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Note: Unless otherwise stated, items are to standard MAN B&W Diesel Ltd specifications. All auxiliary items are rated at 380 / 440 Volts, 3 phase at 50 / 60 Hz. 4.1.1 BASE ENGINE

Flywheel Engine flywheel SAE21 with starter ring. Engine flywheel housing SAE 00. Barring gear to manually turn the engine to facilitate maintenance. Engine Mounting One set of engine feet. Torsional Vibration Torsional vibration damper fitted at the crankshaft free end. 4.1.2 STARTING SYSTEM

Pneumatic Starting Systems Two turbine type Air start motor 1 x 10 bar with governor boost unit (Duty & Standby). Air pressure reducing valves supplied loose allowing the stored air pressure (max 40 Bar) to be reduced to the correct working level. Complete with safety and shut off valves. STARTING AIDS Primary Water Pre Heating Primary water heater unit rated at 9 kWe. Includes heating elements and circulating pump mounted on frame and wired. Lub Oil Pre Heating Lub Oil preheating not included. 4.1.3 COOLING SYSTEM

PRIMARY CIRCUIT (FRESH WATER) Fresh water coolant is circulated through the crankcase jacket, cylinder heads, turbocharger and exhaust housings and the high pressure charge air aftercooler by a free end mounted gear driven circulating pump. The system is fitted with a thermostatic valve for temperature control. Primary circuit coolant header tank by others.

SECONDARY CIRCUIT Secondary water is circulated through an engine mounted plate type lubricating oil cooler, high pressure charge air aftercooler and the three low pressure charge air intercoolers by a gear driven pump mounted at the free end of the engine. Thermostatic valve. Secondary circuit coolant header tank by others. 4.1.4 LUB OIL SYSTEM

Wet sump Externally mounted gear type pump Pressure relief valve Lubricating oil thermostatic bypass control valve Plate type lubricating oil cooler (secondary water cooled) Filler and strainer Dipstick Triplex lub oil filter mounted on engine. Crankcase breather stub pipe. Air Valve Lubricating Oil System (AVLOS). Mechanically driven lubrication pump to provide lubrication to valve rockers. Fitted to engine. Required for continuous operating power applications running for 1000 hours or more per year. PRIMING PUMP & PIPING Electric motor driven lub oil priming pump, off engine unwired suitable for continuous or intermittent priming. Rated at 2.2 kW, complete with starter. Flexible connections not included. Pump control to be via start sequence logic in engine control panel. 4.1.5 FUEL OIL SYSTEM

Combined fuel pumps and injectors Fuel reservoir Fuel oil cut-off valve Feed pump - suction lift 2000 mm from crankshaft centre line Simplex Fuel Oil Filter. 4.1.6 EXHAUST SYSTEM

The exhaust system is of pulsed design, feeding a 2-stage turbocharging system with three exhaust outlets. The exhaust system is enclosed in fresh water-cooled, gas tight casings. Set of Flexible bellows and joints for connection between engine and exhaust ducting. A three into one adapter for combining the three exhaust outlets into a single duct, complete with joints.



AIR INLET SYSTEM 6 low-pressure turbochargers deliver first stage air to the intercooler. 3 high-pressure turbochargers delivers second stage charge air to the aftercooler. Electrically operated Shutdown flaps, which are designed to starve the engine of aspiration air in case of emergency. (Designed energised to shutdown). AIR FILTERS Single stage panel type air inlet filters, having corrugated, washable elements of dry polyester media backed by wire mesh, bracket mounted to each bank of the engine. 4.1.8 GOVERNING SYSTEM

Woodward UG Actuator with Woodward 2301A Speed Controller with Load Share. 2301A has load sharing ability and self contained load sensor. Variable droop or isochronous load share operation. Start fuel limit and failed speed sensor detector. Graduated output lever. Governor boost unit (With Air start Engines only). 4.1.9 SAFETY SWITCHES & TRANSDUCERS

Note: All switches and transducers are supplied fitted and unwired. 2 stage switches and brackets 24V D.C. unwired as follows; High primary water temperature. High secondary water temperature. Low lub oil pressure. High lub oil temperature. Fail to prime (single stage). Low Start Air Pressure (if applicable) 1 Speed sensing switch 24V D.C. (loose) complete with engine mounted electronic magnetic pick up (unwired). Functions are: Disengage starter motors. Engine running signal. Engine ready to load. Overspeed. Note: As standard the speed sensing switch is suitable for 01 mA output, representing zero to full speed. Single exhaust thermocouple supplied loose for fitting by client into exhaust ducting to give a general indication of overall exhaust temperature. Set of temperature transducers (4 20 mA) for monitoring Charge air temperature Primary water temperature Secondary water temperature Lub oil temperature

Set of pressure transducers (4 20 mA) for monitoring Charge air pressure Lub oil pressure (Before & After filter) Fuel oil pressure Primary water pressure Secondary water pressure 4.1.10 FLEXIBLE COUPLING Suitable flexible coupling supplied loose, bored for alternator shaft. Note: coupling selection can be confirmed once full details of your alternator/rotor inertia has been advised. ITEM 4.2 4.2.1 TERMINATION POINTS


See General Arrangement drawing:- 80-798-00235-000 - Available on request. ITEM 4.3 4.3.1 SPARE PARTS AND TOOLS


No spare parts have been included. 4.3.2 TOOLS

No running tools have been included. No Fuel Injection tools have been included. 4.3.3 ENGINE LIFTING

No Lifting Equipment will be supplied. ITEM 4.4 4.4.1 GENERAL SERVICES


After preliminary shop tests, each engine will be given an acceptance test to MBDL standard industrial drive test schedule. During the tests, pressures temperatures etc. will be measured and recorded on an engine test sheet. Copies of the test sheet are provided with the contract. Witness of MBDLs standard engine test by customer. (option) 4.4.2 PAINTING

Paint finish to MAN B&W Diesel Ltd standard.



Standard preservation included as follows: Engine run on Shell Oil R3325 combined running-in and temporary corrosion prevention oil. Engines run on Shell calibration fluid C prior to final shutdown, fuel system sealed. Coolant systems drained. Sump drained. Inside of engine sprayed with Shell Ensis Oil N. External bright or machined surfaces protected with Shell Ensis V. Labels attached - engine treated with rust preventative and should not be turned over.

The above preservation is suitable where the engines are being delivered to site immediately after test or if the storage is not going to exceed 12 months after test under dry, indoor storage conditions. 4.4.4 WOODEN TRANSIT CRADLE

The engine will be fixed to a purpose made wooden transit cradle and covered with a polythene sheet. 4.4.5 QUALITY AND INSPECTION

MAN B&W Diesel Ltd engines are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards meeting the stringent demands of ISO 9001, BS 5750 and Lloyds Quality Assurance Scheme for Machinery. All equipment will be inspected to MAN B&W Diesel Ltd own procedures before despatch. Expediting inspections may be undertaken at various build stages by a Customer Representative.