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Heat Pump

Objective : i) To understand the instruction and operation of Heat Pump. ii) To demonstrate the principles of Heat Pump. iii) To determine the expression for heating effect, thermal efficiency and coefficient of performance for Heat Pump.

Problem Statement : The heat pumps in this study serve the same purpose as a domestic boiler but, rather than burning a fuel to produce heat, they move heat from a low-temperature heat source (ambient air, for example) and pump it to a higher temperature. This experiment will conduct to determine how heats pumps perform in real life conditions by calculate measure of Coefficient of Performance, thermal efficiency and heating effect. There were many system configurations monitored in field trial. In most cases, simplest designed system performed with higher efficiencies. The impact of domestic hot water production on system performance is also unclear. Thus, heat pump can be designed to provide domestic hot water at appropriate temperature, but more investigation is needed to determine the factors which impact COP of heat pump.

Methodology: i) Input Rate (L/min) Experimental data Compressor power (kW) Mass flow rate (kg/s) Water inlet temperature, T1 ( oC) Water outlet temperature, T2 ( oC)

ii) Input rate (L/min)

Experimental result Heating effect Q= m.Cp.T Thermal efficiency Coefficient of performance, COP

Formula : The heating effect, Qh is calculated using equation below Qh = mh Cp T Where, Qh mh Cp T = heating effect of heat pump (kW) = mass flow rate (kg) = specific heat capacity of water (4.2 kJ/kg K) = differences between water outlet to water inlet ( oC)

The Coefficient of Performance can be determine by using equation below, COPHP = which expressed as, =

COPHP = Where, QL

= heat absorbed from low temperature medium

Qh = heating effect of heat pump (kW)/ heat rejected to high temperature medium Wnet = QH - QL (kJ)

Expected result : The higher the COP, the less electrical energy is required to deliver a given amount of heat: a high COP shows good performance, and a low COP shows poor performance.


Wnet (kJ)