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LapBoard RFP Response

crUX Design LapBoard RFP Response by Jason Friedlander

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LapBoard RFP Response

Project Scope 03

4D Approach To Good UX 04

Rapid Prototyping Method 05

Summary 06

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LapBoard RFP Response

Project Scope
Project Description
LapBoard is an interactive platform that will be developed to increase the interaction between children and the educational television shows they watch on TV. LapBoard will be distributed via the iOS application store to be used on the iPad and act as a second screen device to enhance the learning experience. Children will be able to launch the application when their favorite show is on and the experience on the iPad will sync with the current episode oering the kids the ability to actually answer the questions presented to them on screen. By working with partners such as DirecTV LapBoard will actually pause the show on their DVR and will not continue until the user answers the onscreen question correctly. Children will be given positive reinforcement to help guide them to the correct answer. The goal is to increase the value of these education interactive televisions shows by making sure that the children are paying attention and truly interacting with the content.

Our Team
The crUX Design team has over 10 years of experience working with interactive children's television. Our experience has been developing and building educational and interactive product for the home entertainment space on titles ranging from Pixars Finding Nemo, Disney Learning Adventures DVD titles and Little Einstein DVD releases. Each of the above award winning titles were conceived, created and completed by our team. The Little Einstein releases are most applicable to the current opportunity that LapBoard is attempting to achieve. The team at crUX Design was tasked with taking current episodes of Little Einsteins and adapting those to have full interactivity using the DVD remote control for when the children watched the episodes o of the DVD. The complexity of having a UX that was learnable and transferable to various brands was a tough challenge for the team. The end result was so successful that Disney branded this feature Disney Learning Mode and have released it on many dierent titles to this date.

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LapBoard RFP Response

4D Approach To Good UX1

Our rst step in the project lifecycle is discover. When we talk about discover we use this time to conduct our surveys, interviews and competitive advantage research to identify the key elements of what works for other products and what the users expect from the product we are developing.

Based on the information we collect from the discovery phase our team will work with the key stakeholders on all sides of the product to dene the functional requirements for the product and will use that as a launching point for the rest of the project. At this point in the project we will also create personas for key users that we will continually check-in with during the lifecycle to make sure we are staying on point. We will also create scenarios to help guide us on the decisions made during the design phase.

Now that we have the functional requirements set it is time to focus in on the design of the user experience and the product itself. Our team will oversee and iterative process that will leave no stone unturned. Through the development of prototypes, in varying delity types, we will explore and test every possible way to interact with the experience in order to hone in on the features and UX that work best and act as the end user expects. During this phase we will implement a rapid prototyping method and tool called Axure to iterate quickly and keep design costs at a minimum.

Our team doesnt stop interacting with the project once it hits the development stage, at this point we will stay engaged in the work making sure that the requirements are met and the implementations of the design are continually tested and adapted as the product moves through the product development lifecycle.

The 4D approach is adapted from the 5Ds created by Ralf Jacob of Move Networks crUX Design LapBoard RFP Response | Page 4

LapBoard RFP Response

Rapid Prototyping Method

Why Rapid Prototyping?
Rapid Prototyping is a method that allows the development team to create iterative designs quickly based on user feedback from usability testing during the design phase of the project. This method not only develops key features of the user experience but it makes those designs interactive so that users can actually interact with the product in real time thus giving us solid feedback and data to guide future design changes. The benets include the following: 2 Gives users (especially the general public) a tangible demonstration of what the system is about. Permits the swift development of interactive software prototypes. Prototypes created by this method have a high delity with the nal product The prototypes created under this method support metric-based evaluations

Axure Our Tool Of Choice

There are many dierent rapid prototyping tools that have come on the scene over the past few years. They range from sophisticated web tools such as Balsamiq which allows the user to use the drag and drop method to develop the user experience and publish it with simple click through interaction to common design tools like Adobe creative suite. Our team uses Axure, because of the simplicity of the tool mixed with sophistication of its features. Axure allows our team to use a series of supplied libraries, widgets and community created features to build highly dynamic prototypes quickly. Our designers can do the layout and simulate many of the more sophisticated features found on the various devices like the desktop and iOS devices. We can quickly publish to the web via their AxShare system and get those working prototypes in front of users to instant feedback. Another important feature is the ability to go back and add Hi- graphics into our designs quickly generating a real world look and feel prototype for the end users to engage with. Axure

Author NA - http://www.usabilitynet.org/tools/rapid.htm crUX Design LapBoard RFP Response | Page 5

LapBoard RFP Response

allows for users to get a true feel of how the product will look and feel and stay up to date with the changes throughout the iterative process. In the end we can give the development team the interactive prototype so they can understand what each of the features or buttons are meant to do. It also allows us to publish the specs to a word doc to guide the development stage.

The crUX Design team is an experienced and highly creative award winning team that understands that a good user experience and design strategy is the best business strategy. Through our 4D approach we will cover all the bases that have been proven to lead to creating successful products. Our adoption of a rapid prototyping method and the use of Axure we will present you with highly interactive and user centered prototypes so that you and your team can stay on top of all the design decisions and interact with the product throughout the development lifecycle. We sincerely look forward to working with you in the near future and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thank you, crUX Design

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