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Area 51 Training

Hustling & Mindset


Ready Position


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Dear Reader: Above is noted what you will be learning at the Area 51 Volleyball Training Camp. If you would like to improve your skills in volleyball by learning not only skill-set, but mindset, then this camp is for you! You will learn the sport of volleyball from top to bottom. You will learn the mechanics of volleyball; how things work, what makes the ball go one way or the other, what makes it spin, what gives you control, and much more. My name is Christopher Bello. I am a graduating high school Senior. I am emphasizing this because I want there to be absolutely no illusions about the professionalism of this camp. Yes, it will be just as tough as any other camp. And yes, you will learn just as much if not more than you would at any other camp. But, I know many people may be bothered by my age and experience.

I am 17 years old and have been playing for two years now. That may have killed your trust in me, but keep in mind that I was a benchwarmer my Junior Year, ALL the spots on my team were filled going into the next year. Because of my improvement in the very short period of time between my Junior and Senior Year seasons I became the starting Libero on my team. We made it to the SemiFinals this year. I hope that speaks for itself. Most of you reading this either know me personally or know of me. So you know I will work you like a horse. Dont expect this camp to be easy, but dont be afraid. If you put in the work the results will show. Everything is FREE OF CHARGE, you will be paying NOTHING for this camp. Also note it is coeducational (both boys & girls). The camp will be held Monday, July 1st to Friday, July 5th from 12:00PM to 5:00PM. Location: Victory Field (Forest Park, New York, 11421) To participate you MUST print the document below and get it signed by your legal guardian. If you do not fill it out you will not be eligible to participate in the Area 51 Training Camp. The document must be brought to me the first day (July 1st) of the camp. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the camp email me at: bell.oa@hotmail.com

Participant Consent Form Activity:__Volleyball___ Date:____July 1st July 5th____

________________________ has my permission to attend this recreational activity. I understand the risks at hand. I understand he/she can get injured. I understand that you will not be held liable if this happens. I understand that transportation, food, drinks, and any other additional things I may want my child to have when attending this camp will not be provided by you. I understand that my child must take responsibility for all the consequences that may ensue if he/she does not comply with your rules and regulations. -Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________ -Emergency Phone Number(s)_________________________________________________

___________________________ Participant Signature ___________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature _____________ Date

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