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A Hand Carved Taiaha With dog fur at the neck. Paua inlaid eyes (missing on verso). L. 168cm. Y number pending. Est. $30005000



1950s Greenstone Tiki Pendant With red in eyes. L. 5cm. Est. $400600 Four Bone Maori Tattooing Chisels Various lengths between 3.5 and 6cm. Y1408014083. Est. $300500



Ross Johns Greenstone Sculptured Bowl Ross Johns is a member of Ngai Tahu Tribe and the only artist selected by Ngai Tahu to have one piece of his artworks gifted to Te Papa forever. L. 36.5cm. H. 6.5cm, W23cm. Est. $9001200

100 A Woven Belt c. 196070

Made by Guide Rangi. In black, orange and blue geometric patterns. L. 120cm. Est. $100200

101 A Composite Tiki Figure

Auckland Museum stamp at base. H. 43cm. Est. $200400

99 Early 20th C.
Maori Hoe (Paddle) Y16806, L. 172cm. Est. $250700

102 Four White Balleens

(Food Filters) Perano Whaling Station. L. 160cm. Est. $100300

103 A 20th C. Maori Carving


Possibly a Whakawae (door jam). Paua shell inlay in 7 places. Y5864. H. 81cm. Est. $200400






102(4) 99




104 A 20th C. Carved Wooden

Tiki Figure H. 40cm. Together with a carved composite kohate (paddle) copy. L. 40cm. Est. $100300

110 Four Carved Wooden Shelf

Supports With paua inlaid eyes W. 25.5cm, L. 20cm. Y16994, Y16993, Y16992, Y16995. Est. $8001200

111 Two Contact Period 105 A 20th C. Wooden Carving

In Totara by master carver, Tony Kapua. H. 40cm. Est. $50100

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 16cm. Y16048; L. 9cm. Y16049. Est. $100200

112 A 18th/19th C. Large 106 Huia Leg Claw

L. 12cm. Est. $100300 Maori Stone Toki (Adze) L. 20cm. Y16041. Est. $100200

107 A 18th/19th C. Stone Toki (Adze)

With rounded poll (butt end). L. 19cm. Large chip to surface. Y16079. Est. $4080

113 A 19th C. Maori

Greenstone Toki (Adze) Damaged cutting edge. L. 12cm. Y13588. Est. $300500

108 A 18th/19th C. Greenstone

Toki (Adze) With unfinished poll (butt end). Est. $50100

114 Two 19th C. Stone Toki (Adzes)

One is greywacke stone with a good cutting edge. L. 16cm. Y3926; L. 6.5cm. Y3927. Est. $100200

109 A 20th C. Tiki on a String

Necklace with greenstone beads H. 8cm. Est. $5080

115 Two Maori

Greenstone Toki (Adzes) Both have good cutting edges. Both L. 7cm. Y15189, Y15190. Est. $50100

113 112



MAORI ARTEFACTS 116 Polished Greenstone Piece

with Suspension Hole L. 7cm. Est. $2030

120 A 20th C. Whale Bone Patu

Incised decoration to butt. L. 33cm. No Y number. Est. $400600

123 A Carved Pounamu

Pendant Unusual bird form. Pierced suspension hole. L. 3.5cm. Y14610. Est. $8001200

117 A Carved Maori Pipe

with paua inlaid eyes L. 13cm. Y16744. Est. $100200

121 A Gate Pa Bible

Found under a house in the Gate Pa battle site. In bad condition. Old Maori writing on front pages. Found by John Wiltshire. Est. $100200

118 A Carved Maori Pipe

Handle is loose. L. 14cm. Y16747. Est. $150300

122 A Carved Kaka Poira Pounamu

Early bird leg ring, unusual form. Bevelled leg hole and pierced suspension hole. L. 3cm. Y14612. Est. $10001500

119 A Waitangi Centenary Taiaha

c. 1940. Paua inlaid eyes, carved tongue. L. 133cm. Provenance Private Collection, Australia. Est. $200400









MAORI ARTEFACTS 124 A Carved Koropepe

Pounamu Pendant Pierced to the head and body section. L. 5cm. Y14611. Est. $20003000

125 A 20th C. Hei Tiki with red

sealing wax in the eyeS L. 12cm. Est. $600800

126 A 20th C. Toki Poutangata

(Ceremonial Adze) Carved human form to head, coloured lashing. Fine cutting edge. L. 44cm. Est. $500800

127 Late 19th C. Fine Flax Maori

Cloak with touches of wool decoration A traditional hand woven Maori cloak made of dressed phormium (New Zealand flax, Harakeke). The warp-whenu, and weft-aho, are worked in double finger pair twining - whatu aho rua. The cloak is adorned with black thrums hukahuka over the main body kaupapa. The side and lower borders are decorated with looped wools in red, blue, green and brown, in a block pattern. Also worked in a block pattern regularly spaced are wools red, blue, purple and brown thread worked as decorative supplementary wefts, over the kaupapa. 108 x 109cm. Y08997. Description by Rangi Te Kanawa. Est. $10003000

126 125





MAORI ARTEFACTS 128 An Early 20th C. Carved Maori

Tokotoko (Walking Stick) Adorned with human faces and figures carved into orb head. Metal decorative band below head. L. 89.5cm. Est. $350500

129 An Early 20th C. Fully Carved

Maori Tokotoko (Walking Stick) with Curved Handle With four full length human figures with intertwined arms forming the shaft. Paua inlaid eyes. L. 90cm. Est. $200500

130 An Early 20th C. Carved Maori

Tokotoko (Walking Stick) With curved handle extending carved end. Three figures carved frontally, one atop the other. Paua inlaid eyes. L. 102cm. Est. $5001000

126 detail

131 An Early 20th C. Carved Maori

Tokotoko (Walking Stick) With bone handle carved in the round with three male figures facing both ways. Large paua inlaid eyes. L. 89cm. Belonged to Mr Albert George Holland, one of the seven Maori Land Court judges who first administered the Native Land Act. Mr Holland was the son of Mr James Job Holland, a former Mayor of Auckland and a Member of Parliament. Est. $400500
128 detail

131 detail 130 detail

129 detail







MAORI ARTEFACTS 132 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y17013, L. 14cm; Y16713, L. 11.5cm; Y17019, L. 8cm; Y16756, L. 14cm. Est. $100200

136 Five 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16766, L. 11cm; Y16718, L. 12.5cm; Y16703, L. 10.5cm; Y17017, L. 8cm; Y17004, L. 10cm. Est. $100200

140 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y17011, L. 10.5cm; Y16706, L. 10.5cm; Y17008, L. 13cm; Y16770, L. 14cm. Est. $100200

133 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16721, L. 11.5cm; Y16760, L. 13cm; Y16768, L. 12cm; Y16765, L. 8cm. Est. $100200

141 Four 18th/19th C. Maori 137 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16771, L. 9.5cm; Y16704, L. 7.5cm; Y16773, L. 6cm; Y16769, L. 7.5cm. Est. $100200 Stone Toki (Adzes) Largest adze has a chipped edge, Y16712, L. 17cm; Y16705, L. 13cm; Y16763, L. 13.5cm; Y16701, L. 15.5cm. Est. $100200

134 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16702, L. 12.5cm; Y16717, L. 12cm; Y16719, L. 12.5cm; Y16720, L. 11.5cm. Est. $100200

138 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y17003, L. 10cm; Y16754, L. 11cm; Y16716, L. 11cm; Y16753, L. 11.5cm. Est. $100200

142 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Tanged adze, Y17025, L. 17.5cm; Y17021, L. 18cm; Y17022, L. 20cm. Est. $100200

135 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16755, L. 16.5cm; Y16759, L. 16cm; Y17014, L. 10cm; Y16774, L. 12.5cm. Est. $100200

139 Five 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y17018, L. 17cm; Y17010, L. 10cm; Y16764, L. 8cm; Y16708, L. 10cm; Y16710, L. 12cm. Est. $100200

143 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16757, L. 12.5cm; Y16711, L. 14.5cm; Y16758, L. 14.5cm, Y17006, L. 13.5cm. Est. $100200

132(4) 133(4)

134(4) 135(4)

136(5) 137(4)



MAORI ARTEFACTS 144 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16762, L. 17cm; Y16723, L. 16cm; Y17023, L. 18.5cm. Est. $100200

150 An 18th/19th C. Maori Adze

& Stone Sinker Adze Y16790, L. 14cm. Sinker Y16744, L. 7cm. Est. $100200

155 An Early 20th C. Greenstone

Pekapeka With hourglass drilled holes. Y16787, H. 6cm. W. 7cm. Est. $300500

151 20th C. Greenstone Hei Tiki 145 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) One greenstone adze, broken at one end, Y17024, L. 12.5cm; Y17016, L. 6.5cm; Y16775, L. 5cm. Est. $100200 L. 6.5cm No Y number needed. Est. $80120

156 A 20th. C. Small Greenstone Tiki

Y16779, L. 5cm. Est. $100200

152 Two 18th/19th C. Maori

Toki (Adzes) Toki Pounamu (greenstone adze) Y16796, L.11cm; Stone toki (adze) Y17845, L. 20.5cm. Est. $150300

157 A 20th C. Greenstone Tiki

With red sealing wax eyes. Missing legs. L. 5cm. Y16780. Est. $200400

146 An 18th C. Maori Pounder

Volcanic stone. L. 25cm. Y16782. Est. $200400

158 A 20th C. Greenstone Hei Tiki 153 Seven Small 18th/19th C.

Maori Stone Toki (Adzes) Y16800, L. 8.5cm; Y16794, L. 6cm; Y16709, 4.5cm; Y16798, L. 8cm; Y16795, L. 9.5cm; Y16797, L. 7cm; Y16799, L. 4cm. Est. $200500 White feathering in stone, unusual face, with red sealing wax eyes and mouth. L. 9cm. Y16788. Est. $300500

147 Two 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Sinkers Y16783, L. 7cm; Y16784, L. 11.5cm. Est. $100200

148 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Y17044, L. 15cm; Y17042, L. 8.5cm; Y17043, L. 8.5cm. Est. $100200

159 A 19th C. Bone Fish Hook 154 Three Pieces of 18th/19th

C. Worked Pounamu (Greenstone) Comprising of two adzes and an adze shaped pendant with an hourglass hole. Y16778, L. 7cm; Y16776, L. 7.5cm; Y16777, L. 5cm. Est. $100200 with Serrated Edge Together with a broken piece of greenstone adze. Y number missed on fish hook. Adze Y16792, L. 10cm. Est. $200400

149 Two 18th/19th C. Toki

Pounamu (Greenstone Adzes) Y16789, L. 9.5cm; Y16791, L. 17.5cm. Est. $300500









152(2) 145(3)


148(3) 149(2)







MAORI ARTEFACTS 160 A Rare & Beautiful 18th C.

Maori Carved Pipe with 18ct. Gold Trim Two 18ct. gold bands around base of pipe and base of mouthpiece. Stamped Christeson, who was a Wellington tobacconist. Stamped G.P. (perhaps George Pretkethly, NZ jeweller and goldsmith). Carved by Tom Heberley. L. 12.5cm. Est. $8001200

162 A 19th C. Whale Bone

Kapeu (Pendant) Y16786, L. 10cm. Est. $200300

166 A Whale Bone Kotiate

Carving to the butt. L. 34cm. No Y number. Est. $200400

163 An Early 19th C. Whale Bone

Autui (Cloak Pin) Y16785, L. 14cm. Est. $200300

167 A 19th C. Whale Bone Waihaka

Carved without figure on side, hatch carved in other side. L. 36cm. Y7845. Est. $300500

164 Superb 19th C. Maori

Kiwi Feather Kete With Kiwi & Chicken feathers. L. 24cm. W. 15cm. Y16070. Est. $15003000

168 A Maori Flax Piupiu Skirt

Flax strands, black dyed pattern, plaited waistband with ties attached. Fragile condition. Name tag attached reading W.R. Williams. W. 84cm. L. 52cm. Y16743. Est. $50100

161 An 18th C. Maori Carved

Cigarette Holder with 18ct. Gold Trim An 18ct. gold band around base of cigarette holder. Stamped Christeson, who was a Wellington tobacconist. Also stamped G.P. (perhaps George Pretkethly, NZ jeweller and goldsmith). Carved by Tom Heberley. L. 8cm. Est. $400800

165 A 19th C. Wooden

Carved Maori Kotiate Remnants of wax in the eyes, with paua shell inlays. Fully carved with human faces. Carved face to butt with protruding tongue. L. 35cm. Y16741. Est. $300500







162 165 163

166 164


MAORI ARTEFACTS 169 Maori Greenstone

KAPEU (pendant) Hockey stick shape & two postcards of Sir John Campbell The two postcards are of Sir John Campbell portrait and the Huia Lodge in Cornwall Park. L. 10.3cm Y08940 Provenance The vendors family claim that it once belonged to Sir John Campbell who gave it to his mothers father. Vendors mother is a Campbell (Jean Frances Campbell). Est. $20002500



171 170(2) 172(3)






170 Two Small Contact Period

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 6cm, Y16916; L. 6.5cm, Y16918 (Also marked Nelson 209). Est. $80100

172 Three Contact Period

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 13cm, Y16098; L. 8cm, Y16100; L. 8cm, Y16097. Est. $100200

175 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 14cm. Y16087; L. 12.5cm. Y16094; L. 12.5cm. Y16086. Est. $100200

171 A Contact Period

Stone Toki (Adze) Well defined edges, smooth patina, chipped but sharp cutting edge. Steep bevelled edge. L. 7.5cm. Y16917. Est. $100200

173 Two Large Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 15cm. Y16090; L. 16cm. Y16089. Est. $100200

176 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 12.5cm. Y16091; L. 12cm. Y16092; L. 13.5cm. Y16901; L. 13.5cm. Y16905. Est. $200300

174 Two 18th/19th C. Large Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 17cm. Y16085; L. 18.5cm. Y16099. Est. $150300


MAORI ARTEFACTS 177 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 17cm. 15cm. 10cm. 8cm. Y2938, Y14125, Y12440, Y13096. Est. $100200

180 An 18th/19th C.
Stone Toki (Adze) One with very fine cutting edge, Y16748, L. 9cm. Together with a Pacific Islands adze, 10cm. Est. $100200

182 A Superb Quality 19th C.

Maori Stone Pounder Classical shape. L. 27cm. Y14661. Est. $600900

178 Three 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) Together with an obsidian scraper. L. 14cm. 9cm. 7.5cm. 2.5cm. Y7079, 7110, 14128, 13885. Est. $100200

183 A Folk Art Carved Kiwi 181 A Portraits of the

New Zealand Maori By George French Angas. Book published 1972. Edition 554 of 750 copies. Publisher: A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd. Tall folio size 535 x 355mm. 49 colour plates. Hardcover with leather spine. Good condition. Est. $300400 Bird & Chick standing on a wooden log, c. 1940s Clock inset. Carved by Wiremu Kutuheri. H. 34cm. W. 25cm. Est. $5001000

179 Four 18th/19th C. Maori

Stone Toki (Adzes) L. 16cm. 14cm. 12cm. 11cm. Y14123, Y14124, Y14126, Y14127. Est. $100200

184 A Pair of Folk Art

Maori Wooden Figures, c. 1940 Carved by Captain Gilbert Small. H. (of both) 42cm. Est. $500800

185249 no lots

183 181





oceanic & african artefacts

This sale includes Pacific artefacts from the estate of Leonard Owen Morgan, collected during the 1920s and 30s. The Fijian artefacts were collected by the current owners grandfather, Leonard Owen Morgan, during the late 1920s to early 1930s. During this time he was principal of Ratu Kadavulevu School in Lodoni. The school was established in 1924 by Ratu Kadavulevu, the Vunivalu of Bau (the paramount chief of the Kabuna Confederacy, part of Fijis House of Chiefs). The school was, and to this day is still, a boarding school, with many of the alumni being chieftains sons. 250 A Fijian I Ula Tavatava
Throwing Club Lobed head and smooth patina. Split in head. L 42cm. Est. $500800

Notable alumni include Laisenia Qarase, Prime Minister of Fiji from 2000 to 2006, and current military regime leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama. When the boys graduated from the school the parents would often bring gifts for the principal, some of which form part of the collection. Today Ratu Kadavulevu School has a student population of 625 and is multiracial, co-educational and multi-streamed. Lodoni itself is a picturesque village on the east coast of Viti Levu about 50 km north of Suva. 254 A Fijian I Ula Drisia
Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina. Substantial decoration to butt. Some cavities in head. L. 37.5cm. Est. $600800

The photo below show the current owners grandfather with his wife and students in Lodoni.

257 A Fijian Totokia

(Pineapple Club) White substance impressed into carving at head. Flax woven handle and coloured string decoration above. L. 83cm. Est. $12001600

251 A Fijian I Ula Drisia

Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina and diagonal hatching to butt. Has lead weight filled into head. L. 41cm. Est. $7001000

255 A Fijian I Ula Drisia

Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina. Zig zag decoration to butt. Some cavities in head. L. 44cm. Est. $7501000

258 A Fijian Totokia

(Pineapple Club) Remnants of white substance impressed into carving at head. L. 85cm. Est. $14001600

259 A Fijian Totokia 252 A Fijian I Ula Drisia

Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina and small row of cross-hatching pattern at butt. Some cavities in head. L. 40cm. Est. $600800

256 A Fijian I Ula Drisia

Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina. Triangular decoration to butt. Small cavity in the head. L. 36cm. Est. $550700

(Pineapple Club) Remnants of white substance impressed into carving at head. L. 95cm. Est. $10001500

260 A Large Fijian/Tongan Club

Diamond-sectioned top half with pyramidal head. Serrated carving around midsection and remnants of white chalk in carved decorative grooves. L. 86cm. Est. $17002000

253 A Fijian I Ula Drisia

Throwing Club Thin handle with smooth patina and decoration to butt. L. 40.5cm. Est. $500800

256 255 254


252 251 250

















268 detail


269 269 detail




OCEANIC & AFRICAN ARTEFACTS 261 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)

Rough crosshatching on underside of curved head. Two rope bindings attached. L. 90cm. Est. $300500

268 A Fijian Bowai Club

Smooth patina and intricate banded carving to end of shaft. L. 103cm. Est. $9001200

277 Four Stone Pacific Islands

Adzes of various lengths L. 17.5cm, 8.5cm, 6.5cm, and 5.5cm. Est. $150300

269 A Fijian Bowai Club 262 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)

Rough crosshatching on underside of curved head. Coloured string binding (magimagi) to entire shaft. L. 102cm. Est. $20002500 Smooth patina and linear carving to end of shaft. L. 101cm. Est. $8001000

278 A Carved Wooden Bowl

& Spatula Shallow bowl in the shape of a canoe. Bowl L. 49.5cm. Spatula L. 34cm. Est. $300500

270 A Fijian Club

Double tapered shaft. L. 84cm. Est. $600800

279 A Fijian Bark Cloth Beater

Grooves carved into three of four sides. L. 40cm. Est. $500800

263 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)

Rough crosshatching on underside of curved head. Dark coloured string binding (magimagi) to entire shaft. L. 92cm. Est. $17002000

271 A Fijian Club

Slightly curved, with double tapered shaft. L. 82cm. Est. $500800

280 A Long Fijian Spear

L. 406cm. Est. $400600

264 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)

Rough crosshatching on underside of curved head. Coloured string binding (magimagi) to entire shaft. L. 92cm. Est. $17002000

272 A Fijian Bark Cloth Beater

Grooves and diagonal hatching carved into three of four sides. L. 36cm. Est. $500800

281 A Large Four Legged

Fijian Kava Bowl With two shells lashed to front D. 68cm. H. 23cm. Est. $20003000

273 A Fijian Bark Cloth Beater 265 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)
Rough crosshatching on underside of curved head. Coloured string (magimagi) on entire shaft. L. 92cm. Est. $12001600 Grooves carved into three of four sides. L. 40cm. Est. $500800

282 A Large Fijian Dari Ni Waiwai

Ni Bete (Oil Dish) On two legs. Decorative carving to handle. L. 46cm. Est. $50100

274 A Fijian Bark Cloth Beater

Grooves and diagonal hatching carved into three of four sides. L. 40cm. Est. $400600

266 A Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club)

Long gauges on underside of curved head. L. 92cm. Est. $10001200

283 A Fijian Dari Ni Waiwai

Ni Bete (Oil Dish) On three legs. Decorative carving to edges and handle. L. 30.5cm. W. 17.5cm. Est. $50100

275 A Fijian Tabua

Whale tooth has a very smooth patina. Tooth L. 15cm. Est. $9001200

267 A Small Fijian Sali

(Gunstock Club) Very fine crosshatching on underside of curved head. Coloured string (magimagi) on entire shaft. L. 62cm. Est. $600800

276 A Fijian Comb

With decoratively carved handle. L. 35cm. Est. $5080

284 A Fijian Club

Broad leaf shape with decorative carving to head like a Dui club. L. 62cm. W. 33cm. Est. $100200

279 274 273 272







278 283










293 292

285 A Fijian Headrest

With Mother of Pearl decorative inlays. W. 43cm. H. 15.5cm. Est. $50100

290 Two Guyanan Woven

Pieces From South America One piece comprised of two interlocking pieces, L. 22cm. Other larger piece, L. 68cm. Est. $5080

293 Pacific Islands Wooden club

Carved with zig zag lines and diamond patterns on shaft. L. 52cm. Est. $200400

286 A Malagan Frieze from New

Ireland, Papua New Guinea Used for story telling. Brightly decorated with birds and a central male head with snail opercula eyes. Originally from the collection of Harold Gallasch (Australian Minerals, Adelaide, S.A.). Collected 1960s-70s. H. 22cm. W. 130cm. Est. $500900

291 Three Modern Vanuatuan

Carvings & Drum H. 121cm; H. 120cm; Drum H. 72cm. Est. $50100

292 A 19th C. Coco De Mer Seed

Largest seed in the world, carved by an early whaler or sailor to suggest female genitalia. These seeds, when initially found at sea, were highly prized curiosities of unknown origin that changed hands for very large sums of money. One example was recently a gift from the Seychelles Foreign Minister to the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge while on their honeymoon. L. 27cm. W. 25cm. H. 16cm. Est. $9001200

287 An Early 20th C.

Elaborately Carved Fijian Sali (Gunstock Club) L. 92cm. Est. $9001200

288 Five Pacific Islands Adzes

23cm. 8.5 cm. 7.5cm. 12cm. 21cm. Est. $100200

289 An Aboriginal Baobab Nut

Western Australia. Carved with images of figures. L. 22cm. Est. $50100



OCEANIC & AFRICAN ARTEFACTS 294 Two Pacific Islands paddles

L. 165cm each. Est. $200300

295 Isabella Parrys? ink

drawings on hairy leaves Ink pen on leaves of scenes around Newcastle, Australia of coal boats, factories, farms etc. Could be by Admiral Sir William Edward Parrys wife Isabella Louisa Parry as this comes from the estate of Sir William Parry who lived in Sydney in 18291834 in Port Stephens whose home faced out onto Sydney Harbour. There is a entry in Joan Kerrs Dictionary of Australian Artists which mentions Isabella Parrys drawings of coalworks at Newcastle. H. 28cm. W. 17cm. Est. $400700


296298 NO LOTS 299 Three Small Indonesian Kris

Bone handles and scabbards. Est. $50100

300 Papua New Guinea

Ancestor Figure H. 234cm. Est. $6001000

301 Yaure Mask

From the Ivory Coast. Top knot, pursed lips. H. 31cm (excluding stand). Est. $300500

302 Dan Female Figure on Stand

Representation of a favourite spouse. Vegetable fibre for hair. H. 38cm. Est. $8001000

303 Congo Mangbetu Tribe

Female Figure Ancestor H. 67cm. Est. $250500







Ceremonial Paddle c. 1830 Beautifully & intricately carved by a master carver, with carved anthropomorphic interlocking figures on top of handle. The paddle was not used in the practical sense but used by a high ranking owner most likely from Raivavae. This paddle has come from a United Kingdom vendor whose great, great grandfather visited the Austral Islands c. 1850. L. 117cm. Provenance Private Collection, London. Est. $50008000



OCEANIC & AFRICAN ARTEFACTS 305 An Early Fijian Flag, c. 1900

Union Jack with Fijian crest 85 x 169cm. Provenance R. Nasser Collection, New York. Est. $300500

308 A Gnarled Wood

Walking Stick Gnarled wood handle, banded shaft, and paua and seashell inlays. Stamped Kaikoura. L. 94cm. Est. $50100

310 Rare Early 19th C. Micronesian

or Melanesian Scalloped & Footed Bowl Purchased from Sothebys France in the mid-1990s. H. 9cm. D. 26cm. Together with coconut shell. Est. $6001000

309 A Wood and Vertebrae 306 A Fijian Gugu Club

Used in ceremonial dances. Highly collectable. L. 102cm. Est. $100300 Walking Stick With carvings on the handle and paua inlay. L. 87cm. Est. $50100

311 Superb Style 19th C.

Cook Island Stool With good patina and ogee style feet. H. 9.5cm, W. 35.5cm. Est. $30005000

307 A Pacific Islands Club

L. 101cm. Est. $100200






OCEANIC & AFRICAN ARTEFACTS 312 19th C. Large Fijian Spear

Traces of sennet bindings. L. 218cm. Est. $300500

324 Two African Fetish Figures

Suku figure From Zaire, Africa. Wooden figure with feather moveable arms and flax skirt, H. 63cm. With a Fon figure from Benin, Africa. Wooden figure painted with mud/clay carrying ceramic pots. H. 37cm. Est. $200400

334 A Fijian Shell Rope

L. 115cm. Est. $50100

313 Papua New Guinean? Mask

Painted in white, red and black with fibre hair and feather fragments. L. 33cm (excluding fibre). Est. $100200

335 A Fijian Throwing Club

With inlaid mother of pearl and carved handle. With wooden stand. L. 37cm. Est. $100200

314 Papua New Guinean Yam Mask

H. 23cm.

325 Late 19th/Early 20th C. New

Ireland Totok Figure painted in red, black, and yellow Used in ceremonies; at the height of the ceremony the figure is imbued with ancestral spirits. This totok has outstretched arms which are rarer and could possibly indicate some Christian missionary influence. Est. $10001500

336 A Fijian I Ula Kobo

Throwing Club L. 46cm. Est. $300800

315 Papua New Guinean Yam Mask

H. 30cm.

337 One Bone Bracelet

Together with one New Guinean wristlet. Made of seashell. Est. $4080

316 Papua New Guinea Pig

Killing Apron L. 80cm. Est. $200400

317 Papua New Guinea Apron

With pig tusks and beads L. 60cm. Est. $200400

326 Australian Boomerang

Brought back from Rockhampton, Queensland. 1906. L. 57cm. Est. $100300

318 Rare Wooden 19th C.

Solomon Islands Ceremonial Knife With shell inlay all over (7 missing) and a carved double fish handle. This knife would be taken on fishing trips to bring the fisherman good luck and plentiful catches. L. 50cm. Est. $400600

327 A Fijian Warriors Club

With carved handle. L. 109cm. Est. $200400

328 A Samoan Club

L. 100cm. Est. $100400

329 A Fijian Gadi Club 319 A Fijian Waka Club

Intricately carved with zigzags in borders pattern on the lower handle and at the top of the tap root. Chip missing to bottom of handle. L. 111cm. Est. $8001000 L. 76cm. Est. $350500

330 A Large Papua New Guinea

Wooden Mask H. 109cm, W. 51cm. Est. $200400

320 A 20th C. Fijian I Ula

Tavatava Club With decorative carving to the head. L. 40.5cm. Est. $100200

331 A Small Papua New Guinea

Mask H. 33cm. W. 20cm. Est. $50100

332 A Tshakwe, Angola 321 Large Tongan Tapa Cloth 322 Rare & Old Papua New Guinea
Chiefs Hat Made of vegetable fibre and decorated with clay/mud. H. 34cm. D. 34cm. Est. $10002000 Fowling Arrow L. 72cm. Est. $50100

333 A Papua New Guinea

Flax Woven Kete With bird feathers. c. 1920. H. 29cm. W. 23cm. Est. $100300

323 no lot








319 336



345 341




OCEANIC & AFRICAN ARTEFACTS 338 An African Axe with wooden

handle and metal axe head Together with an African sword and sheath. L. (both) 59cm. Est. $100300

341 Punu Tribe Mask from Angola

Red and white face paint and elaborate hairstyle. L. 31cm. Est. $250400

345 Chokwe Mask From Angola

Flax fibre elaborate hairstyle, cross on forehead. Webbing underneath, metal rings in ears. H. 17cm, D. 23cm. Est. $300500

342 Baule Mask From 339 Mossi or Gurunsi Sub-Tribe

Dance Mask From Burkina Faso Open mouth with jagged teeth. L. 81cm. Est. $300500 the Ivory Coast Whistling face. L. 31.5cm. Est. $400600

346 Dan Mask With shell

& fabric headdress Squinted eyes and pursed lips. Animal hair at top. H. 39cm. Est. $300500

343 Baule Mask From the 340 Ivory Coast Mask With red &
white coloured clay over eyes and fibre beard L. 27cm (excluding fibre at bottom). Est. $300500 Ivory Coast. Whistling face. L. 31cm (excluding stand). Est. $10002000

344 Tanzanian Head Rest

Luguru tribe. L. 47cm. H. 10cm. Est. $600800


346 339 343



Buyers Guide
If you have not bought from Dunbar Sloane before please read the following notes. They are set out in the order you are likely to come across them in the process of buying at auction. Staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. the form at the back of this catalogue and submit it to Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd at least 24 hours before the sale to ensure it is safely received. Lots will be purchased for you as cheaply as possible, subject to other bids in the room and to reserves.


The terms and conditions under which the buyer acts at a sale are detailed at the back of this catalogue. We recommend that you read and understand these conditions of business before registering to bid at an auction. This sale is subject to the conditions of business printed in this catalogue and to the reserves.

Telephone Bidding
If you are unable to attend the auction, you can elect to bid by telephone (subject to availability). Telephone bidding must be arranged with Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd at least 24 hours prior to the sale and is strictly subject to a minimum lot estimate of $1000 or greater. Please note that the auctioneer determines the increments in bidding, not the telephone bidder.

All lots are available for inspection prior to the sale. Although staff will endeavour to answer your enquiries, and give advice, the final decision to bid, is at your discretion and liability.

Buyers Premium
The buyer shall pay to Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd a premium of 15% of the hammer price plus GST on the premium only effectively adding 17.25% to the hammer price.

Pre-Sale Estimates
The estimated prices printed below the catalogue descriptions are in New Zealand dollars and are the approximate prices expected to be realised, excluding buyers premium. They are not definitive, they are prepared well in advance of the sale and they are subject to revision.


Payment for purchase is due in New Zealand dollars within 48 hours from the date of sale by cash, cheque or eftpos. Alternatively payment can be made by telegraphic transfer direct to our bank: (Please add $25NZ to cover New Zealand bank charges) ANZ Bank of New Zealand, The Terrace, Wellington Branch Credit 06 0501 0846856 00 Swift Code ANZBNZ22 Payee Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd Please include details of sale date and lot numbers with all payments.

Condition reports
Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd will provide a verbal condition report if you would like an opinion on any particular lot prior to purchasing. All goods are sold as is and it is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves as to the condition of an item before the auction.

THE AUCTION Registration

To bid at the auction you will need to register for a bidding number at the front desk either during the viewing or prior to the auction.

Collection of Purchases
Property purchased can be collected as soon as full payment has been received. Any items not collected within seven days of the auction may be subject to a storage and insurance fee.

Buying at the Auction

Please bid clearly and promptly using your bidding number. When you successfully purchase a lot the auctioneer will ask you for your number, and this will show on your invoice.

National Packaging and Transportation

We prefer the buyer to pack and arrange transport. Removal firms can make crates, wrap your goods and have them delivered to you. Couriers do not pack and require payment before they pick up the goods. If you want Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd to pack and pay for couriers we charge accordingly. This is to be paid before the goods leave our premises. We pack with care, however we take no responsibility for damage once your goods leave our premises. It is up to the buyer to arrange insurance to cover any damage or loss in transit.

Approximate Selling Rate

Auctions are generally conducted at the rate of about 100 lots per hour. However, this can vary.

Absentee Bidding
If you are unable to attend the auction, Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd can bid on your behalf according to your written instructions. This is a free service for intended buyers. Please complete clearly

Auckland Office 12 Akepiro Street, Mt Eden, PO Box 68527, Auckland 1145, New Zealand Phone: +64 9 630 9178, Fax: +64 9 630 9173 dunbar.akl@xtra.co.nz www.dunbarsloane.com


Date 28 NOVEMBER 2012

Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following lots. These bids are to be executed as cheaply as permitted by other bids or reserves I agree to comply with the Conditions of Sale as printed in the Catalogue. Full Name Address Phone Fax Signed Collectors Registration Number (for Maori Artefacts only) Successful Bidders will be notified at which time arrangements may be made for payments, collection and despatch. OVERSEAS BIDDERS MUST COMPLETE SECTION BELOW Alternative methods of payment can be arranged if successful, however we still require the information below. Cardholder Name Card Number Expiry Date Cardholder Signature Lot Number Title / Description (use block letters) Maximum Bid Price (excluding premium) VISA AMEX Mastercard (Please tick one) Mobile Email Date

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BIDS AND READ TERMS BELOW USING THE BIDDING SLIPS Please bid as early as possible. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. 'Buy' bids are not accepted. The limit you leave should be the amount to which you would bid if you were to attend the Sale. Each bidding slip should contain bids for one sale only. Alternative bids can be placed by using the word 'OR' between Lot Numbers. BUYERS PREMIUM Buyers are reminded that a buyer's premium of 15% on the hammer price plus GST on the premium shall be paid to Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd, all up 17.25%. SHIPPING & DELIVERY Please note that the cost of shipping and delivery is not included in the auction price.




1 2 3

The highest Bidder is deemed to be the Buyer, and if during the Auction the Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen, the Lot so in dispute shall be immediately put up again for sale. The Auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding at his absolute discretion. a) The Seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any Lot and the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller for any Lot on which a reserve has been placed. b) Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd have the right to withdraw or divide any Lot or to combine any two or more Lots at their sole discretion. a) The Buyer shall forthwith upon the purchase give in his/her name and permanent address. b) The Buyer may be required to pay down forthwith the whole or any part of the Purchase Money, and if he/she fails to do so, the Lot may at the Auctioneers absolute discretion be put up again and resold. c) The Buyer shall pay to Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd a premium of 15% on the hammer price together with GST at the standard rate on the premium, and agrees that Dunbar Sloane (Auckland), when acting as agent for the Seller, may also receive commission from the Seller. a) Each Lot sold by the Seller thereof with all faults and defects therein and with all errors of description and is to be taken and paid for whether genuine and authentic or not and no compensation shall be paid for the same. b) Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd act as agents only and neither they nor the Seller are responsible for any faults or defects in any Lot or the correctness of any statement as the authorship, origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness, provenance or condition of any Lot. c) All statements in the Catalogues, Advertisements or Brochures of forthcoming sales as to any of the matters specified in (b) above are statements of opinion, and are not to be relied upon as statements of representations of fact, and intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all of the matters specified in (b) above, as to the physical description of any Lot, and as to whether or not any Lot has been repaired. d) The Seller and Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd do not make or give, nor has any person in the employment of Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty. e) In any event neither the Seller nor Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd are responsible for any representation or warranty, or for any statement in the Catalogues, Advertisements or Brochures of forthcoming sales. Not withstanding any other terms of these conditions, if within 7 days after the sale Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd have received from the Buyer of any Lot notice in writing that in his view the Lot is deliberate forgery and within 9 days after such notification, the Buyer returns the same to Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd in the same condition as at the time of sale and satisfies Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd had considered in the light of the entry in the Catalogue the Lot is a deliberate forgery then the sale of the Lot will be rescinded and the purchase price of the same refunded. a) To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in settlement of Purchase, no Lot can be taken away during the times of sale, nor can any Lot be taken away unless it has been paid for in full. b) All Lots are to paid for and taken away at the Buyer's expense within TWO days from sale. On failure of a Buyer to take away and pay for any Lot in accordance with Condition 7, Dunbar Sloane (Auckland) Ltd reserves any other right or remedies. i) To resell the Lot or cause it to be resold by public sale, any money paid in part payment being forfeited, any deficiency attending such resale after deducting all costs incurred in connection with the Lot to be made good by the defaulting Buyer, and any surplus to be the Seller's or: ii) To store the Lot or cause it to be stored whether at their own premises or elsewhere at the sole expense of the Buyer, and to release the Lot only after payment in full of the purchase price together with interest there on of 5% above Bank minimum lending rate, the accrued cost of removal, storage and insurance (if any) and all other costs incurred in connection with the Lot. iii) If the Lot has been in store pursuant to (ii) for more than 6 months, to remove the Lot from store and to exercise the right set out in (i).


Artefact Collectors Registration Form

Section 14(4) of the Protected Objects Act 1975
Declaration by applicant
(full name this will appear on the certificate)

1 I/We

(physical address)

7 I declare to the best of my knowledge that the contents of this application are true and correct. I undertake to comply with all of the following (a) I shall only transfer taonga tuturu in my collection to: another registered collector, a public museum, or an auctioneer or secondhand dealer licensed to trade in taonga tuturu (note: if the transfer involves a gift or bequest to a relative, the relative does not need to be registered as a collector). (b) I shall make my collection available for examination by any person so authorised by the Chief Executive, Ministry for Culture and Heritage. (c) I shall notify the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage of any change in my collection within 14 days of the change. (d) I shall notify the Chief Executive, Ministry for Culture and Heritage within 14 days of any change in the location of the collection. Signature If applicable, position in organisation:

(daytime telephone number)

hereby apply under section 14 of the Protected Objects Act 1975 for registration as a collector of taonga tuturu. 2 Are you ordinarily resident in New Zealand? yes / no If no, please provide details on the amount of time spent in New Zealand and frequency, and your usual place of residence.

3 Have you ever been convicted of an offence against any provision of the Protected Objects (previously known as the Antiquities Act) or of the Historic Places Act?

Date yes / no If yes, please provide details: Please send the signed application to: Protected Objects Ministry for Culture and Heritage PO Box 5364 Wellington Fax: (04) 499 4490 Please note that applications cannot be emailed and the Ministry does not accept electronic signatures.

4 Where will taonga tuturu acquired under this certificate usually be held?

5 If this application is made by an organisation, please provide a primary contact for administration purposes:

6 Please enclose contact details: Fax Phone Email Postal 62 DUNBAR SLOANE AUCKLAND
Hm Wk

Auckland Office 12 Akepiro Street, Mt Eden, PO Box 68527, Auckland 1145, New Zealand Phone: +64 9 630 9178, Fax: +64 9 630 9173 dunbar.akl@xtra.co.nz www.dunbarsloane.com

AUCKLAND CATALOGUES Please return completed form to Auckland Office, address above. All costs are noted in New Zealand dollars. TICK AREA(S) OF INTEREST Art Antiques NZ Historical NZ SUBSCRIBERS $70.00 for 1 year of catalogues. (3 Minimum) DETAILS Full Name Address City Phone PAYMENT Cheque (enclosed) VISA AMEX Credit card Country Email Maori & Pacific Artefacts Jewellery Militaria AUSTRALIA / PACIFIC $100.00 for 1 year of catalogues. (3 Minimum) Collectables Silver Stamps & Coins REST OF THE WORLD $140.00 for 1 year of catalogues. (3 Minimum)

Mastercard (Please tick one)

Cardholder Name Card Number Expiry Date




Dunbar Michael Sloane Managing Director of Dunbar Sloane Auckland & Wellington, Auctioneer, Valuer New Zealand Historical Collectables Fine Art Antiques Estate Jewellery

Dunbar russell Sloane Auctioneer, Valuer Maori & Pacific Artefacts Fine Art Antiques Silver Collectables Estate Jewellery

helena walker National Director of Fine & Applied Arts, Valuer New Zealand & International Fine & Applied Arts

AMY STEWART Office Manager, Auctioneers Assistant

Gemma Sheils Catalogue Design, Photography & Production, Auctioneers Assistant

12 Akepiro Street, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024 PO Box 68527, Auckland 1145, New Zealand Phone: (09) 630 9178 Fax: (09) 630 9173 dunbar.akl@xtra.co.nz www.dunbarsloane.com

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