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Nikia Pope

April 16, 2009

SOWK 300

Ms. McArthur

Project 6

Survey Research Report

For this particular project I will investigate Spanking. I will will be giving 50 surveys
to Tuskegee University to measure their beliefs about Spanking. I expect to find
that Most students have at some point been spanked in their life, and that they
support spanking their children. I think that Age, Sex, and Region of the country an
individual was raised in will definitely affect their responses about spanking as well
as their views about spanking. It is my belief that those raised in the Southern
Region of the country have experienced more spanking than those of other regions
of the country. Hopefully my data will prove me to be correct.


The bivariate relationship of my crosstabs are between the independent and dependent
variables. The independent variables are the questions that can stand alone such as Sex,
Age, and Region of the country from which the respondent is from. The questions that are
posed in the survey are strictly on a personal level, there in no correct or incorrect answer, it
is only what the selected individual thinks. Many of the questions posed in this survey were
questions that wanted to inquire about what others thought and asked "What would you do",
in a particular situation. The dependent variables correlates with the manner in which people
answer the questions, for instance a person’s age or sex may affect the way that they
would answer a question (i.e. younger individuals tend to think more on the basis of
whatever is present in their mind at the time, whatever they can remember at the time
opposed to critical thinking which may be more present in older individuals). Other factors
that can potentially influence a questionnaires response are religious preferences as well as
gender, and region of the country. The control variable I choose was sex. I predicted that the
effect the control variable would have on the independent and dependent variable will be
that individuals from the south experience more spanking than those from the western
region of the country.


I think that the control variable will have an effect on the independent and dependent
variable because those raised in the south tend to have experienced more physical
discipline than others from other parts of the country.


Bivariate Tables


The highest percentage of respondents were in the age categories of 18-21 and 22-24. It
showed that most students have experienced some for of spanking in their life time. A lot of
students do not have ill feeling towards their parents for spanking them and they do not
have ill feelings about spanking in a general sense. Most people understand that their
parents spanked them for a good reason..it was discipline. And they believe that it has
made them a better person to date.

The multivariate tables show the same thing as the bivariate, however the race factor does
play a bit of a role in the diverse nature of the outcome. Although the rates are generally the
same, the actually numbers vary a bit.