equipped and wonderfully furnished.

he development of the Victory Church planting movement in the USA is a lesson in principles, preparation, and persistence.

The first group of churches to become a part of the Victory family of churches in the USA were churches that were captivated by the principles that define the Victory Church movement. These principles included Bible based theology; the development and empowering of leadership; a passion to fulfill the Great Commission; and a desire to leave a God glorifying legacy through the establishment of reproducible works such as

training and church planting courses were offered. We continue to see expansion in our churches and regions as well. In California several ethnic churches have been established. In Ohio a region of churches began to develop and grow under the leadership of John and Helen Miller. Drs. George and Cathy Black have developed and released leaders and are establishing another powerful region of churches in the MidSouth area of the country. VCI USA is also involved with Victory Missions around the world. Pastor Blake Bush from Third Day Victory Church in Fort Collins, Colorado is the VCUSA Missions representative on the VCI Missions Board. With our progress and victories, there have also been obstacles and challenges that have tested the faith, patience, and persistence of our leadership and ministry. Victory Churches of the USA is blessed to know that our foundations are sure, our footings are deep and our leadership is tried and true. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises (Heb. 6:12). We now have over 16 Victory Churches in the USA and have grown strong enough for a major church planting thrust to double that number in the next few years. We believe the prophetic word for us is double for our trouble. The battles have prepared us for blessing and advancement! We have been positioned in principle. We have been prepared by His Spirit. We have been tried and found true. We are here for such a time as this. It is our time!
Pastor David serves as an executive officer on the VCUSA board. He and his wife, Jackie, pastor Valley Victory Church in Kalispell, Montana, USA.


We have been positioned in principle. We have been prepared by His Spirit. We have been tried and found true. We are here for such a time as this. It is our time!

This is a beautiful furnished 2 bedroom condo overlooking the mountains, beautiful grounds and pool. It's quiet and very private. Kitchen has granite counter tops and all new appliances. Located near Rancho Mirage where you can find dining, shopping, art museums, movies and great golf!

church planting organizations around the world. Starting in Mississippi, God expanded VCI USA to Ohio, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, California, Illinois and Florida. With Drs. George and Hazel Hills move to California to start California Victory Church, it was evident that it was time to extend the vision. Through their leadership, Victory Bible Colleges California Campus was started. The Voice of Victory TV program was beamed throughout the USA through the Sky Angel Satellite Network, and leadership

Special rates available for Victory Church members.

Call 714-966-9977
to book your next vacation.
8 | 30 Years of Victory


An International Voice to the French.

ith only one percent (1%) of its seven million population claiming to be born again, Quebec is the greatest mission field in the world today! For centuries religion dominated the land and its people, creating an immense distrust and ultimate rejection of the known church. Tragically, the magnitude of the spiritual famine in Quebec is realized by only a few English speaking believers and missionary organizations. Victory Churches International (VCI) has risen up in a spirit of faith to share the gospel among this wonderful group of people.


Europe celebrates 30th years of Victory with their founders, Drs. George and Hazel Hill. The first Victory Church was planted in the United Kingdom in 1994 at Rugely, Staffordshire; which is also the UK head office for Victory Churches of the United Kingdom. Since that time other churches have been planted or adopted in England, Ireland, Wales, Poland and Spain.

On September 21st 2008, VCI helped us launch the very first Victory church plant in Quebec. Members of the new church, glise de la Victoire du Qubec, thank the Lord for brothers and sisters from across Canada who loved them enough to tangibly say, Your people are worth reaching! Our beginnings have not been without its hurdles. However, the zoning regulation challenges that weve faced since planting the church have served to strengthen our mobile church family, and has knitted us together in a spirit of unity. What the enemy means for evil, God always knows how to turn it around for our good!

Pastors Andrew and Trevor and Dr. George baptize believers in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain.

Quebec church service.

Today, our vision is to permeate the French speaking world with the gospel of Jesus Christ by establishing a media ministry center.Through intercession for French nations, the Lord led us to launch a radio ministry called Semence de la Foi (translation: Seeds of Faith) in 2005. Within 3 months it was broadcasting to Europe and Africa. Soon we'll be able to host and film our Sunday services, produce our television programs and even train up leaders in our Quebec ministry center. We believe that these future facilities could very well become the Lord's end-time vehicle in reaching the entire French world! We believe that the Lord has called us to raise a victorious company of believers that will revolutionize the French world. We must, and by the Lord's grace, we will reach every available Francophone, at every available time, by every available means, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Yes! Greater things have yet to come and greater things are yet to be done in and through the Victory church family! We thank you, Drs. George and Hazel, and the entire Victory family for your continued prayers and tangible demonstration of love! The French world will never be the same because of you!
Visit evqmedia.com for more information on VCI Quebec and the French radio ministry Semence de la Foi.

This years conference in the UK with Drs. George and Hazel was a tremendous success, infusing the people and churches with fresh vision, new strength, and a challenge to double everything. They also encouraged us to use the gifts God had given us; raise our level of expectation; and to see further than what we have seen before. We were stirred up and our faith was strengthened to believe God for more in our communities, our families, and our lives. Nehemiah 2:20 says, The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build. Here in Europe we have accepted the prophetic challenge to double everything, and we believe the God of heaven will prosper us and crown our efforts with success. Europe shall be saved!
UK Conference with Drs. George & Hazel.

Pastor Joel & Mathilde Spinx

30 Years of Victory

he purchasing, rezoning and renovating of our new 20,000 sq ft facility right in the heart of Orange County, California, is a major miracle and a supernatural blessing. The new facility houses the headquarters of Victory Churches of the USA, Victory Churches International Missions base; Victory multimedia and television ministries; California Victory Church; Victory Publishing House and soon to be Victory USA Bible College. Multimedia Ministry We have developed a multimedia studio that is a prototype of what can be reproduced in many of our churches around the world without a massive financial outlay. Victory has always been heavily involved in media ministries and we are determined to stay involved and on the cutting edge of the new technology available to take the gospel around the world. The multimedia ministry is growing and changing at a rapid rate.

We are now sending "The Voice of Victory" programs all around the world through new and existing broadcast stations. We are using the internet to do live streaming broadcast every Sunday and we continue to use our local stations to get the life giving message of the gospel out to our neighbors and the world. Not only have we expanded by broadcasting on new stations and live streaming video, we are also using our websites to bring the message across through video libraries, an up to date events calendar, and links to other cutting edge ministries that we have initiated. The multimedia ministry has also introduced "The Notices", a creative and exciting way to get church members involved with the announcements that appear in our Sunday Services. These prerecorded videos are short dramatizations of the different activities that are a part of the life of our church. This contemporary avenue of doing announcements is helping grow our local church and is capturing peoples imagination and engaging them in new ways. The multimedia department is now poised for continued growth and expansion as we look to contribute to the "big picture" of our international and local Victory Vision. Our LIVE streaming video can be accessed all around the world at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Sunday mornings. For further information on other broadcasts times please go to our websites at www.californiavictory.org.

Prepare for Your Mission Opportunity!

A Short Term Mission Course by Dr. Hazel Hill

Dr. Hazel Hill gives you insight into 30 years of Mission work and prepares you for ministry in this exciting eld. Order your copy today! DVDs available by calling; Canada: 1 403 286 8337 USA: 1 714 966 9977 victorybookstore.org

10 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y

Creative Ways to Finance the Vision

We enter the economy of Heaven with our giving.


imes may be tough economically but there is no recession in the Kingdom of God! Now more than ever we need to pursue wisdom and continue to sow into the Kingdom of God, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves cannot break in and steal (Matt 6:20). This may also read where neither recession nor economic turmoil has final authority. There may be a tendency to pull back if we focus on temporary, natural circumstances. God specifically warns against this. He says, he who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap(Eccles. 11:4). Remember that God gave the Covenant of blessing to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3) as he was about to enter into a famine (Gen 12:10). Similarly Gods blessing was with Isaac, Abrahams promised heir. Isaac sowed in the year of famine and reaped much in that same year (Genesis 26 :1, 12-13). Take advantage of this time, which in hindsight will be a tremendous opportunity for Kingdom wealth building and transfer. In the economy of heaven, there is no recession. We enter the economy of heaven with our giving. Here are ten creative ways of giving to fund the Vision of your local church and the VCI Vision for the nations.

$1000 to purchase new chairs has blessed over 40,000 people during the last 10 years. What a bargain! What a powerful seed opportunity! I return to the church annually to preach and I am thrilled to see the seed is still producing for the Kingdom. The chairs have lasted more than 15 years! 3. Change the World Create visually attractive containers (plastic bottles, boxes, etc.) for people to deposit their loose change. This is a great project that the entire church can participate in. Business owners can place these containers in their businesses as well. 4. Business to Business VCI Missions Micro loans are a great tool through which individuals, families and businesses can provide financial assistance in underdeveloped nations. These small loans to start up businesses are paid back and then re-loaned again and again. Your gift of $250, $500 or $1,000 will be used multiple times to create income streams in underdeveloped nations. 5. Adopt an Orphan/Orphanage Sponsor a VCI orphan for only $25 per month. Better yet, churches and/or businesses can adopt one of our VCI Missions and fund all or part of their

expenses (gas, utilities, food, clothing, teacher salaries, etc.) for the upcoming year. 6. Church Wide Yard Sale People love yard sales, especially in these turbulent economic times. Have a giant yard sale on your church property. This is a great opportunity for outreach and fellowship. Individuals can also have yard sales at home and donate proceeds to the Kingdom. 7. 4 for the Lord Donate 4 hours per month of your time and skills to your local church. Speak to your pastor about how your skills can benefit the church. 8. Vehicles Donate your used (in sellable condition) vehicles (cars, buses, SUVs, trucks, boats, ATVs) to your local church. The church will benefit from the proceeds of the sale of the vehicle and you will obtain a tax receipt. 9. Sponsorships In tough economic times merchants are looking for new customers. Inquire if they would donate back to your church a percentage for each person who shops or uses their services and/or products. 10. Torture the devil from heaven Make sure to include your local church in your will, or will a portion of the proceeds of your life insurance to the church. Remind the devil that you are going to eternal wonderfulness while he rots in hell. In addition, you are leaving finances behind for the next generation to spread the gospel and build the Kingdom. Use the above so as to never let the current voices of fear and lack hinder you from actions of covenant generosity and breakthrough. If it works in famine it will work in recession.
Bob Ricci is an accomplished businessman, author and minister, having ministered in over two dozen Victory churches. His vision is to raise up Financial Champions in the local church for the vision of the local church. Bob, his wife Maria and children, are faithful members of California Victory Church under Drs. George and Hazel. Visit Bob on the web at www.bobricci.org.

1. Tithes and Offerings Of course all giving begins with the tithe, our foundation. Prepare your tithe at home with your family, taking time to thank God for the opportunity to give to your local church and His work. In addition, commit to give a specific amount above the tithe for a specific period of time (6, 12 or 18 months) as an offering. Give into your church building fund or other major project. 2. Identify and Conquer Ask your pastors (or pastors make known) the costs of particular items that the church needs (such as new chairs, rugs, a new sound system, computers etc.). Individuals, families and businesses can target a specific need and reap the rewards! I participated in this in my home church in Delaware in the early 90's. We calculate that our seed of

Be on guard to not let the winds of recession or cloudy circumstances speak louder to you than faith in God and His Word.

30 Years of Victory



Calibrating your Call to your Climate

thousands of homeless were reached and hundreds of lives changed by the gospel. Some would ask, why would you do all that if you knew eventually everything would be demolished? My answer is that it was the only way to meet the need at that time in that particular climate. If we had waited for the climate to become ideal, we would still be waiting and nothing would have ever been accomplished. As a result of adapting to the climate, we didnt lose fifteen years of work. We gained fifteen years of experience, favor and influence!

As a result of adapting to the climate, we didnt lose fifteen years of work. We gained fifteen years of experience, favor and influence!

he gospel message over the centuries has remained the same, but the local climate in which it is delivered can present unique challenges in its method of delivery.

Jesus understood His local climate because Having thirty-three people baptized in our He walked through it everyday. He first baptism was exciting, but the $42 understood how the local government collected in the offering was a concern! worked, the traditional and economic class Again, we had to adapt to our climate. To structures, the religious attitudes of the day, raise funds, we began to share the stories of and how they all created a certain kind of changed lives with as many people outside climate. Likewise, we must seek to of our community that would listen. Through understand our local climate and avoid a the media, the entire city began to take cookie-cutter approach if we are to be notice of our little Outreach Centre. We put effective in ministry. For example, strategies on fundraising luncheons on location with used to reach the poor in Canada will differ tours of our houses. Our fundraisers grew Victory Outreach Centres greatly from the strategies used to reach the from $7000 15 years ago to $345,000 at our multi-million dollar facility. poor in India or Africa. Only by immersing most recent fundraising dinner. Zechariah ourselves in our own environment will we 4:10 says for who has despised the day of small things. Today our be able to feel, see, touch and hear all the opportunities and needs ministry for the poor has more than doubled. It includes two in that specific community, and understand how to effectively meet Outreach Centres with over seventy-five rooms for affordable its particular challenges. housing. Our $4.5 million facilities house programs that guarantee It was in a unique climate that we planted our church in Calgary 15 years ago. We planted the church in a poor, inner city neighborhood that had been redlined. Redlined is a term used for communities that, through local government, have been earmarked for expropriation and eventual demolition - a process that can take many years. We could not buy property in this community (as banks will not loan money to acquire properties in redlined areas) but we could rent fairly cheaply. So for 15 years we rented and renovated buildings in the community (9 houses, a youth center and a childrens centre), each time expanding our ministry to house a few more homeless or facilitate another added program. As a result a climate favorable to the needs of the poor. Victory Churches came to Calgary in 1989 with a plan to take the city by planting four churches that would support a downtown church for the poor until it was able to support itself. That plan has been successful and now the challenge is to reproduce it in as many cities and territories as possible, being careful to calibrate the call to the local climate and leaving the growth to God.
Pastor Don Delaney and his wife Colette founded and continue to provide leadership to the Victory Outreach Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Temporary sanctuary of the Victory Outreach Centre.

12 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y


t would be impossible for me to count just how many times throughout the years people have come to me uttering the very familiar phrase, Pastor, I like the church but I think weve all heard the sound of it: Pastor, I like the church but the music is too loud. Pastor, I like the church but the people arent very friendly. Pastor, I like the church but I am not being fed. Pastor, I like the church but its got too many hypocrites. Pastor, I like the church but this and but that. As you know the list can scroll on and on. And dont get me wrong, its not as though some of these statements arent true and in some cases perfectly justifiable. Its just that even in the face of the very largest and loudest of buts we can never get away from the fact that despite all her faults and failings the Church is still the most beloved and adored creation in all of Gods great universe. It was Paul the Apostle himself, when writing about this very thing, who made some of the grandest and most outrageous statements in all of scripture regarding the Church. Take his comment in Ephesians 3:10 for instance. Paul says, To the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the


saving knowledge of Christ and His love; for them the angels stand in awe beholding the many sided glory and majesty of God shining through us His church. Its a song the angels cannot sing. A color they will never be able to witness in heaven. A shade of Gods nature that is only revealed when sinful, broken humanity comes in contact with the saving transforming power of Gods amazing grace. And so I want to encourage you, that next time you feel compelled to utter that very familiar phrase I like the church but Please hold back for just a moment, and take some time to reflect a little more deeply on exactly what we, the Church, really are. Gods cherished and treasured Bride. The one whom He is relentlessly and passionately head over heels in love with Buts and all.
Pastor Dave serves as regional director for Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He and his wife, Clarisse, are the senior pastors at Royal Oak Victory Church in Calgary.

principalities and powers in the heavenly places The Message translation says it like this That through Christians like yourselves gathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God is becoming known and talked about even among the angels! To me its absolutely mind blowing to think that God would use us, His Church, for the purpose of instructing and educating His angels, but the facts speak for themselves: that while we send our children to public and private, technological and post secondary institutions to furnish them with a good education, God enrolls His angels in the Church! Now I know what you might be thinking. Youre wondering what on earth could heavenly beings, as mighty and glorious as angels, ever learn in Church? Well, Paul tells us here. He calls it the manifold wisdom of God. One translation describes it as, Gods wisdom in its rich variety. In fact, this word manifold here literally means, many sided or multi colored. Its the very same word that is used in the Septuagint (the Greek Old Testament) when describing Josephs coat of many colors.

Learn how to operate in the Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit.

By Drs. George &Hazel Hill.

Which means that whether we are aware of it or not, the Church is a glorious showcase, a majestic rainbow, a multi-faceted kaleidoscope displaying the many sided, multi-colored shades of Gods great splendor and glory! The question is, can you see it?
I get glimpses of it every now and then. Every time a life is changed and a heart is healed, every time a marriage is restored and a broken family is brought back together. Every time someone who was lost and far away from God comes into the


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Canada 403 286 8337 USA 714 966 9977


30 Years of Victory



The Great Commission! Were fulfilling it one nation at a time!

ictory World Missions is reaching the world with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ! In over 42 nations Victory World Missions has raised up national apostolic leaders; trained local church leaders; established dynamic church-planting churches; built Victory Bible Colleges, Christian schools, childrens homes, and vocational training centers; and started micro businesses and many other creative income earning ventures.

Victory World Missions is Gods hand extended, to give a hand up and out of poverty, without taking away the dignity of those that we help, or trying to make them like us. Victory World Missions does not hand out fish. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give him a hook and teach him how to fish and he will eat for life. Our charge to the national apostolic leader of each nation, working in conjunction with his team, is to get the heart, vision and plan of God for reaching their own nation. They must work together, in united action with like minded Christians, to take their nation for Christ. We are blessed to be a blessing to the nations, and a blessing we are! The following are photos of a few of the many awesome ministries Victory World Missions is doing worldwide. All this has been made possible by the united family of Victory Churches International, working together for a common purpose. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Victory!

RWANDA: Victory Family Home of Champions, the miracle children's home, built and paid for all within two
years. A series of miracles have taken place to make this home for 60 orphans and 10 widows a reality. An orphanage, mission house, church, school, infirmary, edible landscape, animals, and fish ponds are just some of the progress made. An extension for school classrooms and a market garden and other creative vocational projects are in the works. We look forward to short and long term missionaries at Victory Family Home of Champions. Check us out for more information at www.victorychildrenshomes.com

14 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y

BURMA: "Victorious Village" in Burma is a

partnership of VCI Missions and A & D Ministries to rebuild a new village for the Burmese people after the hurricane. The rebuilding includes homes, a church and businesses.


of Victory to build Victory Headquarters in every Victory nation. This is the proposed drawing for Victory Churches of Kenya Headquarters building to be built this year.

MEXICO: Situated on a
hill overlooking the ocean and the city of Ensenada in Mexico, " Victory House" Baja, is the newest mission base for training missionaries. It is a great location for short term mission trips and retreats. Contact us to book your mission trips at www.victoryint.org.

INDIA: VCI Missions assist

Indian women through Sewing Schools.

MICRO-LOANS: These women of Victory Churches of Burundi are one

example of VCIs Micro Loan Project at work. The women were given $300 to start a basket weaving business. The profit from the basket sales are pooled and used to assist the women when they have an urgent need. The Micro Loan must be paid back within one year and the money loaned again to another women's small business. It is a way of increasing small businesses in the nation to help the quality of life and give women a hand up and out of poverty.

$10,000 CHURCHES: Victory Missions

builds churches for only $10.000.00 USD! Do you have a heart to help build churches like these in Taba, Rwanda and Malaba in Uganda? We could never do this without the help of people like you. These churches seat 300 to 400 people and are light houses to show others the way to Jesus.

30 Years of Victory


Victory Bible Colleges International

Dr. George & Sandy Madden, Dean & Registrar of VBCI.


A Place of Faith, Passion and Fire

VBCIs enrollment around the world continues to rise exponentially as great reports continue to flow of Gods Holy Spirit moving in a mighty way. Daniel 11:32 says, They that know their God shall be strong, and do great exploits. It is our desire atVBCI to provide a spiritual environment that is conducive to cultivating a deep and intimate knowledge of God, so that students will go out as strong and mighty warriors, full of vision and power and equipped for every battle that they will face. If you are looking to grow in an atmosphere of faith, surrounded by a community of loving individuals that will help you fulfill Gods plan for your life, then VBCI is the place for you. We look forward to seeing you this year. For registration information, please check out our website at www.vbci.org or e-mail our registrar, Pastor Sandy Madden, at registrar@vbci.org. For any further questions, please feel free to contact our offices at 403-286-8337.
Victory Village is the home of: Victory Churches International and Canadian Head offices Victory Bible Colleges International Westside Victory Church Ranaghan Media Ministries Located on the #1 HWY next to Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

16 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y


Prophetic Voice of Victory

Dr. Hazel ministering in Thailand"


Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no revelation the people will cast off restraint. Prophetic utterance brings direction.

ounded in 1979, VCI has become a mighty force for God because of its strong prophetic roots. It is the gifting of the apostle and prophet that ignited revival, so a movement of thousands of churches and ministries globally could be here today, some 30 years later. Its our prophetic DNA that causes things to open up in the realm of the spirit, giving us understanding of direction and timing. Our apostolic DNA then takes the open door and put legs to it to cause it to come to pass. It is essential that the prophetic and apostolic work together to build the Kingdom of God.

something that is dormant within a person or situation to see what Gods will is in the future. The prophetic is key in church planting. It is what keeps things moving at VCI. It sheds light on where we must go next. It gets the timing and accuracy for all the endeavours that lay before us. It is the prophetic that opens the door that the apostle goes through. To keep moving forward, we must tap into our prophetic roots given to us by Drs. George and Hazel Hill. When a movement stops flowing prophetically, it becomes blind and starts to develop systems around us that keep us thinking things are okay. God is about to do what we have no point of reference for. We must allow ourselves to be awakened, and to see what God sees! We cannot be so caught up in the day to day routine of ministry that we miss the moment we now are facing. Jeremiah 33:3 says this: If you call I will answer, I will show you great and mighty things you do not know. Romans 10:14 then gives the prophetic indicator to the process that will link you to your prophetic future, where it says, How shall they call if they have not believed? And how shall they believe if they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Preaching is required for hearing. Hearing is required for believing. Believing is required for calling, so that God can show us things we do not know. We have a hard time culturally understanding that a portion of our prophetic future has anything to do with someone else. However, unless certain things are heard from those in authority over us, we

can call all we want but not necessarily receive! When we call what we believe, because weve heard it spoken out the mouth of a prophet, we can rest in the fact that we will see it come to pass. A final thought. I believe that everything that has been birthed in this movement over the past 30 years was only the beginning of what God wants to do. Thousands have been touched for the glory of God, all because of a humble beginning that started in Lethbridge, Alberta where an undeveloped prophetic gift united with an undeveloped apostolic gift creating a cloud the size of a mans hand. (1 Kings 18:44) Drs. George and Hazel have said to many, cant you see what God is doing? Some have caught sight of it and others have not. At times it must have been discouraging when very few could see what they could see. Yet I hear the Lord saying NOW! A glorious storm of supernatural activity and apostolic anointing in full maturity is hitting this movement. As the prophet told Ahab, Prepare your chariot and go down before the rain stops you. We must keep moving forward in this season or the season itself will cause us to stop. Stir-up the prophetic gift within and hear God prophetically for our future so that the supernatural power of God can take this movement into all God has intended for it.
Pastor Paul serves as executive director for Victory Churches of Canada and as the regional overseer for the province of Ontario. He and his wife, Debby, are the senior pastors at Barrie Victory Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

In Ezekiel 37 the prophet Ezekiel saw dry bones all around. These bones represent a people who had become dry and dead. The prophet was given the ability to see the present situation of lifelessness and disconnectedness in these bones. One aspect of the prophetic anointing is being able to accurately assess where something is at spiritually, then determine if something should be done in the present situation. Ezekiel saw the bones accurately, then God asked, Can these bones live? Ezekiel replied, O Lord, You know. He was saying, You know by seeing., or You already know the finished work. God said, Prophecy to these bones. God was saying to the prophet, Say what I see! Prophets and prophetic people are those that say what God already sees. No matter what the circumstance, the prophet knows that by declaring what God sees, it will cause it to come to pass. The prophetic opens up a door in the spirit to the predetermined will of God. It awakens

30 Years of Victory




Whether the soldier on the front lines or the prayer warrior at home, we must both fight relentlessly - both carry the same responsibility and reward.

fter spending the evening ministering by flashlight in a nearby bamboo village, twenty-four of us sit around our jungle campfire and sip cups of Milo (the hot chocolate drink of Asia). I lead in, You guys were amazing tonight!The way you went into the crowd and started pulling people out to pray for them, and when the deaf girl got healed, it was like the devil had to leave town How many people got saved tonight? An excited Vietnamese girl speaks up, I think everyone in the village! It strikes me that her English fluency has come a long way, and so has her confidence, and I know shes ready for a new challenge, Youre the preacher for tomorrow night, I tell her, You can pick your own interpreter. This is Victory Bible College International in Thailand; young leaders from a dozen nations studying and ministering together in the city streets and jungle villages where millions of lost roam. In this crucible of hardcore ministry, missionaries and nationals are forged into rock solid teams for church planting. In eight years weve broken into eight new countries.

Thailand serves as the headquarters for our region ofVictory nations. The six-storyVictory Tower in Sriracha, and the Lighthouse, our new 52-room apartment complex, house our offices, classrooms, studios, missionaries and students in a blur of activity. From here weve mobilized ourVictory church planting vision into Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Orphanages, schools, youth centers, and a host of other creative ministries compliment our 50Victory churches, to form the organism of our powerful Reach, Teach and Mobilize vision in this part of the world.

VCI Pakistan leader, Pastor Peter Jamshed, with children holding Drs. George & Hazel's books. The Hills books have been translated into 10 languages. This is the fruit we bring in honor of the 30th ministry anniversary of Drs. George and Hazel Hill. As a church planting movement, our aggression and tenacity has paid off, and today we thank Jesus for our awesome leaders and our committed family. We are no longer a fledgling organization; we are an army of proven champions and we have gathered together again to re-focus the vision and identify our next horizon. The next level of Victory belongs to those who can see clearly, change radically, and fight ruthlessly. Whether the soldier on the front lines or the prayer warrior at home, we must both fight relentlessly - both carry the same responsibility and reward.
Dr. Al and his wife, Terri, serves as national overseer for VCI Asia. They are based in Sriracha, Thailand.

Above: Dr. George ministering in Thailand. Bottom Left: Evening service in Pakistan. Bottom Right: VCI Asia leadership with Drs George and Hazel Hill.

18 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y


n 1990 our ministry became part of the world-wide family of Victory Churches International. Today, VCI India has spread to 12 states in India, with more than 106 churches across this nation and over 200 full-time missionaries ministering in different parts of the country. When we look back over the past 27 years, we are encouraged. Our slum schools, village schools, sewing schools and orphanages have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children. We have 15 health workers who are ministering to those who live in the slums. Students who attended our Bible College are now church leaders in many parts of this nation, bringing hope and life to hundreds of people. We are thankful for VCI Missions, VCI Women's Ministry, VCI pastors and mission teams, and all of our Victory family, whose prayers and financial support have made a tremendous impact on the lives of many people in India! We are excited about our past victories, but we have even greater expectations for the future. We envision reaching 30,000 slum and street children; planting 200 Victory Churches in all the states of India; launching 24 Bible Schools and 24 orphanages across this nation. In the 80s and 90s we conducted large scale crusades in India in the most hostile situations. Miracles, signs and wonders were wrought in the Name of Jesus. We are still continuing to reach the unreached with the gospel through citywide crusades. This nation is ripe for the gospel of Christ. In spite of the persecution of Christians in India, we believe that the power of God will change the lives of the 1.06 billion people who worship more than 330 million gods in this nation. If God be for us, who can be against us? We believe that India will be brought to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we continue to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout this nation, with God confirming the preaching of His Word with miracles, signs and wonders.
Dr. Jey and Pastor Lizy Jeyaseelan are the National Overseers for VCI India. They are based in New Delhi, India.

Free Medical Clinic. Below: Slum School in Delhi.

30 Years of Victory


Canada Family Action Coalition

140,000 at Prayer Rally


largest petition efforts in Canadian history, according to the Library of Parliament. Helping to encourage and equip numerous Christians to run successfully for political office. Recently CFAC has addressed polygamy, discrimination by human rights commissions, and attacks on religious freedom. CFAC is frequently invited to make presentations before parliamentary and senate committees, and regularly appears on major national broadcast and print media. Presently, CFACs focus is a national campaign to stop Internet sex crimes against children. Through presentations to MPs and influential political leaders, advertising, media appearances, and the planned distribution of over one million brochures in early 2010, CFAC will be pressuring for a massive overhaul of child pornography legislation. CFACs long-term vision is to ensure that the Christian voice is heard in politics, the media and society; and to continue to transform our culture so that the gospel can be spread freely and Christ may be glorified in our nation.
Brian is the founding executive director for CFAC (familyaction.org). He lives with his wife Judy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

anada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) was birthed in 1997 with a vision to expand the kingdom of God by promoting Christian principles in politics, law, the media and society. Today, only 12 years later, CFAC is recognized by political leaders, media and other national leaders as the most influential grassroots political action organization of its kind in Canada. From a basement office, equipped with a computer and fax machine, in the Rushfeldts home in 1997, CFAC has mushroomed to over 45,000 active financial supporters, and hundreds of thousands of others who engage in citizen action with each campaign. Founding Executive Director Brian Rushfeldt, who still heads CFAC today, credits Dr. George Hill for helping to prepare him for this national leadership role. In the years I worked with Dr. George as associate pastor, Dean of the Victory Bible College, and in VCI administration I had the opportunity to learn about leadership from the best of the best. I am deeply grateful for my leadership mentoring under Dr. George. Some of CFACs accomplishments include: Leading a massive public awareness and political action campaign to lobby the

government to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 an effort that took seven years and finally culminated in the passage of legislation in February, 2008;

Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, meets with Brian Rushfeldt to discuss CFAC's requests.

Pressuring the CRTC to stop discriminating against religious broadcasters through a nation-wide campaign, resulting in additional broadcasting licenses; Conducting a national prayer rally, with over 140,000 people attending 220 prayer rallies at offices of Members of Parliament throughout the country. Organizing successful boycotts against companies trying to introduce policies intolerant of the Christian worldview; Leading a 700,000 signature petitions against child pornography, one of the

The Miracle Channel


24 hour Canadian Christian television station began as a desire in the hearts of Drs. George and Hazel Hill in the 1980s while they were the senior pastors ofVictory Christian Fellowship (VCF) in Lethbridge, Alberta. In 1986 the church took the bold step of pirate broadcasting under the leadership of Drs. George and Hazel Hill. In 1988 Dr. Dick Dewert became the senior pastor of VCF and led the church through to receiving the first ever licence for Christian television in Canada.

Official broadcasting began on April 14th, 1995 under the name The Miracle Channel. The Miracle Channel now broadcasts through-out Canada, the USA, the UK, Western Europe, India, Southern Africa, and Australia. The channel is also available internationally on the internet. Thank you for partnering with us through prayer and financial support.
Dr. Mervyn is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Miracle Channel.

20 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y

n September 11th, 1987 I returned to the hospital after attending my mothers funeral while on a day pass. Filled with emptiness and a sense of hopelessness, I began asking the age old question, What am I going to do with my life? You see, my stepfather had fatally shot my mother and shot me in both arms. Numerous surgeries were required to repair my damaged arms. What would I do after such a tragic, lifechanging event? Little did I know that God had a wonderful plan for my life. By His wonderful grace, I was able to forgive my stepfather and accepted Christ into my heart a few months later. After graduating from Bible College, the Lord opened the door for me to serve for four years at VCIs head office in Calgary, Alberta as the administrator and personal assistant to the Hills. I received first hand training from the Hills in leadership, church growth and overall ministry experience. I am currently pastoring a wonderful church in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I give thanks to God and to Drs. George & Hazel for their love, support and mentorship that have enabled me to step into the fullness of Gods plan for my life.
Pastor Marcia pastors Jubilee Victory Church in Mississauga. She is the coordinator for this 30th Anniversary Victory magazine. For more information go to jubileevictory.org & easybiblememory.ca.




ictory Worship Arts (VWA) has been an established part of the Victory family for 10 years. We continue to walk in the vision and commission that Drs. George and Hazel Hill set before the VCI movement at its inception 30 years ago: VCI is destined to impact the globe for the glory of the Lord! There is something powerful and unifying when Victory churches worship with songs that are uniquely ours. A spiritual shift occurs when songs are birthed from within the church. Intensity, passion and unity in worship are elevated to a much higher level. We are challenging songwriters to tune into what is happening in Victory, and seek God for corporate praise and worship songs. The mission of VWA is to unite, equip and expand: UNITE: As we worship, we unite as we seek our Lord and Saviour, resulting in a powerful force for the Kingdom. EQUIP: We identify the needs of worship teams and equip them with the tools required to recognize their gifts, develop their talents and skills, and to grow as servants. EXPAND: By mobilizing people in the creative arts, we are committed to releasing people into their God directed destinies.

VWAs annual Designed 2 Worship conference is a source of encouragement, growth and inspiration for Victory worship leaders and musicians. Approximately 200 of our most eager worshippers and musicians gather to collaborate, learn and receive refreshing. In October of 2009 we will establish Victory Worship Arts Philippines, starting with a Designed 2 Worship national conference. VWA is also involved in facilitating worship at all national conferences. These multi-church worship teams release a corporate anointing for national events, and the events also provide a platform to release our original Victory music. VWA released its debut CD, You Are My Song in 2003, Sing To You was released in 2006, and we will release our third CD in 2010. These CDs comprise original Victory music, written by our own Victory songwriters. A unique worship movement is being birthed! Worship songs with prophetic potency and the strong foundation of the Word are being written and released. Our voice is rising! We encourage worship teams throughout the congregations of VCI to begin to listen to the sounds of heaven, take a step of faith and release your music and talents for the glory of God. For more information visit www.victorycd.com.
Pastor Maria is a worship leader and songwriter. She and her husband, Troy, pastor the Edmonton Centre Victory Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

30 Years of Victory


Christian Education:
If any vision or movement is to survive more than one generation, it is vital that the vision be passed on to our children.

aving its roots in the very beginning of responsibility, including guidance on how to time, well before the law was given, carry this out. In verse 7 the word teach, what we would call Christian Education shanan in the Hebrew, means, to whet or existed as a requirement of parents to give sharpen. In other words, we are to whet our their children an understanding of the nature children's intellectual appetites and sharpen their minds by creating of God. This was much more than just an ... choose for yourselves this opportunities that encourage questions with awareness that there is a which we can enhance God and that He created day whom you will serve... their knowledge and the world. It consisted of relationship with the Father. parents train-ing and But as for me and my modelling a vital and Many would argue that powerful relationship with educating children in a the loving, merciful, just, house, we will serve the Christian private school and perfect Almighty God. keeps them in a bubble

Fort Road Victory Church Grand Opening

APRIL 17, 2009
Crossing over from leasing to ownership is a miraculous vision that required the intervention of the Almighty Father. Within 2 years of spying out the new location for their church, and overcoming huge obstructions to finalize the purchase, Pastors Paul and Shelly Militsala, along with dedicated leaders and loyal congregation, celebrated the Grand Opening and 15th anniversary of Fort Road Victory Church (previously known as Victory Church on the Rock, NE) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Along with other dignitaries and guests, Drs. George and Hazel Hill were on hand to dedicate and bless their new facility.
Pastors Paul & Shelley Militsala are the senior pastors for Fort Road Victory Church.

Over the years, many LORD. things have changed but the need to educate our children in God's nature & character, His ways and His laws, remains imperative. Christian Education has always been a vital aspect of the Victory vision. If any vision or movement is to survive more than one generation, it is vital that the vision be passed on to our children. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 clearly shows God's mind on this parental

Joshua 24:15

and makes them less able to cope with real life when they complete their schooling. The reality is that when children are brought up in a loving and supportive Christian school and educated from a Christian worldview perspective, they are much better able to cope with anything that this ungodly, secular world can throw at them.

Students graduate from our schools ready to enter into the next phase of what God has called them to. They have been given the tools necessary to take the lead in whatever field they enter and to make a lasting mark on society. They will continue to plant new churches, start new Christian schools, and expand the Victory vision, until they too pass on the torch to their children.
Allan & Lynda Amesmann oversee Lakeland Christian Academy in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Lawrence Poirier. Lakeland Christian Academy offers education for kindergarten to grade 12.

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VICTORY Mens & Womens Conferences

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Victory Womens Conferences at Chateau Lake Louise. Women find their destiny at these conference which draw over 500 women year after year. Led by Lucinda Watson and the Victory lady pastors, these women are great supporters of less fortunate women and children around the world through the outstanding work of Dr. Hazel Hill. Victory Mens Conferences also celebrated over 26 years of Victory as men are drawn to these conferences at Chateau Lake Louise, one of the most beautiful places in the world. These Victory Men's & Women's Conferences have given birth to Victory Conferences around the world.

For only $35.00/month, you can make a difference in the life of a Child. To sponsor, or for more information about Victory Childrens Homes please call: In Canada: 403-286-8337 In the USA: 714-966-9977 In the UK: 188-957-6246 victorychildrenshomes.com
30 Years of Victory | 23

Finding True Satisfaction in Life!

people (including many Christians) live out their lives unaware of the Creators specific plan for them. Its no wonder that high levels of education and success; popularity and wealth, and hedonistic lifestyles, leave people feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life. Finding Gods will for our lives is the only path that will lead to true fulfillment and satisfaction! Yes, God has a definitive plan for each of us! In Jeremiah 29:11 the New Living Translation records For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. This verse makes it very clear that it is Gods plan that is the good plan! We will live disappointing lives when we attempt to get God to bless our plans, instead of embracing His! When we are living out the plan God has for us, we can expect to find true satisfaction and fulfillment! All of our individual God-ordained plans should flow together within what I call Gods Grand Plan. As with cells in a living body, all of the cells certainly have individual functions, but at the same time they must function within the corporate purpose as well. So it also is with the Body of Christ! When we individually find our path it will always flow with Gods greater plan, His Grand Plan for the Church. When my wife and I discovered Victory Churches International we soon adopted its vision as our own. We firmly believed that we had found a movement which had embraced Gods Grand Plan or vision for His Church. The Victory Vision is: to Reach (as many people as possible with the gospel); Teach (all that Jesus commanded); and Mobilize (the believers in God-ordained service). The vision is taken directly from Jesus great commission given to the church in Matthew 28:18-20. As we plugged in to the vision, we felt that we had also stepped onto the path toward our own personal destinies. The journey has been incredible, fruitful, rewarding and satisfying! And the journey has just begun! We join our faith with our leaders Drs. George and Hazel Hill, who believe the past 30 years in Victory have simply been preparation for an incredible ingathering in the next few years! Luke 19:10 states: the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Gods Grand Plan is ultimately for souls! Make a decision to give your life over to Gods Grand Plan, and you will find your reason and purpose in life! Your destiny awaits!
Pastor Terry serves as an executive director for VCOCI. He and his wife Terri are the senior pastors of Victory Christian Faith Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

n this the 30th Anniversary of Victory Churches International, my wife and I have been senior pastors in the movement for just over 14 years. We are even more excited today about our family of churches than when we first made the movement and its vision our own! While there have been challenges as well as many victories, the thought that we are in the middle of Gods will, doing what we were created for, is an incredible comfort and source of strength! The Bible teaches that God has a definite plan for each of our lives.

Seniors With a Purpose

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
(Ephesians 2:10)
It is amazing to think that God has a plan for each and every one of our lives, and He desires very much that we discover it! Most 24 | 3 0 Y e a r s o f V i c t o r y

Looking for a meaningful ministry opportunity?

Missions, mentoring & maintenance ministry opportunities at Victory Village in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Call (403)-286-8337ext. 200 for details.

A F R I C A Philippines

ictory Churches are quickly spreading across the continent of Africa, and we praise God for the privilege of sharing the gospel in Africa.

Under the leadership of Bishop Jude and Lucy Kiteta,VCI Kenya is our very first Missions nation. From Kenya, we have reached into neighbouring Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi. Our D.R. Congo leaders, Bishop Amisi and Rebecca Uwezo, have recently planted a church in the capital city of Kinshasa , which brings them almost to the west coast of Africa, where Bishop Timothy Ifedioranma has been busy reaching out to nearby nations from his headquarters in Nigeria. Our orphanage, Victory Family Home of Champions, continues to thrive in Rwanda. In 2007 we added a new church to the compound that houses a vibrant congregation led by Bishop Joseph Kamanza, headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda's capital.

ictory Churches Philippines was birthed in January of 2003 when Pastor Richard Conte, an American missionary in the Philippines for the past 27 years with 5 existing churches, caught the Victory Vision. Later in September of that yearVictory Churches of Asia (VCA) Fairview in Manila was planted, with an astonishing 450 attendees at its opening service. It has now grown to 1600 members, with the majority actively involved in various areas of ministry. The church is alive with cell groups, youth, home bible studies, and feeding, educational and livelihood outreach programs.

Dr. George Hill, ministers prophetically to Filipino leaders at their national conference.

Eastern Africa VCI Conference held in Kenya. Dr. George Hill, Pastor Les Bourassa (Canada), Bishop Jude Kiteta (Kenya), Bishop Amisi (D.R. Congo) and other East African leaders along with the Canadian and USA mission team celebrate at the East African VCI Conference in Kenya.

We also now have VCI representatives and leaders in the western nations of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, and as far west as Sierra Leone, as well as we have Victory Churches operating in South Africa. Victory has been growing and bringing the gospel message throughout this wonderful continent. We look ahead with great excitement as we anticipate the continued vibrant growth of the Victory movement in Africa in the months and years to come.

Gods faithfulness has really been evident in these past 5 years in the VCA Fairview Church and we believe its just the beginning. The five original churches have now grown to 21 churches in the past 5 years and we have started a Bible College. In 2007 alone, we were able to distribute fifty thousand tracts. The 1st Annual Womens Leadership Conference had over 500 in attendance. To top it all our youth went to 12 schools and led 11,600 plus students to Christ. God is AWESOME! Victory Churches International has taught us how to think big! They have taught us to do it big, do it good, do it together!" Not only hasVCI missions supported numerous church plantings and building projects but they have sent us teams at just the right time that have helped at crucial moments. We at Victory Churches of Asia Philippines will keep running with the Victory Vision until every nation, tribe, and people worship the one & only true God! To Him be all the glory both now and forever.
Pastor Richard and his wife Ning are the national overseers for VCI Philippines.

30 Years of Victory


CENTRAL america n i g e r i a
Doors are opening for Victory to move into South America. We already have churches in Guatemala and El Salvador with plans to establish a base in Panama. Our vision is to reach all the countries in Central and South America by the year 2012. Dr. David and Teresita Rivera say, It is our plan to plant Victory Churches in all of these countries and to raise up national leaders with an apostolic call upon their lives, and the Victory Vision in their hearts to lead their nation.
Dr. David and Teresita Rivera are stationed in California and pastor Victory Hispanic Church.


Nigerian Bishop, Dr. Timothy and Mercy Ifedioranma, were officially adopted into the Victory family in 2003. Since then, VCI Nigeria has grown from six to forty-one churches and has extended into eight other nations in West Africa including Togo, the Republic of Benin, the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Gabon, and Burkina Faso, with a total of 161 churches planted or adopted in 5 years! Growth in this region also includes 6 Victory Bible Colleges: two in Nigeria, two in the in Congo, and one in the Republic of Benin and the Ivory Coast. VCI Missions is partnering with VCI Nigeria to build the future home of VCI West Africa Headquarters and Bible College in Lagos, Nigeria. This will be a huge step and an open-door for us in West Africa as we will have our own land and territory to base our work from, which will gear us up for expansion and growth.
Dr. Timothy is the national director for VCI West Africa. He and his wife, Mercy, reside in Lagos, Nigeria.



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Victory nations
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History, Purpose, Vision & Doctrine

We believe at Drs. George and Hazel Hill are the founders Victory Churches International
of Victory Churches International, one of the fastest growing church planting movements in North America and the world. The Victory movement began in 1979, with the planting of the first church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. This soon grew to be one of the largest charismatic churches in Canada at that time. The movement has had explosive growth over the last three decades, starting churches, Bible Colleges, orphanages, Christian schools, TV & radio ministries and a whole host of other creative ministries in over 40 nations of the world. The long term objective of Victory Churches International is to establish at least another 200 churches across North America and another 3000 churches around the world by the year 2020. Drs. George and Hazel Hill are now residing in California where they have planted California Victory Church and are establishing the Victory USA headquarters and Bible College. 1) In one true and living God eternally existing and revealed to us as the Father, Creator of all living things; the Son, Jesus Christ, God incarnate; and the Holy Spirit. 2) In the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, death for our sins, bodily resurrection, ascension under God, and imminent return in power and glory. 3) The Holy Scriptures are the inspired and complete revelation of Gods will concerning mans salvation through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 4) That men are saved solely through faith in Gods grace as displayed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 5) In water baptism as a public declaration that a believer has died with Christ and risen with Him to walk a life of holiness and love. 6) In the unity of all true believers as members of the universal body of Christ regardless of denominational affiliation. 7) In the celebration of the Lords Supper as a remembrance of Jesus. 8) In the ministry of the Holy Spirit: a. By the inward witness of salvation to the believer. b. By daily guidance and growth of Christlike character. c. By the baptism of the Holy Spirit, an experience distinct from and following the new birth, evidenced initially by speaking with other tongues, and subsequently by the manifestation of spiritual power in public testimony and service. d. By the manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Cor. 12:8-10. 9) That Jesus Christ is coming again to gather all His saints unto Himself. Those who have not accepted His redemptive work on their behalf will suffer separation from the Godhead eternally. 10)That following His return, Jesus Christ will rule and reign for one thousand years on the earth. After this there will be a new heaven and a new earth. 30 Years of Victory | 27

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Vision Springs From Purpose:

The basic purpose of our local churches is: Evangelism, discipleship and mobilization. The basic purpose of a National Church Planting Organization is: To raise up and release 5-fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service. To plant church-planting churches to work together for the purpose of reproducing leaders and churches. To give apostolic oversight and direction to churches planted. The basic purpose of Victory Churches International is: To plant church-planting organizations in as many nations in the world as is possible. To raise up apostolic teams with a key apostolic leader in each nation. To release developed 5-fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service to the nations. To work together as united nations with a common purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

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Your future is before you. Make it count for eternity.

I 1 year certificate, 2 year diploma or 3 year advanced diploma in Theology I 1 year certificate & 2 year diploma in Worship Arts I Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Theology and Christian Counseling I VBCI Online: You can now take courses online from the comfort of your own home I VBCI offers great annual opportunities for world missions. Brand New Media and Worship Arts Classes


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