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Portal (SAP Library - Getting Started - Using SAP Software)


SAP NetWeaver Portal is the front end of the SAP NetWeaver platform. It is designed to provide effective solutions to the divergent information requirements posed by the various users within an organization. You receive a portal with predefined business and nonbusiness content. You can access internal and external information, applications, and services that are relevant to your roles in the organization. The portal also lets you find and subscribe to information, such as documents, based on these roles. This user guide shows you how to access your portal, and describes the various interfaces with which you will be working. In addition, it explains how to tailor the portal to your specific needs, enabling you to navigate efficiently through your content.

The portal can be installed with the Knowledge Management and Collaboration components.

Knowledge Management
The Knowledge Management features embedded in the portal permit you to access documents stored in different repositories. These can be resources of the most varied types of media as well as text documents. Indexing and classification functions ensure the efficiency of your search for the information you need. For more information, see Working with Folders.

The Collaboration component enables communication with other portal users, and working together in distributed teams on cooperative projects. It provides you with the means to use common resources, content, and collaboration tools. The various tools and services include: A single entry point from the portal, the Collaboration Launch Pad Virtual working environments, or rooms, for seamless, real-time interaction that is not dependent on geographic proximity The opportunity to interact, through discussion boards and task assignments, with colleagues who are not all available at the same time Integration of e-mail and scheduling services from third-parties in SAP NetWeaver Portal

For more information, see Collaborating with Other Users.

The portal desktop is a single point of access to information from multiple sources. Applications called iViews let you retrieve data from information sources in your company and on the Internet. iViews can access document files, e-mail, Web sites, and data in enterprise applications. They assemble a personalized picture of everything that is pertinent to your business function. The portal delivers advanced capabilities for categorizing and searching for information, allowing selective and intuitive targeting of files and documents at varied information sources

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