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Susan Seymour Hedke

„But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be

darkened and the moon not give forth her light“
Mark 13-24

In my last article I claimed the Galactic Centre was the cause

of all disaster. This is not the whole truth, for the Nodes of the
Moon, which are associated with eclipses, also cause
disasters. Yet even so, disaster may be the only way to

Who wants to near the doorway of dark disaster without the promise of something good on the
other side? Long have people feared the eclipse of Sun or Moon that are associated with the
Nodes of the Moon, known in the East as Rahu and Ketu, seeing them as signals of impending
disaster. Yet only recently are we rediscovering the connection of these Nodes to a greater galactic

Perhaps understanding the causes of disaster may lead at least to enough enlightenment to
protect ourselves from disaster, or transform our way of feeling about them, as we near the
prophesied year of 2012 and approach with trepidation the galactic Gateway of the Gods.

So what are the Nodes of the Moon? The Sun moves along the ecliptic and most of the planets
follow suit, but the Moon has a slight wobble to its course. This means that at two points its path
crosses the ecliptic. The crossing points of the Moon's path over the ecliptic marks a Node. This
may or may not also be associated with a solar or lunar eclipse. The Moon wobbles over the
ecliptic to the north creating the North Node and crosses over the ecliptic to the south to create the
South Node. The Nodes always remain opposite each other.

It does not take an eclipse to cause a disaster, a difficult atrological aspect between a heavenly
body and the two Nodes is often enough. If one of the two major lights, Sun or Moon, aspect the
Nodes through a square, this can trigger a disastrous period. When it involves the Moon this lasts
a day or two but with the Sun the aspect lasts over a week.

These effects of the Moon's Wobble, and the Nodes have been traced by a number of
astrologically oriented people and in the endnotes are some links to articles i.For instance in May
2008 as first Mercury and then the Sun squared the Nodes that increasingly aligned with Neptune
on one side and Saturn on the other causing major disasters and the deaths of many thousands of

May 2008 Disasters

• May 1–2, Arkansas: seven people are killed and 13 more are injured in Arkansas
when storms hit 16 counties. (Mercury T square Nodes)

• May 3, Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis hits the Irrawaddy Delta and the city of Yangon,
killing about 78,000 people. Most of the deaths and destruction were caused by a 12-foot-
high tidal wave that formed during the storm. Cyclone Nargis is the worst natural disaster
since the tsunami in 2004. (Mercury T square Nodes and Neptune).

• May 11, Okla., Mo., Ga.: more than 20 people die and hundreds more are injured
when tornadoes hit Missouri, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Racine, a town about 170 miles
south of Kansas City, Missouri was most damaged, leaving about 9,000 people without
electricity for over three days. (Sun T sq. Nodes).

• May 12, China: over 67,000 people die and hundreds of thousands more are injured
when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Sichuan, Gansu, and Yunnan Provinces in
western China..ii (Sun T square Nodes, South Node c. Moon c. Saturn1 as also Neptune
and Chiron c. North Node.)

What has not been discussed, or even noticed in recent history, as far as I can see, is the
increased disaster potential given when the centre of our galaxy, 26,000 light years away, is also
involved in aspects to the Nodes.

1 Saturn or his sign or house is always involved in earthquakes, especially when aspecting the Nodes as here as in the
Tsunami December 2004 where Saturn was in a grand cross with Nodes involving also his sign Capricorn rising.
Above you see the Galactic Centre and the South Node (Ketu-the dragon's tail) at about
3° Sagittarius between the constellations Scorpio2, Sagittarius and Ophiucus with his
serpent-dragon. Opposite, at the top of the picture, is the Galactic Anti-Centre where the
solar and lunar paths meet again at the home of the North Node, or dragon's head, near
Orion, between the head of the constellations Taurus and the Gemini twins whose brightest
stars, Castor and Pollux, also represent the head.

I say „in recent history“ because many of our ancestors knew about both the Galactic Centre
and the Nodes of the Moon. In Vedic India the particularly demonic nature of the South Node, has
long been recognized. The Vedics also seem to have associated the South Node, Ketu or the
dragon's tail, with the exact same place the Galactic Centre was at home in: 3° Sagittarius 3. This
gives a definite link between two of the most disastrous points one could point to in an astrological
chart. In thousands of disasters I have looked at the Nodes and the Galactic centre are in aspect
when the disasters occur, and especially when the aspect emphasizes the Galactic Centre and or
South Node, as can be the case in a „bow and arrow“ aspect.4

One might think that times of meeting between the Nodes and the Galactic Axis, or particularly
the South Node conjunct the Galactic Centre, might cause the worst disasters of all, and if we
thought so we would be right!

In Indian understanding these two were created when at a party the gods were getting drunk
on amrita which made immortal, and to avoid the demons gaining immortality but not wanting to

2Scorpio's tail is also very close to the Galactic Centre and so close to the South Node or dragon's tail as well.
Scorpio has also been called the red dragon, so might symbolically be compared to that unlucky South Node.
3 This awareness was offered again to the western world by John Major Jenkins in his book „Galactic Alignment“
4 The „bow and arrow“ is an asppect I named after I discovered it in the chart of the Tsunami 2004. It was made up of
an arrow of opposition between the Galactic Centre and the Moon in a bow created by two other factors usually in a
trine aspect pointing at one area. The Super Tornado chart of Xenia p 19, well shows this bow and arrow.
offend them completely, were offering them a substitute drink. The demon Rahu, the North Node
recognized the ruse and dressed up as a god was able to drink the real stuff. In that very moment
the Sun and Moon noticed and blew Rahu's cover and Vishnu cut her 5 head off, but too late, she
could not be killed, her head and tail though seperated had already become immortal, Ketu was
the name given to her snaky headless tail. From this moment the Nodes were sworn enemies to
the Sun and Moon.

In modern Vedic astrology there are a variety of approaches to the nodes, but generally they
are considered malifics associated with chronic disease, loss, suffering and cataclysmic events. By
Rahu it might be said that what she eats is unsatisfying, she is insatiably hungry leading to
addictions, but also has material worries and obstructions to material success.

Ketu is the cruel one, it is thought that Ketu may be more spiritual but that its spirituality or
special abilities may come through a disaster, misery or suffering in this life, or through a physical
loss or abandonment.They may be physically abused but gain other abilities as a substitute:
psychic and intuitive. The South Node rules diseases of unknown origin, misdiagnosed or
mistreated, or that have an insidious character.

Yet it is not just our personal disasters that may involve the Nodes but also collective disasters.

The Dark side of the Moon.

Here are just a few charts of some of the better known „worst ever disasters“, showing the
connection between the Nodes of the Moon and the Galactic Centre.

5 In most myths Rahu and Ketu are male but sometimes also female.

South Node, Neptune and Uranus conjunct the

Galactic Centre.

(Bow and arrow to South Node c.GC, bow to Uranus c. GC)

The Tambora eruption caused the deaths of more than 90,000 people in the Indonesian
area. Famine resulted and the next year it caused strange climate disasters in other areas of
the world, sudden summer storms, one of which was the inspiration for a monster man
brought to life by a flash of lightning – Frankenstein. In June 1816 snow fell in New
Hampshire, USA, and the crops failled, causing some to emmigrate.

A great number of disasters occurred in the years 1815-16.


c. 830,000 fatalities

SHAANXI, CHINA, morning January 23 1556

South Node and Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Planets and Nodes create bows and arrows pointing at
the Galactic centre and at Saturn.
Saturn and his earth ruled sign Capricorn are most
important significators for earthquakes.

Syria - Upper Egypt 1201.

1,100,000 fatalities


other worst earthquakes occurred in Europe and badly affected Basel.
Here South Node and Jupiter conjunct Galactic Centre
Saturn again in Aries aspecting Nodes


South Node conjunct Mars, c. Chiron, c. Galactic Centre conjunct Pluto.

Bow and arrow to GC and South Node and T square involving the Sun.

2001-2 produced a number of other disasters associated with the Nodal conjunction to the GC,
including a Foot and Mouth Outbreak in April in England and Hurricane Iris in Meso america in
October 2001.
Thousands of lambs slaughtered

Sun, Mercury, Venus in sign of Lamb-Aries, but the ruler Mars was conjunct the GC with
Chiron, Pluto and South Node. Similarity to the World Trade Centre disaster..
28 December 1908
c. 110,000 dead

Here again the South Node conjuct the Galactic Centre. Pluto is opposite conjunct the North
Node. A lethal mixture when the lights get involved – as here the Sun is conjunct the GC in the
earth sign of Capricorn.

Moment Magnitude 9.2

Until the tsunami 2004 occurred, (also showing the Nodes of the Moon involved), this
earthquake in 1964 was usually considered the second largest recorded.

I always found this fire difficult to explain before I knew about the Galactic Centre.

The fire was discovered at 1 am as the house was in full flame, so I have given 00:30 for
its beginning. The grand cross lasted nearly an hour. (Pluto c. North node as with the
earthquake in Messina).

( SOUTH NODE c. GC , Neptune c. Jupiter c. GC)

Half the population, 60 million either died or disappeared soon after as plague followed.
Many left China altogether, including the animals.

Thought to have carried Pubonic Plague - Black Death to Europe.

Black Death reached Europe 1348, when in Italy 25-50 million died.

The whole year was bad and this is just one possible date.

The South Node was conjunct the Galactic Centre all year.

All the worst storms, hurricanes, floods and tragic events have been caused by the combined
influence of the nodes of the Moon with aspects to the Galactic Centre, especially when other
outer planets were involved. This was the case in 1815-16 when the volcano Tambora blew

On 23rd September 1815, with an 11-foot storm surge at Providence, the 1815 storm was also
the first hurricane to strike New England in 180 years. The very next year it received snow in June.

In the TRAMORE BAY STORM on 30th January 1816 4 ships were lost with 612 deaths. A
number of other ship disasters occurred in these two years.

Of course every involvement of the Nodes in an aspect to the Galactic centre can precipitate
disaster so we see the Nodes involved in the Lisbon Earthquake on the last transit of Pluto over
the Galactic Centre in which about 100,000 people died ether through the earthquake or resulting

Lisbon Earthquake All Saints Day 1755

and so as one might imagine they were involved in both a grand cross with Saturn and in
creating a bow to the Galactic centre when the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on
26th December 2004.

Also disastrous may be the North Node conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Back in 1508, on the 12th August, the Buenventura Hurricane killed the whole population of
Buenventura. That was two transits of Pluto over the GC ago. In the year 1508 the North Node and
Pluto were both conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Galveston was the worst Hurricane ever remembered at least until recently and here the North
Node c GC was responsible for between 8,000 and 12,000 deaths. In addition it caused thirty
million dollars worth of damage to property.

Tornadoes seem strongly associated to the Nodes. On 24th April 1908 the Southeast Tornado
Outbreak was one of the worst in US history, leaving 143 dead. The South Node and Uranus were
conjunct the GC. The Palm Sunday Tornado on 11th-12th April 1965 where 256 people died also
showed the South Node conjunct the GC. The Super Outbreak showed the North Node conjuct the
GC. And in the Xenia Outbreak 32 people were killed. But the two worst years on record were also


The Storm of the Century that hit the East coast of America on 12 th March 1993 also showed
the North Node conjunct the GC.

In the very near future the North Node moves to conjunct the Galactic Centre in Capricorn. So
that the years 2010 to 2011 may be most disastrous, especially involving earthquakes suggested
by Capricorn, but Uranus in Aries brings war and volcanic activity, the south node water disasters
and Saturn, here in Virgo, brings health problems and in bad aspect to Pluto also economic
difficulties and further reasons for war.
What kind of disasters might this grand cross cause?

Here in June 2010 a number of factors could lead to disaster. The grand cross seen above
involves not just the Nodes but also the Galactic Centre, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and (on this
day shown above) also the Moon.

Moreover the grand cross is on the Holy Cross, which is the cross of the solstices and
equinoxes aligned with the galactic axis. This occurs four times in one Great Year6, and causes the
worst disasters.

The involvement of all these signs in the heavens does suggest a potentially disastrous period.
That the period around 2012 may be disastrous is also supported by many other prophecies. Yet
given this news of bad weather on the way, do we just stick our heads in the sand, or do we try to
do our best to prepare for the changes that seem to be required of us. How can we prepare? I
6 The Great Year is usually said to last 25,920 years, but this is only very approximate, the Greta Flood may have been the last
Holy Cross c 6,300 years ago and if the last worst Holy Cross half a Great Year ago occurred as the Chronicles of Akakor tell, at
10,468 BC (c.12,500 BC) then this is one reason to suspect the Great Year may be shorter.
think that we may need to develop at a very fast rate to see or feel things from a galactic
perspective. For most disasters that occur, there are ways that people could have protected
themselves if they had felt, seen, known or been sensitive to and prepared for the liklihood of a
disaster coming. This was what saved Noah and I believe that is what the Nodes can teach, it can
force us to develop abilities we would not have developed if we had not been “cut in half” as the
Nodes were for example.

The South Node is probably a psychic amplifier of galactic messages, as well as amplifying the
disasters, it may help us to avoid them: if we are sensitive to the warnings we may not need to feel
it on our flesh.

Ideal would be if we could get away with our lives and receive the drink of the gods as well, if
the Nodes managed to make themselves immortal, maybe they can teach us the way?

THE GALACTIC CENTRE and understanding the Great Year Cycle

Let us try to understand the Great Year cycle ruled by the Galactic Centre and its associated
Nodes. There must be a reason for their association with and placing by Vedic astrology on the
galactic axis and it does tell of a great plan and meaning, or of all being part of one galactic body,
which discovery is itself a kind of enlightenment.

Let us look at the seeming procession of the Galactic Centre through the zodiac until it has
now arrived at the winter solstice of the Great Year, bringing it to an end. As all cycles continue this
end must also mean a birth and indeed many solar heroes like Jesus Christ are thought to be born
three days after the winter solstice, after the Sun has stood still or died for three days 7

The Galactic Centre is found just south of the ecliptic between the constellations Scorpio,
Ophiucus and Sagittarius. Scorpio we associate with death, it is the only deadly poisonous
creature in the zodiac. The Galactic Centre is placed just above its sting. These constellations are
equivalent at present (because of the cyclic precessional wobble of the Earth), to the tropical
astrological signs close to the winter solstice area – these signs are Sagittarius and increasingly
the earth sign Capricorn, which begins at the winter solstice on 22nd December. This earth sign will
soon be the home of our Galactic Centre. It is no coicidence that many of the worst earthquakes of
the last years are occurring near the end of December. We are moving not only into a Great New
Year but also again into an Age of Saturn, which some say was a Golden Age.

7 Sol-stice = sun stands still, which is like a three day period of death.

In the figure above we see in the outer circle the Galactic Centre between the
constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius, but on the inner brown circle we see the Galactic
Centre beteen the signs Sagittarius and Capricorn. This is caused by the direction of
motion of the inner wheel that results in a seeming procession of the Galactic Centre into
Capricorn in the next 250 years as also at the same time a precession of the vernal hand of
our clock from the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

Unfortunately tropical astrology does not help us understand the original meaning of the
Galactic Centre. To understand it a little better we find answers in the East, in China and India, and
maybe in our own internalized understanding of the seasons.

For me it would make sense to place Sagittarius and Capricorn below in the chart, not above,
where they are at present. For me as, they rule the winter when life returns to the root or to the
earth, either through death or sleep it is therefore not a particularly fortunate position for life.
Whereas Summer is like the day and Heaven and I associate it with the light of the Sun which is
above when life grows and multiplies.

Vedic astrology supports this instinctual feeling for it places in the area where the Galactic
Centre is found a region of death and poison David Frawley tells how the Vedas associate the
Moon in this position with death in the family. There are two worst areas called Jyestha at the end
of Scorpio (16 40 – 30 00) said to kill the eldest born (Jyestha-ghna) and Mula at the beginning of
the constellation Sagittarius (00 – 13 20) said to be ruled by Nirriti or the Goddess of calamity, and
thought to pull out the root of the familyiii.

This is fitting to the associations we have for Scorpio, as a deadly poisonous creature and also
in history often true of the associations to Sagittarius which was a warlike sign, in contrast the good
qualities are given to the opposite area, which is our Galactic Anti Centre area at 3° Gemini, or in
broaderr terms between the constellations Taurus and Gemini. Here we find the natural position for
the Soma- Amrita-drink of immortality of the gods and also fassociated with Brahma the creator
with a deer or antelope's head and in some traditions as also for Prajapati, shown with deer antlers
in ancient engravings who is an ancient horned God, Lord of the Beasts and form of Shiva. The
zone called Mrigashira at 0° Gemini is placed also in the same position as the upper part of Orion
and nearby in Capella is the very heart of Brahma the creator.

So associated with the Galactic centre area we have Mula representing the root. In Chinese
thought we have a not so poisonous idea but nevertheless a related theme of Earth for this area in
which the sign of Sagittarius from end of November to December is associated with the hexagram
K'un .

In this Chinese figure we see the eight basic trigrams representing the „Primal
Arrangment“ (page 266, I Ching8) we see K'un placed at the base. K'un is associated with
Earth and with Winter and the month of late
November to December like Sagittarius.

It seems appropriate to me to place the signs of

winter below, where life returns to its root in the
earth at the darkest time of the year and to let it
be ruled by Yin lines, as Yin is that female power
of earth and associated with coolness and dark.
Heaven I associate as being above me and being
light like the day and summer. To me it also
makes sense that the left (here the east) side of
this chart show increasing Yang lines and are
associated with fire as fire does rise, and that the
west should be associate with a falling pattern
and increasing Yin and water as water does fall


IN K'UN THE trigram of the Mare

Yet western astrology places Sagittarius and Capricorn at the top of its picture which means
that including the Galactic centre puts the root above, meaning that the galactic tree would grow
downward from the „ceiling“. This interesting polar reversal has occurred for reasons I will not go
into now as they are too lengthy, but originally astrology did share the Primal Arrangment with the
Chinese understanding. The Chinese picture is absolutely essential here as it retains what other
systems have lost and the sense and meaning of the true north south axis - the galactic axis.9

The three broken lines of K'un , shown at the base of the above figure, signify its pure Yin

8 Richard Wilhelm translation

9 I go into this in much greater depth in my book „The GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in
nature, as does the whale like figure, which is at its maximum here, for the water of K'an in the
west has grown to maximum at the base.

Pure Yang is above at the Galactic Anti-Centre, where the constellations Gemini, Taurus and
Orion are found. This is the primal arrangment of the galactic picture which gives it meaning. To
these two positions, Gemini and Sagittarius the two Nodes of the Moon were alotted. Gemini,
Chien (meaning also head) was associated with Heaven as with the head and the Sagittarian K'un
was the carrying Earth and contained the root or tail, in fact when coins are used for the I Ching
three heads is the trigram Chien and three tails are thrown for K'un.

North Node Rahu-Gemini Soth Node Ketu-Sagittariusiv

By adding the Chinese understanding and the Indian, in which The Galactic Centre is at the
base or root of the cycle, we see Gemini and the North Node above and Ketu and the Galactic
centre below. In the following figure I have placed East to the right showing the Great Return of
Yang beginning on the right side of the solar path from the point of Ketu which is also the point of
the Galactic Centre and closely associated with Mula or root, but now we could also add perhaps
the idea of not just a root but also a womb. Perhaps the south node is dastrous and signifies an
ending as eclipses too also draw an end -a darkness- but they also allow for a rebirth. So this area
could be seen as the death-rebirth area associated with the South Node and the Galactic Centre.
Illustration showing how the Great Year cycle is connected to the Galactic axis and the
positions of the Nodes, showing Ketu and the Galactic Centre as the base of a dragon-like
creature such as was known to represent the Milky Way galaxy.

K'un is also given in the I Ching not just as a primal trigram but as a hexagram of six broken
lines and was known as the dark power that brings an end to the year, when the Sun is at its
weakest. Yet it was also known as the power that brings to birth. The area of Ketu is also K'un and
Sagittarius, of Rahu is also Gemini and Orion a constellation that has been given many names. Yet
here we see the whole galactic picture, Rahu and Ketu reunited to one galactic picture that had
been lost. John Major jenkins quotes a 9 th century textv which tells how the nodal dragon stood
upright like a serpent raising itself in the middle of the heavens, its head in Gemini and its tail in the
Centaur making its snaky tail the spiral of the coiled Milky Way Centre.

From this serpentine centre and root all life is born and all life returns to it or dies, in each of us
K'un is the root of the Kundalini spirit which raises itself also to climb the spine up to the head.

One could see the dark Yin symbol at the centre of the Chinese primal trigrams as a pregnant
woman's belly, for it is at this point in the year or Great Year where we have reached the lowest
base that Yin which has grown to maximum goes into labour, and her waters burst to give birth to
the light Yang.

That is why we should bear the disasters and tribulations coming, for they are the labour pains
of a Mother attempting to birth the child of light of a Great New Year.
And the birth of this child of light will bring enlightenment if we get through the labour. We
cannot prevent the birth for it has been planned and known of for thousands of years, but we can
prepare for it.

Here is another version of the cycle of the Great Year based on Yin and Yang

Diagram shows the motion through time and space of Yin and Yang adapted from a
chart by the philosopher Dong Zhongshu (c. 179-104 BC) original on page 172 of Frank
Fiedeler’s YIN UND YANG.

The Chinese understood more than the cycles of the Sun in

their Yin and Yang symbol, they could explain the cycles of the
Moon also and associate both to the galactic axis, meaning they
had a true understanding of how the whole galaxy functioned.
You see those two eyes of the two creatures Yin and Yang? ( I
see them as a dark watery fish and a light-fiery bird- a phoenix or
fish-eating bird). As the bodies of those creatures tell us of the
solar cycle so their eyes tell us of the lunar cycle.
On the left we see the Chinese understanding of
the lunar cycle which is sort of like the secret
mystery glittering in the eyes of the Yin Yang
figures, for in understanding the Moon and the
Moon's Nodes we can see their relation to the
galactic axis10. On the left we see how the lunar
cycles connected to the vertical galactic axis
creates the word for king in Chinese.

The lines were also seen as beams with the main

beam being the galactic axis and three cross beams.

In this figure we see the Sun at its maximum power

at the place of Chien – Heaven, synonymous with the
Galactic Anti-Centre between the constellations Taurus
and Gemini, or in tropical astrology the summer solstice
Here when the Sun is at its strongest the Moon is dark. Only below we see the light of the Full
Moon at the time of the winter solstice, when the Sun is weakest. This is the place of Sagittarius,
who is also known in China as the Moon-archer will shoot down the tail end of this age and its Sun
but is also K'un, the mother giving birth to a new Sun-son who will be king of kings and lord of

Yet he will be born in a way we do not imagine, he will be born out of the Earth and out of the
mare of the sea as fire and light. He will come in a cloud from the east in Indonesia, where the
tsunami of 2004 occurred. He is a volcano and he will become the mountain of God, the mountain
of paradise we lost as we fell and this is the Covenant between God and his children that is
imprinted in our blood that it should not be forgotten.

Now the time of suffering and falling farther from good and from God and from enlightenment
is nearly over. This is the time of the Great Return, the time so long awaited. We are the last
generation and the last will be the first, as Orion under one of his many names, Shiva, Osiris and
King of Kings, aligns his holy trinity, his belt of three stars with our equatorial belt and frees himself
from the bands of the Mother Earth in whose womb he has been imprisoned in the Underworld. For
the sake of this child that will be born at midnight we must find a way through the tribulation of his
apocalyptic and beastly birthing.

The time we are in, the winter solstice of the Great Year, is the darkest time spiritually, it is the
South Node of disaster magnified by the Galactic Centre to a full eclipse of the heart. Yet in the
moment, like unto death (but just before birth), in which we dont find our way, when the way seems
lost, when we are the child we await, then we may call out for help and find it, and the dark eclipse
becomes a doorway. The material world of body may seem ripped in shreds yet spirit awoken is
driving us on, through wormholes of dragon's tails, we squeeze through the birth channel of the
galaxy, press through the eye of a needle and out to an open place where we can breathe again at
the heart of light.

© Susan Seymour Hedke

10 This is dealt with in more detail elsewhere. However, understanding that this is the time of full Moon in the Great
Year cycle explains a lot about the kind of disasters we may expect.

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