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Sadia El Ibrahimi 06-06-2013 Mr.

Eddy Op-Ed

As most religions, peace is a fundamental notion in Islamic thought. The very word Islam means to surrender, which can relate to Salam, or peace in Arabic. The ideal society according to the Quran is Dar As Salam, factually meaning, house of peace of which it inflects: And Allah invites to the adobe of peace and guides whom he pleases into the right path. It is therefore observed that peace and peacemaking are seen in Islamic tradition as part and parcel of human development. However, the reaction to the Anti-Islamic movie claims otherwise. On July 22nd 2012, a short 14-minute film, under the name The Innocent Prophet: Life of Muhammad was uploaded on YouTube. The film was perceived as disparaging toward the prophet Muhammad (SAW) and it exhibited him as witless and ignoramus. This has caused chaotic tribulations in the Islamist World. This is not the first time that Islam and its prophet are in the crosshairs of some "author" seeking publicity, of more often include books, films and other cartoons stigmatizing beliefs of Muslims, as long as the sales decline, Many newspapers will release a special "Islam," assured the buzz publication. This time, the least we can say is that the buzz is, the author of "The Innocence of Muslims," Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Egyptian previously condemned by the U.S. Justice and bank fraud traffic methamphetamine, has achieved its goal. However, the poor quality film, the weakness of his scenario, the invalidity of his game actors in augured nothing of his media success. And yet events succeeded the event, consulates and U.S. embassies have been targeted around the world Muslim, including the cost of a life of the U.S. diplomat Christopher Stevens, based in Benghazi, Libya, and media from around the world found there to welcome to use subjects countless "experts" of Muslim world, Islam and the Middle East, the choices that count Western editors, went there for their explanation, their decryption of their comments more or less happy, like flies on dung yet smoking. Media in the Arab world, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya head have playedalso their score, ensuring wide publicity before the film be surprised by the scale of the violence that has raised. The idle youth Arab countries have found something to kill time between two classico, playing perfectly the role that has been scripted for her ... Some may have hoped find a new Mohammed Bouazizi, we can rejoice that the blown and falls, a revolution for such a stinker, it would have been too bad. One of the lessons that can be drawn from this circus is that for a much of the world, Islam is now fi gure Scarecrow; hate Jews is anti-Semitic, Hitler supporter, hate being racist, black supports apartheid, but hate the Muslims, it is to be a free thinker, a Democrat supporter of women's rights ... Islam is today for many Evil Empire so dear

to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan (who yet in his time opposed to the Afghan Mujahideen, as seen of freedom fighters...). The Muslim is the enemy who meets all the world. Time is eschatology.

The other lesson is that, unfortunately, the behavior of many of our fellow tends to simply justify that Muslims are violent and rabble-rousers. Stupidity which they show in their statements in their casts aspersions on our acts religion, certainly, the media often choose what is more crisp diff user, it is their job, it does not prevent the damage is done That said, the film deserved it such an uproar? Muslims do not they simply been manipulated to make go for wild eyes the "civilized" world? Who benefits crime? The history of Innocence Muslims, as it was we told, is probably not that the tip of the iceberg. There certainly many of the designs more obscure, more occult, that one track to serve also interests which we know all for now. And probably did we not finished with the ravages cascading rant the mysterious Sam Bacile. America, the more sensitive it is presidential campaign, has sent off two Libyan warships sent to the region of marine protect its embassies. This is some mention again the risk of a clash of civilizations Islam and the West. In short, it is urgent to call for calm. But now, young people from the Arab Spring regimes do they have the means or the will? From Egypt to Tunisia, Islamists or less "moderate" are in charge. But the theme of blasphemy, as we have seen since the fatwa against Rushdie writer or, more recently, with the business of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark and France (the attack against "Charlie Hebdo") is tragically inspiring. While Islam is the only religion as fundamentalist: in France, was once attacked theaters showing "The Last Temptation of Christ," Scorsese. The challenge now is to stop as soon as the "fanatics".