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The Real YOU

By Joshua Maggid (2009, Selfbetterment)

Perhaps it'll be disappointing and hard to acknowledge, but there's no objective
'Real YOU'. There's only the 'Perceived YOU', perceived by others or yourself and
strongly dependent on the context you're operating in. Here's the simple proof.

Read out loud, from top to bottom, the next three characters:

That was quite simple, wasn't it?

Let's go to step two.

Now read out loud, from left to right, the next three characters:

Now read out loud the character

in the middle of the next picture:

The middle character

The character in the middle isn't just the letter 'B' nor is it the
number '13', it has the potention of being both. Only when it is
'perceived', it takes a definitive value (appearance), depending on
the character context and the characteristics of the perceiver.

If the context is a story or a literal phrase, the character will be

perceived as the letter "B". If the context consists of numbers, the
character will be perceived as number "13".
No context?
What if there is no context (not possible) or very little and we show up just the character in the

In general, apart from context, a perceiver P Rates or measures a target T on an attribute X can be
defined as:

Rx(P,T,R) = Perceiver effect + Target effect + Relationship effect + Constant

In case with no context and very little Target- or Relationship Effect, the perception depends
(almost) totally on the identity and experiences of the perceiver (Perceiver Effect).

If the perceiver is a writer or has a non-science background, the character will probabely be
perceived as the letter "B". In case of a scientist, or mathematician, the character will mostly be
seen as the number "13".
The Real YOU
Now with you, yourself, it's just the same. There is no objective or context-independent "Real
YOU". There is no YOU without others. There's only the YOU that's perceived by others or
yourself (self reflection).

So think twice about how you pick your context (friends, social environment, employer, town). If
you don't like the way people perceive you, change or reprogram your habits and consider picking a
new 'context'.

Quantum mechanics
In fact the same principles as in "quantum mechanics" apply:
If you measure 'light' as a wave, you'll perceive it as a wave.
If you measure 'light' as a particle, you'll perceive it as a particle.
If you would have 'measured' it as anything els, like 'weight', 'energy' or a 'potato', it would have
been perceived as 'that' as well.
So the question is not whether 'light' is a wave or a particle. 'Light' is neither, it has only 'wave' of
'particle' properties (attributes).

Back to YOU
It's the same with people that have a perception of YOU. They'll value you at their biased percepted
properties. Just like yourself, they'll never get to know the ultimate 'real you', it simply isn't there.

So this means the real YOU is mainly the YOU IN OTHERS (apart from your narcissistic biased
self). That's why it's so important to choose friends in life that believe in YOU.

Only real friends will accept you without conditions. They recognize and reflect your initial
intentions in life ( You=Me principle) and therefore accept to live an fight with all of your good an
bad (perceived) 'properties' (personality, habits, etc).

The real you is 'there'

Don't get mixed up now you found out the 'real you' doesn't 'exist'. It only means the 'real you' isn't
perceivable, visible or knowable (only the attributes).

The real you is out there where no living human being has access to (let's cal it the i-dimension). It's
very valuable, enjoy it in life, it's a gift.......

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