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Case Study / NoteMe SMS

Web application for SMS marketing campaigns

We developed web applications for holding various SMS marketing campaigns and integrated them with an internal CRM system. Results Achieved:
Simple, user friendly and safe environment delivered System replies with predefined messages according to the content of received SMS or mail End-user is enabled to communicate interactively with the system via SMS Users profile is generated from recorded SMS communication

NoteMe / Client Joomla!, PHP, MySQL / Technology

Case Study / NoteMe SMS

Solution for SMS campaign

We provided the client with a system that receives SMS messages with various data content, and, according to the content, sends pre-defined replies in SMS and mail formats. Registration on a list is also possible for example call-centre list, letter list, seminar list and many others. Each reply to a received SMS message can be fully modified and edited according to the clients requirements.

The system includes functionalities which are new to the market. Among these, for example, is the possibility for the end user (respondent) to communicate interactively with the system via SMS. A current SMS marketing campaign can be defined as a so-called tree type structure where the user can move within the SMS marketing campaign by sending a series of SMS messages. With every SMS the user reaches more concrete information on the subject in which he is interested.

All data about communications with the SMS system is carefully recorded, and used to generate respondents profiles and comprehensive statistics, which are also the basis for the accounting part of the SMS system.

Considering the requirements for integrity of separate parts of the SMS system, and for overall simplicity, we chose a solution which joined all parts of the system together into one coherent administrative platform.

This solution was the Joomla! Framework, a complete CMS (Content Management System). In its basic version, this editorial system enables easy administration of web presentations.

All other parts of the SMS system were then developed as modules and extensions of this CMS system and were integrated into a single administrative platform. Individual modules of the SMS application are closely linked together and use common functionality. As well as the web application, the two back-end systems (business and consumer back-end parts) are closely connected to the administration section of the whole SMS system.

Case Study / NoteMe SMS

Individual parts of the SMS system were developed in PHP, Java and XML environments. The MySQL database was chosen as the most suitable database for this system. Parts of the system which work with sensitive data are protected with a security certificate (SSL).

The NoteMe SMS system is then connected to a partners gateway (mediator of SMS communication) and also to other applications supplied by external companies (e.g. system for finding address based on phone number etc.)