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keyboard on thinkpad: 1. right click my computer, click properties 2.

Click "Device Manager"; if not present "Hardware", find "Device Manager" 3. Click "+" or arrow next to keyboards to open the list of all keyboard devices installed on your system. 4. Right-click laptop's keyboard driver and click "disable." -------------Using an Incompatible Driver When tinkering with the keyboard s driver, the only solution is to use a driver th at is not compatible, say a driver for Japanese keyboards used on an American QW ERTY keyboard. To do this, (note: tested on Windows 7 only) Click the Start button. Type Device Manager in the search box. Click Device Manager in the list of results. With the Device Manager opened, Click Keyboards in the list of devices to expand it. Right-click Standard PS/2 Keyboard. Click Properties. The Standard PS/2 Keyboard Properties dialog box will appear. Click Update Drive r in the Driver tab. In the next dialog box, select Browse my computer for driver software. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Uncheck Show compatible hardware. Select an incompatible driver and click Next. When the new driver software has been installed, click Close. Uninstalling the driver is fruitless since during restart the computer will dete ct the keyboard hardware, search for the right driver, and reinstall it. You can not also disable the keyboard since the Disable button is itself disabled. ------a simple way to disable the laptop keyboard (any brand) is to go to the device m anager, go to update driver then install an INCOMPATIBLE keyboard driver instead of the standard ps/2 driver then reboot. You will see that after reboot your de fective laptop keyboard is no longer functioning thus solving the problem. Hope this helps. ----another: I think that the reality is too bad : there is no nice solution for disabling a laptop keyboard without physically removing it. (if you uninstall the driver, Wi ndows will re-install it automatically). See this discussion forum for more precision : http://www.techsupportforum.com/h ardware-support/laptop-support/250095-how-disable-laptop-keyboard.html However, there is a way to uninstall a laptop keyborad with software :by install ing an incompatible driver !! The instructions are: Go to Device Manager and select the keyboard driver for your laptop. Right-clic-

> Properties Click on the rdiver panel and select the "Update..." button. Here you can choose an incompatible driver (you should unselect the option "Find compatible driver"). The one I have chosen (and the safer) is the "HID Keyboard Device" Restart and that's it !! Your are done I hope it will help other folks here. ----------Hardware Tinkering: nstructions 1 Shut down the laptop computer. Close the display screen, and then flip the noteb ook over so that it is bottom-side up. Unplug the AC adapter, and remove the bat tery from the bottom of the computer. 2 Turn the computer back over, and open the LCD display. Use a flat tool, such as a flathead screwdriver or scribe, to lift the cover along the top edge of the ke yboard. Carefully pry up on the keyboard edge cover, and remove it. Be careful n ot to damage the laptop display screen while removing the edge cover. Sponsored Links Zinstall XP7 Moves all your apps and files to new PC, Windows 7! www.zinstall.com 3 Remove the keyboard retaining screws that are located above the top row of keys on the keyboard. 4 Gently lift the keyboard out of the laptop, but do not remove it from the comput er. 5 Flip the keyboard so that you can see the ribbon connector cable on the bottom. Gently pull the connector from the connector port on the notebook motherboard. L ay the keyboard back in place in the notebook case. 6 Replace the keyboard retaining screws, and secure them with a Phillips screwdriv er. Snap the keyboard edge cover back into place. 7 Close laptop display cover, and flip the computer back over so that it is again facing bottom-side up. 8 Reinsert the battery into its bay, and lock it into place. Flip the laptop back to the right-side up position. 9 Reconnect the AC adapter, and power on the laptop. The laptop keyboard is disabl ed. You can now connect a USB keyboard to serve as a replacement. ------