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Assessment Principles and Practices in Competency Based Education and Training

(NQF Level 4 15 Credits)









JUNE 2013

SECTION 2: BACKGROUND INFORMATION 2.1 Biographical data of Student

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BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Student full name Student id number Qualification towards Training provider Highest qualification Your school /institution Years experience in Current position Your role in the School/institution Contact telephone number Contact cell number Contact e-mail address Contact postal address Kayec Trust ( Ondangwa) 16 Years Business Facilitator Loide Ndeshihafela Nyambali Nakale 58110800343 Certificate Vocational education and training (VET) trainer (level 4) Polytechnic of Namibia, Windhoek

065-241374 081-3620550 nyambalin@yahoo.com Po box 1520550 Oluno Ondangwa

Activity1 page-7

Graduates will find employment if:

Unit1: Activity 1 statement 1 page 16 It refers to a training that is aimed at specific competency for a specific collection of unit standard to meet the needs expectation of the industry, This an employer centred method is whereby the individual /employee have to do what he/she is expected to perform, is also addresses the expected ability of a candidate to perform the specific given job in the industry Statement 2 Candidate trained for specific role play but holistically not an individual It is similar, how ever it further focused on the development intrinsic value and personal qualities an individual towards a given profession Their training was relevant to meet the demand of the industry Competencies are achieved through assessment work activity according to the unit standard as expected to the industry They are competence act professional reliable behaviour The outcomes are responding to the industrial demand. Graduates will find jobs if based on performance criteria that meet industrial needs If the results of outcomes were affective assed verified and moderated by external moderators

Advantage: statement 1 Can be expected on specific job /area also provide job opportunity example: one will be expect hanging doors one in plastering one in fixing light Disadvantage: 1 Shortage of multi skill, lack of generic knowledge example one only know specific skill Advantage statement 2 Possibility of becoming a multiskill is open Disadvantage statement 2 More expensive

Activity: 2 Pages 18 U will only know by telling but you will not manufacture or create anything, is like a journey without a plan You can do the work but will not be able to explain or you will know how to do things but when you ask how you have done this will not be able to tell if you did not practice it Activity 3 This mean that performance of individual concerned should be linked to the expected industry competencies as per prescribed unit standard This process can only be assured based on the assessment contacted to determined that the individual have met entire performance criteria This argument would mean that competency should not be declared while the candidate is still in the training even if even if that appears to be the case Activity: 4 Activeness honest appearance dressing code polite humbleness of the persons, handling of the tools safety precaution housekeeping self-confident behaviour ability to do the work and be presentable Activity: 5 page 19 Competency must also include the intrinsic value build or promote confident self control motivation and individual self awareness Give them group work, participation, group discussion or presentation or a task Activity: 6 page 20 No this competency does not belong to woodwork only but is generic Domain = cutting and measuring Title Unit = performance of cutting wood = generic

Activity: 7 page 22 The task is always require steps to achieve competency, you should apply knowledge and skills The unit must be holistic and flexible

Activity: 8 page 24 No because you need to thing of the attitude and the demand and need of the industry

Unit 2: Activity 1 page31 Some share ideas while they are in groups some learn from others Individuals will focus on the knowledge performance of each one Activity: 2 page31 Assessor A is right Knowledge is asses with reliable but skill is asses with practical Activity: 3 page32 Make sure your result is of the same content and verifying and moderated No I can not give exceed marks because I have already prepare my performance criteria but I can motivate him /her maybe to be a best trainee Activity: 4 page33 Provide or present a product if it was a practical Activity: 5 page33 Assessment for learning Formative assessment for trainees to be competent to promote centre method is not to aim to fail or to passed Activity: 6 page36 It is a protecting measuring tool and need to insure quality training standard good practice and good result outcome Unit: 3 Activity 1 pages 39

Activity: 2page 40 Rubric can be holistic or analytic, general or task specific Holistic rubric provide a single score based on a overall impression of a student performance an a task, the converse is an analytic rubric Advantage: quick scoring provides an overview of student achievement Disadvantages: does not provide detailed information, may be difficult to provide one overall score Use when you want a quick snapshot of achievement Use when a single dimension is adequate to define quality

Analytic rubrics provide feedback along several dimensions. The converse is a holistic rubric Advantage: more detailed feedback, scoring more consistent across student and grades Disadvantage: time consuming to score Use when you want to see relative strengths and weaknesses Use when you want detailed feedback Use when you want to asses complicated skills or performance Use when you want students to self asses their understanding or performance Example General holistic rubric for an oral presentation General holistic rubric for a critical thinking exercise Task analytic rubric for a research article Task holistic for a case study

Activity: 3 page42

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