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The Present Truth Acknowledgement This Book youre reading right now is the result of the curiosity of a young

man whose search has led to incredible discoveriesa young man whos been pushed by the need to know, to understand, and inspired by the writing of some of the known writers of many belief systems, and the words of close friends, family members, wise and unwise who have touched himin their own wayvery deeply. This young man is me who would like to thank all those people who have been in my life, some for a very short time, some still are part of that life, yet all have played their role in inspiring me, and pointing to the right way whether consciously or unconsciously. Some of them, I have had the chance of meeting them personally, and even talking to them, discussing ideas. Some, I have just had the chance of observing them, learning from their actions and words, and attitude. Some, I have had the chance to just read their thoughtsvery inspiring thoughts, and understanding of our reality (which I might agree or disagree with). Some, I have had the chance to see and understand their mistakes, and learn from them, declaring and deciding not to make that same mistake. To all of them, I want to say Thank You! Thank you for the part youve played in my spiritual growth (whether good or bad)! Not all of them will be listed here, for the list is long, and, for some, because I want to respect their privacy. But, to all of them I am thankful, and I speak only words of blessings. My mom Monique Leandre, my dad Garysson Sylvestre, Junior Emmanuel Formule, Georgealdy Boursiquot, Daniel Mame, Winnie Daniel, Kensly Monestime, Djhondel Gay, Michel Samuel, Miriame Tival, Robin Deluca, Pastor Michael Maas, Stephen Hawking, Neale

Donald Walsch, Joe Vitale, David Van Koevering, Jesus (Yeshuah), The Apostle Paul (Rav Shaul), Solomon, Moses (Moshe), John The Apostle, Lao-tzu, Confucius, etcThank You! I know the structure of this book is unusual and unorthodox, but please, bear with me. As youre reading this material, please, bear with me, and try to understand the depth of my thoughts and understanding, try to understand the complexity and fabric of my reasoning. Thus, to you too, I want to say thank you! Thank you for reading this material, for opening your heart and mind to, at least, consider what is to be found in this material. And at last, not the least, I want to say Thank You to G-D (YHVH) whos been with me through that search! Thank You for putting that urge to know in meurge that has led me to the realization of that Book! Thank You!

Introduction Hello, and Welcome to this material. So that were not complete strangers, let me introduce myself and give you a little idea of what you going to find in this material. My name is Nickson Sylvestre, as you have come to know. My first purpose in writing this material, of course, was a book (It still is). But, somehow, while exploring the subjects, I have come to realize that I was getting into stuffs that I haven't myself realized, or perhaps, understood before the moment I wrote them. I have come to understand that thislets say itbook was supposed to be a process. That is to say that it is going to explore questions such as: How do I find G-D? Thenif there is a G-D How do I prove G-D? And thenif I do prove G-D How do I relate to G-D? In fact, this book isnt going to be one book , it is going to be THREEThree volumes of one great, inspiring, and amazing book. The first one is this one, The Present Truth: A search for G-D The second one is going to be, The Present Truth: A G-D who cannot be denied(this is, of course, if there is a way to prove G-D) The third one is going to be, The Present Truth: Alone with G-D. SoIt is, A search for a G-D who cannot be denied, and to whom you can relate. What do you think of that? This book will be speaking of TRUTH. And, if you are willing to just listen to what it has to say, it might change your Life and your understanding about Life foreverand I hope, for the GOOD.

This book has led me to challenge myself and to challenge my thoughts. I hopeI honestly hopethat it will do the same to you.

I decided to follow my own pathWellnot exactly my own path, but G-Ds; not according to the traditional observance, but according to TRUTH. And what is TRUTH? G-D is TRUTH. Therefore, the Truth that I follow is G-D HIMSELF; not a certain doctrine, not a certain religion, not a certain teaching (based on a particular theology), but G-D HIMSELF based on what is True in thoughts, in words, and in deeds. I also understand that this will not be acceptable in the eyes of everyone. Some will not accept The Truth they will find written in this book for the only reason it doesnt follow their traditional view of reality. It will be neglected by many (but its okay, since no one is a prophet in his own country). But somethose for whom this book has been writtenwill understand this Truth, agree with it, and call it theirs. Therefore, this book has been written for you (who are reading it right now), but most importantly, for those who will believe and understand the Truth it shares. Thus I sincerely hope it will help you in your Life and spirituality.

Why this Book?

Its obvious now that I have an agenda. For no one really does anything without a reason. So, Why this Book? The mind begs to know, Why this Book? Well, it is because that I believe that in some way or another, everyone is on a search for G-D. You might not want to admit it, or perhaps, you say youre an atheist, but the Truth isWe are all looking for G-D in one way or another. Of course, there is the possibility that you might not want to call that search A search for G-D, but, the Truth isYou are searching. And the best part is, You know you are! Its all a matter of understanding what we mean by G-D. Its just a matter of answering the question of What is G-D? Once that answer is clear, everything becomes ok!

I had the same urge that everybody haswhat am I saying? I have that same urge. The urge is still here, transforming, changing, but still here. As Im learning, the transformation is operating, the changes are becoming, and Im perfecting, evolving. This is The Present Truth.

Now, have I found G-D? Have I found what I was looking for? Can I say that my search is over? Whose search is? No one can reallyin all honesty say that his/her search is overthat is he/she has nothing else to look for, and that he/she has completely found everything that he/she was looking for (assuming that there is such thing as Infinity). -So, Why this Book? -It is because I have searched, and I have found. Now, what I have found, I want to share it with othersothers like you whos reading it right now. The goal of writing this book is not just sharing a lot of information. The True goal is to, not just share some information, but to bring people to the understanding of Life, G-D, and Love. I could have not written it. I could have just said, Whats the point? I could have not cared. But, thats not what Ive done. Thats not what Ive decided to do. I chose the right pathright meaning here that which that suits the benefits of us all. I have been encouraged by some friends to do so too. Those friends have read my writings. They have read my experiences, my knowledge, and understandingand they thought I needed to share them. So be it. I am, now, doing so. I am doing so right now. I have been sharing that understanding (not that Im special or anything)

in other ways, like on my blog: http://sylnick2007-lecks.blogspot.com/ Which I have done for the only purpose of blending my mind with others in an intellectual and spiritual way. I think that that information will be important for your growth as a spiritual seeker. They will lead you, as they have done for me, to G-D, to LOVE, and to LIFE. Live as G-D, and Love LIFE! TRUTH Do not be surprised because I say those information will lead you to G-D/TRUTH. Although it is true that those information mightor willlead you to the Truth, they are not absolutethat is to say that they are not unchangeable. In fact, they are completely changeable. Nothing that exists is absolute and unchangeable, except for G-D. But, again, you might not believe in G-D. And, in fact, I dont blame you if you dont. I perfectly understand why you might not believe in G-D, or any kind of higher form of existence, for that matter. Its perfectly understandable. This leads us to the questionthe very important question that drives us the reason youre reading this material right here, right now; What are we looking for? As I have said before, this material is about my own understanding, my own search and findingthat is to say that what Im presenting now is my own perception of truth (what I have found, and am finding, through the process of searching that I call Life). But, if G-D does not exist, my search was probably vain. But, if G-D does exist, what I have to say must be veryand I mean veryimportant. In fact, it might be an amazing news. The information thats contained in this material may be information that can actually change lives. So, I guess you see now! You see why I had to write this material. This is the reason, and changing lives is the purpose. This is my Truth!

WHERE DO WE START? Lets start with that question for a change. Where do we start? If we are really looking for answersvaluable answerswe really need a very well based starting point. So, where did my search start? My search started with the urge to understand. As a little boy, I was amazed by everything around me. I wanted to understand how everything works. If you buy me a toy, I would open it up and tear it apart just for the pleasure of knowing how it works (then, I would put it all back together again). It was like everything around me was a mystery, like everything was magnificent and infinite in nature. I really wanted to understand. I hadso to speaka scientific-mind. You know that urge to know and understand that every scientist has? I had the same urge, and somehow, I was able to understand very complex ideas. At a very young age, I was already reading the General Theory of Relativity, and strangely, I understood it. This is all just to say that I had, since my early age, a very bright mind, that I was one of those smart ass boys, so to speak (forgive the language). Of course, this doesnt mean that I didnt have a normal childhood. Actually, I did have a normal childhood. Ive been beaten by other kids, I have beaten some others (this is something that I had to do in other to blend in and survive the experience of being different).I was also interested in what we might call fiction, like UFOs and aliens. But, somehow, I always understood that a mystery was only a mystery as long as it cannot be explained, and that once this explanation occurs, the mystery disappears. I always understood that there was some kind of simple, but very rational explanation to all this. I always understood that somewhere, in some moment in time, there is a very bright mind waiting to be found, and to give the explanation we couldnt get to ourselves. But, what really led me to that search was the church. When I was around 3 years old (or something), my mom brought me to a church. Yes, a church! A seventh-day Adventist church, to be more precise. And, it is in this church that I have learned everything about G-D (the basis) that I needed to start that search.

As I was growing up, I started to develop an aptitude for reading. I began to read every book I could get my hands on. I began to read books about science, physics, quantum physics, psychology, psycho-analysis, metaphysics, and so on. Of course, the Bible was my guide, as it was the first book I was familiar with. And then, I began to think that there might be some things in the Bible that we havent found yet, or, perhaps, we havent been able to understand yet; some things that might, actually, be deeper than what our present Theology and religions have been able to teach us. After all, G-D is Infinite in nature. Wouldnt it, therefore, mean that HIS word, as being the word of an Infinite, self-existent being, should be Infinite too? So, what could that be? Could it really be that there is something that we dont fully understand about G-D, Love, Life, and the expression of Life itselfthe understanding of which could change everything? Lets ask the frustrating question, for a start, Is the Bible the embodiment of the absolute Truth about G-D, Love, Life, and the expression of Life as we tend to believe it? Now, thats the question we need to ask! Thats the kind of questions that has moved me, guided me, and motivated me to and through my searchmy search for Truth! So, I started to look at other forms of Theology, other forms of religions, other forms of Understanding. I started to look at the Understanding of Hinduism, the Understanding of Buddhism, the Understanding of Taoism, and, of course, the Understanding of Judaism. Those forms of Theology are the forms of Theology Im go ing to have to present to you in this material, as part of the searchwhich itself has led me to the writing of this book. Because of my curiosity about those belief systems, I have been, timidly, called a New Ager, and openly told that Im losing the right path, or that I am about to. All are thoughts that can, actually, piss someone off, for the only reason that it doesnt reflect the idea that we have of seeking. Seek and you shall find. So, in a sense, this book is a reflection of my inner experience and, why not, my outer experience (or exterior experienceto use better terms) of the world around me and reality in itself.

What about those other forms of Theology, now? Before I start exposing those other forms of Theologyor perhaps, should I say, before I start describing those other forms of Theology, I want to say that I deeply believe that one of the big problem of the church actually is the fact that it doesnt teach about those other forms of Theology. What do I mean by that? Well, how do you know if you really believe in somethinglets say, an idea if you havent been able to explore other ideas? In that case, your belief is not based on a complete understanding of that particular doctrine or idea. You only believe because this is the only thing that you know. You just dont know better! So, what if you accidently find yourself facing one of those strange ideas that the church has been hiding from you? What would happen, then? What if this idea seems to be more real and true than what youve been taught to believe? What would you do, then? You would probably believe that other idea, thinking that what they have been teaching you waswell, CRAP! But, is that the Truth? Is it really true that what theyve been teaching you was that bad, while there was so much beautiful and life-changing stuff you could have been learning? Perhaps the problem is, in fact, you not being able to fully understand the stuff theyve been teaching you? Perhaps, the problem is them not being able to explain you and speak to you about all those strange and very seductive ideas that exist in those other forms of Theology and doctrine? Do you see my point, now? Do you see where Im going with that? Its really that simple, when you think about it. Now, lets get back to the idea I was starting to develop. I was going to present some of those other forms of Theology and ideas I have been exploring. But, I have to say that this is just going to be about the basic ideas of those Theologies, the thought behind the thought behind the

thoughtthat is to say, the sponsoring thought of those forms of Theology, the idea that drives them. So, lets get started!


This form of thinking, or religion, is said to have been developed by a wise man called Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu was a Chinese Philosopher who lived in.. His thinking has been knownand still is to be very deep in nature. He is the author of a book called Tao Teh Ching. This book could be seen as being the Bible of Taoism. Are you still there? Keep going with me please!... As I was saying, this book can be seen as being the Bible of Taoism and rightly so! It contains the basis of the teaching of Taoism andYou know what? Enough talk! Lets just get a look at what this book says! Lets try to get into Lao Tzus mind, if we can!

The Tao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Tao. The Name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging Name. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the originator of Heaven and Earth. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the mother of all things. Now, correct me if Im wrong but, here Lao Tzu seems to be saying that Tao is the originator of all things, not just that but, that it cannot also be conceptualized. This might not be the idea we would have of a god, but it is definitely implying that there is an intelligent source from which everything comes. -Intelligent? -Yes, intelligent! From it everything comeseven that which is intelligent. In fact, when you think about it, it is beyond that which we call intelligence. For saying that its intelligent is conceptualizing it, and this we cannot do (according to Tao). Tao is without form or shape, unlimited and infinite, it cannot be grasped as a simple concept. It cannot be comprehended. Tao does not take side. It embraces everything, believes everything, communes with everything. In fact, Lao Tzu put it this way: So it is that existence and non-existence give birth the one to (the idea of) the other; that difficulty and ease produce the one to (the idea of) the other; that length and shortness fashion out of the one the figure of the other; that (the ideas of) height and lowness arise from the contrast of the one with the other; that the musical notes and tones become harmonious through the relation of one with another; and that being

before and behind give the idea of one following another. Basically, Lao Tzu believed that reality isnt really about what exists and what does not exist, because the notion of existence itself is relevant only if there is the notion of inexistence (non-existence). For, how do you know something exist if not in relation to that which that does not? How do you know something does not exist if not in relation to that which that does, actually, exist? Its really as simple as that! Darkness is defined as being the absence of Light. Whether or not it is not the same thing as the Light, its irrelevant. All that matters is the fact that you cannot conceptually and experientially know Darkness without Light. We only define up as being the opposite of down. They are not the same. Yet without that which we call down that which we call up is not. Whether or not up is not the same as down its irrelevant. All that matters is the fact that you cannot conceptually and experientially know up without down. This is just impossible! We only define left as being the opposite of right. They are definitely not the same. Yet without that which we call left that which we call right is not. Whether or not left is not the same as right its irrelevant. All that matters is the fact that you cannot conceptually and experientially know left without right. This is just impossible! There are many more examples we could have taken here in order to prove the pointthat is to show Lao Tzus point.

Conceptualizing Tao, according to Lao Tzu, is giving it Limit. Naming it is giving it a perimeter. And this, we shall not do! We look at it, and we do not see it, we name it The Equable. We listen, and we do not hear it, we name it The Inaudible. We try to grasp it, and we do not hold of it, we name it The Subtle. With these three qualities, it cannot be made the subject of description; hence we blend them together to obtain The One.