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2.2 Controller
The controller specifications are shown in Table 2.2. s p e c iifc a t i o n s r tandard T a b l e2 . 2 C o n t r o l l es
Path control method No. o f c o n t r o l l a b l a exes CPU [,lainfunction

specifications Standard I6 cR-El

PTPcontrol, CPcontrol axes 5 or 6 simultaneous trtain CPU(32-bit RISC),servo CPU OSP) 3Dcircular .bint interpolation,linear interpolation, palletizing, interrupt control, interpolation, conditionbranching,subroutine method:total 2000steps For teachingplayback N o t el ) rnethod: For corunand Max. 999 teachingpoints,/program steps/program Max. 4000programs irlax. 3l programs or teachingbox Personalcomputer


Memory capacity

No. of teachingpoints steps No. of program

number of Programs method Programnring language Programming

The memory capacity is 62k bytes The specification valueson the left are a guideline,and maydiffer to the conditions. according Note l) The interpolation. speed, input,/outputand timer conditionsettings are includedin the steps.

f o

MOVB'IASTER conunands (Autornatically generated teaching when using playback method. )

of teachingbox, teachingplayback Cornbination or MDImethod. methodusing personal ccrnputer Teaching box and personal software are computer options.

method Positionteaching purpose General Exclosive External lnput / output

20 inputpoints,l6 outputpoints
Assigned by user with general purposeinput/output

40 inputpointsand32 output points canbe added.

Hand open/close

4 input points and 4 output points for handopen/close pneumatic (select hand or either motorized 0 points ion confirmat with options. ) (For pneumatic hand intErface) I point in controllsr (Userwiringterminalblock) I I 2 I port (for personalcomputer connection) RS-232-C port (for teachingbox connection) RS-422 slots expansion hand interfaceslot

stop Energency

t o
lfith no dEwcondensation


temperature funblent humidity Anblent Power source Grounding ruction Const dimension Outline }{eight

0 to 40 degrees. 45 to 85 X without dewdrop 3KVA AC200Vt'10X, 50/60H2. [Caution] Slngle-phase Class 3 grounding type Independent standalone Rackinstallationis possible with rack installation adaptoroption


x 5120x 202H nn 4??W Approx.


. The personalcomputer must be provided by the user. . The grounding work is to be done by the user,
[CautiOn] Note that the power capaciV (3KVA) does not indude the rush cunent ,"hen th, po".,", is tumed ON.