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The Pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses (Greek Mythology)

Setting: In the Clouds Conflict: Zeus and Poseidon meeting their father for the time after their mother taking them away from him at the start of their birth Hermes and Pan are not in this scene. Hestia is at the side just fixing up flowers in her vase and cleaning and whatnot. Zeus is already talking to Cronus, the father, in a controlled manner, as is his nature. Poseidon is just sitting around, frustrated as ever, but then he sees Zeus and a somehow familiar looking figure. Narrator: Here is the scene where Zeus and Poseidon meet their father, Cronus. Poseidon: What is the meaning of this?! Zeus: [stops talking and turns around] Meaning of what, Brother? Poseidon: [mimics] Meaning of what, Brother? [Throws hands up] Shut up already, would you? [Nods head toward Cronus] Who is this? Zeus: [unsure, turns around and squints his eyes at his father] Um, this is Cronus and he Poseidon: Who?! Zeus: [hits forehead] Our father! Or so he says. Humph. Poseidon: [turns toward Cronus] If I may ask, who are you? Cronus: [smiles happily and offers handshake] Why, I am your father! [Takes Poseidons hand] Look we have the same hands and [turns hand over] fingertips! Surely we are alike. But I am more built, of course. Poseidon: [pulls away] Our mother never told us of this Cronus: Rhea never spoke of such things I am of Zeus: Yes, but he has come for us especially. Cronus: [smiles wickedly[ Haha why yes I have! Poseidon: What is it you want [pauses and speaks the next word nastily] Father? Cronus: Why, I would like to offer you both ladies who will do whatever pleases you, if only do something for! Zeus & Poseidon: [look at each other in unison] WHAT?!?!?!? [They now fight about this Poseidon saying this is stupid and Zeus saying it is a matter to discuss indeed because after all he is their father, never mind they dont know him] Narrator: As you saw before, Zeus and Poseidon fight over this father. Hermes hears this and comes barging in and shutting the door louds. He is the son of Zeus. Hermes: NO! No, no, no, no, no, no. Hestia: [comes running to Hermes] Oh dear no! Not another Tantrum. Hermes: NO! Why must everyone fight all the time?! Hestia: This is, um nature. [Tries to soothe Hermes] There, there Hermes: Were Gods! We should be living the life of luxury and whatever we want. WHY, I ask?

Zeus: Son, shut up! Poseidon: [says matter of factly] Please do. Zeus: Hermes go to your cloud or I will Hermes: NO! No, no, no, no, no. Pan: [comes barging in] ILL TAKE HIM. Never mind all of you! Hermes: [looks at Pan] Pan: Come here sonny! Hermes: [walks out the door, following Pan] Hestia: Ill help. Narrator: At this point, Poseidon, the earthshaker, is full of anger and blows huge waves at everyone in his way. Poseidon: [throws waves at them. Everyone in the way runs!] Cronus: Are you going to take the offer or not? Poseidon: NO! [Throws more waves while the narrator goes up on stage, Narrator: The End. Everyone bows.

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