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1. Complete with the correct possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. 1.

________________ brother planted a beautiful apricot tree in ________________front yard. 2. Annalisa finished _____________ homework early, but Julissa did not do _______________until later. 3. The little boy who lives next door played with _____________toys. 4. The furniture belongs to my mother. It is ______________. 5. _________________ family enjoys spending time together. 6. Jennys dad trimmed the branches off the tree. It looked bare withoutall of __________________ branches. 7. You must remember to clean _______ room before you go to the party. 8. Mr. and Mrs. Rochester bought a plant for ______________house. 9. The bicycle over there is ____ but this one right here is ______. 10. Angela likes to wear _________________ hair long, while Peggy prefers to wear ________________short. 2. Use the two sentences to make one sentence. Saxon Genitive. a. Daniel has got a dog. The dog is called Bobo. Daniels dog is called Bobo. b. Peter has got two sisters. c. The children have got new hamsters. f. Jess has got two brothers. g. James has got a beautiful girlfriend. h. The twins have got a nice new French teacher. 3. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the correct form of will or going to. a. I think Diana _____________ (pass) her exam. Shes very intelligent. b. What __________ you ___________ (do) tomorrow evening? c. I ____________________ (not have) breakfast this morning. Im not hungry. d. ____________ people ____________ (be) equal everywhere some day? e. Im sure your friends ______________ (not travel) with us in the future. f. Brian _____________________ (not buy) a new bike next week.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (First Conditional) 1. If they build / will build a car park here, the children will play in the street. 2. I will clean / clean the floor if you wash the dishes. 3. If you will study / study with us, you will pass the test. 4. Your friends will help / help you collect bottles if you ask them for their help. 5. If the weather is bad, we will stay / stay home. 5. Complete 1. If we buy tickets, we (go) to the concert. 2. It will help the environment if we (save) electricity. 3. If you dont pick up the rubbish, the street (stay) dirty. 4. The dog will leave the garden if you (not close) the gate. 5. If people recycle plastic, the world (be) cleaner. 6. I (cook) your favourite meal if you come over tonight. 6. Complete the sentences with the gerund form of the words in brackets. 1. Kate loves (listen) to Bob Dylans songs. 2. My parents dislike (dance). 3. Do you like (run)? 4. Tammy hates (fly). 5. You cant stand (go) to the doctor. 6. I prefer (play) football to (do) judo.


8. TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH - Mi hermano har los deberes esta tarde. - Yo creo que llover. - Si tu no estudias mucho, tu no aprobars tu examen. - A mi me gusta comer arroz. - Los libros de James son interesantes. - A ti no te gusta montar en bicicleta. - Los gatos de Roberto son marrones.

9. IRREGULAR VERBS - Volar: - Hacer: - Conducir: - Beber: - Coger o tomar: - Romper: