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Competency Based- Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (CB-PAST)

CB-PAST Evidences/Documents For Master Teachers (Elementary/ Secondary) I. Diversity of Learners Lesson Plan with attached Learning Competencies Result of Diagnostic Test/ Multiple Intelligence Test, Activity Sheets, IM's Time Table of Lessons, Budgeted Skills Schedule of remediation and enrichment (schedule of consultation/ Logbook/ attendance sheet of clients). As reflected in the activities in lesson plan Parent's consultation; Classroom Policies. Adviser- Subject Teacher Consultation notebook/log/Project/s assigned to students must take consideration of the economic status of the pupils/students. Advisers must be informed by subject teacher as to the kind of project for the students. Mentoring logbook/ Peer coaching log

B. Curriculum Content and Pedagogy Observation Report of Principal Sample and description of Instructional Materials, IMs developed/produced/acquired Lesson Plan, IMs Lesson Plan, Principal's observation report Lesson Plan, IMs Lesson Plan reflecting the assignment/enrichment component the learning tasks or assignment/required project Lesson plan reflecting sites where resources/activities taken. Certificates, LP signed by process observer/ critique teacher or activity where consultancy was required. Approved Proposal, Training Design, Work Plan, Documentation Teacher's Research Output with name as mentor.

C. Planning, Assessing and Reporting

Test bank. Copy of periodic tests prepared with TOS (Test of specifications) for summative test

Rubrics, portfolio, journal Item analyzed tests, listing of least mastered skill, summary of quarter exam results Anecdotal record, pupils profile Schedule of remedial classes and remedial plan Rubrics, activity sheets, class record Report card, logbook/ attendance on parents' consultations Class-record, performance update, report cards Attendance on Parents' Periodic meeting with learners progress as one agenda, students consultation log.

Item analyzed test results analysis and recommendation

D. Learning Environment Seat Plan, classroom groupings Lesson Plan, Principal's Observation Report List of Honors/ Performance update Pupils best work Corner Consultation log of students with problems Pictures of students work/creativity in designing monthly theme for their subject bulletin boards. School classroom evaluation result

II. Home, School and Community E. Community Linkages Attendance of parents meeting/ consultation Approved letter request for field trips/educational tour/ pictures Copy of letter sent to concerned manager, proprietor Invitation letter/ programs on community day, attendance attendance/certificate on school events/activities approved proposal of involvement of learners in community outreach programs, community day

Proposal as organizer of an orientation program(school/classroom)/ information drive. Copy of letter received by parents or stakeholder parents certificate.

Certification in the involvement of community special program like coastal clean-up waste management, tree planting, clean and green.

III. Personal Growth and Professional Development F. Social Regard for Learning No record on misconduct/misbehavior Logbook, DTR or Form 48 attendance in all activities, punctuality in coming to school, submission of required reports/ grades and other required forms No record of wearing attire that does not conform with the appropriate dress code certified by DepEd Evaluation result from peers or school head, Certification/Certificate from PTCA or school organized award giving for outstanding teacher. Evaluation result from learners/students

G. Personal, Social Growth and Professional Development Principal's Observation Record Certificate of attendance Trainings, seminars, list of educational books/ magazines acquired, list of educational websites visited. Certificate of proof (recent ID) of membership Principal's Observation Report Copy of self-assessment Principal's observation report Certificate as organizer/ initiator on activities such as educational trip, school visit, retreat, conference Plus Factor I. Instructional Competence 1. Attendance during meetings and logbook signed by parents during home visitation 2. Memorandum, certificate as resource person, training matrix, design 3. Peer coaching/ mentoring logbook

4. Approved Training matrix, certificate as organizer/ initiator with approved proposal 5. Copy of reviewed materials and other IMS 6. Authenticated evaluation and monitoring design, copy of the evaluation and monitoring design 7. Copy of reviewed materials and other IMs 8. Performance Update (MPS,PL) 9. Other related to IC II. School, Home, Community Linkages - no plus factor alloted III. Personal, Social Growth and Professional Characteristics 1. Certificate 2. Copy of TOR, certification from the school 3. copy of the article 4. certificate as paper presenter 5. copy of notice of scholarship award, certificate of completion 6. copy of notice of memorandum or notice, certificate of attendance/ participation