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Swiss Research Program Engineering Multi-Scale Systems in Health, Security, Energy and the Environment Pre-Venture Program Roland

Pesty, Coordinator

Pre-Venture Program
Fostering the creation of economic value out of scientific and technological results generated within the Nano-Tera.ch program. Focuses on the support for the creation of start-ups by PhD and Post-Doc active in Nano-Tera.ch RTD projects. Strong complementary with existing funding programs such as VentureKick, EPFL Innogrants, ETHZ Pioneer, etc. All these programs have confirmed that their major difficulty is to acquire strong applications corresponding to truly interesting/viable business ideas.

Discovering the path to success

3 Business Opportunities supported by the Swiss Innovation Ecosystem.

Phase 4: Help produce high-quality applications 4 highly supported Business Ideas Phase 3: Dissemination - Making visible to the Swiss innovation ecosystem respecting laboratories constraints Annual Meeting 2014 03 04 05 06

Phase 2: Analysis and First Description

9 Business Ideas 12

Phase 1: Screening of Venture Ideas

Annual Meeting

Industrial Workshop















Thank you to our stakeholders

The Swiss Innovation Ecosystem By Herv Lebret, EPFL herve.lebret@epfl.ch Innovation and Entrepreneurship labs By Matthias Hlling, Tech Transfer Office ETH Zurich matthias.hoelling@sl.ethz.ch CTI Entrepreneurship Training Program By Jean-Philippe Lallement, prsident de lassociation des incubateurs et parcs technologiques Swissparks.ch. jean-philippe.lallement@parc-scientifique.ch Entrepreneur testimony By Francisco Pinto francisco.pinto@epfl.ch

Dont try to predict the future, create it !

Dont hesitate to explore the creation of your startup Nano-Tera will help you producing a high-quality application and make it visible to the Swiss Innovation ecosystem

Roland Pesty +41 21 693 65 95 Roland.pesty@nano-tera.ch

Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (Examples of) The Swiss Innovation System
Herv Lebret EPFL Innogrants

Annual Meeting May 30, 2013

What do Innovation Ecosystems Need?

Ingredients of tech clusters

Universities and research centers of a very high caliber. An industry of venture capital (i.e. financial institutions and private investors). Experienced professionals in high tech. Service providers such as lawyers, head hunters, public relations and marketing specialists, auditors, etc.

Last but not least, an intangible yet critical component: a pioneering spirit which encourages an entrepreneurial culture.
Source: M. Kenney Understanding Silicon Valley, the Anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Region, in chapter: A Flexible Recycling by S. Evans and H. Bahrami

Moti vation

Innovati on Chal l enges

A template for Innovation Systems

Generate Develop Launch Grow


Incubators & coaching

Training Poles of excellence


Funding of research
Innovati on &Tech. Transfer An ecosystem tem plate

From Bernard Surlemont et al., les "Spin-off acadmiques" (in French)

A rich and dense ecosystem

Generate Develop Launch Grow


Incubators & coaching

Training Poles of excellence

Funding of research
Innovati on &Tech. Transfer The EPFL ecosystem

More on http://vpiv.epfl.ch/files/content/sites/vpiv/files/shared/vpiv/pdf/Innovation-around-EPFL.pdf

The EPFL Valley of Death

Enable accelerating TT



Start-Up foundation

Research Grants

Development Grants

Preseed Grants

Friends, Family & Fools

Business Angels, Seed VCs

Early Stage VCs, Corp. Partners

Late Stage VCs ( M&A / IPO)

Valley of Death Prototype Founders Prototype Founders Product Development Company Fast Growth (Revenues, Employees)

Basic Research

Applied Research

Proof of Concept / Business Case

Fundi ng

Innovati on &Tech. Transfer

Early and continuous commitment of EPFL

2012: The Forge 2011: VPIV moves to Innovation Square 2010: EPFL Innovation Square 2009 : the Garage 2008 : seed fund 2007 : revised TT regulations & overhead policy 2006 : new partnerships : endowed chairs, indus. Incubators 2005 : centers, programs, Innogrants, TT Alliance 2004 : vice-presidency for innovation and tech. transfer (VPIV) 2003 : legal framework adapted for efficient TT 2000 : first equity deals 1999 : rules for remuneration of inventors and labs 1999 : entrepreneurship courses 1998 : technology transfer : creation of the TT office (SRI) 1997 : coaching for early stage start-up projects 1995 : pre-seed money for start-up projects : foundation FIT 1993 : IP strategy / licensing 1991 : science park created : foundation PSE 1988 : policy for research contracts & partnerships 1986 : two first major strategic industrial partnerships 1986 : industrial liaison program : Cast / association APLE
Innovati on &Tech. Transfer A strong com m itment

The most precious resource: time!

Pedro Bados (Nexthink) is a clear illustration of the critical role of a friendly ecosystem.
Jun 04: Loan of CHF100k

Jul. 07: 2nd round CHF 6M

Mar 04-Jun 04: coaching PSE financed by EPFL Dec. 04: Laureate de la startup competition May 04: publication in Dialogue newsletter Janv. 04: contact with an IT expert
Sept 03: Invention disclosure March 04: Option for License April 04: Patent filing

April 06: 1st round CHF 1.6M

Avril-Sept 04: label STI SU

Jan 05: 1st pilots with customers

Sept 04: cration de NEXThink SA

Dec 04: contacts with VCs






It takes ti m e

The Innogrants Background

The Innogrants were created in February 2005 by EPFL with the support of Lombard Odier to: - award grants that would encourage idea creation and help ideas to be developed, - organize events facilitating the evolution of the innovation and entrepreneurial culture.


The roots

Many friends



Facts & Figures

More than 400 requests 60 grants (CHF5.5M) 32 companies created CHF 15M in new grants CHF 35M in equity

STI (Engineering); IC (Computer Science Communications); SV (Life Sciences); ENAC (Environment & Architecture); SB (Basic Sciences); CDM (College of Management de Technology)


Proposal s & Grants


The MICS Spin Fund

Similar to the Innogrants in the IT field, managed by EPFL, Swiss-wide; ended in 2012.

16 projects (CHF 1.9M) 7 start-ups, 29M equity http://www.mics.org/spinfund

Innogrants SNF NCCR M ICS

Its also about role models





Drink local, think global


Gl obal thi nking


CTI's three instruments to foster innovation

CTI promotion instruments in the innovation chain

Tailor-made training modules

Business Creation

Business Development

Business Creation
Launching a high-tech or innovative start-up Master business and management skills Professors, Startup Coaches, Entrepreneurs Light on theory, focus on practical coaching Work on your own projects 5 x Lausanne, 2 x Geneva, English and French

Business Creation
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Leadership, Introduction to Business Plan Business models, strategic options Market Analysis & Digital marketing Product Development Sales Organization Finance key hypotheses and drivers, funding options Negotiation, Presentation tips Legal and IPR Presentation to Jury

Business Development
Reach new milestones, new markets Proven value proposition and revenue Learn skills to achieve growth Professors, Startup Coaches and Entrepreneurs Work on your own projects 3 x Lausanne

Business Development
Day 1 Day 2 Growth and internationalization Cooperation strategies Scalable business models Indicators and improvement processes Business intelligence Day 3 Organization in the growth phase, improvement processes Sales - Sectorial mechanisms & models Value Proposition, sales techniques, advanced negotiation Organization Day 4 Day 5 Growth Financing Personal & Team Management Presentation to Jury

Learn from entrepreneurs

Information and registration

www.cti-entrepreneurship.ch / www.startuptraining.ch

The Top 6 lessons I've learned about Entrepreneurship

1. Entrepreneurship is a mindset 2. Being an entrepreneur is primarily being a marketer 3. Don't trust your instincts; trust the data. 4. Let your company grow organically 5. Learn customer psychology 6. Don't let money be your motivation
Recommended reading: The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman SPIN Selling, by Neil Rackham Influence, by Robert Cialdini