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7 rules of accurate thinking: 1.

Never accept the opinions of other people as being facts until you have learn ed the source of those opinions and satisfied yourself of their accuracy. 2. Remember that free advice, no matter from whom it is received, will bare the closest of examination before it is acted upon as safe, and, generally speaking, this sort of advice is worth exactly what it cost. 3. Alert yourself immediately when you hear anyone speaking of others in a disco urteous or slander spirit because this very fact should put you on notice that w hat you are hearing is biased to say the very least about it, and it may be a mi sstatement. 4. When asking others for information, do not disclose to them what you wish the information to because most people have a bad habit of trying to please under s uch circumstances. 5. Remember that anything which exists anywhere throughout the universe is capab le of proof, and if no such proof is available it is safer to assume that nothin g exists. 6. One of the great unexplainable miracles consists in a fact that both truth an d false to it, no matter by what means that may be expressed, carry with them a silent invisible means of identifying themselves as such. Therefore, remember th is truth and begin to develop the necessary intuitive faculty that will enable you to sense what is false and what is truth. 7. Follow the habit of asking: "How do you know?" - when anyone makes a statemen t you cannot identify as true. Outwitting the Devil: This information is indespensible for anyone working towards a life of happiness and success in all areas of life. Read or listen to Outwitting the Devil at lea st twice and write down the following lists every day even once they are commite d to memory. Keep these ideas at the front of your mind at all times. Seven Habits to form in order to outwit the devil 1.) Have a Definite Major Purpose in life 2.) Obtain self-mastery 3.) Use adversity for benefits 4.) Use time as a tool 5.) Find harmony 6.) Think through your plan for attaining you Definite Major Purpose Ten Must-do things in order to prevent drifting 1.) Do your own thinking on all occassions 2.) Have a Definite Major Purpose and create a definite plan of action for attai ning it 3.) Analyse temporary defeat and NO MATTER WHAT extract a seed of equivalent ben efit from it 4.) Be willing to render the service for all material things that you demand of life. Render more and better service first, accept the payment later. 5.) Recognize that your mind communicates with infinite intelligence and helps y ou transmute your desires into reality. 6.) Recognize that your greatest asset is time. 7.) Know that fear is a filler that occupies the parts of your mind that the dev il fills. It is a state of mind that can instead be filled with what you want, a nd can get. 8.) When you pray, don't beg. DEMAND on getting EXACTLY what you want with no su bsittutions. 9.) Either you master life or life masters you. There is no half-way. Never acce pt what you don't want. 10) Your dominating thoughts ALWAYS attract their physical couterparts.

Three appetites to master in order to obtain self-mastery 1.) the desire for food (I personally would add alcohol, but Napoleon Hill did n ot) 2.) the desire for sex expression 3.) the desire to express loosely formed ideas